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Author Mojaddedi Fazal (5 months)
This mother fuker Mulla is fat layer,

Author Azad Afghanistan (1 year)
if you hazaras are tired of fighting afghan muslims for usa is not my
problem the fight against shia hazara will not be stoppt by afghans as long
your hazara shia kuffar selling your womans in muttah to usa and as long
you shia kuffar supporting iran mullahs and usa to kill afghans like i said
you hazaras are punished not one time by afghans.

Author Babrai (3 years)
@zadroon Ofcourse American going to sort out problems for us...we have
Mosques,schools,Hospitals,Roads, Money and finally Inshallah
everything...during 34 yrs time Pakistan and Iran destroyed our country and
u still want Jihad in Afghanistan...If you really want to do Jihad please
do it in Pakistan and Iran or Please go to Palestine ok...we Afghans are
tired of this fake Jihad the way you ppl do it...we Afghan did Jihad and
now is their turn I mean Pak, Iran and other Islamic countries.

Author Azad Afghanistan (1 year)
hazara kafir we afghan muslims will never stop fighting your shia kuffar
and your usa master in afghanistan and those who supporting the kafir
against afghans.Allah(swt) was always on the side of great muslims in
afghanistan he guided the afghans to victory against shia persia safavids
against britania soviets and now usa and inshallah(swt) is the right time
to send your kuffar people out from muslim lands not just in afghanistan
also from pakistan and iran will be inshallah also freed again.

Author Ralfcc (3 years)
@AjmBoxer Shame on you saying something like that about this man. Shame on
you, you backward, coward, stupid and brainwashed moron.

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
He fought for PORKISTANI and later they killed him which means if your
mother boy friends talk shit about their IN-LAWS ISI they will kill them. I
rather see ISRALE as neighbor of Afghanistan then these ARAMEE PORKISTANIS
OR IRANIAN MULLAHS! These ISI HIRED mullahs talk shit whenever their
PAYCHECK is delayed by ISI& BRITISG GVT. While in the reality, they even
rape each others just the way you were raped by your MULLAH who was
teaching you hate & terrorism .

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
Keep dreaming ur khost is full of koney ppl. khost is full of kony ppl. u R
crying now lol.

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)

Author Azad Afghanistan (1 year)
taliban is good they killed alot of your people i have no problem with them

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
YOUR FRIEND BABARI is telling the truth about this stupid YASAR WHO BARKS
in here.And people like you are the slave of ISI. YOU will never learn
since your grand fathers were all stupid the slaves oF UK AND KGB!

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
these Taliban gay men fight for ISI & Porkistani gvt & Whabie camels .lol
ZADRON you need to check your blood you might be the son of a ISI PIGJABIE
AGENT who took your dad to the mountains while your women was left alone at hahhhhhhhhhhhhh TALIBAN ARE the germs and worms and insects of
ISLAM.they are being Trained by ISI DAAL KHORS to Kill Muslims and other
human beings.TALIBAN gay men are the servants of PORKISTAN.

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
Remind your mother how many ISI agents raped her. you stupid terrorist ISI
lovers! This idiot was once JEHADY DOG now you are taking his side? U are
nothing but stupid mountain low class GHILGZAY CAVE men who loot buses from
Afghanistan to PORKISTAN!

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
your leaders sold your nation to AHABI SAUDI DOGS who are also the slaves
of USA. Your gay leaders also sold AFG to DARK SKIN ISI pigjabies .. All
your JEHADY DOGS are selling their women to STUPID mullahs... LIFE & Death
is in the hands of ALMIGHTY.Don't be happy that Mazarai who was also
criminal is dead. You people are the germs of Afghanistan & this world.
Almighty will not forgive you. You must be raped and your ass is going to

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
DOG BUDEEN CHAGHALYAAR SAYFF ARAMEE 2 low class narrow minded kharotty
pashtons from low class Tribe whose grand fathers once served BRITISH and
now, they are serving ISI and wahabie camels.....AYKHWANEE SHIATEENS....

