AVS Video Editor Tutorial

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This a short demonstration using AVS video editor for Quicktime and MPeg videos.

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 6:45
Comments: 582

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Uploaded by: Gary Oakes
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Author mezmero69 (2 months)
Hello if someone could help me it would be cool:
I'm trying to discover this softwear in order to make stop motion, one of
my first problem is that I'm TOTALLY lost in term of images per seconde: I
import my images, ex: 60 images of a scen that I wanted in 15 FPS (so 4
secondes il all: 60/15)
BUT the program goes really slow and gives me 1 image in 5 secondes!
I don't know how to do because it's a real mess to take all image one by
one to crush them on the timeline so they get so little that I cannot make
the difference between them, and by doing it manually I mixt images between
them. It's like if the timeline was: [] [] [] [] , etc, where every [] is
an image and at the end it gives, (if a crush them) IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII,
'cause I can't show it there it is in fact even more horrible then that!
I don't know how to do a correct animation, ex: 15 FPS >_<

Author CRS Ryan (1 month)

Üdv,tudnál nekem segíteni?
Mikor az AVS Video Editorral konvertálom a videóm,alapból úgy
konvertálja,hogy a videóban,a közepén ott van egy kis szöveg, ''Created
with a non-activated version'' és bevallom,eléggé
Életmentő lenne,válaszod előre is köszönöm!!!

Author Pacita Productions (3 months)
Can I import transitions I have obtained elsewhere into AVS Video Editor?

Author MeldasCZ (3 months)
How do I make the video go backwards in AVS Video Editor please ?

Author UFO Summoner Francis Hudson (7 months)
hello can you help me is there any software that will let me use a digital
zoom on my videos to see more detail.

Author Arzenalis CZ (5 months)
Every time I finish a my video, so in middle I have logo of AVS Video
Editor. Can it be somehow removed? Thank you in advance. Sorry for my
English.. I'm from Czech Republic :)

Author Mamacita gomez (6 months)
Thanks hun! 

Author LPSLinatv (8 months)
I used avs video editor and it always allowed me to make videos free and
upload them but I would have to have the watermark on my videos. Now it
won't let me upload anymore. It says youtube authentication error. I used
the correct log in and I have been using the program for around a year or
so. Is my free trial up or is it because of google plus? I noticed that it
stopped working the time i updated to google plus. Please respond.

Author Shareloveandseekthetruth (2 months)
Is it possible to merge two vep-files into one, or open two in the same
program after each other in the timeline in the AVS program?

Author Hart of the Earth (6 months)
Excellent video, very helpful!

Author JamieHavican Show (8 months)
Can I make the photos I've added match the audio length of the file I
inserted, I do radio then add photos and with Windows Movie Maker you can
match image length with audio so they end at the same time??

Author Jason Dominateus (10 months)
Got one word for you bro,
H264, It'll fix your video quality issues. Good tutorial.

Author Rosalecheese (7 months)
I recorded a video with Hypercam but when I drop the video in it plays and
everything is all black like this

Author Mamacita gomez (7 months)
Hi Gary how will I mute the sound of the video? 😊

Author Rusty Alegre (7 months)
blur.... bad quality video

Author Luke Vincent Neri (10 months)
Did I miss anything here? or there was an instruction about how to embed a
video into another video?

Author JustJopieGames (10 months)
bad quality but good tutorial

Author Mamacita gomez (6 months)
Thanks hun! 

Author Yudi K.S (9 months)
I'M try

Author xx2196 (1 year)
worse program in the world. I have 2500 dollar computer and this software
keeps continuously total waste of time. Dont buy it waste of money

Author Hilltribes Media Ministries (1 year)
avsvideoeditorreviews The best and the easiest video editor I've ever

Author JesusMusicVids247 (1 year)
How do you make a video go backwards?

Author Mina M (1 year)
PLEASE ANSWER IF YOU CAN. When I use this program it is very choppy in
playback. The video freezes in random clips and it is extremely annoying.
Will it be glitchy when I publish the video?

Author Victory Ike (1 year)
How to do you add audio to the project? That's all I needed to know.

Author DahCorbinCorner (1 year)
Can you embed a video into another video?

Author Samantha Middleton (1 year)
is this free?

Author Gary Oakes (1 year)
Hello Yes you can import images and sound. In fact it does a lot more. I
would suggest you pop over to my website at the address below this tutorial
and watch the first 6 tutorials which gives an overview of AVS Video
Editor. There is no catch to this, it's just I'm keeping all the
information in one place. You also have the opportunity to purchase the
product from here if you so wish. Please do come back to me if you have any
further questions as I do like to help people. Gary

Author IGotHereOnMyMagicSquirrel (2 years)
Thank you, i now know what to do, i've put in the extra bit up to 1 minute
so i can delete the watermark, i saved it, then i go on the remake version,
but it doesn't put the bit i don't need on if that makes sense, do you know
what could be causing this? Also, i have the free version of AVS video
maker, does that mean it's not free forever? So after a year, i won't be
able to use it anymore or something. Sorry if this makes no sense, it's
difficult to explain. Thank you for your help Gary.

