F15 Full Afterburner Vertical Take off

Two F15's departing with full afterburners. One does a tower fly by and the other does a vertical takeoff. Cleveland, Ohio CLE

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Author MoeJae86 (3 months)
To me F-15 is one of the most fascinating jet fighters. I am curious (A
what if question here) if they produced a model that combines both the F-15
ACTIVE / Silent Eagle with the lastest radar electronic equipment would we
really have the need for the f-22? And wouldn't that be more efficient and
effective to build off of a proven platform that has actual experience
rather than a whole new plane that is ( from my understanding )

Author mgross20 (1 day)

Author krish ven (12 days)
what the hell.. doesnt this crap know whats a vertical take off? we can see
a very ordinary takeoff only after 3 long minutes of wait. the uploader is

Author b k (16 days)
This jet can achieve Mach 2.5 which is the fastest among the competitors,
can carry the most weapon loads and have the farthest combat range. Plus
F15 Silent Eagle and Advanced F15 versions are equipped with latest AESA
radar, Infrared Tracking and Electronic Warfare System. You just can't beat
this setup that is affordable to buy or maintain unlike the Typhoon which
is so incredibly costly and unreliable with zero proven records. Also in my
opinion F15 is the only one that looks like a classic fighter jet.

Author Dave Wolax (22 days)
Video title is wrong, this is not vertical take off.

Author Michael Reyes (25 days)
3:10 for why you came here

Author Mac Dungle (4 months)

Author kell490 (4 months)
F-15 Eagle 0 to 30000 feet in 60 seconds what an aircraft to think it first
flew in 1974 . 

Author 427SuperSnake1 (5 months)
That was hardly a vertical takeoff especially for an F-15. How did you pass

Author brosephjames (1 month)
Good video that you didn't make. Bad title that you did. 

Author john loggins (6 months)
F-16s were better

Author Sildenanofil (1 month)
These guys are the superstars in the pilot scene :) I mean, every human
loves jets or get impressed by these planes ^^ 

Author Andrew Lightbody (5 months)
This is REALLY shitty footage. Apparently whoever set this up to be filmed
didn't think about all of the object obstructing the view. This is total
crap. Whoever took the time putting this together is a waste of oxygen.

How about next time you consider camera position and angle so that your
video is not shit.

Also... how about you title the video appropriately. The F-15 can't takeoff
vertically. This also isn't even a vertical climb. Again.... you're a
fucking waste of oxygen. Don't try to get youtube views by lying in the

Author Dominik MJ (7 months)
It is really amazing, how big the F-15 seems compared to the other planes.
But yeah - the take off was definitely not exactly vertical [otherwise we
could save our money for the STOL F-35 variant].

Author jimmymac63 (5 months)
This video was approximately 4 minutes and 1 second too long. I should
have read the comments first!

Author Kent Lee (2 months)
3:25 you're welcome

Author Parth Vyas (2 months)

Author arsviatticae (2 months)
I'm so sick of people comparing US and Soviet luftcraft as if there was
ever a full-blown war between the 2 countries. Stop guessing which
luftcraft is the best, better go guess who fucks your mom's arsehole, got

Author Jomagic01 (2 months)
How come there were so many dislikes?
(watches video)

Author damonz83 (3 months)
No wonder your vid got so many dislikes.

Author Paul Taggart (6 months)
Sioux Falls SD probly 5-6 years back a guy in an F-15 pulled a straight 90
degree upward untill we lost sight of him it was amazing

Author choong ho lee (3 months)

Author Nazar Prosto (3 months)
you ugly motherfucker, die!

Author Tobias Chance (3 months)
I know the F-22 is more advanced & deadly but the F-15 will always be my
all time fav fighter plane. It's a beautiful design, fast, agile,
versatile & has a perfect combat record. Doesn't get much better than

Author orange grapes (3 months)
I bought one of those

Author ogkspaz (3 months)
After taxi take off run starts at 3:00

Author Peter Gundersen (3 months)
The F-15 in all air forces had a combined air-to-air combat record of 104
kills to 0 loss

Author Walter Zebrowski (3 months)

Author Shahriar Bin Rouf (3 months)
Those stupids who believe F-15 can VTOL, this caption maybe for them! 

Author Bill Waters (3 months)

Author Gulfstorm75 (3 months)
Skip to 3:00 for the actual takeoff. Find a different video if you want to
see an actual vertical takeoff. 

Author theoriginalbadbob (3 months)
An F4 Phantom can take off, point the nose up and accelerate to 1,000 mph,
going straight up. Those babies also held the top speed record, for
operational fighter aircraft, for about 14 years, at 1,604 mph. One of the
greatest planes of all time.

Author Johannes Tietze (4 months)
WTF????? .......
3 minutes taiing?????

Author danahan01 (4 months)
Remember folks, the F-15 has been the biggest parts distributor of Russian
fighter aircraft for the last 30+ years!!!

Author Alex Vie (4 months)
Good old Eagle. Amazing power, never beaten in combat (only by accidents)...

Oh, and it can fly and land with one wing missing. Beat that :)

Author rockerfrog25 (4 months)
fuck you

Author MsThunderbug (4 months)
Nearly as amazing as the RAF Lightening of the 70's lol

Author dsoutherngent1 (4 months)
This was not a vertical take off, or a performance take off for that
matter. Find footage of an A-5 (maybe the sexiest aircraft ever built)
pilot putting the nose straight up in the air and take off like a rocket.
That's both vertical and AWESOME to see

Author Arnel Padilla (4 months)
It's a Decepticon!

Author Jonathan Ayers (4 months)
F-15E from Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC. I spent a year and a half there
working on those beasts. Awesome birds!

Author ben king (4 months)
that is NOT a vertical take off

Author bill walker (4 months)
Flew a F16 once......29000 lbs of thrust. Will go vertical.....not

Author CBR1100XX (4 months)
It is fun to watch any piece of equipment with that much power take off. I
bet every non military pilot on the field that day took a moment to watch
in awe.

Author Jordan Kovacsik (4 months)
warning, jet videos should always be quick ;p

Author eagerbeaver57 (4 months)
Do you even know what vertical means?

Author McGeekster5 (4 months)
2:25 I love how he does his signaling then touches the wing. is that part
off some "ritual"?

Author S32-720 (7 months)
i prefer the harrier more

Author Sw0Rd (4 months)
wow, the best "vertical" takeoff video I have ever watched

Author Akujiwar Bladefist (4 months)
3:25 for take off. and its far from vertical..

Author Shapiff718 A Wildwolves Original Bx. (4 months)
Stupid. vertical is straight up. That was a horizontal take off. 

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