Muhammad Ali highlights

brilliant set of muhammad ali's highlights enjoy

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Author so jo (1 year)
song: unkle " reign"

Author Carlos Ramon Lins de Lima Júnior (1 year)

Author NinjaMaster9567 (2 years)
jon jones never win in boxing with ali :)

Author Benjamin King (2 years)
Ali is the greatest Sugar ray is the greatest p4p.

Author onlyjoetee (2 years)
no fighter will ever be this good again,in any weight class,in any era,in
any time ,ever!!!!

Author Bababa dawdaw (2 years)
i hate that man

Author Titas Blogis (2 years)
1:58 ;D

Author joenoechu (1 year)
Hahahaha George Foreman said it, after the "rumble in the jungle" because,
you know, he was the "nigga who got knocked out cold" xD and in that minute
you can see that Ali retracts the arm to not throw the punch while Foreman
is falling

Author suppaman12 (2 years)
@GameIsLifeStyle skll wise, imho jones is the closest to ali ever...
unfortunetly jones keeps fighting and it taints his legacy but from 90 to
04, jones was the best

Author EKatarina Velika (1 year)
that's great match to, but for me is aginst forman...:)

Author NinjaMaster9567 (2 years)
ali isnt was mma fighter...

Author j money (3 years)
@ReVeLeTiOn909 Tyson was the greatest of his generation...but Ali is the
greatest of all time

Author okacinilmaz (2 years)
what rain hate rain man songs meanless

Author truebeliever786 (1 year)
Well, Joe Louis was troubled by speedy, dazzling, scientific, fast-moving
boxers as seen in the Billy Conn fight. I think Ali would outpoint him, but
you never know. Even though Joe Louis does have tremendously powerful
combination punches, each punch being as hard as steel (which made him roll
over all the competition that he faced in his prime days), Ali does have an
iron jaw and an iron body, so I think he'd take him.

Author ashisforreal (2 years)

Author AbbsJr (2 years)
hahaha aint that great?!

Author MrsRDub (2 years)
Who's Ali's opponent @2:37?

Author PaleoDet (2 years)
I want to see more

Author chjofar (2 years)
fantastic compilation Jake

Author kamjf08 (2 years)
Is the song by Ian Brown ?

Author EKatarina Velika (1 year)
ali vs foreman - the best match in the history of boxing....

Author MrViccola (3 years)
Tyson > Ali

Author northman831 (3 years)
@brainiac101693 2:56 - ya sure ?

Author webdesignmanchesterx (2 years)
Really enjoyed this

Author Boelly92 (2 years)
doesnt matter when u watch this he is the greatest of ALL time.. so i can
watch it even in 3012 or further

Author joenoechu (2 years)
4:09 the best punch of that fight was never landed.

Author stopbeingcowards (2 years)
i am the rain

Author Kel Miles (2 years)
Well here is another perfect example of the same idiotic rhetoric from some
inferior race...I haven't a clue how its always about race. There are many
things that each race does particularly well. The Chinese know nails,
African Americans know sports. And last but not least the Mexicans know how
to pick the heck out of beans!! Faggot!!!

Author 420smokedemtrees (3 years)
@punktheman Reign-Unkle

Author Weslley Alvaro (2 years)
What's name of the music?

Author berealNL (2 years)
who do you consider the highest?

Author ashisforreal (2 years)
Ofcourse! Nobody does!

Author Josh Nyika (2 years)
great vid, songs pretty annoying lol

Author MacDaddy635 (2 years)
Who is the artist?

Author Aw s (2 years)
@revelation6415 Sorry to say it, but Tyson in his prime would have
annihilated Ali. Ali is a much more gracious fighter, but the pure strength
of Tyson would have been too much. They are 2 totally different boxers...

Author Vladimir Pootietang (2 years)
He could have been a damn good one though.

Author Jacob Meth (2 years)
this song is fucking good for this highlight so get the fuck outta here.

Author Rigahawk (2 years)
greater than great

Author ChrisK (2 years)
1:26 WOAH! Amazing reflex!

Author 1CampeaO (1 year)
song name ? pls ?

Author Larry Baer (2 years)
gay music, but AMAZING man muhammad ali! best ever!! nobdy will evan get
close to this beast!

Author solidmoni (1 year)
Ive noticed that Tyson knocks people out faster

Author anzavzav (1 year)
I'm ukranian? and also think that Klitchos bros not real boxers...hope
someday thair faces will not have place in the hole of boxing glory, cause
when goes Foreman, Frazer, Muhammad Ali, Tyson, Liston, Rahman, Holyfield,
Lenox there should never be Klitchkos...

Author Vladimir Pootietang (2 years)
No but he would throw him on the ground and smash his head in with elbows :)

Author Paul Classen (2 years)
@michaeljacksonisnotd Show some respect!

Author TheMatt3087 (2 years)
yep and towards the end of his life he suffered with parkinsons, what a god.

Author Timothy Bonifacio (1 year)
its funny cuz he still makes jokes in the ring xD

Author AlHajjMalik01 (2 years)
What is Muhammed Ali's secret? His belief in GOD ALMIGHTY, his PURPOSE in
life, his ambition to be the BEST boxer in THE WORLD, his belief in
community and humanity. His HUMILITY, PASSION, and DETERMINATION for ALL
PEOPLE to BELIEVE! He will FOREVER be known as the GREATEST of ALL-TIME.

Author truebeliever786 (2 years)
You think wrong...

Author naiyah carter (1 year)
`whats the song thats in this video

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