F15 Full Afterburner Vertical Take off

Two F15's departing with full afterburners. One does a tower fly by and the other does a vertical takeoff. Cleveland, Ohio CLE

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Author john loggins (5 months)
F-16s were better

Author IBT98 (7 months)

Author MoeJae86 (2 months)
To me F-15 is one of the most fascinating jet fighters. I am curious (A
what if question here) if they produced a model that combines both the F-15
ACTIVE / Silent Eagle with the lastest radar electronic equipment would we
really have the need for the f-22? And wouldn't that be more efficient and
effective to build off of a proven platform that has actual experience
rather than a whole new plane that is ( from my understanding )

Author Dominik MJ (6 months)
It is really amazing, how big the F-15 seems compared to the other planes.
But yeah - the take off was definitely not exactly vertical [otherwise we
could save our money for the STOL F-35 variant].

Author S32-720 (6 months)
i prefer the harrier more

Author 427SuperSnake1 (3 months)
That was hardly a vertical takeoff especially for an F-15. How did you pass

Author kell490 (3 months)
F-15 Eagle 0 to 30000 feet in 60 seconds what an aircraft to think it first
flew in 1974 . 

Author jimmymac63 (4 months)
This video was approximately 4 minutes and 1 second too long. I should
have read the comments first!

Author Mac Dungle (3 months)

Author Andrew Lightbody (3 months)
This is REALLY shitty footage. Apparently whoever set this up to be filmed
didn't think about all of the object obstructing the view. This is total
crap. Whoever took the time putting this together is a waste of oxygen.

How about next time you consider camera position and angle so that your
video is not shit.

Also... how about you title the video appropriately. The F-15 can't takeoff
vertically. This also isn't even a vertical climb. Again.... you're a
fucking waste of oxygen. Don't try to get youtube views by lying in the

Author Sinbreaker (6 months)
Some people enjoy just looking at an aircraft from various angles and
hearing the sounds. Not every video on Youtube has to just show the
landing or takeoff part. This is a good video.

Author arsviatticae (1 month)
I'm so sick of people comparing US and Soviet luftcraft as if there was
ever a full-blown war between the 2 countries. Stop guessing which
luftcraft is the best, better go guess who fucks your mom's arsehole, got

Author Tobias Chance (2 months)
I know the F-22 is more advanced & deadly but the F-15 will always be my
all time fav fighter plane. It's a beautiful design, fast, agile,
versatile & has a perfect combat record. Doesn't get much better than

Author Nazar Prosto (2 months)
you ugly motherfucker, die!

Author NOTy0urPUPPET (6 months)

Author Alessio S (6 months)
not exactly vertical 

Author THAxGR33NxJOK3R (7 months)
3 min of garbage the good stuff starts

Author Paul Cartlidge (4 months)
Great video

Author CBR1100XX (3 months)
It is fun to watch any piece of equipment with that much power take off. I
bet every non military pilot on the field that day took a moment to watch
in awe.

Author phillip eskridge (6 months)
strike eagles from seymour johnson. the best!

Author m cs (7 months)
vertical take off? are you f*** blind?

Author Dale Jackson (1 year)

Author john loggins (3 months)
dumb question! of course they're still in service! with all the
downsizing, has the time come to do away with reserve squadrons? are they
(cost effective). off subject too far....??

Author Christopher Smith (7 months)
Interesting in Ohio, SJ is Seymour Johnson AFB Goldsboro NC, of course in
one of these that could a very short trip

Author simbakafiri (7 months)
i hate the commercial of the stupid asian lady talking about getting
gas….so annoying can't stand it

Author Gregory Jeung (6 months)
Better looking than the Raptor or any other jet in my opinion.

