Muhammad Ali highlights

brilliant set of muhammad ali's highlights enjoy

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Author so jo ( ago)
song: unkle " reign"

Author anzavzav ( ago)
I'm ukranian? and also think that Klitchos bros not real boxers...hope
someday thair faces will not have place in the hole of boxing glory, cause
when goes Foreman, Frazer, Muhammad Ali, Tyson, Liston, Rahman, Holyfield,
Lenox there should never be Klitchkos...

Author Obsidian555 ( ago)
Ali did take many 1-2 combos from shavers, just look at the fight.

Author solidmoni ( ago)
Nah no way ali can take on a combo from shavers...

Author Obsidian555 ( ago)
If you really knew Ali you wouldn't say that. Ali's taken hits from
super-heavy punchers like Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier and George Foreman -
they hit him really hard in the face and the body, but he never got knocked
out. And then there's Earnie Shavers, whom many say is the hardest punching
Heavyweight in all history - Ali took brutal shots from him on the head.

Author solidmoni ( ago)
Well true but come on now... A few super solid punches from mike tyson
would mess up ali, if he could hit him. Ali is just plain entertaining
though. Hes like a fawkin video game boss

Author Obsidian555 ( ago)
That doesn't really make a difference, David Tua knocked people out faster
than most as well, but lost it to Lennox Lewis and Chirs Byrd. Its not just
about fast knockouts, but about your ability to withstand any and all kinds
of opponents, which Ali showed perfectly.

Author solidmoni ( ago)
Ive noticed that Tyson knocks people out faster

Author Buck Morris ( ago)
NEVER! I think in Cassius Clays time were generally all boxers BETTER than
to Tysons time or today. Cassius Clay, Joe Fraizer, George Foreman etc, are
LEGENDS OF BOXING. and they would beat Tyson and both Klitschkos.

Author EKatarina Velika ( ago)
that's great match to, but for me is aginst forman...:)

Author envyprettybrown18 ( ago)
amazing fighter.

Author Obsidian555 ( ago)
Well, Joe Louis was troubled by speedy, dazzling, scientific, fast-moving
boxers as seen in the Billy Conn fight. I think Ali would outpoint him, but
you never know. Even though Joe Louis does have tremendously powerful
combination punches, each punch being as hard as steel (which made him roll
over all the competition that he faced in his prime days), Ali does have an
iron jaw and an iron body, so I think he'd take him.

Author Joe Hanchard ( ago)
There is only one real boxer that may have a chance and beating Ali and
that certainly isn't Tyson, it would be Joe Louis

Author thasnap ( ago)
Ian Brown - Reign

Author 4HourWorkWeeks ( ago)
It's a like from me :)

Author naiyah carter ( ago)
`whats the song thats in this video

Author Carlos Ramon Lins de Lima Júnior ( ago)

Author EasyWysTMkeMneyOnlne ( ago)
I have to see more

Author awk speed ( ago)
I don't think so... Ali has a lot of great fights but I think his best
fight is againts Frazier, Ali himself said that :) /watch?v=3VrnOtmZBtc

Author EKatarina Velika ( ago)
ali vs foreman - the best match in the history of boxing....

Author zaza demir ( ago)

Author Timothy Bonifacio ( ago)
its funny cuz he still makes jokes in the ring xD

Author Joseph Urbin ( ago)
gay music

Author 1CampeaO ( ago)

Author antonio leon ( ago)
Unkle-Reign Feat Ian Brown

Author josh medcalf ( ago)

Author SeoServicesa ( ago)
This is the best video I have seen today

Author 1CampeaO ( ago)
song name ? pls ?

Author LondonLocksmiths1 ( ago)
Come on people, this should have more likes

Author joenoechu ( ago)
Hahahaha George Foreman said it, after the "rumble in the jungle" because,
you know, he was the "nigga who got knocked out cold" xD and in that minute
you can see that Ali retracts the arm to not throw the punch while Foreman
is falling

Author maxfreak3 ( ago)
wtf r u talking about? he knocked that ni*ga out cold

Author AlIinclusiveholidays ( ago)
This is super cool

Author MrsRDub ( ago)
Who's Ali's opponent @2:37?

Author GreenDeal8 ( ago)
I really enjoyed this

Author ashisforreal ( ago)

Author Don King ( ago)
The next Great American Heavyweight is coming just u wait.

Author webdesignmanchesterx ( ago)
Really enjoyed this

Author PaleoDet ( ago)
I want to see more

Author Titas Blogis ( ago)
1:58 ;D

Author tuwun0 ( ago)
He was the Lord of the Ring. There will never be another like him.

Author 30Prototype ( ago)
2:57 reminds me of Anderson Silva

Author Dovydas DV ( ago)
Unkle-Reign Feat Ian Brown is the song :)

Author TRAP LORD SAVAGE ( ago)
Suddenly, parkinsons

Author man tam ( ago)
4:24 Like this video or ...

