HMN - Windows 98 on Wii (DOSBox Wii)

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If you don't already have the Homebrew Channel checkout
HMN - Guide: Softmod Any Wii - WiiHacks

(Optional) You can also use a USB Keyboard & USB Mouse.

DOSBOX Wii doesn't support Network or DVD Drive.

1. Download the DOSBOX Wii Pack
2. Extract with Winrar
3. Copy everything from the DOSBox Wii Pack to SD Card
4. Remove SD Card from PC & Insert it into Wii
5. Go to the Homebrew Channel & Load Multi-Mod Manager
6. Go to WAD Manager & DOSBox Wii forwarder
7. Press + to select & Press A to install
8. Once it's finished installing, Press B to go back & Press Home to exit
9. Press Home & Exit to System Menu
10. Go to the new DOSBox Wii channel and it should load Windows 98
I recommend booting into safemode
Press Home & Go to Keyboard if you don't have a USB Keyboard
Use the Wii Remote to move the cursor if you don't have a USB Mouse

To Autoload Windows 98 on startup
1. Hold Reset (If you installed Priiloader it should load)
2. Go to Load/Install File, Go to DOSBox Wii.dol & Press A
3. Go to Settings, Change Autoboot to Installed file, Save

Here is a WAD Forwarder I've created: Copy the WAD to the "wad" folder on the SD Card, Insert the SD Card into Wii & Install the WAD using Multi-Mod Manager. DOSBox Wii - forwarder

Disclaimer: I do NOT promote or support piracy, copyright infringement or illegal distribution. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. All Names, Characters, Logos and other trademarks are property of their respective owners.The materials in this video are for educational purposes ONLY. No warranties of any kind are expressed or implied. Use at your own risk.

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Author SuperMario64Betafan (4 months)
I wish we could use windows xp :P

Author SuperMario64Betafan (4 months)
I found DOSbox on the homebrew browser, can I use that?

Author Grant Louth (27 days)
Will you do a video for the Amiga emulator please? I cant get it to work.
Your videos are brilliant!

Author HackingModdingNerd (2 months)
HMN - Guide: Softmod Any Wii - WiiHacks

Author CJ G (2 months)
can't install wad i get " [ ] Final State - 1 did not complete."

Author SuperMario64Betafan (4 months)
omg thanks :)

Author Doqtor Kirby (3 months)
lmao mac keyboard

Author LukasTheClasher (9 months)

Author Jonathan Jensen (4 months)
I remember when "Paint" was the new kid on the block. At that time, I was
indignant, since I was so used to "Paintbrush" on Windows 3.1!

Author psychiatrefou89 (6 months)
Is it possible to play windows 98 pc games on this?

Author PikaChuChuJelly (6 months)
I'm not sure, but I thought PCs were supposed to emulate game consoles, not
the other way around!

Author Lo Ho (7 months)
I need some help!!!! I did all of the stuff and went to MultiModManager and
I found out that the wii remote wasn't responding to the application even
with fresh batteries. So I said ok Ill do it manually and boot into the
.dol file from DosBox. It did it automatically but when all was said and
done the 98 Emulator wont respond to the wii remote either! Out of those
two a

Author Cheetah Man (2 months)
I would recommend Win 3.1 if you want better performance. 

Author DERPY PUNCAKE (10 months)
windows 98 WII EDITION

Author Ted Chou (9 months)
interesting, but not practical

Author televiciousgoober (10 months)
i put win 3.11 on mine. win 98's too slow. internet is useless on win98se
btw. wanted to setup diablo on it, but i found the psx version runs just
fine on the wii. i like it better now for the co-op mode.

Author Branden Lowe (10 months)
shoudve drank some coffee.

Author Yuds2003 (10 months)
It's not working on my Wii!

Author general809 (11 months)
This is great. Now we need to find some way to use networking...

Author Chuck Beatz (11 months)
I got it down packed on the 1st day thank's :D

Author Derian Cantrell (11 months)
Question please when I get my Wii u I will most likely do this but can the
Wii u support Windows 98 with Internet Explorer (any version will be fine)
thanks answer soon by.

Author Burned Frozen (7 months)
Just because you can do something doesn't always mean you should LOL

Author kazip55 (10 months)
isnt the wii faster than most windows 98 computers.

Author Flopsi99 (1 year)
Okay I played these games alot (on Emulators) (like every game from touhou)
but I didnt knew that.. O.o? thanks, it helps me, even if I asked that
about 4 months ago.. xD

Author JakobyGames (1 year)
its cool

Author TheRealNintendo SegaFAN (1 year)
awesome U are the best hacked nerds i love U

Author Roxer9000 (2 years)
so you turned your wii into a computer forever?

Author HackingModdingNerd (2 years)
Thanks, enjoy

Author lillee90 (2 years)
also the wii needs a more capable video player than wiimc there are video
files it doesnt read and some it does from usb. the dvd reads great but i
want it to read videos from usb such as mp4,avi,etc

Author sonic"oldking"flubber (11 months)
comment, subscribe

Author Aerobroken (1 year)
Touhou 1-5 aren't for Windows 98. They're for the NEC PC-9801. =P

Author HackingModdingNerd (1 year)
Try installing Priiloader for brick protection.

Author HackingModdingNerd (1 year)
Lol silly Mac games are for PC

Author Kippy Kip (1 year)
Your a hacker, a modder, and a nerd (In a positive way) but..... Y U NO USE
ADBLOCK ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Author HackingModdingNerd (1 year)
Thank you, thank you very much.

Author 23youtin (1 year)
i need teen wii pirate?

Author Flopsi99 (1 year)
Is it maybe possible to play games on it? maybe like touhou 1-5 or
something like the old Windows98 games? I would be happy if someone could
answer and explain how to play it to me...

Author The47iscool (1 year)
2 people wanted to see mac on a Wii.

Author Anthony Rawls (1 year)
OK last thing, Ive had the hbc channel for about 3 years now. I used to use
a USB until my bro updated it like a jackass. I reinstalled it via
smashstack. But ever since, USB won't show even tho its the same setup. Any

Author HackingModdingNerd (1 year)
You could play oldschool games like Oregon Trail 2 and Doom...

Author RShitEntertaiment (2 years)
It works perfect!

Author jordan2cc (1 year)
dowload multi mod manager,and go to,and type in dosbox
wad,download it from hotfile or mediafire,and copy it into your wad
folder,and go onto the hombrew channel,and go on multi mod manager,and
click on the wad manager,and click the sd card thing,and then click the
dosbox wad and install it,and then it will be on your wii menu,and then
your done.

Author HackingModdingNerd (1 year)
Idk the original 1998 release might work

Author sonic"oldking"flubber (11 months)
where do I get roms?

Author cat25089 (2 years)
I have a wireless USB mouse so I thought, "Why use the Wii Remote when I
can use this!" But my other half said, "It's not gonna work...". So I tried
it, and it works! I was like, "OMG, it works!!! :D"

Author HackingModdingNerd (1 year)
You're welcome, Enjoy. Don't forget to share & subscribe.

Author kifixo23 (2 years)
is the wad free of region?

Author toxikskull258 (1 year)
where would i place the .exe files on my sd card?

Author jordan2cc (1 year)
how do u put internet explorer on the windows98 for wii??

Author PC-VX41 (2 years)
I run Win98 SE original on it.It's easy to change the HDD file since the
program looks (based on DOSBox.conf)for the image named DOSBox.img.I
changed it yesterday and i booted to Win3.1.

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