Author Lawrence Carter (7 months)
who cares about jet planes it would have been better if it blew up or
something instead of wasting fuel taxes payer pay for..
ass military

Author Richard Keith (1 year)

Author Bob Lewis (8 months)
Hmmm I know it's an impressive warbird but if you're going to claim a
vertical take off then it should at least be one. Not quite up to English
Electric Lightning standards that could break Mach 1.0 in a TRUE vertical
climb. Check out the vid with id v=_CDLbokf9sg

Author Osirise81 (8 months)
Nextime fuck yourself u mother fucker.
VTOL - since F-35 etc. now generraly means vertical - thats mean 90°, if
u would not get it, it s shortest way to sky. To make it clear for u - it s
going at a right angle from ground to sky. Is there anything u dont

It can mean short take off but it s very missleading in your context.

Author TheMinus777 (8 months)
Didn't see any vertical takeoff in the video. Also, I doubt an F-15 could
takeoff vertically anyway.

Author kukikarlolukaps3 (8 months)
retard. where is the vertical takeoff?? +jss747 

Author Casey (5 months)
SJ! Hooyah!

Author MrAlexCougar (6 months)
3:04 everybody who wants only the takeoff.

Author Koito rob (7 months)
I remember a few years ago at Rockingham Motor Speedway, Corby, England, we
had two F-? 'swing wing' jets turn up from a USAF base on the Saturday to
practice for their little display the following day.
They announced themselves by approaching the circuit at a low level with
wings 'out' in 'first gear' you know, quiet like, and then as they
met above the paddock they stood them on their tails and gave it the
full bollocks and went vertical up!
I was happily refuelling the car in the garage at the time and spilt half a
gallon over the car as I nearly shat my pants and dropped the jerry can
before running outside!
Once my heart rate had dropped back to a non medical emergency rate, I
enjoyed seeing the two pilots repeat the show. Sadly, the following day
when the crowd were there, and I was ready with my video camera, they
didn't do it!

This video clip was complete crap in comparison! The uploader has
obviously NEVER seen a jet fly vertically up. If he had his title would be

Author danahan01 (2 months)
Remember folks, the F-15 has been the biggest parts distributor of Russian
fighter aircraft for the last 30+ years!!!

Author Ikran Banshee (4 months)
Boooring, extremly booring!

Author genie0390 (4 months)
where was that vertical take off? didn't see it

Author Jack Allen (5 months)
This plane is second best to the f-22 in the world nothing will defeat this

Author eromusofwom (5 months)
Still the baddest mamma jamma 4th generation fighter out there. Can still
go toe to toe with virtually any fighter on the planet and spank em.

Author kal Desjarlais (5 months)

Author Steve H. (3 months)
As indicated by the Conformal Fuel Tanks (CFT) nesting between the wing
root and the side of the center fuselage these are E model F15s. The stub
bomb pylons on the CFTs are also an indication. GTOW (gross take off
weight) was 80,000 lbs.
The first ship to come down the assembly line at now Boeing, then McDonnell
Douglas was ship #D51 which was a conversion to an E model configuration.
It was a cost effective conversion the USAF liked as contrasted by the

Author Ujwal Anurag (3 months)
Someone here said this before "For vertical take off, skip to 3:10 and turn
monitor sideways"
Watch the Harriers for some smooth vertical takeoffs.

Author theoriginalbadbob (2 months)
An F4 Phantom can take off, point the nose up and accelerate to 1,000 mph,
going straight up. Those babies also held the top speed record, for
operational fighter aircraft, for about 14 years, at 1,604 mph. One of the
greatest planes of all time.

Author kalinisha (6 months)
Misleading title.

Author Johannes Tietze (2 months)
WTF????? .......
3 minutes taiing?????

Author jbeckham360 (6 months)
I have seen the F-15 take off full burners and point it at the roof and
climb straight up like a rocket till it was out of sight at McDill. The
sound was nuts.

Author Jomagic01 (1 month)
How come there were so many dislikes?
(watches video)

Author herbert wayan (4 months)
where is the vertical take off???... 

Author Christopher Loflin (7 months)
Vertical! LOL! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

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