Homemade Bandsaw - Pt.1

A slideshow and a couple of shots through building my own bandsaw.
This bandsaw was designed by Matthias Wandel, plans for this bandsaw are available here:
This video I guess is really a construction diary of building a homemade or shop built bandsaw out of wood, It works really well despite how long it took to build. The homemade bandsaw was a really great project and a good personal challenge. The homebuilt bandsaw can deal with just about anything and even cut though a desent log. Although I couldn't show how I built it really this video does give you an insight into building a homemade bandsaw.

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Author leonardo bicudo ( ago)
hola muy bueno el trabajo, me gustaría saber cuales son las medidas de la
maquina , gracias

Author Nuno Barros ( ago)
What kind a motor did you use? 1hp? 2hp?

Author Ignacio Valle ( ago)
Thx for share your aplication man! I don't think you need to reply the
stupidity of some people, they've filled the world many thousands of years
ago, i believe that cosmos wanted to recycle some kind of futil garbage &
released the job to us...., uffffff......

Author Rashad Abodinin ( ago)

Author Mark Ash ( ago)
Amazing work! Really like your videos. God bless and good fortune. ☺

Author shauwl ben joel ( ago)
Man, u gotta get some sense bout safety. Experience can sometimes be a bad
teacher if you get to learn the big lessons after you failed the test. You
gotta get some respect kid! If you don't respect these tools they will bite
you. We respect them because they are faster and stronger than us - even if
we made them. Respect is not just being polite. You respect the lion at the
zoo - you respect his space. If you get into his space he will savage you
for your disrespect. Steve Irwin (Crocodile hunter) got killed because he
believed he was indestructible and he never respected another's sacred
space. When you work with these kinds of machines respect them by covering
up their nakedness. You shouldn't have its covers off to expose its full
open blade like this. Be respectful. Its easy to get distracted. Roll your
sleeves up Kid when you work with these things because if you don't, the
machine will punish you for your sloppyness in its presence. My respects to
you for your industriousness and for your hard work. I can see you're no
fool because fools will not show respect. Begin to be wise in your youth.
Be respectful. Be kind. And well done!!!

Author Dakota Joob ( ago)

Author Rui Pellizzaro ( ago)
Hi. You'd send de project like you do from Workbench that was a good
project. I'm from Brazil and love woodwork.

Author fırat re ( ago)
I congratulate you do really nice things you watch on YouTube. I wish you
success. I'm songs. I am writing from the turkey. My name fırat. so I do
not know English. I wrote but by translation from Google Translate. Thank

Author 73 SUPERGLIDE ( ago)
very nice dude were did get moter from u said 1 1/2 horses

Author Chuck McClanahan ( ago)
Built mine last year, works great

Author Protection or imprisonment? ( ago)
great project by mathius over at woodgears! i'll be doing this project too,
prob in the spring. :)

Author ADigitalArtist ( ago)
I'm working on my own home made treadle wood lathe. It's my first home
built tool so I'm a bit nervous and excited. You did a great job here with
the bandsaw!

Author Bob Ross ( ago)
Nice job.

Author alex993cc1 ( ago)
did anyone notice the skateboard ? lol :) nice machine!

Author Jose Moreno ( ago)
Beautifu proyect....!!!! I I'm going to start very soon with the project of
tilting router lift,,, I hope upload videos about building..... Mathias is
the best.... :-)

Author Krista Antonini Martin ( ago)

Author ken schiphorst ( ago)
Awesome project !!!

Author hesham hamam ( ago)
I want to Create Saw represented what can I do?

Author hesham hamam ( ago)
Very nice

Author ThisWoodwork ( ago)
Those are undersized bicycle inner tubes which have been cut open and
stretched over the wheel, they seem to work very well!

Author Sajid Rafique ( ago)
Good Boy ! Hey where did u get that rubber cover for the wheels ?

Author ThisWoodwork ( ago)
Check out Matthias Mandels' woodgears(dot)ca, plans for this bandsaw are
available for purchase there.

Author Shay McDowell ( ago)
I would like to Make all my Tools from WOOD. Does The Teenage Woodworker
have Plans that he would send out to those whom Ask?
is email...

Author Mathieu Clavilier ( ago)
Hi, thanks for all your video. I saw in that one that the motor you use
looks really new. Could you tell us the specification and where you bought
it ? Thanks from France. Mat

Author dan don ( ago)
Good job

Author dan don ( ago)
Your laces are odd

Author Val Fleming ( ago)
Where was the internet when I was young and broke? All those fancy machines
they sell and snobby attitudes about the special tools and special wood.
Homemade rocks!

Author John A ( ago)
Awesome job! You give me inspiration. Is that a skateboard at the base?

Author dvdfrnzwbr ( ago)
How much time and money did it cost you? Second hand table saws are cheap
in the classifieds.

Author MOU2EYBOY ( ago)
WOW! Amazing!

Author todd clayton ( ago)
Man,nice,but...I suspect that much of your wobble comes from the wrong
rotation.Your blade is running up from the table,unsafely should run
into the table,swap those wires...

