Aliens Killing Human Beings - A Very Rare, Yet Documented Case

In Case You Have Not Known Aliens Have Killed Us Humans Before, & This Is One Case In Brazil That Has Been Documented. All Thou For Some Reason Not Well Known.

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Author Heather Eagleson (1 month)
Aliens=demons. Trust in the Lord, Jesus and fear not.

Author thecontactee ufohuntermom (14 days)
What type of Aliens?You know i ask becouse im an alien contactee and from
my contact i heard a differwnt atory of mutilated and attacked,killed human
beings.they blame some human ,mentioned soldiers,alien tools they use.You
know i think if Aliens wanted to kill human,it would take less than a
minute for them to destroy all of us.

Author Adolf Hitler (22 days)

Author darkangel13915 (1 month)
Probably the government trolling people with the Secret Beaming Light. Lol.

Author Andrew Ford (2 days)
Wow so basically LifeForce!...

Author Pippi Elvesse Bernstein (9 days)
The implant in the Captain's arm perhaps contributed to his murder/suicide

Author timothy riley (15 days)
Fuck Jesus...More Demons, thank you...

Author alien ufo (16 days)

Author Georgy Armani (18 days)
The brazilian Captain Uyrangê Hollandaa from the Air Force Brazil did not
suicide by himself. The Brazilian Captain Hollanda Uyrangê by the Air Force
Brazil has not even hung on his bed by himself! One has him killed for his
knowledge of the Brazilian Roswell that happened in Brazil. Because it was
forbidden to talk about the UFO and alien sightings, but he could not help
it and had done it yet. That cost him his life! As all who know too much
and talked. If anybody like to kill by himself than not by a bed, please!!!
We are not stupid!

Operation Saucer was the name of an operation performed by the given
Brazilian Air Force in 1977 and 1978, through its Regional Air Command in
Bethlehem to the appearance of strange phenomena related to hostile lights
through the county population reports, check necklaces, State of Pará,

The Mission

Under the command of Captain Uyrange Bolivar Soares Nogueira de Hollanda
Lima, who gave his name to the mission and consists of more than two dozen
military, the team examined the surface which is on the coast near the city
necklaces equipped with cameras cameras and Camcorders 8 and 16 mm. Its
main objective was to observe and all the possibilities that strange and
inexplicable events reported by the residents to record. The doctor has the
town had to burn out, several people whose sacrifice performed responsible,
depending on the population, were strange lights that. From the sky The
phenomenon was as lollipops and the history of the creation was some
hysteria among residents who, seeking a controversial religious explanation
attributed the attacks to the famous "devil, who would be on the ground to
attack the Christians." While successful in the city, the staff de Hollanda
Lima, restore order and prevent panic, what many citizens to organize
vigils to produce in an attempt to chase the mysterious lights and use

The operation lasted a little over four months and the first two, the team
did not record captain Hollanda Lima events, but would change the scenario
radically after the military.


In 1997, twenty years later gave an interview Hollanda Lima researchers
Ademar José Gevaerd and Marco Antonio Petit about the events and activities
of his team in the last two months of operation. He said his team
experienced the most beautiful and strange phenomena of unknown nature.
Apart from the fact that the military reported experiencing the erratic
movements of the small bright objects judged "UFO probes" are. Even
established the presence of huge ships, the maneuvers that would destroy
any known aircraft carried out. Would greater than "a building thirty
stories" be in length and emitted lights of various colors. Such
"spacecraft" regularly "researcher probes" collected.

In his interview Hollanda Lima explained that two agents of the National
Intelligence also had the opportunity to witness these demonstrations with
giant objects. The captain was able to photograph and film many kinds of
lights, of different dimensions. The color varies, and he assumed that the
function or type of maneuver "device" is displayed.

The team also collected credible reports from the local population counted.
Some outgoing light beings with foreign body from the inside. These beings
were human tears with his brilliance. Other sucked the blood of the people
they captured. A fact is recorded in the majority of sequences was the
presence of one or more tools. [4]

Operation Prato was the subject of a documentary from The History Channel
that was shown in Brazil under the title The Brazilian Roswell case, within
the range of extra terrestrial files.
Reports of the operation Prato

Originally said Captain Hollanda Lima that although he believes in the
possibility of extraterrestrial life not believe this to be the case, the
visual records in Colares, but radically his opinion during the time he was
changed in the area because he had seen, filmed and have photographed UFOs
flying over the city, near the places where the members of his team was

The command of the air forces of the official end of surgery after four
months and ordered the return of the team. But the captain said he would
try to investigate further on your own. Continue to see the lights in
chains for some time but not with the same intensity and cases of burns
victims were no longer detected.

