Aliens Killing Human Beings - A Very Rare, Yet Documented Case

In Case You Have Not Known Aliens Have Killed Us Humans Before, & This Is One Case In Brazil That Has Been Documented. All Thou For Some Reason Not Well Known.

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Author Pippi Elvesse Bernstein (3 months)
The implant in the Captain's arm perhaps contributed to his murder/suicide

Author timothy riley (3 months)
Fuck Jesus...More Demons, thank you...

Author caminemos Novia (1 month)

Author smb123211 (10 days)
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - where are you when you're needed? These
absurd "recreations" voiced over by a guy trying not to burst out laughing
are so obviously pure theater it's hard to see anyone older than 5 taking
them seriously. Why in the hell would an incredibly advance alien race
travel trillions of miles to kill a man in Brazil???!!! It's the kind of
stuff once reserved for asylums and folks who thought they were
communicating with Marku from Vega telling us to stop our atomic testing.
This is Enquirer caliber: "ALIENS MADE DADDY CHOKE HIMSELF"

Author DigitalMediaisFuture (24 days)
Probably on too much METH

Author v8infinity8 (29 days)
Aliens are demons sent to deceive us! They can (and have) be rebuked in the
name of JESUS CHRIST. do your research before you hate on me:)

Author Heather Eagleson (4 months)
Aliens=demons. Trust in the Lord, Jesus and fear not.

Author ouivalerie (1 month)
They are all hiding, all of it covert activity means they don't want you to
know but it's impossible people don't find some things out but it is a
secret because if people knew about them for sure, they would want to know
more and more and more…and find out we are all governed by secrecy it's
them against us, they control the gov so much the military and NASA
pretends like it's has rockets that matter and works with them as a
complete frame up on people, military pretends like it's got an
investigation going on but it's not, they already know at the top. We are
trapped her as energy slaves, they can drain the majority of your energy
just like a baby in a playpen has to share his energy for mom to pick him
up. It's perfectly obvious there's more going on that meets the eye in
this world and something, not nothing happens when you die and you came
from somewhere. While your here they increasingly want gmo food, dead
packaged food, chemicals, chemtrails and radiation keeping people as sick
as they possibly can, making them focus on their health issues and eating,
eyeballs, sensual pleasures in order to keep them out of the 6th sense and
into the 5 senses.

Author Chapongir Bashram (1 month)
Really, mankind is a spoon being pushed into ice cream at the bottom of a
soda and Aliens are using straws with a bendy bit to steal the cola.

Author 20alphabet (2 months)
Aliens killing people? Of course! That's why we have so many Mexicans in
our prisons!

Author StylishBlaziken Playaah (16 hours)
What if it was just a laser beam that got the guys leg

Author John Stergios (6 months)
I think that the aliens spoken in the bible are people that were alien to
the Israelite people as GOD chose to separate them from other people at
that time. Ask your self is circumcision the covenant kept with Abraham
universal. If Christ died but once for all of mankind otherwise there would
have to be multiple crucifixions going on throughout the universe. But
Satan is referred to an angle of light.

Author timothy riley (2 months)
Pricilia Nunez, in this universe and even as an Atheist, I must say -
anything is possible. When it comes to absolutes, though? Prove it...and my
"fuk Jesus, more demons" comment was egregious trolling and I apologize...

Author Logurt downy (15 days)
7:14 is that big foot?!?!

Author Zombiekiller (24 days)
Humans are also aliens👽

Author Chad Lewis (20 days)
Greys gon abduct yo bitch n give her da D

Author deckzone3000 (3 months)
Aliens killing humans? So what? Humans are killing humans every moment on
this planet.

