Bangla road Girls waiting for customers

Patong Bangla Road Phuket

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Author PrITH viE ( ago)

Author Rupam Deshai ( ago)

Author mohammad qaredaqi ( ago)
I feel sorry!

Author capespring ( ago)
this act would render the money unfit for use, which is still an illegal

Author capespring ( ago)
money burning is illegal but the law isn't strictly enforced, just like

Author capespring ( ago)
sensible answer please

Author none ( ago)
but I know you

Author capespring ( ago)
u do not know them

Author none ( ago)
I am stating the facts..

Author capespring ( ago)
who r u 2 judge them?

Author none ( ago)
you're clueless.. and a guy like you would be eaten alive by these girls.

Author MrPeterpott ( ago)
Who works for 'fun'? 99.99% of people wish they could do something else..
Who works because they DON'T need money? 99.99% of people work to pay debts
and to support a family.

Author none ( ago)
those bitches are hardcore hookers dude... they don't need you to feel
sorry for them

Author none ( ago)
no ones forcing her to be there

Author Kennie MusicLovers ( ago)
None ..pretty ? Pattaya beach road better looking !

Author Kennie MusicLovers ( ago)
Never see such place in Soi Bangla...exactly where please?

Author mon1369 ( ago)
they are Thai girls

Author mon1369 ( ago)
they are Chinese girls

Author audiophobia82 ( ago)
yes really sad. i talked to many bargirls in thailand. sometimes you can
start crying... very poor but often very nice girls, just hoping to get
better life. and then so many fucked up sex tourist farangs just go there
for cheap fuck... :(

Author Mrsinister Yups ( ago)
pigs used to be 22 dollars now the exchange sucks and there 33 alteast,
nuts. thai hookers are not worth more then 9 dollars imho

Author Mrsinister Yups ( ago)
pity, lmao, fuck em n chuck em, 16 dollar pigs.

Author parth ritu ( ago)
don't feel pity...they could have landed decent jobs but they take the road
of easy money on their own

Author Barry West ( ago)
I would pick the girl on the right. I like a larger bust and she would be
fun to do reverse cowgirl with!

Author Barry West ( ago)
Maybe she has no respect for the men and she's thinking on how she'll scam
their credit cards!

Author Tom Darke ( ago)
1500 BHT for the night

Author Tukarama ( ago)
If you pay more than $30-$40 for the night you are crazy! Don't drive up
the prices, man. This ain't America - don't pay American prices ha ha.

Author ezzay.ansak2013 ( ago)
I feel sorry for the middle girl in the white top. She look abit nervous
and shy. Life can be so cruel and unfair.

Author Red Berry91 ( ago)
300 bat up to 1000 bat if you silly boy rent a fuck from street

Author IMS of Oslo ( ago)
No tienes mujeres en tu familia? Cerdo desvergonzado..

Author vincentnicholle vincentnicholle ( ago)
i have nothing agains u.. but i do live in a third world country i did seen
a lot of shit in my life i was a waitress around this woman and a lot of
them think this a joke including the fact that they may catch diseases and
competing each othere who have the most 'barfines'. they are proud and
braging about it too.and the other jobs like girl..etc..those doesn't need
any degree.. and i do respect what you believe...

Author highon74 ( ago)
Do you know now much 'other jobs' there are in their country? and you also
have to realize this is a VERY different culture from where you from,
regardless of where you from (providing its not thailand). I assume from
your name your from somewhere in the Western Hempisphere. That shit isn't
looked upon there as it is in the West. You have to keep that in mind as

Author scarflyr02 ( ago)
how much for a quikie ?

Author cherep ok ( ago)

Author vincentnicholle vincentnicholle ( ago)
this kind of woman make me sick!! don't tell me people that they don't have
a choice bec, they do insted being a hookers.. there more jobs that don't
require degree!!!!!... i guess all they want is the quick money...

Author Poseidon99Jeus ( ago)
I take the one in the left !!

Author scott w ( ago)
i have done worse

Author ninuxy ( ago)
The conversation s0x0rs.

Author sunnyy0007 ( ago)
whats their price???

Author ReturnTrip ( ago)
I'd hit it.

Author goldesd90 ( ago)
Yes they are!

Author goldesd90 ( ago)
are these hoes?

Author clivej148 ( ago)
which one's are the Lady Boys LOL

Author zuluryan192 ( ago)
lol id ask them all if they were dudes and check for scars on the neck and
shit b4 i shagged them lol

Author Hamdan Perkase ( ago)
i love the leff side!yeaaaaaaah

Author SwiftDemise9 ( ago)
@leon6266 says the guy who has little to no experience getting laid in

Author lochavsahab ( ago)
i remembr the lady on left, i spend time with her, she is lovely i ffel
like goin to thailand again lol

Author dontbe nosey ( ago)
give a dog a home today for just 20 english pounds hahaha

Author hogiesanKenobi ( ago)
You can bet these girls are probably ok . They DEFINATELY will have a child
or two . The husband will be a deadbeat and left them to it . If you find
the right ones you can have a great Holiday..

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