Srirangam Radhu Hotel Sambar 1

This sambar will go well with Iddli ,Thosai etc and may not be good for rice.

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Author Murali Bharatwaj (5 months)
Dear Mami / Mama, Namaskaram. This is Murali & my wife Radha from Erode. We
are fond of your cooking as well as your dialogues in between. As we hail
from traditional Brahmin family, (My Father belongs to Nagapattinam and
Mother Sikkal - both were not alive now - some times both of your action
reminds them to me), we love your dishes and when we prepare it tastes very
Especially when we prepared Hotel Sambar - It is awesome and tasty. I have
tried many of your dishes like cabbage fry and paruppu urundai kulambu etc..
God bless you both with long life and we need your blessings also.

Author Aditya Sivaramakrishnan (4 months)
Romba nalla sambar

Author jayaprakas Anand (3 months)
accidentally i saw ur site .the language is not fully
will you give the recipe in writing or in English

Author r Kumar (8 months)
Your cooking reminds me of my paatis food which I long for. My grandparents
hail from trichy.paati has alzeimers & therefore is unable to share her
recipes. Im so glad of your video blog. Keep it going.

Author Chan (8 months)
Ultimate cooking maami. 

Author usha alamelu (2 days)
dear maami maama, this is my first comment after watchin so many receipes.i
will so homely when u teach them in ur kind of way... feelin comfortable as
if my mother teaches me..maaama 's innocent conversation is really wow!

Author geetradhu (1 year)
Thank u.

Author geetradhu (10 months)
welcome. Kathirika gostu is long pending and do it soon. With best wishes

Author vidyaviswanathan (10 months)
Mami, kathrika gotsu recipe post pannungo ..

Author geetradhu (1 year)
Thank u.

Author Reshma Raghupathy (1 year)
Maami, Varakaratha malli illaynna malli podi pottukalama?

Author boobear46 (1 year)
I would be so happy if you would transcribe any of these recipes for me.
This one would be a great start as well as Oonidhya. Any others that you
feel you have the time to do would be wonderful. If you could find the time
to send me a recipe once a week or even once every 2 weeks would be great.
My son and I both love the blending of seasonings that can make even the
simplest of foods fit for a king. Thank you so much villagebelle.

Author geetradhu (1 year)
Great. So much Ice.

Author Raghuveera Ananthakrishna Rao (2 years)
super sambar keep up the good work

Author geetradhu (1 year)
Yes . Cut it into pieces

Author geetradhu (2 years)
Welcome good luck

Author Chandra Karthikeyan (1 year)
Always love your recipes Mami :)

Author Kalpakam Raghavan (1 year)
Mami. For the sambar powder, the measurement of various dals - is it tsp or
tbsp?. Somewhere in the middle of the video you say tsp - a bit confusing .
Appreciate if you can clarify. Thanks

Author Candace Flynn (1 year)
Thank u fr d lovely recipe. Inspite of cooking sambhar fr ages never got
dis hotel sambhar right. Dis time t was perfect. ,

Author geetradhu (1 year)
Welcome. Sorry for this very late reply

Author villagebelle (1 year)
Hotel Sambar. Some ingredients require shopping at the Indian store.
Ingredients : Toovar/Arahar dal (Toram paruppu - 2 handfuls Coriander seeds
- 2TBS Black whole pepper - 1 tsp Cumin - 1tsp Chana dal (kadalai paruppu)
- 2 Tbs Toovar/arahar dal (Tovaram parauppu) - 2 Tbs Urad dal (Ullutham
paruppu) - 1tsp Dried Chillies - few Fenugreek seeds (Vendhiyam) - 1/2 to 1
tsp Cayenne powder - 1/2 to 1 tsp Turmeric - 1/2 tsp Curry leaves/Cilantro
Tomato - 2 or 3 Pearl Red onion or Shallots a handful

Author ramya ashok (1 year)
thanks for the recipie maama/maami...

Author dospeak (1 year)
Maami, how many tomatoes u put in this?

Author geetradhu (1 year)
Only table spoon

Author geetradhu (1 year)
In sambar in future, if the salt is more you do this .Cut one potato into 4
large pieces and drop it in the salted sambar. OR you make tight rice balls
and drop it in the sambar..The best thing is avoid putting more salt

Author geetradhu (1 year)
Tomato for pulippu

Author geetradhu (1 year)
We are very happy to learn that your son likes indian food.However we are
unable to give English subtitles as we do not know how to do In this
connection we wish to inform you that we r doing this in tamil just for the
sake of many NRI who consider us as their parents.We are very much thankful
for your interest and taste on indian ,paticularly south indian food. With
best wishes

Author asianlite6 (1 year)
Namaskaram Mama n Mami, made this podee n labeled for hotel sambar so when
i need i can just give a stir in mixer with coconut n make this sambar at
anytime..esp for parties at weekend...thanks a loads Mama n Mami with much you both....<3<3<3

Author geetradhu (1 year)
Sure soon.

Author Shamim Amjad (1 year)
onion urikama muzhusa podunga and urulakizhangu oru five small piece panni
vadhaki podunga uppu equal aayidum.

Author Vishaal Gopinath (1 year)
mami, can we use periya vengayam for this.

Author geetradhu (1 year)
Thank u.

Author msc chitra (1 year)
not ice it is nice not ice but hot

Author vidyaviswanathan (10 months)
Mami, enga amma language la ..Indha sambar 'first class a' vandhudhu.
Thanks a lot

Author Aishwarya Arvindh (1 year)
Mami, puli vendamaa idhukku? pulippuku ena podanum?

Author ranjith kumar (10 months)
Hi mama mami I want how to make sampar podi pls try to give me the sampar
podi recipes

Author msc chitra (1 year)

Author geetradhu (1 year)

Author prirajesh (1 year)
Tks Mami & Mama. I hv been searching for this recipe for a long time.

Author geetradhu (1 year)
Excuse me that I do not understand what you say.

Author geetradhu (1 year)
Thank you madam for your wonderful service.With best wishes.

Author geetradhu (1 year)
Thank u.

Author narmada senthilkumar (1 year)
aunty and uncle i live in us and really ur receipes is like very practical
and real, and we can jus cook like mother is directing us,,,and uncle says
it again so that we dont have any doubts to us...very gr8t work thank u
with all recpect

Author villagebelle (1 year)
Boobear46 hope this helps - search Tarla Dalal on youtube for Undhiyu
recipe - it is an easy version, in English. Best wishes.

Author lakshmi priya Sridhar (2 years)
Thanks for sharing such a great recipe. A sambar with neither sambar powder
nor coconut mixture. Indeed a wonderful and a must try recipe.

Author geetradhu (1 year)

Author sphuith (2 years)
Mama/Mami...really love you guys!!! wonderful video!!

Author geetradhu (1 year)
Thank u and try to fulfill your wish.

Author geetradhu (1 year)

Author geetradhu (1 year)
Thank u.

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