Author RukhaanAfghan (2 years)
what the fuck u think he did? he was fighting till his death by pakiz! if u
know no shit back of u loser

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
You are nothing but one stupid gay man.Go worship ISI DICKS.Now U R farting
here from your ass hole and from your nasty mouth. The bandits are DOG
BUDEEN HAQANI, OMAR, AND all other KHALQEE dogs who killed their OWN
PASHTONS when the KGB ordered them to carry out the massacre of Afghans.
You can't hide the sun with 2 FINGERS! Go fuck your donkey since you people
are the most uncivilized ppl in the world.U are 2nd class mazdoor pathans

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
You R nothing but some dog of DOG BUDEEN CHAGHALYAAR! This man YASAR
whoever the hell he is, is just talking shit for out of his ass.He farts
just like you & your buddies. Taliban are defeated now they are being sold
to QATAR to open their pimping Office .The ISI is using you stupid ppl.ISI
is killing Pathans on both sides of the Durand lane.U R still blind.When
will you understand & recognize UR Enemy? Bacha bazee is in KHOST & all

Author UNJUSTIFICATION1 (1 year)
And fuck your thief northern alliance

Author Azad Afghanistan (1 year)
u talk to much about your gay bacha bazi parsiwanians that sick and i told
you the afghans dont let gay panjsheris or hazaragays from bamyian moving
freely under the penis of usa you people sold yourself in bacha bazi muttah
shia style to nearly every foreigner that invaded taking
your pride from those who raped you like the parsiwanians u as a mongol
ethnic are not persian not nativ afghan even the laguage and identity that
arabs iranians and afghans gave you is not yours.

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
They R not kaffers! they R people of the BOOK.THERE were 4 books that were
sent by GOD ALLAH.IF the people of the book don't obey BIBLE it's not the
Book's fault. just like Many Muslims who don't obey QURRAN.Muslims who
commit heinous crimes & kill each others are doing the same evil things as
those whom you call Kaffers. Look at Peshawar MUJRAH DANCE, Lahore,
Porkistani people make porn movies/ U are so stupid and dogmatic person.
Google Pakistani pathan sex tape watch them so u will know.

Author Azad Afghanistan (1 year)
dont forget how the great taliban killed your warlords trained by iran
specialy abdul ali mazari that was captured in kabul with a nacked hazara
boy in muttah bacha bazi the truth is you hazaras and tajiks kafirs raped
and killed each other and destroyed muslim citys thats why taliban had to
kill somany of your kafirs and it was not wrong to send your hezbe wahdat
terrorists to hell.the taliban made the best job and do the best job of
course did brother gulbuddin nothing wrong.

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
when you know that you are a stupid and moron person, u came with this shia
shit . I am not shia but you must be yahood or indo who worship a
COW.Eventhough, Indos and Yahoods are highly educated & talented people
then you and your mom's boy friend this person who talks shit.

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
yasar and other MULLAHS LIKE YASAR are gays and slaves of PORKISTAN OR
IRAN.You are raped by Tajik men and Keep barking until your
ass hole explodes .lol

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
Keep dreaming but close your mouth and seal your ass hole so you won't fart
.lol Afghans hate you and your terrorist fathers and grand fathers who
were/are serving the ISI AND pigjabies. EVEN if USA leaves Afghanistan,
YOUR GAY Taliban CAN'T come back unless they GIVE KONS to all Afghans. lol
And you also bring some condom because Tajiks don't kon your nasty
Afghans rather see animals indos in power then seeing Taliban and dog
budeen in Kabul. Go rescue khosty women from Tajik men.

Author Azad Afghanistan (1 year)
you hazara shia kuffar are even not afghans how can you talk for afghans or
muslims?if you shia kuffar selling your cheap womans to usa for dollars and
power make you to afghans?look how the afghans destroyed all hazara
warlords and groups in 1995 to 2001 killed you criminals because you
supported shia iran to kill muslims and afghans for your shia
hazaras are punished by Allah(swt) and this will inshallah not change as
long afghans are there to defend their homeland.

Author Azad Afghanistan (1 year)
you laughing about your own stupity the afghans fighting usa and you
hazaras selling yourself to usa thats the diffrent the usa using your
hazara womans in their bases installed this ugly monkey hazara in bamyian
and you know what will happend again with your kuffar and murtads that sold
himself to usa right the afghans showed you hazaras more than one time you
shia kuffars are not welcome in afghanistan and even not in pakistan like

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
Taliban are GAYMEN Taliban movement was created by Bunch of loser thieves,
and other thugs of Afghanistan.Their the slaves of ISI.