Author TheMatt3087 ( ago)
yep and towards the end of his life he suffered with parkinsons, what a god.

Author okacinilmaz ( ago)
what rain hate rain man songs meanless

Author Hunterjno1 ( ago)
roy jones jr still greatest of all time pound for pound

Author Weslley Alvaro ( ago)
What's name of the music?

Author ashisforreal ( ago)
Well spoken my friend...

Author AlHajjMalik01 ( ago)
What is Muhammed Ali's secret? His belief in GOD ALMIGHTY, his PURPOSE in
life, his ambition to be the BEST boxer in THE WORLD, his belief in
community and humanity. His HUMILITY, PASSION, and DETERMINATION for ALL
PEOPLE to BELIEVE! He will FOREVER be known as the GREATEST of ALL-TIME.

Author MacDaddy635 ( ago)
Who is the artist?

Author enmanuel brito ( ago)
fast fast fast quien como ali si en este tiempo ubiera uno como el nadie lo

Author stopbeingcowards ( ago)
i am the rain

Author Dpal93 ( ago)
Tyson didn't have the will to beat Ali.

Author Benjamin King ( ago)
Ali is the greatest Sugar ray is the greatest p4p.

Author Rigahawk ( ago)
greater than great

Author keven stepter ( ago)
Muhammad Ali has the same knock out pecentage as pacquiao so u can say that
ali has power too. before his exile from boxing he was knocking guys out
like tyson was. and they were better competition

Author IcycleCrasher ( ago)
Ali is great, but Sugar Ray is the best

Author UT5000 ( ago)
at least the real Muhammad ALi is down to EArth!

Author Hamza Husic ( ago)
Fuck off !

Author Longrod VonHugendong ( ago)
I do too people hate it when you say that but tyson was incredible before
he got with don king. i think it would take two rounds for tyson to knock
him out.

Author Longrod VonHugendong ( ago)
I wish i could see him and tyson in the ring soooooooo bad :(

Author Sal Preciado ( ago)
This is so perfect.

Author UT5000 ( ago)

Author The Savannah Ape ( ago)
I love the close up of Henry Cooper.

Author AbbsJr ( ago)
hahaha aint that great?!

Author juuuuuuuushane ( ago)
the greates ever !! I LOVE U ALI !!

Author Obsidian555 ( ago)
You think wrong...

Author pdpdrummer22 ( ago)
i still think Tyson would beat him

Author head hunter ( ago)
messias für viele menschen! einfach klasse dieser mann!

Author southendisdeadend ( ago)
the greatest EVER

Author Vladimir Pootietang ( ago)
He could have been a damn good one though.

Author NinjaMaster9567 ( ago)
ali isnt was mma fighter...

Author Vladimir Pootietang ( ago)
No but he would throw him on the ground and smash his head in with elbows :)

Author Josh Nyika ( ago)
great vid, songs pretty annoying lol

Author ashisforreal ( ago)
Ofcourse! Nobody does!

Author NinjaMaster9567 ( ago)
jon jones never win in boxing with ali :)

Author PeterR ( ago)
Hahahah He confused this dude so hard he had no clue what to do from1:57
till 2:03

Author ashisforreal ( ago)

Author PeterR ( ago)
1:32 ~ 1:40 insane !

Author chris meinsen ( ago)
You are wrong,the best punch of the fight was the hard right that KO'D

Author Phill mussa ( ago)

Author Diego Schmidt Stössl ( ago)
Best video of ali ever! Name of the song plz!

Author chjofar ( ago)
fantastic compilation Jake

Author koking2101 ( ago)
Ali showed the world he was not human in the fight vs foreman.

Author ashisforreal ( ago)

Author joenoechu ( ago)
4:09 the best punch of that fight was never landed.

Author KIRYU ( ago)
1:26 WOAH! Amazing reflex!

Author Jacob Meth ( ago)
this song is fucking good for this highlight so get the fuck outta here.

Author BruceLee161 ( ago)
in one of bruce's interviews he said ali was a great boxer. and he added
that if he could tech him how to kick he would become a great fighter. just
thought that was a pretty cool fact

Author Bababa dawdaw ( ago)
i hate that man

Author ashisforreal ( ago)

Author Boelly92 ( ago)
doesnt matter when u watch this he is the greatest of ALL time.. so i can
watch it even in 3012 or further

Author Larry Baer ( ago)
gay music, but AMAZING man muhammad ali! best ever!! nobdy will evan get
close to this beast!

Author onlyjoetee ( ago)
no fighter will ever be this good again,in any weight class,in any era,in
any time ,ever!!!!

Author Sal Preciado (1605 years ago)
this vid never gets old...

Author chrisfromoh ( ago)
when should we be watching this?

Author 11suppakit ( ago)

Author berealNL ( ago)
who do you consider the highest?

Author จักรพรรดิ พลขาง ( ago)

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