Author maggiedon1 (1 month)
The military were armed with cameras - where are the photographs and video
footage? There is no proof that any Human died as the result of UFO
activity, however there is proof that hundreds of Humans die every day at
the hands of other fellow Humans

Author Daniel Vargo (1 month)
Just think of them as powerful friends helping out ! People are scared of
wolves and lions but both those animals are extremely intelligent and
vicious if made angry but also very friendly if loved!;)😊

Author Jorge Valdez (3 months)
auto ene rtesto pare la vita clandetina ltest de rosario en llamas,this
prayer bangishes alien treat.hold a rosary in hand and tell god"I do not
understand what the alien is" an angel will be at a side until the soul is
happy and with a clear mind. Pray like a child.

Author Pippi Elvesse Bernstein (3 months)
The hunting of human beings in Brazil by light beings

Author braz2ard86 (2 months)
Uneducated and gullible people will believe in most things you tell them,
take religions for example it all started off with a more powerful and
educated person/group/family of people telling another uneducated
person/people /family some bs to benefit the more educated/powerful family,
they believe it then they tell their uneducated friends/families, they
believe it, but one of the slower more dumber of the people interprets it
differently then a even bigger lie is created they tell people that "Jesus"
was God's son (but he wasn't) people believe in it then they as time goes
on believe in their own lies then the lie is spread out and more and more
people start to believe in it then it "becomes true" even until this day
that most Christians and most Muslims think that their prophets even
existed which they have no evidence for but they existed according to them
through lies that were told then people lie about a lie and lie about a lie
and lie about a lie then the lie gets twisted then that lie is now added
and intertwined into the original lie then that lie becomes a bigger lie
until u get a load of gullible people believing in a lie of a lie of a lie
of a lie then time goes on and like a strawberry sweet that's never even
smelled a strawberry it's jus had a load of additives, chemicals and sugar
to sweeten it up u /we have this big mess of a lie that people are willing
to believe in because that's what people want to believe not because they
have to e.g. evidence lol smh I hate ALL religions and religious people I
hate liars and gullible people you honestly don't deserve to breathe the
same air as me as you are filling it with all these bad shitty toxins ie

Author timothy riley (2 months)
Trust Jesus? I don't trust invisible pals. As Pazuzu said in The Excrosist
"Let Jesus Fuck you." 

Author Daniel Vargo (1 month)
Stop picking on them they follow me cause i haul beef but thowem a steak or
two and they are really actually cool !😉😃 kinda like Paul the
Extraterrestrial! 😀

Author Jeaden Masters (2 months)
malakia means bullshit in my language...

Author Tyvon Booth (2 months)
Why can't we believe in Aliens and GOD ? You really think we are the only
ones ? I think GOD created the Universe which means he created all life..I
just believe there are good aliens and there are bad ones that is working
with the devil.We need to wake up.There are evidence of Aliens through
biblical stories.GOD have us a brain to analyze things.Not stay in the

Author Rosa R (2 months)
Bush did it ! lol

Author Anonymous 1001110100 (10 months)
I was just thinking the same thing....why don't aliens fuck with black
people? Are they (black people) really Gods. I looked at a lot of old
religious paintings from around the world and everybody from the Hindus,
Buddhist, Christians, Muslims, Egyptian, ect....all have or had a black
god. Maybe this needs some looking into. If you come across any info on
black people coming in contact to ETs please let me know.

Author ian maw (2 months)

That`s what they want you to believe that they are beings from somewhere
else in the universe that agrees with all of our theories of science and
new age thinking.

When in fact it really is paranormal activity. The fallen ones who have not
quite yet been cast on the Earth because THE ONE has not been taken out of
the way yet. Because they are demonic beings. Fallen angels who fell from
grace with Lucifer eons ago. He knows his time is now short and fast
diminishing and is ready to do his last business on the Earth during the
Great Tribulation where deception of the ages will reach its zenith and
then you will know who he is may be when it is too late. Because his
reputation is well documented.
The ufo deception will be one of many other woes and has been fore telled.
DO NOT BE DECEIVED do not be marked by him in order to buy or sell. Do not
be fooled by his amazing charisma or his incredible power. Wake up.

