Saints Row: Johnny Gat Tribute

*SPOILERS* The video contains cutscenes from the first 3 saints row games and theres some stuff about it in the description so if you havn't played any of them I guess it's spoilers... Infact what are you doing watching youtube videos? Go out (or online) and buy them now :P

Okay now thats sorted... I thought I would do a little tribute video to one of my favorite videogame characters using cutscenes taken from the games and the web. It seems Johnny Gat may be dead, shot on a plane near the begining of Saints Row the Third and seeing as his favorite person in the whole world was killed in Saints Row 2 I guess he could be looking for a way out... But I don't know that for sure and after you finish the story you get to call up zombie gat as a homie, however you don't actually witness the death you just hear it and seeing as Saints Row is now set in the near future with cloning, zombie virus' hover bikes and other futuristic stuff its possible they could bring him back in some way, Volition & THQ have said theres some DLC on the way and even a saints row 4 so we shall see. If he is dead though you know he's going straight to hell which is why I picked this song (and I love judas priest) even though its probably not what he would listen to, anyway when he gets there I'm sure the first thing he'l do is go up to beelzebub and say "Get off my throne b*tch" well atleast until "the boss" arrives.

Song: Saints in Hell by Judas Priest

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Author Chaos ( ago)
I made this video a while back when Saints 3 first came out so its out of
date. I might make a new one (with all the new shit from 4 and gat out of
hell) and if I do I will remove this but to be honest I'm still annoyed at
Volition and THQ... whoops I mean Deepsilver for making an alien invasion
expantion pack for Saints 3 (uses the same lazy ass town Steelport) and
having the balls to call it a sequel and expected us to pay full price.

Author Gaming Killer ( ago)
he dies in every sr lol

Author Michael Hennessy ( ago)
He 's a badass

Author Sam Kennedy ( ago)
Gats my favorite

Author Da Dude ( ago)
I remember all the fans saying GAT dead he's dead, now look where we are
again 😛

Author Kenpachi Zaraki ( ago)
johnny motherfucking gat is so fucking awsome i got the same tattoo than he
in saints 2 ^-^

Author Dickhead ( ago)
You know who is dead?

Shogo (SR2)

Author Grump_in ( ago)
Lol exactly

Author Gfuuf The B ( ago)
I love you sait row !!!! ♤♡♡♤

Author Ryan Gallant ( ago)
Like if you cry every time

Author Early The God ( ago)
Even though he's never had training with one Johnny can kill shit with

Author Joel Rosas ( ago)
U should delete vid kohnnys not dead

Author Kiara Appiah ( ago)

Author LTS gaming ( ago)
It's funny cause he's not dead

Author Nina Lizette Martinez ( ago)
that was my son

Author Nina Lizette Martinez ( ago)
im a big fan of saints row

Author Zachary Bundick ( ago)
Who doesn't wanna be Johnny got 

Author Kieran pilcher ( ago)

Author Zack F ( ago)
I'm pretty sure if Gat can be impaled by a sword and live then a few
bullets shouldn't hurt him Shaundi should've known he was still alive even
if there wasn't proof he was alive at the time

Author Jaiden Walker ( ago)

Author Deborah Wilson ( ago)
Shit cool lol

Author jordan999fire ( ago)
I used to be a gangster like you then I got shot in the knee.....AND THEN I

The perfect song for Johnny Gat in my opinion is Not Afraid by Eminem

Author cameron vampire ( ago)
He's alive he use a guy and got taken by the sin

Author OpTic KiTe |ROAD TO 100.000 SUBS ( ago)
Beyonce in Saints Row 4 on my channel

Author splatttrking13 ( ago)
Guys Johnny isnt dead

Author Travis Watson ( ago)
Gat didn't die

Author Barry Gormley (123 years ago)
Gat is one of the most awesomely over the top characters in video game
history. *spoiler alert* The man shot Satan in the face, and then punched
him for crying out loud!

Author DKdanishgamer000 ps3 ( ago)
Johnny didn't die his back in saints row 4

Author Genesis Rhapsodos ( ago)
Johnny is by far the toughest and most badass character in the SR universe

Author nickkplays ( ago)
So your Julus you don't look like much but I don't look like I've got a 8
inch cock so I guess we're both surprised 

Author gabe Savage (1766 years ago)
Jonneys still alive sanits row 4

Author ArwillBTaurus ( ago)
why does the first song the person singing high voice make me laugh.

Author Master Chief ( ago)
Gat took a shotgun to the knee and still kicks ass

Author black richirich ( ago)
gat is my favorite character of all video games, and then trevor..

Author Angelie Pamela Bomogao ( ago)
I'd imagine a good hood.

The saints would be meeting the Assassin's Creed. Then they'd meet a
prototype from NYC. And a conduit from lots of places. The prototype could
morph and the conduit could conduct electricity, flame or ice.

The saints would also meet this dude in San Andreas, unfortunately. Some
people in Vice, San Andreas and Liberty City won't meet us.

Seems like Johnny Gat and the dude in San Andreas or Trevor seem to get
along... The Assassins agreed to having truce with the Saints, so they
helped the saints eliminate the Luchadores, Deckers and Syndicates. But the
aliens... Nah I don't know.

The prototype and the conduit seemed to like the place themselves. Their
names were Alex and Cole.

They started meeting Deadpool. Some COG Gears, Samus Aran... Falcon? But
anyways. They all ended up being with famous people...