Uyrange Hollanda Bolivar Lima was found dead at his home in the Lakes
Region in Rio de Janeiro on 2 October 1997, two months will be given after
the hearing. Ufologists, the friends of the military were saying Uyrange
went through a deep depression because of the experience that we suffered
from the events that have occurred and thus committed suicide, while
another power ufologists not believe Uyrange committed suicide raises
suspicion of conspiracy to murder. All materials were recorded with his
team during Operation Saucer was owned by the FAB, which only started to
release the files to the public in 2008.

Author deckzone3000 (19 days)
Aliens killing humans? So what? Humans are killing humans every moment on
this planet.

Author Jorge Valdez (19 days)
auto ene rtesto pare la vita clandetina ltest de rosario en llamas,this
prayer bangishes alien treat.hold a rosary in hand and tell god"I do not
understand what the alien is" an angel will be at a side until the soul is
happy and with a clear mind. Pray like a child.

Author Christian Joseph (22 days)

Author Tito Linos (23 days)
And at the end I new that a genius would come with the explanation! Those
were weapons (the ufo) of some gang trying to scare the citizens of the
village and this despite all the evidences you have seen (at the end
overall)! Thank you, thousands testimonies value nothing! But of course he
has written and published his view of the occurrences! 

Author mariodhandyman (27 days)
Aliens no aliens don't matter what god create us he can create what ever he
wants to.but the one who is killing mother earth now is the stupide men and
women,i believe in god creation ,mother earth the beautiful sun and that
super beautiful moon my night partner I fight for them,

Author Arshaluys Akopyan (28 days)
or dis informed, or miss directed or confused again...... The information
suggest otherwise: we are in dark , not having more facts and making "
half truth" in a fact, is another sick history .... do not forget how
behind we r, with what in reality has been achieved, 25-35 years,
holographic vision effect, yes, non human race dictator, above all of this
..... I think it needs more critical approach , i would keep this open to
the future discoveries...... 

Author Stampycatfan Forever (28 days)

Author Manfred Kok (29 days)
bush hase made a packt whit aliens to get hardware for software alien tech
in trade of humen sacrefice .

pardon my typos

Author orbstats (1 month)
Excellent video on Orbs - UFO. -orbstats

Author SHU (1 month)
those lights are lasers. not sure if its aliens doing because they wouldn't
harm human on this scale. theyre rather secretive and cover things up
better any most.

Author Shen Shy (1 month)
Get real,human cunts.Its the other way around,stinky gases killing the baby
aliens)))Stinky gases=Humans.

Author Pippi Elvesse Bernstein (9 days)
The hunting of human beings in Brazil by light beings

Author kendrick lamarr (1 month)
Easy way to deal with this situation. 1. Install mirrors on the roofs of
peoples houses. 2. Equip everyone with rpg's(knowing that its brazil it
wont be hard to obtain them) and let loose on those nasty shits. Problem
solved c;

Author sweety2 (1 month)
Aliens or ghots how you call them are not that what you think there,
are...look these liars are fallen angels big time you know..also called
demons, can transform into anything there wanna been and look like even
have a big informations about what there need to you..and you fall for it??
Wake up!! Also these evil spirits are called nephilims their spirits after
flood their body was destroyed and yet there couldnd go to heaven cause of
their evil nature and are trapped now on earth into the Judgement
comes...dont been fooled by them..God bless you

Author Lee Ann Zee (1 month)
This is a very good ufo documentary

Author Pisda Batka (1 month)
Aliens are actually demons.

Author Mylie Blue (1 month)
My Gosh... give me back this hour I've just spent watching this video!
We never have any conclusive explanation has to why or what, when we watch
one of these tv shows!... sigh, why do I even bother!

Author Kun Chien (1 month)
ever heard of auto-erotic asphyxiation? simple yes or no question... did he
wear pants when he found or not?

Author sgdeluxedoc (2 months)
Don't think it was aliens.. Definitely alien technology, but I think it was
the US from area 51, picking a remote island to test a new light based

Author Melininated God (7 months)
I was just thinking the same thing....why don't aliens fuck with black
people? Are they (black people) really Gods. I looked at a lot of old
religious paintings from around the world and everybody from the Hindus,
Buddhist, Christians, Muslims, Egyptian, ect....all have or had a black
god. Maybe this needs some looking into. If you come across any info on
black people coming in contact to ETs please let me know.

