Nigel Stately - Deep Café Vol.1

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Author JMI ILLMI ( ago)
really awesome mix hey ;) i listen to it all the time and the best part
starts at around min 18 to min 30 please more man

Author Onur Tuna Seçkin Özdemir ( ago)

Author alexandra debrabant ( ago)
My ears believe in God... Coz it's you.... Thanx so much... Thanx to you my
moral is shining on your sound...
To much émotion... Some time i shed tears of joy... Be lucky and créative
all your life....
Pleasure Mister!!!!

Author paola villanueva ( ago)
Musica para pilates

Author jesus Ramos ( ago)
great and best.


Author Plaisir Musical ( ago)
00:00 Audiofly - 6 Degrees Feat. Fiora (Tale Of Us Remix)
07:40 Fink - Make It Good (Tale Of Us & Tennis Remix)
12:50 DJ T. Feat. James Teej - Sense (Tale Of Us Remix)
19:15 Luomo - Good Stuff (Dave DK Remix)
25:00 Lexy & K-Paul ft. Ono - Like That (Channel X Remix)
30:30 Siopis - Really Love Ya (Original Mix)
34:50 Sivesgaard - Unorthodox (oliver Schories Remix)
42:12 Oliver Schories & Alex Q - Stars (Original Mix)

Author Chedi Ahmed ( ago)
Nigel your mixes from the 1st to the latest literally saved my life and
changed it to the best. I owe you big time and a simple thank you is the
least I can say.
Eargasmic Deep!!! <3 keep it goin man!

Author bond284 (1498 years ago)
The one that started it all for me... thanks for the many hours of music

Author Bart Willems ( ago)
yeah!!! very good!!

Author Rita Rademacher ( ago)
Ich mag die Songs sehr gerne. Danke.

Author sashaKsasha ( ago)
Amazing .....

Author Borisz Edvárd Végvári ( ago)
Állati jó vagy...:)! Különösen a második fele a mixnek...Nem tudtam
leállítani a lábam....:)))

Author Svetoslav svetoslav ( ago)
you are the ONE, well done

Author Manuel Zoričić (104 years ago)
Nigel Stately - Deep Café Vol.1:

Author cLaUDiºº FrOscH ( ago)
Nigel Stately - Deep Café Vol.1:


Author Darryl Henry ( ago)
Industrial Deep luv it.

Author alkinoos vlassis ( ago)
Music for inspiration, to make love,for relax etc . Thank you my friend ;)

Author Oliver Nissel ( ago)
sweet work bro, top niglet

Author Fatia Fiche ( ago)

Author Tonny Akoi ( ago)
C'est Nikel

Author Nabil Azouzi ( ago)

Author wesna88 ( ago)
30min?? song?? pls

Author ‫יוליה זילבר‬‎ ( ago)
amazing music...thank you

Author MountainbikerinXXL Gern ( ago)
Hausfrauentag!!! ;-/

Author Ruslan Denissov ( ago)
amazing ... love it

Author Nito Vicente ( ago)
Splendido.......Magnifique mix !!

Author Sir Charles ( ago)
*Nigel Stately - Deep Café Vol.1*


Author MountainbikerinXXL Gern ( ago)
+Nigel Stately 3 millions! Wow! Surely you can see, not only men love sexy

Author Israel Andrade ( ago)
26:00 Please !!! :D :D :D 

Author Sigfrido Miranda ( ago)
The best for house and deep house

Author Benedikt Verbanck ( ago)

Author Alex Macedon ( ago)
min 21????

Author ann elisabeth tollerud ( ago)

Author Anna Szelag ( ago)
love it love it love it ......!!!!!!!!!!! :) <3

Author Natalia Szeląg ( ago)
I absolutley LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

Author Sansihv Vhisnas ( ago)
nigel works merci

Author Josua Semper (1981 year ago)
remixed from Tale of Us (6 degrees and sense)

Author Josua Semper ( ago)
Tracklist ?

Author Michele Draper-Rambo ( ago)
Tracklist was added by
about 6 months ago. This one is my favorite of all the Nigel Stately
mixes. #3 is a close second!

Author Jan Čech ( ago)
Broken download links, reUP please :)

Author Sinue Domingo ( ago)

Author István Molnár ( ago)

Author WatchThatFast ( ago)
tracklist ????????????

