Golden moon

The Story of a roadside food vendor who comes across a stranded wealthy man and offered him shelter while he awaits his car mechanic. An attempt to help her out from her life of poverty wrecked his home. Saint Obi, Monalisa Chinda, Oby Edozie.

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Runtime: 79:26
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Author Nollywood RealnollyTV (1 year)
Golden moon #nollywoodmovies 

Author Esther Oppong (1 month)
Nic one

Author evelyn ogbekhilu (5 months)
I luv dis film xoxox much wen NEPA fooled dem selves I came 2 u
tube..................I no jamie Foxx Iz nt all dat but saint obi is no

Author Dolores Maria (3 months)
its very unfair that a lady from nowhere comes and take a married man as if
he is hers she don't know how painfull his wife and children go trough

Author Diella Hamatz (10 months)
+RealnollyTv Nollywood Could you please share the link to the 2nd part...
or is there someone who knows? When this movie was made in 2009, the
current craze of one movie having several names wasn't trending but I can't
find a part 2. Help :)

Author Jamila Banks (11 months)
Saint Obi doesn't resemble Jamie Fox Obi is million and ten times handsome
than Jamie Fox 

Author Hanihani Traore (11 months)
Nice movie; be careful of wanting to help everybody. You never know what is
hidden in the heart. But as a song of one of your movies, what goes up
surely shall come down. Everything gets an end on this earth, even charms! 

Author natrice stephens (10 months)
what is the name of part

Author Francoise Dorvil (1 year)
I don't think the husband should have thrown the gate man out. 

Author CreamyButta (1 year)
oh MY!... when the lady seen her husband in the bedroom...

she was supposed to come back with her machete .. or gun and shoot or chop
up her husband.... not leave her home!,,,,

be blessed...

Author Diakité Fatoumata (1 year)
Am i the only one to think that the main actor looks a bit like Jamie Foxx?
Anyway nice movie; i loved it.

Author Henry Atte (1 year)
Great movie

Author Marie Shirley (1 year)
Second time watching this movie. Nice movie

Author Realnollywood Movies (1 year)
Golden moon

#Nollywood #Nigerian #Lovely #African #Entertainment
#Nollywoodnigeria #Latestmovies #Google #Nollywoodafrica

Author Millicent Dede (1 year)
i have personally witnessed a similar incident before, but the most painful
aspect is that, change doesnt come as it came in this movie.sometimes it
takes many years and families get ruined.........LESSON WELL LEARNT

Author Collins StoneGold (1 year)
Golden moon

#facebook #twitter #nigeria #nollywoodmovies #nollywoodonline #google

Author Ahmad Azwad Mukhtar (1 year)
Ndụ jupụtara nsogbu, ma anyị ga-aga na ndụ n'ihi ọdịnala na-eme ka anyị
na-nketa / Hidup penuh dengan cabaran, tetapi kita mesti teruskan hidup
demi adat tradisi hingga buat ke warisan kita (Malaysia language).

Author Jennifer Stevens (1 year)
Love this movie watched many times thanks.

Author Ophelia John (1 year)
woh i love this movie so much,it serves as a lesson 2 all men who love 2
eat outside there home,especially eating t some one u dont know

Author Onica Cargill (2 years)
Imagine seh dis man ah my man! i go make him my Golden Moon! #Dying!

Author Miss Joan (3 years)
saint obi is back wow l love him l love this movie.

Author Lizzy abobo (2 years)
It is not her pidgin english that made the rich man want to help Lovelyn,
but the fact that she is beautiful, respectful, curteous and struggling her
way through life instead of hasling rich men through selling her body.

Author Nollywood RealnollyTV (2 years)
But she couldn't be patient

Author adeshola olajide (2 years)
please what is the title to watch after golden moon

Author Tcheta Douk (2 years)
Dammm!! this is too funny, really;;

Author Charlotte Zabalou (1 year)
The husband is not idiot he was charmed by Lovely with evil charms.

Author Robert Leandro (1 year)
I'm a Ghanaian but I still insist nobody make better movies than
nollywood..these are the kind of stories we would love to see but these
days their movies are becoming too profane. Too much porn scenes which is
making them unattractive to watch.They in fact need to reform and go back
to the good old days.

Author erin harrison (2 years)
Wat i have realised is that most rich family don't have time for their God.
Imagin if they were poor, pastors would have been in trouble

Author Nollywood RealnollyTV (2 years)

Author foxy Brown (2 years)
monalisa pidgeon i love it .. i love her movies ....

Author andrews benjah (2 years)
en so

Author ESOHE OGHOGHO (1 year)
sometimes stinginess can equally break a home apart from the man was being
charm and orders ,the man planed to build a big restaurant for the girl
before his wife changed his mind i wish the wife allow her husband to do
what was in his mind there wounldnt have been breakage of home,we shouldnt
just see the situation from one side lets turn it round and understand it

Author benson karirangombe (2 years)
guuuuud one

Author L.V. Much_Wisdom Tehillah Yaa'el DAVIS (2 years)
HAVE THEIR MINDSET ... ABBA YHWH is our source of strength and victory. The
character jesus christ did not come to being until after 1611 with kng
james and constantine converting people in to pagan religions (mithraism,
catholicism,christianity). Our prayers are to ascend to our ABBA (father,
the creator) YHWH ECHAD; not to another deity.

Author nancy tribble (1 year)
May God help me in my infirmities, but somebody would have gotten a serious
beat down.

Author Adiepenaa (3 years)
Saint Obi my boo boo

Author Nollywood RealnollyTV (2 years)

Author BIANCA WOW (2 years)
I KNOW A MIXED RACED women that this EXACT SHIT happened to her, she
married a African man they had one child and a African women came to her
home and took everything she owned, her house, her husband, her child, took
her job and her money which her husband cheats her out of, AHE IS MAD NOW,
the government look after her now, the home she build with her husband whom
never had shit when he met her used and dumbed her because the African lady
did something to both of them,

Author A2Zitolduso (2 years)
"her story is so sad and...pathetic"

Author La Hja (2 years)
i wonder why witchdoctors dont enrich themselves

Author Lisa Audu (1 year)
I no go gree ooo.... No woman can drive me out.... I will Fight.

Author Chavelle Murray (2 years)
Is there part 2?

Author Nollywood RealnollyTV (2 years)
its just part 1 & 2

Author xbbbcxaabbb (2 years)
Good job, uploader; and may God bless the producers, and the actors, and
the actresses

Author Ambeck Mbachan (3 years)
oh my saint obi i miss u soooooo much in acting plz come back full
time?!!!!! ur awesome man ur movies are hot

Author Daniela Cathy (2 years)
i like this niaja pidjin, i want to learn ooo

Author morgan fredge (2 years)
i like to be one of the movie actors in
nigeria,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if i will be
to do sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i love acting i have being
looking for the chance to be among the actors in
should be so happy if my request will be grand

Author carole youmbi (1 year)
thıs gırl pıgın ıs too much ohhh thıs gırl wıll kıll me wıth laff ...

Author Emmanuel Frank (2 years)

Author Watson Kanzara (1 year)
eissssssssssh terrible my status and i will send u $65

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