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Working Candy Crush Saga Cheats 2014

Candy crush game cheats
Candy crush cheats
Candy crush hack

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Author daisy Carraway (3 days)
Thanks for your post but it seems too slow in hacking, I found a much
better hack on other site. ;)

Author sonu kumar (3 months)
Need more info and explanation on how to get this. I keep tryin and it
won't work for me.

Author Rebecca Thompson (8 months)
That link he gave, doesn't work. It leads to "FriendFinder" Nice one dude,
do not want to see other people. Find it at: Type in:
Facebook game cheats. Cheat engine will be the second one on the list. I am
gonna try it out one more time, and if it don't work, I am uninstalling it.

Author Mar Cel (4 months)
Fake... klickt kein link an

Author Jake Conway (5 months)
u dont know how much u helped me

Author Jasbir Ojha (5 months)
chutia , link to diaa hi nahi, aapni gand marwaleee sale
koi nahi mare to mujhe call karna , me bhej dunga
saleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Author Amit Vora (6 months)
why it is asking me for credit or debit card for the moves

Author Carolyn Northcutt (8 months)
Need more info and explanation on how to get this. I keep tryin and it
won't work for me.

Author NityaZ HackerxxZ (6 months)
Fck u...its ask 2 complete survey
All bullshit only

Author cookie (6 months)
He's using leethax plugin

1) download firefox
2) install and install 'leethax' plug-in on you firefox ( google search it)
3) BOOM!!!!! every thing is set to 99
4) your welcome

Author SEEZY-HD SZY (10 months)
check my channel for a papa pear unlimited lives glitch no download nothing
just follow the instructions ;)

Author Emmanell SD. (7 months)
Survey ."

Author AuthenticatedSniper (10 months)
nice video! this really helped my a lot! i was stuck on level 327! Keep up
the hard work, posting, and sharing with us.

Author SkilledGamer (8 months)
echa un vistazo a mi canal para 1000 movimiento y acceso ilimitado a la
vida candy crush saga

Author Dave Markovich (8 months)
Oh just complete one offer. . . my fucking ass take this shit and fucking
eat it you fucking asshole, it never fucking ends. the whole internet
experience has turned to shit because of people like you, go fuck yourself
you asshole. If I had a way I would blow up your fucking computer from
here, and I would hope that you would be at it at the time it just goes

Author seef bossi (8 months)
How to hack Boosters and Gold in Candy Crush Saga in Facebook with Cheat
Engine 6.2

Author Jake Roberts (8 months)

Author Fred Chekster (9 months)

Author Playergood bade (9 months)

Author cammie halkett (9 months)
whats withe the dam survey ... its a game .... you say its free but you
want all my personal info .... ram it chopper 

Author jason doe (9 months)
you suck bro with this BS why don't you tell everyone first if you want the
tool from you we have to fill out the BS surveys then after we fill them
out the tool still doesn't download thanks for nothing you piece of shit

Author sudhir kumar nath (10 months)
send me the link

Author DeAnn Burgess (10 months)
UGH...again another site with friggin' surveys.

Author N Mrg (10 months)

Author Candyz Cheatss (10 months)
visit my channel and download new candy crush cheat generator 2013

Author MatthieuEverett (10 months)
Omg.. lol I have to tell this to my mom. She keeps asking me to send her
lives! Thanks a bunch!

Author G-dragon (10 months)
great job do more video i lvoe it alot do more video i likeit so so so much
do more

Author Tom Groenendijk (10 months)
nice video dude! Can you make more ? i subscribed you already ! thanks mate
i will tell my friends about this !

Author PJ Caneer (10 months)
sorry but where is link???

Author Natasha Reynolds (10 months)
What link

Author TheEthiochannel (10 months)
great video man! finally i could start playing candy crush again i gave up
after i wasn't able to get pass level 167

Author Dinkleberg Muzic (10 months)
nice video, this really helped me with candy crush saga, i've been looking
around for hacks like this, nice job!

Author Ehtesham Asghar (10 months)
which link? :/ 

Author BatmanArkhamCDKey (10 months)
Bob Filner has almost vanished from public view since a defiant
resignation speech as San Diego mayor amid widespread allegations that he
sexually harassed women.

Author antDC305 (10 months)
Thanks man now i can finally make it passed the level i was stuck on i
appreciate this vid a lot

Author Cora Rose (10 months)
Jeeze I wish I could get to that level that is amazing! Good job! I wonder
how they thought of such a catchy game lol

Author CaptainTheKidd (10 months)
Excellent ! I am going to become invincible at this game :-0 And i was
already quite good. Cheers mate

Author jimmy ponpon (11 months)
so cool

Author Samuel Pick (11 months)
Soz i just my brother whent mad

Author lichun724 (7 months)
How much you pay 99 live in the apple store.

Author uvarob2448 (8 months)
These guys just show what they have not how they get it....wasting my time

Author Peter Robson (9 months)

Author matrroz (10 months)
i never usually comment videos, but i just want to say THANK YOU!? (it took
about 2 mins to? download but it WORKS!)

Author EverythingCatsTV (10 months)
Greetings! Can you please check out our YouTube videos on our channel and
if you like watching them, can you please subscribe to us? :D

Author casanovaninja007 (10 months)
i have 99 gold bars why wont it let me use them, it stills wants me to buy
them, i need them for tickets to pass a level

Author ae ivheroseaae (10 months)
the game is awesome do more video i love it i like candy crush saga so make

Author TAIFUNlol (10 months)

Nice Tutorial that really helped, and basically it works pretty well.
well done john canisper

Author andy arson (10 months)

Author Nannette Smith (1 year)
this shit don't work, all i c is a bunch of surveys one after the next.
then they want u to download shit onto ur computer. candy crush is full of
shit. toolbar after toolbar. i don't want all that shit on my pc.

Author 74divx74 (1 year)
great thank you

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