Saints Row: Johnny Gat Tribute

*SPOILERS* The video contains cutscenes from the first 3 saints row games and theres some stuff about it in the description so if you havn't played any of them I guess it's spoilers... Infact what are you doing watching youtube videos? Go out (or online) and buy them now :P

Okay now thats sorted... I thought I would do a little tribute video to one of my favorite videogame characters using cutscenes taken from the games and the web. It seems Johnny Gat may be dead, shot on a plane near the begining of Saints Row the Third and seeing as his favorite person in the whole world was killed in Saints Row 2 I guess he could be looking for a way out... But I don't know that for sure and after you finish the story you get to call up zombie gat as a homie, however you don't actually witness the death you just hear it and seeing as Saints Row is now set in the near future with cloning, zombie virus' hover bikes and other futuristic stuff its possible they could bring him back in some way, Volition & THQ have said theres some DLC on the way and even a saints row 4 so we shall see. If he is dead though you know he's going straight to hell which is why I picked this song (and I love judas priest) even though its probably not what he would listen to, anyway when he gets there I'm sure the first thing he'l do is go up to beelzebub and say "Get off my throne b*tch" well atleast until "the boss" arrives.

Song: Saints in Hell by Judas Priest

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