Joseph Poolpo Beat Box Vodafone

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Author Josh Ratliff (5 months)
he did this stuff before the other guys

Author TheCraziestGamerITA (4 months)
this guy is o.O

Author jonas wictorsson (6 months)

Author ken cross (4 months)
0:33 what the fcuk? Alem westside beatbox is take from him?

Author jose manuel m. c. (4 months)

Author Sergio Horcasitas (1 month)

Author Lachiqui LisHerè (4 months)

Author Manuel Avelino (3 months)
He's an E.T.

Author Gaming Serbian (2 months)
1:25 ja ocu ovo da nucim :)))

Author Jose Alejandro Aguado De Jesus (2 months)

Author Adrian Hoffmann (4 months)
0:47 , how this song is called?

Author Evan Maloney (7 months)
Check out david crowe hes sick

Author anzack95 (8 months)
0:46 GTA IV??

Author Luka Karchava (3 months)

Author gaedic RENARD (1 month)
yo tro ford

Author oscar insiso (1 month)
Aguante el Poolpo Idolo Grande .....

Author MattzProductionz (2 months)
Whats the name of the song @ 0:30? I've been trying to find the name of
that forever. 

Author joven villeta (2 months)
beatbox legend. im still searchin for is new beatbox videos

Author efe özgör (8 months)
this is best beatbox ever !

Author souhail elalallali (3 months)

Author Lucho Barona (8 months)

Author Maximilian Ebert (8 months)

Author Marius Ungurian (5 months)
what song is at 0:26 ??

Author Tatiane Dionizio (1 year)
Beat Box 

Author Miki Bali (1 month) 0.49??

Author Unreal Joka (8 months)
can't respect someone who became famous after uses other beatboxers

Author Denis Barreda Menendez (2 months)
menudo pro!!!!!

Author Richard Italiano (1 year)

Author david camara sanchez (1 year)
el pulpo

Author Gaming Serbian (2 months)

Author Kerry Kratchet (1 month)
Wow he can change his T-shirt quickly!

Author ggggggggggg999999999 (7 months)
Can anyone please tell me what song he beats from 0:26 to 0:32 ? Thanks!

Author Lorenzo Flores (8 months)
Stay with one beat

Author ARUCARD247 (8 months)
0:33 that Alem style ? Alem copy Poolpo ?

Author Lotus RD (8 months)
increible :)

Author Hammani Lahcen (8 months)
love you you soo matshe 

Author Keanu Marama (29 days)
Great thing about Poolpo is that I don't think he didn't use any loop

Author makku78 (8 months)
I think he paid Vodafone for this crap..such a discrase 

Author Dftbs (5 months)
He looks like Fat Bastard of Austing Powers.

Author Ali Abdikalim (1 year)

Author Nico Rüge (1 year)

Author Marek Matladlo (9 months)
WTF?! GTA IV.:D You are best B-Boxer in the world.:)

Author GrandTheftAuto V Fans (9 months)
Este tipo es otro que se hizo famoso con su BeatBox

Author adevarul adevarului (11 months)
wow man :D

Author kenan avdic (1 year)
231 cant change shirt as fast he can

Author MrAzira16 (1 year)
to fat so sad

Author Enzo Perez (9 months)

Author MrCoreFinder (1 year)
Mute the video, it's just a fat guy making faces xD

Author StuntihnDesigns (1 year)
@sergio jealous much Faggot?

Author Ruhan MF (1 year)
joseph é sensacional!

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