Galaxy Note II REVIEW *All you need to know* (Note II vs S III vs Original Note)


In depth Exynos mDNIe screen issues.
Susie Driskle S Pen Sabotage

Hello everyone!!! Here is probably -- pretentiously the most in-depth review on the Note II that you will ever see... LOL Enjoy, relax, stay a while, and pick a topic. OR watch the whole thing!!!

1. Intro (00:14)
2. Form Factor (1:15)
3. 4 device pile up (2:39)
4. Build Quality (3:30)
5. Durability - my dad dropped it!!! (5:26)
6. Out Door / Direct Sunlight Readability (7:09)
7. Pocket test (7:46)
8. Operating System *Start* (9:25)
9. Sensors and Motion (10:47)
10. Voice Recognition - S Voice and Google Now (15:35)
11. How to get Flash on Jelly Bean!!! (19:31)
12. S Pen Features *Start* (20:11)
13. Pen commands *menu, back, quick command, ETC (20:24)
14. USING S NOTE is a BLAST (23:08)
15. Pen and Photo Editing Wizardry (25:06)
16. Don't forget these Pen Tools! (27:16)
17. Pop Up BROWSER (28:12)
18. Multi-window (28:51)
19. Galaxy Note II Processors and Power *vs Note and SIII* (29:21)
20. CPU Browser speed test Note II vs SIII (30:58)
21. GPU and Game Play Power!!!! (32:21)
22. RAM Power 2GB buttery smoothness (34:29)
23. THE DISPLAY *START* (35:32)
24. Up close of Note Original and Note II Pixels (36:39)
25. Burn in??? (38:27)
26. Gorgeous MEDIA EXPERIENCE & NO black clipping!!!! (38:59)
27. NO Black Clipping demonstration (41:06)
28. Display IMPERFECTIONS (42:45)
29. Battery Life (45:58)
30. Antennas and Phone Versions (47:47)
31. The Cameras and Demonstrations (48:41)
32. Outside Video Tests and Photos (52:08)
33. THE END! Thank You for watching!!! (54:12)

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Author DuxDub Studios ( ago)
Older Samsung products are so awesome :D

Author TheKoderius ( ago)
wow this the most comprehensive review i saw in my life

Author William Adams ( ago)
Thanks i am going to buy the note 2 at&t i am getting rid of my galaxy 3
for this phone its way better i can see that... thanks!

Author Cole Sanford ( ago)
My galaxy note 2 will not rotate the screen it has completely stop screen
deos not rotate period

Deos anyone no hot to fix this problem and is it calmend 

Author Rainbow Armadillo ( ago)
Thank you so much for the review! :))

I'm gonna get a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 soon!!

Author Jacob Kader ( ago)
Don't ever put that shit in your pocket! Ever because I removed it from the
otterbox because it kept getting too hot when it was in the otterbox so I
put it for a hour then I wanted to check my phone it already had a scratch
on it! So trust me get an otterbox

Author David Dahl ( ago)
Drop the phone and the battery is like..Mayday mayday, going down! Eject
eject! too bad no parachute.

Author chahrayar mestiri ( ago)
j'ai enlever la batterie et j ai remis apres 1 minute le telèphone c'est
bloquer il ne fonctionne plus que diis je faire merci

Author Browneyesxoxo11 ( ago)
Thank you so much for making this video I learn a lot about my Samsung
Galaxy note 2 😊

Author blake hoeschen ( ago)
How do you get that n64oid app? Id love to play mario on my note 2

Author Mayra Ayala ( ago)

Author Collins Zimba ( ago)
Awesome video! Really love it! And you :P Stay Awesome!!

-- Collins Z

Author baseldroid ( ago)
*respect erica* 😅

Author rey aponte ( ago)
I could tell she is short...Dont matter the size its whats inside. You
awesome Erica dont listen to people out there.

Author goofyedward (1482 years ago)
What was the name of the screen protector she said was the best? I can't
find the spot where she said it.

Author alassane ouattara ( ago)

Author Kyaw Kyaw ( ago)

Author Stewart Brand ( ago)
Such a good video, talk about in-depth!

Author romuald tv ( ago)
beautiful eyes 

Author Yeshu ( ago)
You have a good style for presentations.
However, all you talk about is phones.
Please stick to Social experiments..they are much beneficial to younger
generations than Ipad/notebooks and such.