Author jan kando ( ago)
Johnny never died

Author JeremiahJoyiloveu Cochranmcdainel ( ago)
Your an idiot he's not dead, he was in saints row 4 doushbag

Author iiEatZePringlez ( ago)
Hes not dead he comes back in SR4

Author ll punisher ll ( ago)
im take him but version zombie :D gat forever :cccc

Author Jordan O'Donnell ( ago)
RIP johnny fake

Author Jordan O'Donnell ( ago)
Mental sr2 guns

Author XBOOBIESxD ( ago)
I hope Saints row 3&4 was just a movie in the game & they go back to the
real world 

Author Ian The Greaser ( ago)
If I was making an army Johnny would be in it 

Author Supre Supremo ( ago)
Always love the part of Johnny with The Judge in Saints Row 2. Never tired
of that shit.

Author Simaniac45 ( ago)
Johnny Gat: Badass for eternity

Author Tronomatik Skillz ( ago)
why does Gat has his hair in Sr 1 its all black but in saints row 2 its
died on top and is sr 3 its back to black. WTF JOHNNY still like u tho gat

Author Tom Phillips ( ago)
Wtf Jonny isn't dead you stupid idiot he comes back in sr4

Author Nikita Connor ( ago)
Johnny Gat is my best character in Saints row4

Author Johnny Gat ( ago)
They didn't do a very good job of killing me, now did they? 

Author Samsunganer ( ago)
02:30 GAT up

Author Samsunganer ( ago)
To everyone-
SR4 wasnt really part of the storyline.
It was more like an advanced dlc, an alternate storyline....

Author Visual_ “Visual_mars” mars ( ago)
Johnny comes back to life in saints row 5

Author David Ruggiero ( ago)
I luv the music
judas priest rules

Author Galaxy justice ( ago)

Author Thomas Melder ( ago)
The mother fucker is un killabul

Author Cupcake Simpson ( ago)
Johnny Gat is my favorite character

Author Yagami Fukiyochi (Yukio) ( ago)
katana right in the stomach, shotgun right in the knee, knife right in the
chest, and being the first human abducted by Zinyak.That's too awesome.

Author Samuel Greer ( ago)
Scroll down if u wanna really wanna know what happened to Johnny Gat

He didn't die because in saints row IV u find him so he actually is still

Author TheEpicestGuy ( ago)

he is alive

Author Илья Зимеров ( ago)
Johny the best!!!

Author Parker Miller ( ago)
XD that is sadly wrong

Author Kel Bee ( ago)
he is in sr4

Author Lawrence Bair ( ago)
I know but hes dead they just brot him back but he is relly dead I know
because I know more about then you

Author LSGRFTW ( ago)
sr3 and sr4 they mest up first take out johnny then they make it incredibly
hilariouse fuck no they were ok with sr2 shuld have kept with the story

Author Killcon117 ( ago)
Johnny Gat is in Saints Row 4 I am very happy

Author Mayorka ( ago)
khm,he's back in sr4,khm

Author Elgangsta 2 ( ago)
gat's back in sr4

Author kingster8400 ( ago)
R.I.P Johnny Gat, You will be missed but always my top 5 Badass character
list :(

Author Kamron Beard ( ago)
Johnny gat is my favorite character

Author skaterboysimen ( ago)
Johnny Gat is a badass motherfucker

Author skaterboysimen ( ago)
that was a good one

Author Marek Rychtář ( ago)

Author Marek Rychtář ( ago)
Most shitty story I ever heard

Author Horker9000 ( ago)
Gat is basically Arnold Schwarzenegger and chuck Norris mixed together

Author SuperGamer177 ( ago)
He's in Saints Row IV and there is his plane in Saints Row IV near an
island beside the airport

Author Travis Stewart ( ago)
He's in Saints RowIV

Author [GD] [LD] [IG] Firepower ( ago)
Gat is like Arnold schwartznegga

Author Hansraj Biswas ( ago)
You will know that awful point when your best friend (who’s been a loser
permanently) gets an incredible woman to fall in love with him in like a
couple of weeks? Yeah, that basically happened. I know I should be pleased
for him nevertheless I would rather it to be me. He smiled as he told me he
ran the Cupid Love System (Search in Google for it). I would like to hide
out inside a cave at present...

Author MADTBONE ( ago)

Author iCrumpetsHD ( ago)
gat is back

Author Woggy0629 ( ago)
gat vs killbane well you'll know how that will end :)

Author Alexis Esquivel ( ago)
Gat. Estebest

Author ernesto zamudio ( ago)
whats the song

Author TheBulldog240 ( ago)
OR...maybe they would have a beer together and kick the Lost MC's ASS!

Author Christian Levi ( ago)
there is no statute of limitations for murder! Why the fuck not! hahaha Gat
is the best

Author rockopperify ( ago)
The best saints row is Saints row 2 B)

Author LegendaryWolf71 ( ago)

Author DRDonkeyRuhbarbz ( ago)
funny thing is he isnt dead

Author Viola Dewynter ( ago)
Oh yes mr Gat we all love and adore you

Author Arnold Haislip ( ago)

Author Shaundi SaintsRowIV ( ago)
That's my man! right there

Author xSc0pezBrockaholicHD ( ago)
Brock Lesnar is a Legend! Johnny Gat suck like donkey balls! Johnny can't
get girls either because he's ugly, nobody wants him except for CM Punk! CM
Punk and Johnny Gat are the perfect couple because They both suck! I <3
Brock Lesnar

Author Eric Sonderman ( ago)

Trevor would destroy him.

Author MegaReacter ( ago)
chuck norris+badass=johnny gat

Author skrillexfan28 ( ago)
GTA5+Johnny Gat=GAT5

this video game character deaths are so sad

Author Johnny Gat ( ago)

Author Brandon McCallum ( ago)
Johnny, We go fourth like Arther and his knights

Author Evilest Ryu ( ago)
thats the bottom line? so now ur stealing lines from other wrestlers that
are better than ur pathetic

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