Author Claudinei Lucas ( ago)

Author Artizan ( ago)
El dice que los compro en el website de matias wendell que es el disenador de esta cierr

Author eadthem akip ( ago)
This design by mattias is more robust that most metal band saws, the frame
is defiantly stronger. With proper matinace and care theirs no reason why
it wouldn’t be a safe machine. On another note id rather use a band saw
than a table saw, as far as safety goes. Do have to remember, the band saw
was invented for cutting bone in meat.

Author TomConstantly ( ago)
Lol you used a bandsaw to make a bandsaw. Don't worry I feel that way when
I use a work bench to make a work bench lol. Great job on the saw. Very
very cool. Btw I discovered you through Steve Ramsey.

Author Jesper Jensen ( ago)
You are a very talentet Young man , but remember in any workshop safety
comes first

Author themrhelperguy ( ago)
How about some views for themrhelperguy

Author hapa817 ( ago)
I just discovered your ch. Great job, well done video. I really don't get
why the dislikes.

Author maggie2263 ( ago)
your amazing young man. glad your not hocked on vidio games.

Author RonRay ( ago)
Alex, you are undoubtedly one of the most resourceful young men I have ever
saw! Not many would even attempt this project, much less bring it to this
stage. Well done!

Author colonman100 ( ago)

Author Joey Marquez ( ago)
good job man, looks awesome. lots of skill you have

Author Timothy Spaulding ( ago)
I purchased Matthias' bandsaw plans a while back and have recently finished
building the frame. Glad to see your photos which helped explain a few
steps in the process that weren't quite clear.

Author Petko Petkov ( ago)

Author Gregory B. Howard Edmonds ( ago)
Alex, you have done an outstanding job! Highly commendable effort. Be aware
however, that the most important parts of any build are safety features
such as the [enclosure], which you show us. But you scared me a bit in a
video clip where you are impatiently ripping a log on an unanchored
bandsaw, as you pointed out. Also, it has a thick re-saw blade, with
revolutions per minute, the physics of which all add up against human
flesh, bone and blood. You have guardian angels, but prudence is best.

Author Chris Matthews ( ago)
Members of the Youtube Safety Patrol should mind your own business. We all
know that you live in your mom's basement and are scared to come out into
the real world because you're afraid you'll get hurt.

Author NancyToday ( ago)
I would live to build one myself!

Author ThisWoodwork ( ago)
I bought them from his website.

Author josh mcgowan ( ago)
did mattias give you good plans i am in need of a new bandsaw

Author Skon Master ( ago)
So wat a few spelling mistakes i am in y 9 and i am a crap speller anyway
if u look closely the entire blade wobbles I still wouldn't use it.

Author Danny Sybrant ( ago)
Matthias wandel proved that this bandsaw design is actually stiffer than
many store bought bandsaw.

Author Danny Sybrant ( ago)
Many people have made this saw. Haven't heard of a single one that had
termite damage... Plus, who taught you how to spell? a 1st grader?

Author Skon Master ( ago)
Dude great job but it looks so bodgy i would never us it could do a serious
amount of damage plus wat if termites get in it? Thats why i prefere metal
industrial bandsaws

Author BlueStackTube ( ago)
very nice, great work, well done .-)

Author DKPewdie ( ago)
You need a Emergency stop button!

Author ThisWoodwork ( ago)
Thanks Stuart, I have acquired some new equipment but it was all a question
of cash and at the time I was working with what I had I'm afraid.

Author Stuart Taylor ( ago)
Alex, the content of your videos is great, but your production is letting
you down. Buy a microphone for use during long shots (we can't hear you)
and buy another for post production (when you voice over), take a look at
the YouTube videos by techmoan and you will see (or rather hear) what I

Author Jon Tong ( ago)
Looks awesome Alex. Great work. How did you balance the wheels? As you
know, even the slightest imperfection in the circle can be a major source
of that wobble. Even at the end it is still visible.

Author woodstoney ( ago)
hypertuch, while your initial concern is noted, you obvious do not have
much experience with power tools, or so it would seem. If / when a bandsaw
blade breaks, there's a pop or snap and that's it. The blade is contained
within the confines of the machine body, guide blocks, etc. and I honestly
don't ever recall hearing anyone getting maimed by such breakage. It goes
without saying that everyone who contemplates using power tools should get
proper training as all have a potential for injury.

Author ThisWoodwork ( ago)
I completely see your point. I think a level of risk that you are
comfortable with is what you should work within, there are always safety
measures to be met in order to avoid injury. In the case of this bandsaw a
snapped blade would likely do far more injury to the saw than myself. In my
experience the tools which hurt you are the ones you don't respect. I have
never (touch wood) hurt myself with the bandsaw or tablesaw but the sander
and scissors are a different story. Merry Christmas, Alex.

Author hypertuch ( ago)
Alex, I give you credit that this is an impressive piece of work you did.
But don't you agree that band saw is quite a dangerous machine and one
should buy a robust full metal body one. Even less famous brands should not
be bought...if one cuts himself due to some failure, or band snap, then
nothing will undo the damage...