Author Azad Afghanistan (1 year)
if a afghan woman is sold to someone that it actualy not real afghan but an
ethnic that lives in afghanistan its your ethnic the hazaras the mongolian
shia barking against arab porns but your iranian porn and
religion is worster than any arab camel hazaras are monkeys no
country no language no shame

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
And you sold Afghanistan to ARAB WAHAIB CAMELS and ISI. Your brother KHAR
BEDEEN DOGYAR was a gay when he grew up in KUNDOZ.SO shame that your
you have shame??? At least BABRAK KAARMAL admitted that he was communist
BUDEEN was raped many times in KUNDOZ by one Afghan Major.Later he escaped
to Kabul and didn't finish university.CUZ E WAS KOENY. LOL

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
You need to hang a BELL around your butt so when you walk, the bell will
make sound and all the bacha baaz men will run after your KON.LOL USA owns
Afghanistan stop your dream. Go sleep with DAAL KHOR ISI PIGJABIES in the
cave.Leave Afghanistan for people to live in peace! There's no need for you
& all your gay men Like Dog Budeen Chaghaal

Author Azad Afghanistan (1 year)
and usa will own just hazaras their shiit woman sitting right now in us
bases hazara shiit kuffars even fighting with the usa against muslims this
is also not acceptable for the afghans.if punjabis killing hazaras too than
they must have the same reason like the afghans

Author Azad Afghanistan (1 year)
hahaha keep crying little bitch of usa keep dreaming the afghans fighting
you rats out keep hiding behind usa but your parsiwanian shia kuffars are
not accepted but yeah take than the honor of victory for yourself like
against soviets what a big shame for afghanistan that we gave you animals a
hidingplace from your soviet british iran masters lol

Author Azad Afghanistan (1 year)
brother gulbuddin was a good brave man he killed alot of your shia hazara
kuffar there is nothing wrong with that i say that as a true afghan and
alhamdulilah muslim the afghan muslims defeated your warlords.afghan
military office has nothing to do with shia kuffar hazars.a yahood is right
now master of your shia kuffars it is the usa and you will see how hazaras
will again fail against afghan muslims this will always repeat in history
for shia kuffar hazaras.

Author Azad Afghanistan (1 year)
tajik are in power in what? usa is ur power and usa is the master of your
hazara shiit kuffars to that right now hazaras like abdul ali mazari
dancing bacha bazi.this is not good for afghan muslims i dont think that
rabbani or daud daud realy thought with usa he can survive.wormfood now.
brother gulbuddin living as hero with the afghans.he could sell himself to
usa like hazara shiit kuffars or people like rabbani but he dont.Mullah
Omar is the father of Afghanistan and hero of Islam

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
Afghanistan!!! you are nothing but A STUPID MORON GAY man.

Author Azad Afghanistan (1 year)
i myself just can laugh about a hazara shiit kuffar or a tajik bacha sarqow
how you try to defeat the great muslims but you guys are even lost with a
worldpower like usa.shame yourself for what you are accept that you are a
kafir a worm and not worth to be called even insan-human.these afghan
muslims deserve freedom and independence you kafirs can not change that its
facts its afghan history islam and freedom is what afghan want not hazara
bacha bazi or ghulami.

Author Azad Afghanistan (1 year)
these type of mullah safed afghanistan from animals like you and they still
will defend it from animals like you i remember how they killed your
parsiwanian warlords the shia kuffars killed the pro iranian agents and
terror groups these mullahs are great people bringing right now down the
usa from your shia kuffar mother i mean ok you pracitcing muttah and bacha
bazi shit but come on shia kuffar out from afghanistan we dont want you guys

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
U don't know that, The west especially UK had created Taliban. You are just
ignorant dogs who don't know shit about whats going on.Your Mullahs R all
bought as slaves of ISI/UK. Ur mothers boy friends ISI goats were defeated
by Tajiks in north Afg.We will spearate norht from the south and create a
nice country.Where no KHALQEES & DOG BUDEENies R allowed. Tajiks R educated
ppl while U dogs R still burning schools road etc.