Author Anthony Legion ( ago)
The first Song is perfect to drive like a Maniac in City traffic ! 

Author Carsten Pehrsson ( ago)
3mill, wau. What did we do before internet.. You have a wonderfull beat
here in the beginning, nower else to be found in your other album.. I ceep
on going back to this number one :-) Keep up the good work. Come to Denmark
one day, and I will join you :-)

Author Derek fulton ( ago)

Author MrBarosxp ( ago)
playlist pls.. fine work

Author Ben Vdb ( ago)
can you add a playlist ? 

Author Ekonomika'10 ištęstines studijos ( ago)

Author Lamia Ghedifi ( ago)

Author Esra Özgüler ( ago)
good job

Author nuworldchick30 ( ago)

Author mahir çevik ( ago)
perfect job ;)

Author Norman Völgyesi ( ago)

Author Igor Zlatkovic ( ago)
Nigel,you have a talent!

Author Sylwester Malinowski (mali) ( ago)

Author Valer Batcu ( ago)
Nigel, thanks a lot for the tunes.
Don't seem to find the 2nd volume of this series. Am I missing something?
Scanned the videos on your profile page but didn't find it. Please advise.

Author MegaJanuary2011 ( ago)
I Love all the volumes , that's what I call Music !!

Author Nigel Stately ( ago)
3 MILLION view, thank you so much ;-)

Author Mercedes garrido ( ago)
awesome tunes.......... i dare anyone to try and stand still while
listening to this volume.... impossible.... the groovy rhythm will have you
dancig in no time...

Author György Belanka (Hógolyó) ( ago)
GoD morning :P

Author Vasil Milenkov ( ago)
7 54

Author Jeremy Tx ( ago)
35:00 plz name !!??

Author Marc Verstraete ( ago)
Good stuff !

Author Le Chiffre ( ago)
___Absolutley COOOOOOOL !!! Greetings from
___Very Audiophile !!!

Author hildely rodriguez ( ago)
Links are dead...Please upload again !!

Author Andrei Mariu Adrian ( ago)
min 45 pliss

Author Rebeka Saviozzi Ivnik ( ago)
*smooth <3 *

Author awesomea doubleOhseven ( ago)
I don't drink coffee.. but I think I might start ;)

Author slach nabil ( ago)

So amazing 

Author Daniel Peña ( ago)

Author Burn da Rookie ( ago)
that's it that's all - phatcatmix

Author DD Studios ( ago)
can you please put up the link to download this again? my favourite mix!

Author retiredclubber ( ago)
tracklist would b nice i know afew but..?
good set though :)

Author Maria Morticia ( ago)
Speechless ;-)

Author g ( ago)
The song at 8:00 is Bonobo-If you stayed over

Author Annie Leigh ( ago)
Mmmmmm yes 

Author hashish cristian ( ago)
first song ? :D pls

Author Don Adrian ( ago)

Author Aurelian Lazarescu ( ago)

Author jieess ( ago)
Aaron Lee : siopis - really love ya

I accept transfert funds and cash :-)

Author jieess ( ago)
@ mandy : lexy & k-paul : like that :-)

Author Mandy Minnandmal ( ago)
25:30 ??? Please help me!

Author Cristina Ionita ( ago)
37.53 sounds like a melody from games of thrones! could someone help me?


Author Stasys Uznys ( ago)
09:20 name??

Author Aaron Lee ( ago)
i really fucking wanna know what the track is @ 30m 24secs - i will pay!!!!

Author Dusan Kulisievic ( ago)
the 1st one is a magic, the the rest ;-)

Author Teresa Lara ( ago)
Lovely one

Author Carlos Laasi ( ago)
love it !

Author Олег Фёдоров ( ago)
mmm...a 12:45 name

Author Ananth Rao ( ago)
tracklist puhleaaassseeee!

Author Senol Alkan ( ago)
süper parça...

Author kingacsenge ( ago)
Amazing 💜💜💜

Author Fernando Cordeiro ( ago)
ohh man.. WTF this.. realy, good song... wonderful track.

Author Zairi Rafik ( ago)
the best , for a night drive throught the city until straith to wall :D :'(

Author TheMadzia99 ( ago)
9:20 ? :) 

Author Aidan Partridge ( ago)
Nigel is it you singing in the first 10 mins?? (male voice) 

Author Олег Фёдоров ( ago)
first track name please///

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