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Author v8infinity8 (7 months)
Aliens are demons sent to deceive us! They can (and have) be rebuked in the
name of JESUS CHRIST. do your research before you hate on me:)

Author Christopher Moreland (9 days)

Author ouivalerie (7 months)
They are all hiding, all of it covert activity means they don't want you to
know but it's impossible people don't find some things out but it is a
secret because if people knew about them for sure, they would want to know
more and more and more…and find out we are all governed by secrecy it's
them against us, they control the gov so much the military and NASA
pretends like it's has rockets that matter and works with them as a
complete frame up on people, military pretends like it's got an
investigation going on but it's not, they already know at the top. We are
trapped her as energy slaves, they can drain the majority of your energy
just like a baby in a playpen has to share his energy for mom to pick him
up. It's perfectly obvious there's more going on that meets the eye in
this world and something, not nothing happens when you die and you came
from somewhere. While your here they increasingly want gmo food, dead
packaged food, chemicals, chemtrails and radiation keeping people as sick
as they possibly can, making them focus on their health issues and eating,
eyeballs, sensual pleasures in order to keep them out of the 6th sense and
into the 5 senses.

Author Mari Jo Rios (3 months)

Author Eric Kulp (5 months)
Fuck demons,more jesus.

Author braz2ard86 (8 months)
Uneducated and gullible people will believe in most things you tell them,
take religions for example it all started off with a more powerful and
educated person/group/family of people telling another uneducated
person/people /family some bs to benefit the more educated/powerful family,
they believe it then they tell their uneducated friends/families, they
believe it, but one of the slower more dumber of the people interprets it
differently then a even bigger lie is created they tell people that "Jesus"
was God's son (but he wasn't) people believe in it then they as time goes
on believe in their own lies then the lie is spread out and more and more
people start to believe in it then it "becomes true" even until this day
that most Christians and most Muslims think that their prophets even
existed which they have no evidence for but they existed according to them
through lies that were told then people lie about a lie and lie about a lie
and lie about a lie then the lie gets twisted then that lie is now added
and intertwined into the original lie then that lie becomes a bigger lie
until u get a load of gullible people believing in a lie of a lie of a lie
of a lie then time goes on and like a strawberry sweet that's never even
smelled a strawberry it's jus had a load of additives, chemicals and sugar
to sweeten it up u /we have this big mess of a lie that people are willing
to believe in because that's what people want to believe not because they
have to e.g. evidence lol smh I hate ALL religions and religious people I
hate liars and gullible people you honestly don't deserve to breathe the
same air as me as you are filling it with all these bad shitty toxins ie

Author TheJbo614 (21 day)

Author utah55 (4 months)
Lmao @ 7:11 (7 min 11 sec) into the vidoe!! Hahaha that dentist lady aint
25 years old. If so, Shes one old ass 25 year old!! Hehe Therefore this
video is just a bunch of people with bullshit stories wanting to be filmed.

Author Dave Philbeck (4 months)
UFOs and aliens are nothing more than satanic beings. Be careful ...This
world is Satan's domain…we are only visiting…we are just passing through. .
We are To glorify God and to warn those with try to mess with demon
spirits. You had better be careful about what you do. Satan has his minions
in the air and below the earth..Satan is real and he has powers.. But He
that is in me is more powerful than he that is of this world. .

Author M Chambers (4 months)
This is all just a cover up for the fluorinated water.

Author Damien Waters (2 months)
Worst. Comments. Ever.

Author smb123211 (6 months)
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - where are you when you're needed? These
absurd "recreations" voiced over by a guy trying not to burst out laughing
are so obviously pure theater it's hard to see anyone older than 5 taking
them seriously. Why in the hell would an incredibly advance alien race
travel trillions of miles to kill a man in Brazil???!!! It's the kind of
stuff once reserved for asylums and folks who thought they were
communicating with Marku from Vega telling us to stop our atomic testing.
This is Enquirer caliber: "ALIENS MADE DADDY CHOKE HIMSELF"

Author Paulo Jácome (5 months)
i am brasilian its true i know this

Author Daniela Gontarski (4 months)
This is most real case in the world about ufo ever. Roswell 1947 is a joke
near this case!!

Author Kris Shaw (4 months)
I went to sleep during this. What happened?