Author Truth will Prevail (1 year)
shitttttt you are shia, i thought you maybe mistaken somehow but useless
you are.go get suicide in the bathroom

Author Azad Afghanistan (1 year)
your cultur is wakhi wich means sodomi bacha bazi and ratting around the
afghan areas from herat to quetta your mongols are not welcome and of
course not in those countrys that you try to flee

Author Azad Afghanistan (1 year)
hazara womans are also not raped by taliban when hey freed afghanistan from
your warlords you hazara and tajiks raped each other i just can you
remember how your shia kuffars raped and killed each other in afshar and
usa has to 100% sex with hazara womans specialy in bamyian you can not tell
me all the hazara womans in american bases are there for a secreterian job
:) look how the taliban killed last time hazara womans for prostetution i
am to 100% anti shia hazara this will never change

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
Go fuck your self you stupid terrorists!! 2ND Class pashtons had destroyed
Afghanistan ever since 1978.They left their shit that your mother's BOY
FRIENDS ISI can't even clean it. You are nothing but bunch of GAY MEN who
are barking for power.

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
You are sick you are the slave of ISI and Wahabie Camels. Dog Budeen is the
slave and NA JAYEZ son of ISI.YOU kharrotty PAKTYAWALS leave your wives for
your brothers when you Go to Saudi Arabi for WORK.!! LOL Sayaaf Dog Budeen
Taliban are all the slaves of ISI.

Author Azad Afghanistan (1 year)
saudi arabia is better than your half mongol russian nation specialy tajik
hazara are the poorest donkey on this planet you crying about how afghans
sold your mother? then go free here from usa, russia,iran ,pakis but no you
selling your sister and mother to usa for hoping that they giving your
victory and money but afghans cant accept this kind of cowardness and your
leaders are all cowards and losers nearly all dead the rest sold to
usa.gulbudding is a good muslim not a drug using parsiwan

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
STUPID THAT NOT EVEN JEWS hate shia or sunni but since your brain is full
of porkistani shit, that you bark from your mouth and from your GO
YOU R the people of the mountains and your women R being raped in porkistan

Author Azad Afghanistan (1 year)
dont worry the taliban will bring the usa down from your hazara shia mother
dont think the afghans will watch how you sell your hazara womans to usa
for muttah and your little children in bacha i said the taliban
freed afghanistan one time from your kuffars they doing this again.if
hazara womans are raped in quetta than not by taliban if pakis americans
baloch or pathans doing this is that of course the same hararam like your
abdul ali mazari that raped little hazara boys

Author Babrai (3 years)
zadrona wrora ghosa kiga ma,,,My comments will never be lie and you can
find out from other people regarding Yasir Wardak,,,I know him very well
from Ustad Sayyaf camp in Peshawar,,,These Kufar not killing our brothers
and sisters but Pakistan and Iran do kill them,,,you know why Yasir is
talking against American coz he get paid by I.S.I of Pakistan and I know he
is saying all these beautiful Hadis Sharif but we have to be clever and

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
Yes, In KHOST there are KHOSTY WOMEN who come to nato base according to
PAKTYA NDS worker! In khost & GARDIZ your women come to the base to seek
visa and solicit ate their bodies. IN KHOST there are GAYBOYS/MEN who cut
their hair like women and dance.In khost men go to arab nations and their
WIVES have sex with their own brother in laws.What else they do in KHOST
THAT I forgot? in khost men who were/are KHALQEES gave their asses to KGB

Author Azad Afghanistan (1 year)
we afghans will send you bandits tajiks and hazaras that living in our
beautiful country like a parasit destroying the socity with muttah bacha
bazi civilwar to hell.if the usa leaves afghanistan your people will be
soon send back home with your usa nato and all those who fucked your mother
and sister in bacha bazi.the arabs have more honor and are cultur than a
barking persinized tajik or hazara what ever the fuck you are i bet you
even dont know what you are.raped shit maybe from pathan talibs

Author zardasht9900 (1 year)
Is that your mom's last name cunt??? WOW you are totally pig ! No doubt
about that. Keep crying the slaves of ISI AND pigjabie BEAN EATERS!

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