Galaxy Note II REVIEW *All you need to know* (Note II vs S III vs Original Note)


In depth Exynos mDNIe screen issues.
Susie Driskle S Pen Sabotage

Hello everyone!!! Here is probably -- pretentiously the most in-depth review on the Note II that you will ever see... LOL Enjoy, relax, stay a while, and pick a topic. OR watch the whole thing!!!

1. Intro (00:14)
2. Form Factor (1:15)
3. 4 device pile up (2:39)
4. Build Quality (3:30)
5. Durability - my dad dropped it!!! (5:26)
6. Out Door / Direct Sunlight Readability (7:09)
7. Pocket test (7:46)
8. Operating System *Start* (9:25)
9. Sensors and Motion (10:47)
10. Voice Recognition - S Voice and Google Now (15:35)
11. How to get Flash on Jelly Bean!!! (19:31)
12. S Pen Features *Start* (20:11)
13. Pen commands *menu, back, quick command, ETC (20:24)
14. USING S NOTE is a BLAST (23:08)
15. Pen and Photo Editing Wizardry (25:06)
16. Don't forget these Pen Tools! (27:16)
17. Pop Up BROWSER (28:12)
18. Multi-window (28:51)
19. Galaxy Note II Processors and Power *vs Note and SIII* (29:21)
20. CPU Browser speed test Note II vs SIII (30:58)
21. GPU and Game Play Power!!!! (32:21)
22. RAM Power 2GB buttery smoothness (34:29)
23. THE DISPLAY *START* (35:32)
24. Up close of Note Original and Note II Pixels (36:39)
25. Burn in??? (38:27)
26. Gorgeous MEDIA EXPERIENCE & NO black clipping!!!! (38:59)
27. NO Black Clipping demonstration (41:06)
28. Display IMPERFECTIONS (42:45)
29. Battery Life (45:58)
30. Antennas and Phone Versions (47:47)
31. The Cameras and Demonstrations (48:41)
32. Outside Video Tests and Photos (52:08)
33. THE END! Thank You for watching!!! (54:12)

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Author Willie Gordon ( ago)
You're hot Erica.

Author Ayoub El Habsaoui ( ago)
Fak you

Author Arun v.s ( ago)

Author hayden cole ( ago)
watched this on my cracked gallaxy note 2

Author Cic Ula ( ago)

Author Qamar Noor ( ago)
Very interesting i learn so many things from this review and its helpful to
determine features. you are also a beautiful lady. Thanks for this.

Author Mickey ( ago)

Author Client Videos ( ago)
55 Minute video?....fuk yu!

Author Kate Luss ( ago)
ur the best thank you so much ;)

Author Jake Voss ( ago)
So much enthusiasm for the Note series in the past. It seems appealing to
trends has curved your opinion on modern Galaxy devices?

Author Orry Bennett ( ago)
I bet the Note five is better LOL

Author Rii Ca ( ago)
is it still worth buying? will it be updated to android l?

Author thelibras2007 ( ago)
Your unit made in china?

Author James hetfield ( ago)
Ohan samsung galaxy note2 paras mitä markkinoilla oli, on edelleenkin paras
mitä on, sellainen puhelin missä on tabletti samassa ja note puoli ja tikku
ja sellainen mikä on nopeimmille ostajille tehty näköjään, vain nopeat
saavat, myi ittensä loppuun tosi nopeesti.. ite en antais pois mistään
hinnasta, täydellinen mestariteos, vetää lumioiden kirkkaasti, kute
kaikkien älypuhelinten ohi, voittamaton kuningas puhelin..

Author DuxDub Studios ( ago)
Older Samsung products are so awesome :D

Author TheKoderius ( ago)
wow this the most comprehensive review i saw in my life

Author William Adams ( ago)
Thanks i am going to buy the note 2 at&t i am getting rid of my galaxy 3
for this phone its way better i can see that... thanks!

Author Cole Sanford ( ago)
My galaxy note 2 will not rotate the screen it has completely stop screen
deos not rotate period

Deos anyone no hot to fix this problem and is it calmend 

Author Rainbow Armadillo ( ago)
Thank you so much for the review! :))

I'm gonna get a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 soon!!

Author Jacob Kader ( ago)
Don't ever put that shit in your pocket! Ever because I removed it from the
otterbox because it kept getting too hot when it was in the otterbox so I
put it for a hour then I wanted to check my phone it already had a scratch
on it! So trust me get an otterbox

Author David Dahl ( ago)
Drop the phone and the battery is like..Mayday mayday, going down! Eject
eject! too bad no parachute.