Author empanadilla de pamplinas (2 months)

Author Pippi Elvesse Bernstein (9 months)
The implant in the Captain's arm perhaps contributed to his murder/suicide

Author Darious Cyclusous (3 months)
Everyone, I wish everything was as black and white as it seems it is not,
fortunately things are rather simpler than that. If you are searching for
answers, or believe you have the answers however are not entirely sure, or
even feel you are completely sure, please consider this link to add to the
videos you have seen here on YouTube. I cannot recommend it enough. I can
only say that if I was unaware these videos, I would have wanted someone to
send me a message through the post to at least link me to the truth. So
that is what I am doing. I hope these will suffice for you all, good day to
you all.

Author Michaelangelodavidgabrieloraphael (2 months)
well theyre not doing a good enough job ... still too many bloddy monkey
bloods and males around .......

Author UsagiVeg (5 months)
So you're saying it is wrong for a species to think they're superior to
others because of their higher intelligence and advance technologies, to
use them for their research or biological needs or simply for entertaining?

Author Miguel Feliciano (4 months)
So many creature,so many monsters,so many aliens, but humans are few

Author TheMojomo (5 months)

Author maggiedon1 (7 months)
The military were armed with cameras - where are the photographs and video
footage? There is no proof that any Human died as the result of UFO
activity, however there is proof that hundreds of Humans die every day at
the hands of other fellow Humans

Author ODHTv (7 months)

Author timothy riley (9 months)
Fuck Jesus...More Demons, thank you...

Author Chapongir Bashram (7 months)
Really, mankind is a spoon being pushed into ice cream at the bottom of a
soda and Aliens are using straws with a bendy bit to steal the cola.

Author GanjaBear29 (5 months)
Crazy shit. No asshole is safe.

Author Martin Sandoval (6 months)
Abortion clinics: humans are also killing human beings, NOT VERY RARE!!!
And yes Aliens are demons / fallen angels

Author Jason Stanger (2 months)
u.s. military experimenting with new technology they got from the aliens
back in the roswell days.....

Author Timmy Moelk (4 months)
God knows!!!

Author bermudaguy1 (9 months)

Author DigitalMediaisFuture (6 months)
Probably on too much METH

Author Heather Eagleson (10 months)
Aliens=demons. Trust in the Lord, Jesus and fear not.

Author 20alphabet (8 months)
Aliens killing people? Of course! That's why we have so many Mexicans in
our prisons!

Author nsideufo (3 months)
Too bad a burn, a glowing light, a hypnosis induced interview, a barking
dog, tense muscles, red eyes, an unknown cause of death or a blurry picture
aren't proof.

Author Vladimir Valahul Stoica (5 months)
Titlul e eronat: extraterestrii nu au omorat pe nimeni, insa doua femei au
murit de frica irationala, dar capitanul de aviatie brazilian a fost redus
la tacere, insa din fericire a apucat sa dea destule detalii despre navele
si intentiile ocupantilor lor, in acest caz, se pare de a obtine mostre de
sange necesare pentru producerea unor vaccinuri pentru ei, entitatile
biologice extraterestre.

Author SFRyu (5 months)
not alien but zigzaw

Author Jeff Perla (5 months)
Forget Aliens, Just move to Canada and get sick the government system is
quietly killing many of its people off in the name of Debt reduction and
trying to hold the title of being the most fiscally responsible country in
the G8. Many people wait years for treatment and die and even get blocked
from getting treatment abroad. Shame on you Pathetic Canada. 

Author deckzone3000 (9 months)
Aliens killing humans? So what? Humans are killing humans every moment on
this planet.

Author MarsArtRocks (7 months)
Sandy Hook Shooting 100% Fraud Proof in 2 mins. - Photo Time Analysis

Author Ding Ding (5 months)
civa airport..check it out on google

Author peterloohunt (2 months)
The minimum estimate I've seen for how much advertising revenue you can get
from 1 million YouTube views is $1,000.

Are you getting income from posting these? If so, would you like to tell us
how much in total?

Author Rico Lucky (5 months)
I saw your post I think you will love this!

Author tim hale (5 months)

Author caminemos Novia (7 months)

Author timothy riley (8 months)
Pricilia Nunez, in this universe and even as an Atheist, I must say -
anything is possible. When it comes to absolutes, though? Prove it...and my
"fuk Jesus, more demons" comment was egregious trolling and I apologize...

Author Logurt downy (6 months)
7:14 is that big foot?!?!

Author Kenneth Surgent (5 months)
How can you hang yourself on your headboard? He was killed!

Author Zombiekiller (6 months)
Humans are also aliens👽

Author M Chambers (4 months)
Yes, this is clear scientific proof that aliens really do exist.

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