Stuck the Caterpillar Skidder... in 3 Feet of Mud!!

After clearing some trees for a powerline right of way, I tried to move them... but the ground was a little too soft...!

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Runtime: 4:28
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Author 777fuzzypeach (11 months)
Needs tires and maybe chains

Author Kane Mcbuldge (4 months)
omg your tires are shot

Author murziks1 (4 months)
американское говно эти катерпилеры.

Author iuy koi (5 months)

Author DeAnne Greenway (11 months)

Author esteban4x4 (1 year)
new tires

Author Mark Baker (1 year)
he s doing it the right way if he gave it gas he would have really buried

Author Lloyd Mogg (1 year)
my mud got it in a headlock

Author bustersinclair (1 year)
wtf is doo doin??? give er some fuckin gas!!!!!

Author bteeuwen (1 year)
I want one, what sorta fuel economy on highway can i expect?! cool video
man :)

Author tank2449 (2 years)
whers your chains!

Author Nigel Wilson (1 year)
Ya need bobby Goodson all terrain logging co

Author effinghamhick (1 year)
Eco-tracks...that's the only thing that might have helped.

Author DurraBoss (2 years)
theres no getting through mud like that with a rubber tire skidder, even
with chain i run skidder year round in bc on steep slopes and into spring.
the mud either has to be really runny with a base under or or you chains
will just pack hundreds of pounds of mud into them and you would be stuck
even worse. they turn into slicks. brand new tires then mayyyyybee but as
soon as u went to push those butts you would have dug a hole you can barley
move without any load on the machine

Author periesicsd (2 years)
like chains are gonna make a difference here... Chains give more grip when
pulling, they don't prevent you of sinking... A soil like in this video,
you gonna need very wide tracks or even wider tires. And than, maybe...

Author james moore (2 years)
yea way too soft

Author periesicsd (2 years)
Hmmm, soft... that's an understatement...

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