Author Dave Wolfgang ( ago)
Very nicely done. Thanks for posting this vid. I don't quite remember now
what plans I bought when I was young, got them through Popular Mechanics
magazine. I think I like yours every bit as much. Something I thought about
doing that you are already doing in a way, is building a bandsaw to resaw
big stuff, maybe using VW (beetle - I am in my 60s) and having a blade
maker make a really wide blade. I have never done it, and what you have
done here is great.

Author ThisWoodwork ( ago)
If your skills are up to it why not, it performs well for me, don't really
have any compaints. The plans are great and detail, if you follow them and
have a little common sense you should be fine! Alex

Author scott harwood ( ago)
would you recommend buying these plans because i have been eye-ing them and
i don't know if i should buy them

Author JeffroTV ( ago)
I'm starting to get into woodworking, and since you shared your knowledge;
I'll share mine. I'm very knowledgable about computers, and noticed the
computer at around 3:26 or so. Dust is the computers worst enemy,
especially since it clogs the exhaust ports where your fan sits. If the
fans cannot cool your processor, they fry faster than you can blink. Just
letting you know. Don't want you to go without a computer man! Thanks!

Author ThisWoodwork ( ago)
I did not make these plans they are from The computer program
is Google Sketchup and is free. Alex

Author ThisWoodwork ( ago)
None which have affected the running of the saw, although I am sure being
made of wood the situation exists.

Author MasterOvCreation ( ago)
Do you have any expansion or contraction problems due to humidity changes
between seasons?

Author ThisWoodwork (543 years ago)
I think about £250

Author Casey Malik ( ago)
That was just super awesome! Great job building that. What was the cost of
making it?

Author ThisWoodwork ( ago)
Thanks mate!

Author securezone ( ago)
That's really great. I'm just surprised that a young person in your age
could do this. I'm 29 years old, and I'm far away from being able to do it!
You're already great now. If you do nothing from now, you know enough to
live till the end of your life. Can't think of any greater level anyone
could get. You would probably become a God when you grow!

Author Aaron Eubank ( ago)
Well done dude!

Author ThisWoodwork ( ago)
Thats actually just viewing an image although the model was produced in
google sketcup which can be downloaded for free. Alex

Author papa giannis ( ago)
What is the program on laptop

Author Jhonatan Galvao de Carvalho ( ago)
congratulations great to design and built but I have a doubt, why you did
it so low?

Author dandapro ( ago)
I just love that laptop man! propa workshop mess! lol

Author ThisWoodwork ( ago)
Thanks mate!

Author Cosmas B ( ago)
hats off ! that is a really really nice bandsaw!

Author Paulo César ( ago)
Congratulations for video and explanatory, but I wonder if the project has
Vece PDF that could ever provide. if possible thank you thank you -
Homemade Bandsaw - Pt.1 PDF

Author ThisWoodwork (1387 years ago)

Author liam kilroy ( ago)
Do you have plans for this project

Author superdau ( ago)
Wobbly base?! Can't get much wobblier than a skateboard ;)

Author shortyjk95 ( ago)
you got this idea from mattthiaswandel and bought the plans didnt you? i
love urs and his channel!!!!!

Author Jan Forest ( ago)
@TeenWoodworker you should probably mention that in the video or at least
in the description

Author Kent Zotter ( ago) do some amazing projects for a lad of your age. I'm always
impressed with the quality of your woodworking. Your parents should be very
proud of their "creative son". Looking forward to your future vids, keep
'em coming. Don't let school distract you from your projects ;^)

Author ThisWoodwork ( ago)
@phill360x Thats right.

Author phill360x ( ago)
did you get the bandsaw designs from matthias Wandel. he has one that looks
very similiar

Author MrAzHofi ( ago)
Log splitting is better and faster with an axe :-) Thanks for the video.

Author ThisWoodwork ( ago)
@chaddythewoodpecker It was a 56" length blade Titan bandsaw, very cheap
and pretty awful.

Author Chad Griffiths ( ago)
hi alex cool bandsaw but what store bought bandsaw did you use to make this
as i saw one in the vid would be great i you could tell me thx

Author hieronymus12480 ( ago)
is that the bandsaw that Matthias Wandel designed? I was thinking about
building that, but ama bit scared, due to de difficulty level.

Author gjoczy1 ( ago)
Of course it is unstable because of the tremor. but the tremor of the
lightweight materials used, the associated causes rotational movement. In
my first 500mm-diameter wheels with metal U-frame, possessed, and yet
similarly shaking like this. I of course I use for industrial purposes and
not as a hobby

Author Sign in Here ( ago)
Very good. I think it's crazy to build one when they're so cheap to buy
:-), but it's still well made and does the job.

Author ThisWoodwork ( ago)
@dh5830 It is shaking due to a unstable base. If you watch the second part
to this video you will see that the saw opperates just fine.

Author dh5830 ( ago)
That is going to shake itself apart.

Author Florencio Blanco ( ago)
put water cooler hose. nice jod!

Author gjoczy1 ( ago)
easy to machine, hardwood instead of pine wood, Danger, unbalanced, shaking
of the structure

Author kwa ( ago)
That looks very well built and sturdy. Nice job.

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