Homemade Bandsaw - Pt.1

A slideshow and a couple of shots through building my own bandsaw.
This bandsaw was designed by Matthias Wandel, plans for this bandsaw are available here:
This video I guess is really a construction diary of building a homemade or shop built bandsaw out of wood, It works really well despite how long it took to build. The homemade bandsaw was a really great project and a good personal challenge. The homebuilt bandsaw can deal with just about anything and even cut though a desent log. Although I couldn't show how I built it really this video does give you an insight into building a homemade bandsaw.

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Author Warren Postma (5 days)
Just awesome. Thank you for sharing your adventures!

Author Gary Truesdale (8 days)
nice saw. I want to build one of those.

Author Mohamed Islam (11 days)
what's the motor power ??

Author goodcat1982 (1 month)
turn it on it's side and stick it on a rolling/sliding platform and cut
giant logs with it to make floor boards or whatever :)

Author Dave Teffer (5 months)
Great job mate!
That is a lot of work~way ta go!

Author Cesar Blasco (6 months)
HI i am Argentine, have you the plans??? i can´t pay to Mathias Wandel,
it´s to espensive for me, sorry my english is no good, Please.!! thank you

Author prophaniti1 (5 months)
Well done mate, keep at it!

che bella fantasia !!! perchè invece di copiare tutti i progetti, non provi
a creare qualcosa di tuo senza fare copia incolla dei progetti che altri
pensano?? ma forse gli inglesi non sanno cosa sia l'originalità!! cosa che
invece gli italiani custodiscono nel sangue

Author jorge orlando restrepo (6 months)
amigo usted es estupendo y joven aun tiene mucho por hacer felicitaciones

Author Elton Sanderson (6 months)

Author rema rene (7 months)
Well done. I am interested in the power of the engine you used for band
saw, or how much Kw? What do you recommend for this machine or similar.
Greetings from Serbia

Author treestate (7 months)
This project is really neat. Instead of making things from tools, you make
the tools themselves, quite well. Where did you find the rubber part for
the blade to rest on?

Author EVIL SHANEIL (7 months)
Very good bro

Author tim master (7 months)
Next, you should make one that is pedal powered ;)

Author phil6lacio9 (8 months)

Author ELAMUZGO GUERRERO (9 months)
Your project is very good, I am in the venture to make the band saw, if not
too much trouble could you provide me with the planes of the band saw 14
"agradecere you forever, Greetings

Author Ahmad Almanea (9 months)
Good job, I wish success.

Beautiful shoe string (: .

Author ThisWoodwork (2 years)
@chaddythewoodpecker It was a 56" length blade Titan bandsaw, very cheap
and pretty awful.

Author Cory Nash (3 years)
Fantastic! Love the mobile base... :)

Author ThisWoodwork (2 years)
@phill360x Thats right.

Author ktekx (2 years)
That looks very well built and sturdy. Nice job.

Author ThisWoodwork (3 years)
@bedstag Nice I thought about one of those a while back. Axminster tools

Author TheGamerDude41 (3 years)
@TeenWoodworker oh ok

Author Claudinei Lucas (1 year)

Author ThisWoodwork (2 years)

Author Paulo César (2 years)
Congratulations for video and explanatory, but I wonder if the project has
Vece PDF that could ever provide. if possible thank you thank you -
Homemade Bandsaw - Pt.1 PDF

Author Joey Marquez (1 year)
good job man, looks awesome. lots of skill you have

Author Florencio Blanco (2 years)
put water cooler hose. nice jod!

Author JeffroTV (1 year)
I'm starting to get into woodworking, and since you shared your knowledge;
I'll share mine. I'm very knowledgable about computers, and noticed the
computer at around 3:26 or so. Dust is the computers worst enemy,
especially since it clogs the exhaust ports where your fan sits. If the
fans cannot cool your processor, they fry faster than you can blink. Just
letting you know. Don't want you to go without a computer man! Thanks!

Author MasterOvCreation (1 year)
Do you have any expansion or contraction problems due to humidity changes
between seasons?

Author hapa817 (1 year)
I just discovered your ch. Great job, well done video. I really don't get
why the dislikes.

Author eadthem akip (1 year)
This design by mattias is more robust that most metal band saws, the frame
is defiantly stronger. With proper matinace and care theirs no reason why
it wouldn’t be a safe machine. On another note id rather use a band saw
than a table saw, as far as safety goes. Do have to remember, the band saw
was invented for cutting bone in meat.

Author ThisWoodwork (3 years)
@MrLeonard55 Wow that sounds cool, usually I have some drawings and roungh
dimentions but i tend to go on the fly. Is that over your pond or someone

Author ThisWoodwork (3 years)
@HandyAndysWoodwork I think maximum capacity under the guides is about 10"

Author Iain Angus Lamont (3 years)
Hey can you do a review of your old Titan Bandsaw?

Author Derek Holcomb (3 years)
Mattias is a genius, right?

Author deezynar (3 years)
Very nice job, Alex. I don't think I could have done that.

Author KristaAMartin100 (11 months)

Author Skon Master (1 year)
Dude great job but it looks so bodgy i would never us it could do a serious
amount of damage plus wat if termites get in it? Thats why i prefere metal
industrial bandsaws

Author ThisWoodwork (3 years)
@MrLeonard55 This is it! Matthias Wandel's design, it is a great design but
looking back it may have been nice working without plans. That is the way I
usually do things.

Author Casey Malik (2 years)
That was just super awesome! Great job building that. What was the cost of
making it?

Author ThisWoodwork (1 year)
I think about £250

Author Petko Petkov (1 year)

Author Artizan (1 year)
El dice que los compro en el website de matias wendell que es el disenador de esta cierr

Author ThisWoodwork (3 years)
@MrLeonard55 Nice idea amount the lightning bolt :p

Author TomConstantly (1 year)
Lol you used a bandsaw to make a bandsaw. Don't worry I feel that way when
I use a work bench to make a work bench lol. Great job on the saw. Very
very cool. Btw I discovered you through Steve Ramsey.

Author ThisWoodwork (1 year)
If your skills are up to it why not, it performs well for me, don't really
have any compaints. The plans are great and detail, if you follow them and
have a little common sense you should be fine! Alex

Author Aaron Eubank (2 years)
Well done dude!

Author William Greig (3 years)
Ive been wanting a bandsaw for ages and i didnt consider making one! This
could be a great project.

Author ThisWoodwork (1 year)
I did not make these plans they are from The computer program
is Google Sketchup and is free. Alex

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