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Author Urban Cowboy (4 months)
When you gonna make more videos on your 44mag snubby?

Author SteelBustingBiker (8 months)
Dang! Finally found a video on a real carry 44 Mag DA!
Yup, who in the buck needs adjustable rear sighs on a short barrel camp

Author GrapeApeVine (1 year)
whats the deal with the bullshit recoil raising of the arms? any shooter
knows thats bullshit!! who are u johnny rowland. SMH

Author Steve C (1 year)
Thank you for making the video. Is the 2 5/8 " accurate? It looks like it
from your video. How far away were you? Best wishes

Author MagneticDog (5 years)
@shilohtv Indeed. Carry in confidence with that 44. Good point about the
belt, I have to upgrade. Thanks for the vid and damn fine shooting.

Author shilohtv (4 years)
@61phantom Rusty Sherick Rig

Author practicalwhacktical (4 years)
@shilohtv Yeah, I saw the snub in the performance center and the night
guard configuration. I'm too simple of a man though for the extravagances
they have on those Well, now that I know what to look for I'll
be better about keeping my eyes open. Appreciate the reply.

Author shilohtv (5 years)
Thanks, and we appreciate your comments and input, please join us on our
man page as well we would love to have you

Author shilohtv (4 years)
I carried a 4 inch for years, loved it, you can find the snubs around I ran
across mine in a gun store by accident and see them on line regularly

Author JC Denton (4 years)
Only cool people carry snubbies you're awesome and i love your videos

Author robin6512 (4 years)
Damn that's a mighty fine carry gun. Bit big for me, but sure it's a
convincing round... (i do own a S&W mod 29 5' ... :)) )

Author doacarnage (5 years)
Try 27 grains of win296 with a 240 grain bullet

Author Red Whinemann (3 years)
A 44 mag for a carry - that's given me some food for thought!! Question:
When you made that tight group in this video, what ammo were you using, and
how far away from the target were you? What is the max distance for this
short barrel pistol? Thanks a lot!! Great video!

Author shilohtv (5 years)
I like this gun a lot, works for just about everything I do

Author shilohtv (4 years)
@Alexanderockport Thanks my friend

Author jjohnston94 (4 years)
Is the string at :53 real time? Nice.

Author shilohtv (4 years)
I love the 5 inch, it is an awesome gun and I used to always have one on my
hip when i was in the mountains working you can not do any better and it
will do whatever needs to be done.

Author ShoreDude105 (2 years)
That Model 29 snubby is a great looking gun. What is the lighter comabt
load that you carry in it?

Author nbenicewicz (5 years)
Hey I don't carry it all the time but sometimes I carry a Smith & Wesson
Model 29-2 with a 6 inch barrel in a jacket designed for concealed carry.

Author shilohtv (4 years)
@Tadpoleriver 18.5 gr of 2400 under a 250 gr "Keith" bullet

Author Paul Kyser (5 years)
I've been looking at the S&W 329 44mag. how much does the weight difference
affect performance and handling in your opinion?

Author Connor Rensimer (5 years)
beautiful, thanks

Author Ulises Torres (4 years)
where and how do you get the stub nose for that magnum

Author MagneticDog (5 years)
@shilohtv I respect that. To each his own. Thats like a 40 oz gun no? Too
heavy for me and too wide. Concealed carry anyway. Open carry in bear
country I would definielty have a 629 on my hip though. I have a 686P 4
inch. I love it to pieces but that gun is 40+ oz loaded. I'd image the 629
is about the same or a little burlier.

Author shilohtv (4 years)
@WinchesterRanger It is the Black Hills Amunition Elmer Keith 44 Special

Author thebeans380 (3 years)
I would love to have this gun,for now I have a 629-1 3 inch.. thanks for
the vid....

Author shilohtv (4 years)
@mkeulr Thank you for watching

Author Sgt CID (1 year)
44 mag light combat load? Sorry but never heard of that. Can you give more
info for others to know where to purchase same? Good video, Thanks.

Author old12school3 (5 years)
Could you take down a bear with it? Not joking!

Author shilohtv (4 years)
Take care and thanks for taking the time to watch

Author shilohtv (5 years)
Like they say the one you will use is better than the one you leave behind,
I have never weighed it, I were in a good open top belt holster or the
lawman inside the pants one , the key for me with a any carry gun is a good
solid belt. I had a 681 and loved it, I have a 65 3 inch you will see on my
belt a good deal, 357's are hard to beat

Author shilohtv (5 years)
@nbenicewicz Cool

Author shilohtv (4 years)
Make sure your audio controls are centered

Author DisgruntledStormie (3 years)
0:53 -- Nice grouping.

Author monsterman27 (5 years)
do you think the trail boss barrel is too short to get a desired velocity
to stop a bear?Ive heard a 4 inch barrel is a better option. I just know if
i had to stop a bear i want all the atvantages i can get.

Author shilohtv (4 years)
@tiggerr42431 Thanks for the compliment

Author SteelBustingBiker (3 years)
Sorry my Friend. They use Model 25 (45 LC) in the movie for the larger bore
size. Please.... I bought one in 1980.

Author practicalwhacktical (4 years)
Wow! Very nice! Not an easy gun to find though. I have a 4" 629 and would
love a snub as my carry piece.

Author shilohtv (4 years)
I use the Elmer Keith .44 Special Loads From Black Hills for just about
everything short of Grizzly, I have never been a fan of hollow points and
find them no more effective than the flat nose ammo.

Author shilohtv (5 years)
I love mine, you will find it with me most all of the time

Author MagneticDog (5 years)
I'd love a 629, but it wouldnt be my carry gun. It would sit on my coffe
table and look pretty.

Author Morris1962 (5 years)
What is nice about those revolvers is the potential for variation in the
ammunition. So 44 magnums in the woods for bear or hunting, and 44 specials
for defense against humans. A very nice CCW weapon if you can take the
weight. Thanks for posting.

Author thebeans380 (3 years)
thanks for your help... I will try them, thanks again..

Author old12school3 (5 years)
Thanks good video!

Author Lobo Jay (3 years)
@PhillyHrlyRdr how much was it ? looking to buy one too.

Author Lobo Jay (3 years)
How much is the 629 w 2.58 barrel

Author shilohtv (4 years)
@Slic3R1 Thanks my friend and thanks for watching

Author shilohtv (5 years)
A lot of people whine about the weight, I have been carrying a full size
gun for a long time so i really do not notice, I love the 44 mag / 44
special because there are so many different loads for it, I will say this
stay away fro the lighter weight versions they are very unpleasant to shoot.

Author chapmasi (5 years)
Nice groupings

Author shilohtv (4 years)
@Alexanderockport Thanks my friend

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