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Black Buck

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Author 高俊 (7 months)
4:44 the zebra was so poor, he nearly escaped...what a strong guy 

Author DrTheKay (7 months)
Retarded uploader

Author Robert Frapples (9 months)
Bad enough this is in 240p, but does the the fucking BBC logo have to be
over the middle of the screen for the duration? Waste of time. 

Author mightywhite41 (5 years)
very good video,but why the gay music?

Author intromix (6 years)
Dreamland, nice and forgotten Album!

Author RabidBlackWolf (5 years)
Awesome video. I favorited it.

Author xXxCherilynxXx (6 years)
Kool vid, luved the Cheetah and Lion action!! Geez that Wildebeest gave
that Lioness what for!!

Author OuONeferOuO (6 years)
Very Cool ;D Fable is a beautiful song! good job!

Author CharlieQH (6 years)
It's Beautiful, Carly! Great! I like the music from Robert Miles! 5***** XX

Author jessybessy66 (6 years)
i feel bad 4 the poor zebra i just love zebras

Author PlanetRandomness (3 years)
@biscie455 i agree with mightywhite41

Author Bradley Fishel (4 years)
youre welcome for watching this

Author Vinay Dahiya (4 years)
lions are the best between all the big cats they are really very powerfull

Author biscie455 (6 years)
yes it sure dose

Author Netinho Navis (4 years)
@mightywhite41 kkkkk whey the fucking gay music ?

Author biscie455 (5 years)
oh the lion tricks the wildebeast so it will hurt her but instead it is a
trap :)

Author yan5116482 (5 years)
guys, you want to be a Predator or a Prey ?

Author HaloofCurls (3 years)
@SahidMable The zebra at 4:44 is pregnant. Look at how big it is. That's
the one I feel bad for.

Author djmaw2 (5 years)
what is the name of this song

Author CeilingBangers (4 years)
@IEatCum Um if they're kids they probably don't realize the process of
getting meat ye. They are kids, duh. Not overprotective, more like

Author biscie455 (6 years)

Author Jenina De Guzman (4 years)
bad cats

Author Raffaele (3 years)
@biscie455 How?

Author abubakar sani (4 years)
Wildebeests are known to take the trophy for being the dumbest animals in
africa, they cross rivers they can walk around risking drowning and
predation by crocodiles.

Author Ian Gauci (2 years)
good song and video

Author YO Riso (3 years)
Fable robert miles it s dream music ^^

Author Netinho Navis (4 years)
good video ;)

Author Chris Chang (1 year)
Um really?

Author isabelcano1212 (5 years)
I am a 2nd grade teacher and I think this is a wonderful video to
illustrate predator and prey. You don't see any blood so it wouldn't
traumatize children this age.

Author Samantha Morris (5 years)
nice video! i just love it when the prey turns on the predator

Author foxriver2sona (5 years)
fable robert miles

Author biscie455 (5 years)
@JessicaOliveria The music is Rovert Miles- Fable

Author Quan Cash (3 years)
This song should have been the theme for Grand Theft Auto IV The Ballad Of
Gay Tony just because it starts with the beatiful sound of the ladys voice
and then it goes to the disco music

Author Jimmy Mcdonald (3 years)
What is this song called?

Author KennadyAshley (2 years)
The music made it seem like they were at some weird animal rave. Lol

Author Ashley James (3 years)
How can music be gay? It likes to have sex with music of the same sex?

Author ImUrBoyToy2662 (2 years)
I need a favor. Seriously anyone?

Author DjPat6 (5 years)
cause its brilliant. he took taht fight to the ground by layign down. the
wildebeest shouldnt of attacked. btw dont think lions are stupid in hunting
department. they are professional killers. they kill to eat. that takes

Author Ashley James (3 years)
@marioelie Yeah, Wildebeast when corndered will attack their predator but
that was silly because the Lioness was on it's back with it's claws out
ready to grab.

Author JessicaOliveria (5 years)
Good Video, it amazes me how powerful animals are i love them! What song is
this by the way? Anyone know i really like it (the first one)

Author IEatCum (5 years)
@isabelcano1212 They can eat meat but they'd be traumatized to see a hunt?
I fucking hate overprotective people.

Author michigan blkman (5 years)
Why did that lion lay down and allow itself to get gored

Author gannen60 (3 years)

Author biscie455 (6 years)
thank you so much all of you :P XX

Author Alfalffa (5 years)
it was actually a lion tactic, the lion pretended to surrender and
attracted the wildebeest towards it and seconds later suffocated it, you
should look for the video that shows it "killer clips"

Author SahidMable (4 years)
The only prey I feel bad about is the zebra for some reason.

Author Ghazal Asaad (2 years)
if its fine with you, i took this video to school for a project i gave
credit :D

Author mightywhite41 (3 years)
not dissin the music ashdog236 but with these awsome animals,like big cats
a heavy metal or grunge sound would have been more appropriate....not music
you'd hear in gay nightclubs in europe...

Author Jayden Chapman (3 years)
i wanna see someone do a dub step for this song

Author biscie455 (5 years)
@mightywhite41 The music is not gayy. It goes with the clips...

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