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Author Nigel Stately (2 days)
3 MILLION view, thank you so much ;-)

Author *:*katie*:* (2 months)
So amazing *.*.*.*.*

Author Belanka György (4 days)
GoD morning :P

Author Mercedes garrido (3 days)
awesome tunes.......... i dare anyone to try and stand still while
listening to this volume.... impossible.... the groovy rhythm will have you
dancig in no time...

Author Vasil Milenkov (6 days)
7 54

Author Jeremy Tx (11 days)
35:00 plz name !!??

Author Marc Verstraete (11 days)
Good stuff !

Author Mateusz Janicki (2 months)

Author Andrei Mariu Adrian (21 day)
min 45 pliss

Author Sara Sousa (1 month)
Nice smooth mix dude.
Good stuff! 

Author Dom Pedro (4 months)

Author Олег Фёдоров (1 month)
mmm...a 12:45 name

Author hildely rodriguez (16 days)
Links are dead...Please upload again !!

Author Maria Nitsa Morticia (1 month)
Speechless ;-)

Author slach nabil (1 month)

So amazing 

Author Burn da Rookie (1 month)
that's it that's all - phatcatmix

Author Vlad Gabriel (4 months)
38 : 00 ?????? someone text me !!! 

Author Aaron Lee (1 month)
i really fucking wanna know what the track is @ 30m 24secs - i will pay!!!!

Author Manfredas Čiutys (3 months)

Author Magdalena Rusinova (2 months)
Really good! 

Author Ionita Pavel (2 months)
Awsomeness ! ❤

Author dijana djokic (4 months)

Author Rebeka Saviozzi Ivnik (22 days)
*smooth <3 *

Author Farkaskutyus666 (2 months)

Author Cihan Seymen (5 months)

Author Aidan Partridge (1 month)
Nigel is it you singing in the first 10 mins?? (male voice) 

Author Ann Dowd (1 month)
Mmmmmm yes 

Author Teresa Lara (1 month)
Lovely one

Author Fernando Cordeiro (1 month)
ohh man.. WTF this.. realy, good song... wonderful track.

Author Dusan Kulisievic (1 month)
the 1st one is a magic, the the rest ;-)

Author Zairi Rafik (1 month)
the best , for a night drive throught the city until straith to wall :D :'(

Author Doni Nuka (3 months)

Author Tamas Gyuris (6 months)

Author Tibor Venczel (5 months)
wtf happened with the vol.2 file????????

Author Lucid SoulCannibals Crew (2 months) me grooving in my kitchen....I'm late on this but damn always
great to find great music to dance to especially as a dancer respect and
blessings...!!! And you got more vol. Haha I'm a kid on xmas now!!

Author Daniel Tot (4 months)

Author Sofia Morena (3 months)
34' who is song?

Author pasadopaidi (4 months)
the first song?

Author Saadane Bouhrour (4 months)
the best of nigel stately

Author MickYYfunker (3 months)
Why don't you put a god damn tracklist??!! Is it a secret what songs are

Author g (1 month)
The song at 8:00 is Bonobo-If you stayed over

Author LARRY McPHAIL Sr. (2 months)
" YOU ARE Nooooo Joke Nigel, THIS IS ONE NASTY , SWEET SET My Dude ! All
The Best ! HOUSE 4 LIFE ! Yo ! " BrooklynSTERiO "

Author hashish cristian (1 month)
first song ? :D pls

Author Mandy Minnandmal (1 month)
25:30 ??? Please help me!

Author Magdalena Balas (3 months)

Author Joseph Joe Kerr (2 months)
Dope ;)

Author gaya gumen (2 months)

Author Marica Valvo (2 months)

Author Serge Studer (4 months)
very nice

Author Aymen Abid (5 months)

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