2009 PBA Geico Plastic Ball Championship - Chris Barnes vs. Pete Weber (Part 2)

Here we go to an old school type tournament where everyone was forced to use a plastic ball to bring back that retro type of bowling that peaked back in the 60's through the 80's. Here is part 2 of the first match between Chris Barnes and Pete Weber.

Enjoy :)

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Author djm50able (2 months)
What kinda of ball was Pete weber using?

Author Derrick Dian (4 months)
how come in the 6th frame they gave barnes 9 pins but he had the 4-7=8 pins

Author Lefty Bowling (3 years)
"thats a hornets nest over there. u dont wanna rile that thing up!!!!"

Author grec05 (5 years)
whoa...that's really strange to see, good eyes man, so is that a problem?

Author JlMMIEJAM (2 years)
PDW whining and crying again! What a little bitch

Author Anthony Bobo (5 years)
this game was intense e

Author asoeng (5 years)
I saw the Walter Ray just before the release was snapped with flash and he
split the frame and Barnes took the chance and string his strikes

Author crashbandit900 (6 years)
2:54 it tells you

Author thedoc56 (3 years)
@htc6600 im talking about sport shot

Author Nicholas Hidalgo (1 year)
sooo soo soo stupid. those arent really plastic balls. they have a core and
there sanded

Author Levi Romero (6 years)
o yeah!

Author thedoc56 (4 years)
@mordanai yeahh the best bowlers in the world are pussies. ur a fuckin
idiot. a plastic ball doesnt work on the oil patterns of today. no matter
how skilledd the bowler

Author dtowndontbl1nk (5 years)
Thanks, well I'm not sure. I think it is though

Author Tyler Franger (5 years)
if i had half the amount of talent these guys have i would be making money
with it. man these guys are good.

Author rightwing65 (5 years)
I still use an old columbia 300 red dot from around 1981. Works great on
typical house shot. I always get a kick out of these guys that show up with
3 or 4 high performance bowling balls, and then I pull out my red dot and
beat 'em. This is my first year back after a 10 year layoff....averaging
215, but's on a THS.

Author ViciousC6 (5 years)
rightwing you sound like a tpyical house bowler lol

Author pocodfe (6 years)
Ya, I know, but when I said "standard", I meant a standard pattern from the
70's or 80' typically used back, in the day. Now that would have
made this scoring much lower.

Author phorcajo (6 years)
Back when plastic was king, the patterns were much flater and had about 1/2
the volume. To lay down a "standard pattern" would defeat the purpose of
the plastic tournaments.

Author pocodfe (6 years)
The only question I have is exactly how easy was the lane condtion to match
that of a plastic in DRY lanes? The real skill would have been to
put down a standard PBA condition and THEN see what happens.

Author andyjv2000 (1 year)
That's why you're watching it on YouTube, right? Fucking jackass.

Author Ryan Quealey (1 year)
@ryan daniel when you can throw 269 with a plastic ball let me know. These
guys are the best in the world, Ive bowled with them. Pete Weber has rabbit
ears and its distracting hear a camera or a phone. It happens all the time

Author IlGreven (6 years)
I got your hambone right here...

Author Nofaces (5 years)
did you see the clip where someone flashes a camera right when he throws
the ball? totally blinded him and he splits against barnes in their last
championship match on something

Author StickTweedles87 (6 years)
2:02 = LOL

Author airjordan60 (4 years)
rob stone is funny lol

Author dtowndontbl1nk (6 years)
Did you guys notice at 3:43 he bowled 8 and got 9 for it?

Author MONOPOLY35 (4 years)
Plastic bowling balls LOL!

Author bigkellyr (5 years)
For those that noticed in the 6th frame Barnes knocked down 8 pins but got
credited for 9 at 3:44 and he was given a 4th frame score of 98.. However @
5:24 the scoreboard shows they caught the mistake and his 4th frame score
was changed to 97. If they had not changed it it could have been a real

Author Scott Demirjian (5 years)
I saw the incident to which you're refering, and I hate to call your bluff,
but you completely fabricated the split and the fact that it was in the
championship match. Pete left a 10 pin on that shot, and it was during a
step-ladder match, not the championship match.

Author TheWaterRunner (4 years)
@pinbuster1993 No he is the wolf !

Author Tor Shock (2 years)

Author i just want the truth about 9/11 (2 years)
pete a fag cocky douche

Author Scott Demirjian (5 years)
uh... no kidding?

Author Nicholas Hidalgo (1 year)
and half the oil. soooo stupid

Author Anthony Bobo (4 years)
at 3:49 he only hit eight pins the score board said 9 lol

Author crashbandit900 (6 years)
they were on a reg pba pattern they played on the cheetah pattern

Author htc6600 (3 years)
@thedoc56 I beg to differ. My 25 year-old Yellow Dot has six 300 games on
it on synthetic lanes with sloppy oil. If you are consistent, use your
brain and think about what you're doing instead of relying on an aggresive
ball to get to the pocket you can score on any lane surface with a plastic
ball. A 300 with an old ball is so much more satisfying than the new crap
that makes the game too easy.

Author Kitty (3 years)
no one watches this stuff anymore

Author InconCvAble (5 years)
1:23 pete weber is such an asshole

Author eternetytenrete (6 years)
Where the hell has Jones been?

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