Author Gary Oakes (1 year)
Hello Is the music in a video or on the audio line? Please advise. It may
be worth closing other applications as AVS is quite memory hungry. By all
means send me an email to I will be able to provide far
more information as opposed to being limited here. Gary

Author Gary Oakes (1 year)
Hello You can insert as many videos as you wish. However, you can only show
2 at one time. To help you with this, pop over to my website at the address
below this tutorial and watch tutorials No. 1 and No. 4. These should help
you. There is no catch to this, just information in one place to help
people. If these do not answer your question then please come back to me as
I would like to help. Gary

Author Gary Oakes (2 years)
Great Come back to me you you require any further help. Gary

Author ChelsLadii2U (1 year)
I'd like to know how do you make the octave of a voice when editing a
vlog?? For example: If i made a video and I wanted to edit it to where I'm
talking faster or slower and my voice sounds high or low pitched, how would
I do that??

Author Gary Oakes (2 years)
Hello It may be worth popping across to my website at the address below
this tutorial to view 20 tutorials plus other information. There is no
catch to this. See you there. Gary

Author Gary Oakes (1 year)
Hello Yes there is a way to do this. Once in AVS Video Editor, go to the
'Edit' menu at the top left, select 'Settings', then select 'Edit' and
change the transition time to 2 seconds. This will need to be done before
you add in the images. If you pop over to my website at the address below
this tutorial and watch tutorial No. 18, this will show you what to do. If
you have yet to visit my website then you will find 21 tutorials to help
people use AVS Video Editor. Gary

Author Jasmine Norton (1 year)
hello, i just wanted to ask if its possible to use your voice narration
that you have recorded on your phone. i have tried, but it says the file is
unsupported. is there any other way?

Author ZORT RUSHIN (2 years)
MSG TO Gary Oakes, Can u help me out on being a bigger youtuber i could use
some tips n tricks

Author Gary Oakes (2 years)
Hello Is this the same as stop motion? If the case then unfortunately no.
For stop motion I use Pinnacle Studio - or rather my sone does. In terms of
what AVS Video Editor can do then pop over to my website at the address
below this tutorial. There is no catch to this - just 20 tutorials and
other useful information contained all in one place. Gary

Author 1Dworldofficial (2 years)
please help me: how to remove the credit from AVS? when i created a video
there's a credit: "created with AVS video editor" how to remove that? that
tormentor the video (Sorry for my english)

Author Gary Oakes (1 year)
Hello Not sure what you are asking here, but would like to help. In the
mean time, just to say I have 21 tutorials and other information on how to
use AVS video editor on my site at the address below this tutorial. I know
you will find these really useful as have many others. Although they refer
to a previous version, they still apply to version 6.4. Gary

Author SuperHappydoggy (2 years)
I have 2012 version and I need a help for it do you got a video for it? :(

Author Gary Oakes (1 year)
Hello This does not sound right. AVS is memory hungry so maybe worth trying
to close unused programs and see what happens. Sometimes in order to save
space the reviewing picture can be of a lesser quality. However, this
changes to a far better quality when you finally produce the video. It's
worth popping over to my website at the address below this tutorial and
watch my tutorials here. There is no catch to this, just information in one
place to help people. Tell me how you get on. Gary

Author gnarleypunkroker5 (1 year)
can this use .mov files from iphone? i am having trouble w/ movie maker, it
gets so laggy and when you close it and reopen to work, it can't find half
the files. i am working on a current birthday documentary that has 130 2-5
second .mov files for a length of 6:15 and it barely can run, will avs be
able to handle that? and can you add in music?

Author Gary Oakes (1 year)
Hello I would like to help. Can you give me more informaiton. Are you
looking to record video, music, images, voice over, anything you see and
hear on the computer? Gary

Author Sabir Abdulhasanzade (2 years)
Really Big Editor... I'm dubbing this movie (The UP) in this program... But your
clicking in web site 'filmi izle' button and see... My dubbing project
seening in website 1510 members :) Love them from the Azerbaijan...

Author Devlin2Nathan (1 year)
Okay, I use AVS Video editor to upload minecraft videos (the game) but i
dont know how to make it in HD, i know some friend show have done minecraft
videos in HD using video editor, so what settings should i save it as when
im saving it

Author Gary Oakes (1 year)
Hello Once you have created your production, to finalise the video you need
to 'Produce' it. During this process you need to save in HD. The best way
to demonstrate this is if you pop over to my website following the link
below this video and watch tutorial No. 6. There is no catch to this, just
21 tutorials all in one place to help people. Hope this helps, but if not
please come back to me. Gary

Author IGotHereOnMyMagicSquirrel (2 years)
Ohh thank you so so much :)

Author meteot25 (2 years)
do you now the key of avs video editor

Author ALONSONAVARRO1234 (1 year)
what i download this is works how to upload on you tube though

Author Gary Oakes (2 years)
Hello If you are uploading into Youtube, then you can use Youtube to cut
out the first minute of your video. I don't have a tutorial on this, but
sounds like I should. However, I have a tutorial on a different subject
showing how to trim a video in Youtube. View a video titled "Video
Marketing Using a Powerpoint Slide Show" on my channel and wind on to 8
minutes in the video. Tell me how you get on. Remember to start your music,
voice-over and video after the watermark. Gary

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