Nigel Stately - Deep Café Vol.1

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Author Nigel Stately (1 year)
3 MILLION view, thank you so much ;-)

Author Manuel Zoričić (3 months)
Nigel Stately - Deep Café Vol.1:

Author cLaUDi FrOscH (3 months)
Nigel Stately - Deep Café Vol.1:


Author bond284 (18 days)
The one that started it all for me... thanks for the many hours of music

Author Sir Charles (7 months)
*Nigel Stately - Deep Café Vol.1*


Author Chedi Ahmed (13 days)
Nigel your mixes from the 1st to the latest literally saved my life and
changed it to the best. I owe you big time and a simple thank you is the
least I can say.
Eargasmic Deep!!! <3 keep it goin man!

Author Bart Willems (1 month)
yeah!!! very good!!

Author Anthony Legion (10 months)
The first Song is perfect to drive like a Maniac in City traffic ! 

Author Svetoslav svetoslav (2 months)
you are the ONE, well done

Author Benedikt Verbanck (8 months)

Author Borisz Edvárd Végvári (1 month)
Állati jó vagy...:)! Különösen a második fele a mixnek...Nem tudtam
leállítani a lábam....:)))

Author Darryl Henry (4 months)
Industrial Deep luv it.

Author Ruslan Denissov (6 months)
amazing ... love it

Author sashaKsasha (1 month)
Amazing .....

Author alkinoos vlassis (4 months)
Music for inspiration, to make love,for relax etc . Thank you my friend ;)

Author MountainbikerinXXL Gern (8 months)
+Nigel Stately 3 millions! Wow! Surely you can see, not only men love sexy

Author Rita Rademacher (1 month)
Ich mag die Songs sehr gerne. Danke.

Author Oliver Nissel (4 months)
sweet work bro, top niglet

Author Carsten Pehrsson (11 months)
3mill, wau. What did we do before internet.. You have a wonderfull beat
here in the beginning, nower else to be found in your other album.. I ceep
on going back to this number one :-) Keep up the good work. Come to Denmark
one day, and I will join you :-)

Author Israel Andrade (8 months)
26:00 Please !!! :D :D :D 

Author Sigfrido Miranda (8 months)
The best for house and deep house

Author ‫יוליה זילבר‬‎ (6 months)
amazing music...thank you

Author Sansihv Vhisnas (9 months)
nigel works merci

Author Nabil Azouzi (5 months)

Author katheryn (1 year)
So amazing *.*.*.*.*

Author Tonny Akoi (5 months)
C'est Nikel

Author Alex Macedon (8 months)
min 21????

Author Valer Batcu (1 year)
Nigel, thanks a lot for the tunes.
Don't seem to find the 2nd volume of this series. Am I missing something?
Scanned the videos on your profile page but didn't find it. Please advise.

Author Josua Semper (10 months)
Tracklist ?

Author Eda bilazeroğlu (10 months)
07:50 ???? plss

Author ann elisabeth tollerud (8 months)

Author Natalia Szeląg (9 months)
I absolutley LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

Author György Belanka (Hógolyó) (1 year)
GoD morning :P

Author Anna Szelag (9 months)
love it love it love it ......!!!!!!!!!!! :) <3

Author Jan Čech (10 months)
Broken download links, reUP please :)

Author István Molnár (10 months)

Author MountainbikerinXXL Gern (6 months)
Hausfrauentag!!! ;-/

Author MrBarosxp (11 months)
playlist pls.. fine work

Author Plaisir Musical (7 days)
00:00 Audiofly - 6 Degrees Feat. Fiora (Tale Of Us Remix)
07:40 Fink - Make It Good (Tale Of Us & Tennis Remix)
12:50 DJ T. Feat. James Teej - Sense (Tale Of Us Remix)
19:15 Luomo - Good Stuff (Dave DK Remix)
25:00 Lexy & K-Paul ft. Ono - Like That (Channel X Remix)
30:30 Siopis - Really Love Ya (Original Mix)
34:50 Sivesgaard - Unorthodox (oliver Schories Remix)
42:12 Oliver Schories & Alex Q - Stars (Original Mix)

Author Sinue Domingo (10 months)

Author Michele Draper-Rambo (10 months)
Tracklist was added by
about 6 months ago. This one is my favorite of all the Nigel Stately
mixes. #3 is a close second!

Author Lamia Ghedifi (11 months)

Author Igor Zlatkovic (11 months)
Nigel,you have a talent!

Author Norman Völgyesi (11 months)

Author Sylwester Malinowski (mali) (1 year)

Author nuworldchick30 (11 months)

Author Don Adrian (1 year)

Author Annie Leigh (1 year)
Mmmmmm yes 

Author mahir çevik (11 months)
perfect job ;)

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