Saints Row: Johnny Gat Tribute

*SPOILERS* The video contains cutscenes from the first 3 saints row games and theres some stuff about it in the description so if you havn't played any of them I guess it's spoilers... Infact what are you doing watching youtube videos? Go out (or online) and buy them now :P

Okay now thats sorted... I thought I would do a little tribute video to one of my favorite videogame characters using cutscenes taken from the games and the web. It seems Johnny Gat may be dead, shot on a plane near the begining of Saints Row the Third and seeing as his favorite person in the whole world was killed in Saints Row 2 I guess he could be looking for a way out... But I don't know that for sure and after you finish the story you get to call up zombie gat as a homie, however you don't actually witness the death you just hear it and seeing as Saints Row is now set in the near future with cloning, zombie virus' hover bikes and other futuristic stuff its possible they could bring him back in some way, Volition & THQ have said theres some DLC on the way and even a saints row 4 so we shall see. If he is dead though you know he's going straight to hell which is why I picked this song (and I love judas priest) even though its probably not what he would listen to, anyway when he gets there I'm sure the first thing he'l do is go up to beelzebub and say "Get off my throne b*tch" well atleast until "the boss" arrives.

Song: Saints in Hell by Judas Priest

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Author TheAnonymousGuy (5 months)
3 way fight
Johnny gat(pick a version) vs. Trevor Phillips vs. The Joker(mark hamel
WHO WOULD WIN! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.

Author Ajbajnificent (7 months)
Johnny Gat is definitely up there with the most awesome video games
characters ever created.Also,what i loved about the latest Saints Row
games,is that they focused on pure fun rather than serious,melodramatic
stories.While Saints Row 3 was better,Saints Row 4 was good too.Can't wait
for the 5th one.

Author Neftali Rodriguez (5 months)
Johnny Gat is still

Author finalfantasy8911 (6 months)
The next mass shooter should try and look like Johnny Gat.

Author ShadowLarvitar (1 day)
The trial cutscene was one of my favorite scenes in 2 :D

Author orphan brown (3 months)
Johnny should've kept his SR1 Hairstyle

Author Tim Gingerlowski (10 days)
they dident explain zombie gat yet i want to know where he came from gat
is still alive

Author Troy Thompson (8 months)
He should have put the part in sr4 when gat got took by zinak

Author TheBossMario88888888 (5 months)
Gat vs your character who woild win

Author dark phantom (3 months)
Johnny Gat doesn't die he just chills with god until you need to get your
ass saved

Author tyler williams (4 months)
is this on saints row 3 or 4?]

Author Nathaniel Smith (7 months)
Dont Fuck With Johnny Gat

Author TheEpicGamer221 (6 months)
He is alive

Author Ligar Rinzani (4 months)
Gat vs wesker : wesker win 

Author Georgenia Earring (1 month)
Johny will always be a bad ass and in our hearts WE MISS YOU GAT:(

Author rmvmjv (1 month)
Johny never died 

Author Sonny Christofilis (2 years)

Author Johnny Johnson (5 months)
Johnny Gat Vs Trevor Phillips. WHO WOULD WIN?

Author Gabriel Wambrauw (2 days)
johhny didnt die in sr3 he use soldier as a human shield and then kill the
boss ,and he meet the alien

Author Patricia Reynolds (3 months)
Everybody and I mean EVERBODY wants to be Johnny Gat

Author Troy Thompson (8 months)
Gat didn't die zinak took him as a prisoner 

Author Lucas Rivera (4 days)
He was so cheesey by jocks

Author The Retro Squid (7 days)
Gats alive delete this video & play some sr4!!!

Author vRobboz (5 months)

Author mattis Barker (5 months)
Hes still alive

Author damon hernandez (2 months)
True badass.

Author james rivera (3 months)
hes alive yeeeeeesssssss I love jhonny gat

Author PsychicPen (1 month)
Hopefully the guy who made this knows he is not really dead.

Author Jasmine V (4 months)
I'd put that sexy mother fucker to work!!!! ;)))

Author felicia bosley (1 month)
Johnny is so cool :)

Author miriam aguirre (8 months)
@~@ johnny gat. his my favorite 

Author Keaira Favors (5 months)
He cute on saint row 3 and 4

Author Dawn Gibbs (4 months)
Gat can take on zinyak and the whole fucking milatary

Author Unit Scout (7 months)
Don't fuck with the Gat or you'll be mowed down by the Gat.

Author Carl Wilson (3 months)
gat is my favorite character in saints row why take his life

Author Khiell Rocks (8 months)
How does he smash a gravestone and pull up a chair bolted in the ground I
mean seriously ik sr is fantasy but that's weird badassity

Author noah shipman (5 months)
I agree johnny gat is one bad mothah fucker and shaundi she is the sexyest
video game bitch ever I'd love so see her in real life

Author Quiabo Crasher (3 months)
Too bad he is ALIVE.

Author Gamespoter AIG (2 months)
Johnny Gat The Badass Of earth And im just gonna all u that dosent like
johnny gat Fack U!!!

Author quiblyful (6 months)
So I just

Author Wilsann The Big TUNA (3 months)
Johnny Gat is one badass MADAFAKA!
SR1: Shot in the knee
SR2: Stabbed with a katana
SR3: Stabbed with a knife
SR4: Abducted by ALIENSS!

Author TheKursed89 (5 months)
the old johhny is better

Author risingfire8352 (3 months)
Jeez... Is Johnny like dang bullet, knife, sword, and everything else
proof? He shrugs fatal stuff of like nothing bad happened!

Author Johnny Gat (1 month)
Im only happy when im killn somebody

Author jojo91589 (8 months)
Tree words ; Johnny Gat awesome

Author caleb mondragon (7 months)
Spoiler gat is alive he was just kidnapped by aliens

Author riseofthephoenix2 (5 months)
Johnny gat lives!

Author Johnny Gat (5 months)
Hey thats me :D 

Author 1998headbanger (8 months)
Name of the song

Author 5051eminem (6 months)
He's alive in saints row 4

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