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Author oblivon42 (9 months)
Okay I've always wondered cause I never could get a good view with the TV I
use to have, weren't his eyes brown before he got his ass whooped by that

Author Stephanie Tep (1 year)
Those airplanes ar better than ours now!

Author Shahrin128 gaming (1 year)
Mahalo , I've some of vids on other games that I like and you do a great
job but this , missing a scarab , forgot a map , didn't block that much and
forgot to upgrade ur sword . I don't accept that , not dlsliking u just
that it's not what I expected

Author MrUniverse_ (3 years)
wish i could find a new copy of this game. oh well, worth getting used for

Author Christian McCaughey-Greathouse (2 years)

Author killerhappy (4 years)
@Renatar567 >:D

Author Epicness (2 years)
Ooo sexy outfit

Author 49Moody (3 years)
love this game

Author Pocketninja G (1 year)
Y is there no one on the Blimp with him?

Author 49Moody (3 years)
9 Days for NGS3

Author Aiden Shadow (2 years)
Doku and the Vigoorian Emperor disliked this video...

Author 21crazychicken (1 year)
I never get tired of watching these

Author Connor Kenway (2 years)
i was bored

Author yeoitsmatt (2 years)
that's just not funny. next time try being clever.

Author black_ovelha (3 years)
Oh, my. Missing a gold scarab is unforgiving. I'm looking out for another
walkthrought to guide myself.

Author Leonardo Devai (1 year)

Author Will Davis (3 years)
especially when said scarab is RIGHT IN THE GUYS FACE. Le sigh.

Author akaproductions11 (2 years)
u have a great control over ryu!!! great way to execute moves!!

Author Horsy Drives (3 years)
this is why I LOVE THIS GAME its so epic....

Author Angel0061000 (3 years)
Ryu getting prepared: thats it! shit just got started!!!!!!!

Author Connor Kenway (2 years)
when casting ninpo fap off of our naked pictures to increase the power of
the ninpo lol

Author Atletico777 (2 years)
This dude goes by too fast. Its not a race man. If you are going to do a
walkthrough, you have to do all the doors, and pick up all the items like
the SCARAB you missed that you walked right by. And you have to open the
corridor door now or later you will have to go around again to get to it.
BUT YOU MISSED THAT TOO. Man you really suck at this. try again my friend.

Author Renatar567 (4 years)
@Froggypwn No >:P

Author DurableDiction (4 years)
were those weapons at 9:43 in the original xbox version?

Author galacticdevil (3 years)
Those soldiers in Ninja Gaiden 1 are infinite times more cooler and tougher
than in Ninja Gaiden 3. The third game features wimpy soldier who beg for
mercy when weaken.

Author cuzinzclub (3 years)
At 00:18 does anybody hear that farting noise Lol.

Author dotsydude (4 years)
haha i didnt remove my comment

Author Isaías Castelo (2 years)
Worst quality video ever

Author Connor Kenway (2 years)
when using ninpo masturbate to increase the power if you cum then the ninpo
will destroy many foes lol if you need help then use a picture of me ayane
rachel and ect to cum faster to power up the ninpo lol

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