Author Hيحيى Jحكمى‎ (1141 year ago)

Author Who Are You u ( ago)
You are ugly

Author Javis Lam ONG ( ago)
Her face is stupid

Author Drums Element ( ago)
Good video, i like ur eyes

Author Barry Perry ( ago)
omg i love the pocket test lol 

Author Barry Perry ( ago)
what is that light that keeps flashing

Author Jones Elizaga ( ago)
I got to ask how tall are you cuz I've seen this phone personally and its
really not that big but good video big fan of ur reviews..keep up the good
work thumbs up for u. 

Author crazyguy hemanth (827 years ago)
Quality of screen and touch and ofcourse camera rocks like michel jackson
.......note is ever green....once root your note 2 and try installing
custom roms ....most of the custom roms are first ported to note 2 and then
s3 ...its because the number of users who use note 2 ...

Author Clarty Paths ( ago)
well I know I'm 2 years too late, but I just bought one hehe. great review,
you're almost as mad as me :) x

Author Bebs Daniel ( ago)
ok ok I am getting this fabulous, and interesting note 2

Author Bebs Daniel ( ago)
Thank you for this awesome information

Author Fknstud ( ago)
You are very beautiful! :)

Author Rein Lont ( ago)
Great review! I still have my Note 2(Thanks to you) I'm still loving it.
Is the Note 3 much better, You think? Keep up the good works! :)

Author ‫أبو ريناد الدغيشم‬‎ ( ago)

Author brenda brown ( ago)
Getting the note 2 next week, I had the original note for one day did not
like it, had problems with facebook the note 1 was too wide

Author ‫عبدالله الشهري‬‎ ( ago)
تعلم اللغه اﻻنجليزيه من شان احاكيك.الله يسترعليك ياشيخ جمال ياكم علمتنا
وﻻفهمنا. تحياتي لك ياشيخ جمال 

Author Guillermo Lovato ( ago)
how about using the screen with your fingernails only, does it work?

Author Surv. Adel ( ago)
plz help

Author Surv. Adel ( ago)
how to fix footer is wrong note 2 

Author Jordon Grubic ( ago)
Erica, how does the Note 2 compare to the Note 3 Neo?

Both have 720p displays and neither are pentile, but I don't know how they
compare in terms of color quality (such as oversaturation) and gamma.

I have the same curiosity about the speaker quality as well, both the rear
(for watching movies) and front (for phone calls).

If you have any info I would really appreciate it. Your reviews are
always the most reliable.

Author bryan arce ( ago)
best review of the note 2 on you tube thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author patrick jackson ( ago)
s voice was not wrong when you asked how old Justin bieber was, it was
correct. and the jcb diesel max is the fastest car not street legal.

Author Dana chihimi ( ago)
NOTE 2 IS THE BEST PHONE IVE EVER BOUGHT !!!!! I have it and im lovin it

Author zarbon18 ( ago)
Whats fucking wrong with your eyes

Author Riky Marru ( ago)
those eyebrows tough.....

Author Tipsandtricks ( ago)
I'm getting that phone 

Author vn01208503 ( ago)
and yet ppl complaint about iphone, samsung is just like iphone now

Author 1977Alexander ( ago)
Love the Jazz at the beginning Erica ;) also liking the time coded
vids...good idea!

Author Paulo Gaspar ( ago)

Author Richard Getz ( ago)
Thumbs up for the time coding! 

Author valentinvoinea00 ( ago)
Can someone explain what the refreshrate's screen is ?

Author ciaranbrennan16 (46 years ago)
Shes Hot!

Author CrushingGroovesByAlexFromSuffer ( ago)
Galaxy Note 2 was shit , got the charging port fixed 3 times and it failed
again I threw it at the car floor finally and smashed the POS , how can
you people say the Note 2 was good???

Author Onbekendbekende ( ago)
Your face goddamned

Author Lee Blood ( ago)
That was a fake phone number right?

Author mr “hhrosa4” smith ( ago)
Blk dudes love erica lol

Author justin2griffin (314 years ago)
The Samsung Mega is twice the size of the already huge Note. Freaking

Author Nassim le grand ( ago)
Nice et dans les prochains mois de juillet et août

Author GoFurselfmrmuno ( ago)
Your hands are tiny

Author Cameron Denis ( ago)
yes this would be perfect for me

Author Dave Fredrock ( ago)
Thank you so much for your review. I know I'm a late guy here but am
thinking about buying this over an S4 for right now. Price is about the
same used I guess. Also, I think you're super fabulous. (sorry)

Author Tanuj Roy ( ago)
great detailed review, thanks 

Author THouGHT CReaTioNiST ( ago)
I saw the thumbnail and i was like whoa this lady is really looking at the
phone, I've got to check this out.