This is how it will be as in the days of Noah so it shall be before the
Lord returns.
SEEK HIM before you are left behind and your only choice is to oppose him
or loose your salvation. 

Author Revolution8ful (2 months)
he Falkland Islands (/ˈfɔːlklənd/; Spanish: Islas Malvinas [malˈβinas]) are
an archipelago in the South Atlantic Ocean on the Patagonian Shelf.

Author bermudaguy1 (3 months)

Author ieatroches95 (9 months)
I want to believe. I know a lot of you dismiss all the UFO claims and keep
saying how fake they are.. Heck they might be fake! There might not be
aliens or UFO's, I mean specially in the times we live in now there should
be at least a few cases documented with all the technology and recording
devices. But there are non.

But the universe is so BIG! It's very close minded of us not to expect
other life forms, sure they might not be intelligent; which seems like what
we always think they are. But it's just fun and nice to think that
somewhere out there, there are other beings. Thinking, living, breathing...
Open your mind a little..

Author Moo01100 (8 months)
Our Insect Alien Overlords have a sinister agenda to enslave the human
population. They see humans as a low-yield but abundant protein rich
bio-mass that is easy to liquify into an enzymed beef-juice to feed the
invading insect aliens in their glorious silver flying saucers. They see us
as little more than slow, unimportant and low-intelligence meat-patties. In
much the same way as we see the cow in an Amazon jungle feeding lot.

Author Jj Jarvis (3 months)
'Documented' ? LMFAO...

Author gérard simon Serre (3 months)

Author Adrian Alfaro (5 months)
What tv show/tv channel was this on?

Author RICHARD D CATOE (1 month)

Author Andrew Ford (3 months)
Wow so basically LifeForce!...

Author ilovecats92 (6 months)
the people arent dead though

Author thecontactee ufohuntermom (3 months)
What type of Aliens?You know i ask becouse im an alien contactee and from
my contact i heard a differwnt atory of mutilated and attacked,killed human
beings.they blame some human ,mentioned soldiers,alien tools they use.You
know i think if Aliens wanted to kill human,it would take less than a
minute for them to destroy all of us.

Author Connie Kuring (6 months)
I'm just wondering why this light is killing the innocent people. What did
they do to aliens.? This is a hostile act and outrageous. The air force
should look on it. How many people have the aliens killed ? But Why ???

Author JeffersonDinedAlone (1 year)
Because you are genetically geared for a boring crap life? Just a shot.

Author Edibe Sanem Kababurun (1 year)
these lazer beams is a new weapon and tried on these human beings by a
government who pretends as aliens

Author ItzCrazeee (1 year)

Author James Shunt (1 year)
The only "evidence" you'll even find is in your sensationalist magazines
about the supernatural, and stupid books written to cash in on the paranoid
and crazy. There are no such radar spottings. Cornering at 90 degrees is
fucking ridiculous too. If YOU understand even high school physics you'd
understand nobody intelligent would ever build something so incredibly
stupid. You can't even spell to existEnce, you nutjob. So you believe in
the Easter Bunny if you want to.

Author Pantera Negra (1 year)
This is fact not fiction. According to the book of Ephesians 6:12 the
apostle Paul states: ... because we have a wrestling, not against blood and
flesh, but against the rulers of this darkness, against the wicked
spirit forces in the heavenly places. If you pay attention to these events,
all of them or the majority of them happened in night times.

Author purV9ooo (1 year)
well said. i wonder what videos they are interested in commenting on in an
intelligent manner? i don't know about anyone else, but if i am not
interested in something i simply do not give it my time. with the desire to
comment on the subject would lead me to believe that the interest in the
subject is there, but they need attention from mommy and everyone else on
youtube, so they say negative comments to get attention. too easy to be
negative and most people are happy being lazy and dumb.

Author Brian Mikula (1 year)
I totally clicked this thinking it was going to be some weird obscure band

Author 2eelShmeal (1 year)
Why? What's going to happen?

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