Black Ops 2 - Don't mess with the bus driver in TranZit (Zombies Easter Egg)

A hilarious easter egg if I do say so myself.
2500 likes for more easter eggs? :D


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Author Ruby Carrillo (2 years)
fuking revoked

Author hamster GMC (2 years)
Haha ur privledges have been fucking revocked hahahahahah

Author CRIP KEEPER (2 years)

Author Jacobi D (2 years)
I hav to try this

Author superscaryclown123 (2 years)

Author isaman12356 (2 years)
Dafaq !

Author iWortexs (2 years)
Bus driver for president 2k16

Author FakeAndGayOfficiaI (2 years)

Author sludgefr3ak4411 (2 years)
I personally think he says door privileges have been fucking revoked, but
you know, who really cares

Author ImInspired (2 years)
your privleges have been fucking revolked 25

Author ZombieslayerzRaygun (2 years)
I bursted out laughing when he said that

Author jsholidayfund (2 years)
The bus driver is a robot who kicks u of the bus or locks u in or out

Author RockstarGames (2 years)
Are you fucking stupid? Read the fucking description and second of all this
is a community channel where they showcase clips. God people are so stupid
now a days.

Author New Modzz (2 years)
OMG thats happen to me before but it never let me back in

Author The Crafting Galaxy (2 years)
And then just keeps on knifing....

Author LRR978 (2 years)
Climb on top!!

Author Txblet (2 years)
"Your Privileges have been fucking revoked"

Author kendra7718 (2 years)
Ps3 sucks monkey balls gaystation

Author michael garza (2 years)
f**k u foo u should giv your sole to god for he is the one who gave u life

Author Amardabeast (2 years)
Your privligaes have been fucking revoked

Author ActLikeAChamp - Daily Gaming Videos (1 year)

Author EurynomeJM (2 years)
Well at *the* "stupid robot" makes more sense than at *that* "stupid robot"
so i corrected him. How about you think before you type. Also its when* not
wen and you* not u, also smart* not smarta.

Author garrygal1 (2 years)
its not a map its a game mode

Author DeadlyLizard98 (2 years)
Guys its door not your listen with hd sound headphones you can hear the d

Author Marcos Soares (2 years)

Author Manuelle10 (2 years)
wait i thought robots dont have feelings

Author Jake Adams-Vigneaux (2 years)
Your privileges have been fucking revoked

Author thestikdude16 (2 years)
HAHAHAHAHA do not piss off the bus driver or your privileges will be
F***ing revoked!! LOL

Author oGKatBot (2 years)

Author Xtra Vanish (2 years)
It's not stolen, it's shared.

Author xDAKPRODUCTIONSx (2 years)
i know im a little late but it was a joke

Author ohhSpark (2 years)
He kicked me off in the fog and locked me out then drove off...

Author Marcus Crosbie (2 years)
Lmfaooooooooooooooo rofl

Author DayDayClutch1213 (2 years)

Author iSnKClan (2 years)
door privileges*

Author JoshyXD01 (2 years)
He also calls you an asshole

Author MrRizkabir (2 years)
I expected an upercut

Author Swegnesium (2 years)
Wasn't stolen, if you red the description he linked his channel you stooge.
Go headbutt a fucking fork.

Author THE AVENGERS (2 years)
I'm going to do this on co-op!

Author Tattoos (2 years)

Author zBLueEye203 (2 years)

Author Josh Knecht (2 years)
Door privileges have been fuc1n revoked

Author zNovaDreamxX (2 years)
Your privaleges have been fucking revoked

Author DNMXgaming (2 years)
Come on my channel for a sick no scope i hit on nuketown 2025!

Author Austin Holman (2 years)
Your priveleges hav been fucking revoked

Author Dr Serendipity (1 year)
You deserved it lol

Author HERBWELSHMAN (2 years)

Author theepicgamer9 (2 years)
Hey he has no arms or legs how can he kick you out?

Author niconice jay z (2 years)
bus driver go hard

Author RAGE Rampage (2 years)
go onto bus depot map and then select tranzit game mode :)

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