Author chahrayar mestiri ( ago)
j'ai enlever la batterie et j ai remis apres 1 minute le telèphone c'est
bloquer il ne fonctionne plus que diis je faire merci

Author Browneyesxoxo11 ( ago)
Thank you so much for making this video I learn a lot about my Samsung
Galaxy note 2 😊

Author Mayra Ayala ( ago)

Author Collins Zimba ( ago)
Awesome video! Really love it! And you :P Stay Awesome!!

-- Collins Z

Author baseldroid ( ago)
*respect erica* 😅

Author rey aponte ( ago)
I could tell she is short...Dont matter the size its whats inside. You
awesome Erica dont listen to people out there.

Author goofyedward (1482 years ago)
What was the name of the screen protector she said was the best? I can't
find the spot where she said it.

Author alassane ouattara ( ago)

Author Kyaw Kyaw ( ago)

Author Stewart Brand ( ago)
Such a good video, talk about in-depth!

Author romuald tv. ( ago)
beautiful eyes 

Author Yeshu ( ago)
You have a good style for presentations.
However, all you talk about is phones.
Please stick to Social experiments..they are much beneficial to younger
generations than Ipad/notebooks and such.

Author Hيحيى Jحكمى‎ (1140 years ago)

Author My Pale Skin ( ago)
You are ugly

Author ProMcPlayer123 ™ ( ago)
Her face is stupid

Author Drums Element ( ago)
Good video, i like ur eyes

Author Barry Perry ( ago)
omg i love the pocket test lol 

Author Barry Perry ( ago)
what is that light that keeps flashing

Author crazyguy hemanth (827 years ago)
Quality of screen and touch and ofcourse camera rocks like michel jackson
.......note is ever green....once root your note 2 and try installing
custom roms ....most of the custom roms are first ported to note 2 and then
s3 ...its because the number of users who use note 2 ...

Author Clarty Paths ( ago)
well I know I'm 2 years too late, but I just bought one hehe. great review,
you're almost as mad as me :) x

Author Bebs Daniel ( ago)
ok ok I am getting this fabulous, and interesting note 2

Author Bebs Daniel ( ago)
Thank you for this awesome information

Author Fknstud ( ago)
You are very beautiful! :)

Author Brian Donovan ( ago)
you were ok til about 9:20 when you said "Retarded" F you ugly...

Author blessedlife93 ( ago)
She's a babe

Author John Xin ( ago)
Note 3 is out and time say good bye to ur Jose

Author so172003 ( ago)
Mug shot thumbnail :D

Author Jordan H ( ago)
It's Titanium Grey... Not black.... thats why

Author psg1504 ( ago)
I think the original note looks the best. I hate what Samsung have done
with the black colour of the Note 2 and S4, it's off black and doesn't look
anywhere near as good as the jet black casing with the black screen.
Because of this I'd go for the white one. Great review though, thanks :)

Author Sasha K ( ago)
Watching this on my note 2, love you xo

Author Yury Tsybulsky ( ago)
Зачем от так быстро говорит,я не успеваю

Author fec1963 ( ago)
I love how you explain all about Note 2..

Author LittleWally110 ( ago)
Are you going to do a Nexus 5 review

Author diaa helehy ( ago)
i hvae slept

Author Mike B ( ago)
Brilliant - of the 20 or so reviews for the Note 2, this is by far the best

Author jamil qureshi ( ago)

Author Rickk Blanc ( ago)
Awesome review! My first concern to get 1 is the screen, I hear is really

Author sam sung ( ago)
wow, the auto white balance in video mode is pretty impressive, almost as
smooth as a DSLR ! you can shoot movies with this lol anyhow, i think the
n°1 reason why someone should by this phone is the battery life. i'v tried
many smart phones before (iphone, android, WP), and having to charge them
every day (sometimes more !) gets annoying really fast.

Author Anthony Reed ( ago)
Hi Erica, I really enjoyed your video on the note 2, have you done a video
on the note 3, if not when? ;-)

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Author Christian Plummer ( ago)
I'm getting the note 2 next week :D my mum has a s3 so I have an idea what
it's like :D I'm soo excited

Author Christian Plummer ( ago)
She's really pretty :) I'm either getting the original note or the 2

Author Aswani Kumar ( ago)
Smart phones are like women. Today you like S3, tomorrow Note 2, and day
after tomorrow Note 3... we just can't stop loving them ... and they sit in
ur pocket by emptying your pocket. yeah...!!! girls don't shout...
agreed!!! we still can't stop loving you... She is very beautiful!!! hey
not u (Erica), I am talking about note2 ... and erica u r awesome!!!