Author Paul Revere (2 months)
"Aliens" - MY FOOT!
Try black ops.

Author Rex Villarias (2 months)
I think that ufos are area 51 circular hovercrafts

Author shana d (2 months)
About the "lack" of black victims:
I think it's the opposite.
I suspect they are abducted, but are never returned.
This would explain the hundreds of missinq persons websites, which are
full of black people who simply disappeared.
The qovernment knows what happened to them....count on it.

Author fedespasser1 (5 months)
If these alien footages that are being spammed into youtube werent ALL so
pathetic quality, perhaps someone, might even believe it. In the world of
"everyone" has a 12 megapixel camera, NO ONE can produce some even remotely
clear??? All clear footages are so obvious hoaxes and fakes that its
hilarious - they are just as ridiculious as Irans attempt at convincing the
world they build a cloakable fighter jet....

Author Noah Corpus (2 months)
Is it not right to think that if UFO/ET is, and has been working with world
government then they have to be political in nature with obvious weakness
they fear the government can exploit if they revel themselves to the
general population/ or maybe they have evil intent if they agree with how
government treats its people?
Just a question that has been in my thoughts lately?

Author Matthew Sherman (2 months)
Military has had disc shaped flying crafts, that's why those assholes are
always on scheme and full of lies...both undeniable links to the criminal
United States Mafia ran government

Author Moo01100 (5 months)
Our Insect Alien Overlords have a sinister agenda to enslave the human
population. They see humans as a low-yield but abundant protein rich
bio-mass that is easy to liquify into an enzymed beef-juice to feed the
invading insect aliens in their glorious silver flying saucers. They see us
as little more than slow, unimportant and low-intelligence meat-patties. In
much the same way as we see the cow in an Amazon jungle feeding lot.

Author Sp Data (2 months)
Rocky: You are just making a fool of yourself. M was a sick, perverted
fuck. End of story...

Author Jacquelyn Jenkins (2 months)
The Aliens will Protect us Colored people because, we are the Bride of the
The Heavens and the Earth Loves and Blesses us. Go in your yard barefoot
and Sungaze and also, make sure you Eat Healthy such as natural fruits,
veggies, and water.
You will Experience the Electricity in your body.

Author Sal Sagev (2 months)

Author friedvideosman (2 months)
i want to believe

Author Adrian Alfaro (2 months)
What tv show/tv channel was this on?

Author ieatroches95 (5 months)
I want to believe. I know a lot of you dismiss all the UFO claims and keep
saying how fake they are.. Heck they might be fake! There might not be
aliens or UFO's, I mean specially in the times we live in now there should
be at least a few cases documented with all the technology and recording
devices. But there are non.

But the universe is so BIG! It's very close minded of us not to expect
other life forms, sure they might not be intelligent; which seems like what
we always think they are. But it's just fun and nice to think that
somewhere out there, there are other beings. Thinking, living, breathing...
Open your mind a little..

Author walid jarrar (2 months)
LSD is hell of a drug

Author Stoner Boy (2 months)
Aliens do take blacks, I've been on a alien craft as a kid, we just don't
talk about things like this! 

Author John Stergios (2 months)
I think that the aliens spoken in the bible are people that were alien to
the Israelite people as GOD chose to separate them from other people at
that time. Ask your self is circumcision the covenant kept with Abraham
universal. If Christ died but once for all of mankind otherwise there would
have to be multiple crucifixions going on throughout the universe. But
Satan is referred to an angle of light.

Author ilovecats92 (3 months)
the people arent dead though

Author Connie Kuring (3 months)
I'm just wondering why this light is killing the innocent people. What did
they do to aliens.? This is a hostile act and outrageous. The air force
should look on it. How many people have the aliens killed ? But Why ???

Author Fat Al (3 months)
And nobody checked the thing that aliens stuck into the arm of this guy? If
it's an alien computer chip, it has some value, right?

Author J Wunder (3 months)
We're just lab rats to them! That's all! Nothing more!

Dear God, the horror, the horror...

Author steve gillam (3 months)
The attacks could very well have been orchestrated and carried out by
factions of our the shadow government in place in the United States. The
U.S. government has apparently never shied away from using its own citizens
or the citizens of other countries as guinea pigs to learn the effects of
radioactivity, syphilis, you name it on human test subjects.

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