Author Jover Taguinod ( ago)
Reason i love this fone is bcoz i suck in typing and the s-pen made it
easier for me to jot down messages and write notes :-)

Author satallit ( ago)
Shut up !! Erica! - Petter Griffin

Author Carlos Cavalcanti ( ago)
Erica, your communication skills and overal review quality are simply
amazing. Also, yes, it IS the most in-depth review of the Note 2 I´ve ever
seen. I can only imagen that a LOT of work went into this, in researching,
preparation, etc. Your review beats by far the reviews of any "tech pro"
sites. And the cherry on top: you´re wonderfully fun. Way to go. *applause*

Author trident thunderking ( ago)
tdnt care about the review but this girl is hot

Author Pernell Butler ( ago)
I dont want Note 3 I rather wait till Note 4 

Author Pernell Butler ( ago)
Waste of money to get a phone 2 years old. Because your phone may not get
all updates

Author Justin Salgado ( ago)
Hi Erica do you still have your note 2

Author Justin Salgado ( ago)
Hi erica do you still have your note 2

Author Isaiah Forbes ( ago)
Watching this on my note 2 

Author robert Thomas ( ago)
Where did you get all the phones

Author Theodore Schroeder (1917 years ago)
I Play Castle Clash quite often. Do you think it will have some
short-term/long-term noticeable damage?

I am thinking of getting the Note 2. I have the Galaxy S3.

Other then Castle Clash, I dont Text/Call or anything else a whole lot. but
I do need a phone. so >.<

Author gene fury ( ago)
The note 2 is a great phone the 3 is better but the 2 is great o have a 2
and I still love it

Author shsho koreangirl ( ago)
sorry to ask this out of the blue but i am a bit clumsy on these things
would you say that note 2 is best or note 3 ???

Author Mohamed Badr ( ago)
hey , i'm getting a new phone soon and i was comparing between the note 2
and the galaxy s4 , which one should i get :) ?? and is the note 2 is still
good phone for 2014 ?
great vid. 

Author jaimesf24 ( ago)
Pretty cool review up to now im still inlove with this phone...very
informative and fun to watch ..thanks you for about 4 months of use still
dont know all of its features you unlock all of its secrets keep it
up...note 2 still rules in 2014 your humor keep making videos

Author jaimesf24 ( ago)
Pretty cool review up to now im still inlove with this phone...very
informative and fun to watch ..thanks you for about 4 months of use still
dont know all of its features you unlock all of its secrets keep it
up...note 2 still rules in 2014 your humor keep making videos

Author Jahaira Cochrane ( ago)
Loved your video, thank you so much for this it was exactly what I was
looking for. I just order two of the G Notes 2 :D I'm excited!

Author pjwlk ( ago)
Awesome review! Thanks for sharing!

Author Min Uddin ( ago)

Author Min Uddin ( ago)

Author ‫محمد الزبيدي‬‎ ( ago)

Author Thogrin ( ago)
Do more pocket tests! :D Other parts of the video are also great ;)

Author Kashif Kashif ( ago)
روعه والله

Author Kashif Kashif ( ago)
روعه والله

Author Kashif Kashif ( ago)

Author Kashif Kashif ( ago)

Author omar skipper ( ago)
Thanks hi from New Zealand

Author Wesam Abdlrahman ( ago)
cute :D and gr8 video

Author Johnny Dwyer ( ago)
What, you my dear left a very bias review. I have the Note2 and other than
the screen size the phone is not worth its money. I don't know how many
times I almost threw my Note2 off a wall. I cannot stand LAG, and Samsung
devices have plenty of it. Using GPS, wait 30 seconds before it finds the
address. Make a phone call, you better hope it's not a emergency. Come on
girl you are a obvious Samfan lover 

Author SKY THOMPSON ( ago)

Author Jason “Andrew” Holloman ( ago)

Author Paige Davis ( ago)
Has anyone actually watched this whole video?

Author Ken Kamau ( ago)
Erica I Subscribed to your channel two weeks ago and am enjoying every very
video l watch......please and advise looking to buy a phone confused
between note 2 or grand 2?????which one to date would you buy?and why?

Author AzyleeZ Studio ( ago)
nice. but so long.. btw. i using note 2 yay!

Author James Dusek ( ago)
Your as cute as a bug under a rug. I love your video. Your sooo creative
and smart. 

Author akash patil ( ago)
Nokia 1200 is better

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