Author Aswani Kumar ( ago)
great review ... for a great phone... but crystal clear under sunlight???
are u sure??? :)

Author TB Freshness ( ago)
You're cute.

Author jcckidz ( ago)
Is this an unlocked phone or bought through a US carrier? I ask because I
read that the unlocked version of this phone has twice the brightness
level, making the screen easier to see in brighter environments.

Author POTIS1 ( ago)
33:45 its me!...MARIO!...N64!

Author POTIS1 ( ago)
17:38 ΠΩΣ?...

Author POTIS1 ( ago)
13:26 ολα τα λεφτα!

Author TechStuffUnboxings ( ago)
If you thought this was big, check out my unboxing of Samsung Galaxy Mega
6.3! :)

Author Gammaraystarship ( ago)
Good review btw lol

Author Gammaraystarship ( ago)
What app are u using for the nintendo games???

Author John Murray ( ago)
Great info thanks

Author TheMarioManiac101 ( ago)
I watched it all :) she's so beautiful

Author Hunter Organ wood ( ago)
how did you get the blue light to flash all the time

Author MrTimmykingen ( ago)
Fan vad pittögd

Author wrywry2526 ( ago)
AWESOME VIDEO. JUST GOT MINES 5DAYS AGO. and I have so much to learn. But
your video was super awesome & truly helpful on so many questions I had.
Thanks doll.

Author Bobb Graziano ( ago)
Hi Erica, I really like the Samsung Galaxy Note II and think the Note 3 may
be a little over the top,with the feature changes. Is the Note 3,all that
much better than the Note II? Bobby

Author Carl Knox ( ago)
Erica, when are you going to open an Google plus page?

Author fingerstrings ( ago)
Erica, I have watched many video's on this phone and your review was by far
the best.

Author Lloyd Richards ( ago)
You actually know a lot more than the guy reviewers. Rooting & flashing
this device is not needed, everything on the NOTEii is perfect and bug
free. I am coming from the very start of the Android OS and in my opinion
Samsung has done a great job. I am glad to say that we only need to root
and flash old phones only, any device after 2012 shouldn't need root or
flashing, i think many watch too much youtube and don't watch the learning
about computers and file systems first. My main app is Tasker

Author Lloyd Richards ( ago)
The note3 will have nothing new to offer, let's wait for the flex screens.
Why would you pre-order a note 3 (to let everyone on youtube know you have
money)?? its not the new Call of Duty or something likewise that sells out
of stock, the s4 was somewhat a hit and never sold out, i love the NOTE
range but most people don't see the pen as the future because they wasn't
alive when touch screen devices started with a pen back in the early days
of windowsMobile!

Author Hobbygamer27 ( ago)
What N64 Emulator are you using? Playstore Link would be nice.

Author Deb LaBree ( ago)
I thoroughly enjoyed this video and learned even more about my phone (I've
had it 8 months) LOL. Q- When removing S-Pen your "discover your inner
creativity" page came up with templates. Mine comes up without. Did I lose
them?? Q- When you double tap your center button your S-Voice command page
appears, mine does not. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks if you can
answer these questions for me. :)

Author aa aa ( ago)
Nice but do manicure and sort ur nails out coz they look awful

Author TheFasakasa ( ago)
i am waiting for discount lol

Author TwiiZerN ( ago)
I just ordered mine :) I'm overly excited! xD

Author Mademoiselle Jolie ( ago)
You are freaken awesome, I can't wait to get my phone, than i'm going to
come right back to follow your instruction. I like how you name your phone,
I will name HIM, lol to. Either Teddy or FIFTH lol. Thanks girly

Author TheFasakasa ( ago)
hey.. I have Galaxy Wonder now but i want to change my device. I am
thinking about buying Galaxy Note 2 . Should i but it now what is your

Author Babu Nahas ( ago)
Yeah man this website here is just sending out comletely free White Apple
iPad 3's for today only. You have to be fill out your address but it's all
real, I claimed my one a few minutes ago. Better hurry up! UPAD3.COM Let's
tell the truth to people. When people ask, 'How are you?' have the nerve
sometimes to answer truthfully

Author Sample Text ( ago)
Alternate title: A brown haired teenager doesn't know what she's holding.
*videos completely different*

Author grevenn ( ago)
Unless she is sitting down look at the beginning and the switch on the wall
behind her. Its at her head.

Author ShoresOfHelll ( ago)
Hi, Could you please tell me if there is any pixelation on Note 2 compared
to GNex? I currently have GNex and both are 720p but note 2 has almost 2
inches bigger screen. Thanks :)

Author Chad Faria ( ago)
i wanna fuck her so bad...

Author nena ( ago)
Thanks to your video I got this phone today :) so happy! !

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