Big Sean - My Last ft. Chris Brown

Music video by Big Sean performing My Last. (C) 2011 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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Author CarlosDaniel(Dato). ( ago)
Cuando no el chris lacreandosela en el coro

Author Eric Craft ( ago)
0:58 omg a triangle and an eye on his back

Author Solo Aragon ( ago)
My last

Author CRIMsProductions ( ago)
Man I remember those TI$A redwings snapbacks were the shit back then. 

Author Reshawn 580 ( ago)
The first of everything is always the best, back in the those days tho. :/
Thumbs up if your still rocking to this in 2015.

Author Teena Francis ( ago)

Author 0nevia ( ago)
I like that philosophy, to seize the moment.

Author rayemery788 ( ago)
Album dropped 1 year ago today .... it's Krazy how long ago that was 

Author BL Recording Studio ( ago)
me too

Author Victoria Rabelisoa ( ago)

Author Emmanuel Zakayo ( ago)
Nc song

Author Omnitrix8 ( ago)
Damn! Big Sean has not aged!

Author Tyreke Hutchonson (Kxng ty) (838 years ago)
Me 2

Author Steven Wilcox (1332 years ago)

Author Alol Duot ( ago)
Sean voice still be the same until now

Author Vonna Wilder ( ago)
Y'all kno I gay as fuck whe it comes to da D🍆

Author Vonna Wilder ( ago)
Eat my pussy and suck my asssss 

Author Vonna Wilder ( ago)
Eat my pussy and suck my asssss 

Author Vonna Wilder (741 year ago)

Author Vonna Wilder (862 years ago)

Author Selairium X ( ago)
I hate that autotune bullshit in the beginning

Author ninjacreature10 ( ago)

Author ninjacreature10 ( ago)

Author Paulo Jesus ( ago)

Author norma garcia ( ago)
I like the song but he sold his soul to the devil.

Author ABK Squad ( ago)

Author manilla256 ( ago)
Awww snappp

Author Kwami Robinson ( ago)
Sean ain't like that no more the dude changed alot

Author Amanda Smith ( ago)
Wow this was going crazy my freshman year of college....damn great year!!

Author Samuel Nyambura ( ago)

Author nashawn sumter ( ago)
When I die I will miss music $$$$$

Author Alex Long ( ago)
I remember hearing this when I was 11yrs. Old. Man I hate how time is fast,
it just needs to slow down and let it last longer so we can perish it...
It's crazy!

Author Jula GEMELIER ( ago)

Author Drizzy Drake ( ago)
Big Sean is a talented rapper,his new album dark sky paradise was FLAWLESS

Author Jaquetta Underwood ( ago)
So do I

Author Jeffrey Harris ( ago)
classic big sean

Author Missy Aguilar ( ago)

Author wb2471 ( ago)
white pwer

Author TheSteveoizzle ( ago)
Donald Trump 2016 or America will FALL, do the research on YOUR OWN!
America needs a money savvy mofo who will put his foot down EXACTLY LIKE
Trump will be remembered as one of Americas GREATEST presidents of
all-time, he will REVOKE obamacare and create jobs all across AMERICA, not
over sea's. TRUMP 2016 ... or WW3

Author Jalen Jackson ( ago)
Good song 

Author Kaden Ndzana ( ago)

Author kady bah ( ago)

Author Xena DeSilva ( ago)
My favorite song ever

Author Mutesi Sharon ( ago)
This era!!!

Author MaQuf ( ago)
So nice to get back here :)

Author Lynnasia L'nique Johnson- Therealone (692 years ago)
This song reminds me of when I used to live in Detroit and I was always
jamming with my best friends to this song and now I listened to it and it
makes me wanna cry because I just moved away from my best friend 😢and this
song reminds me of her 

Author Lynnasia L'nique Johnson- Therealone (870 years ago)
2009-2011 was the best music and I was about 8 - 10 years old 

I love the part where he says hands up in the air 2 times if u love good

Author hady m bah ( ago)
this was my favorite song

Author A.C. Molina ( ago)

Author Aeisha Hammond ( ago)
Havent heard dis in time

Author Jamarion Nelson ( ago)
Big Sean - My Last ft. Chris Brown:

Author Kiki Swaq ( ago)
Shut up with this illuminated stuff like thats all yah care bout 

Author High Carl ( ago)
peep my channel 4 da beats i have aids

Author arabiaبنت عربيه‎ ( ago)
ppl search arab music

Author Sobrina Langley ( ago)

Author Heloisa Oliveira ( ago)

Author Clara Menezes ( ago)
Ohh voz linda ❤

Author Michael Billett ( ago)
Like Big Sean I rep Artists that are cool 

Author Jalona fritz ( ago)
Like it my last🍷

Author Carol Apostolos (1525 years ago)
I like your videos 

Author bre po ( ago)
Look at Kanye sneak in at 4:02

Author Ya alda ( ago)

Author Kayla Edmonds ( ago)

Author Fast Forward Rap (451 year ago)
Would just like a minute of your time to check us out.

We don't make trap music but trap fans still like us.

We take trap-ish beats and put our own concepts to them

We don't do it for the money but lets be honest, everybody wants to do what
they love for a living.

Author StrauberryJam Fan ( ago)
i remember this. 

Author Nohealani The Best ( ago)
Yah comments hella funny lol. Just enjoy the music yo. If you don't like it
then foh

Author Shawn Gray ( ago)
All ways good to go back and listen to these songs 

Author Im A StOnEr ( ago)
My Last...........

Author Hakan Ordu ( ago)
Chris Brown's intro used by The Game at his diss track Uncle Otis.

Author Ana Lidia Rabelo ( ago)
Muito legal

Author adam hunter ( ago)
+Mariangelys Ortega Y

Author evan lewis ( ago)
I haven't heard this song in such a long time this song is so good

Author Deion Keith ( ago)
not big sean part

Author Deion Keith ( ago)
this song sucks so fuking bad

Author hector rivera ( ago)
Man fuck the illuminati us people need to open are eyes and just drop it 

Author aladji sow ( ago)
il diallo

Author Malick Fall ( ago)

Author Lesha_True88 ( ago)
Used to put it on repeat...made me feel some type of way

Author Mariya Khan ( ago)
Wow ❤️
Inspiration 👌🏼😌

Author Kenny PatriotsFan ( ago)
Isnt this the same house on 50 cent feat. Kendrick - We up??

Author Chantel Dordle ( ago)
Miss 2011

Author Chantel Dordle ( ago)
This reminds me off my first road trip with my friends

Author mindlessgurlswagg143 ( ago)
this is my shit lol 

Author Alexis Roy ( ago)
i just barfed in my mouth a little.....

Author Tatev Atanesyan ( ago)
2011.......i miss this nice memories.....and song veeeeery nice

Author Douglas Jewell ( ago)
Nice flow but have you all seen Doug jewell in Detroit Michigan check him
out on you tube and

Author Diego Luis Moreno Micolta (785 years ago)
I' like is song...

Author Daniel Lucas ( ago)

Author alvin blanding ( ago)
Keep up the good work big bro...fuck these haters on everything. .

Author Markéta Pekárková ( ago)
I remember this song! i loved it so much, i am so glad i have found it now!

Author Diy Sensation ( ago)
I know right

Author ChicagoStyles23 (92 years ago)
pretty awesome!

I'm an upcoming rapper as well, just dropped a relatable song with a music
video called "Where the love at", hopefully you guys feel it! thanks!

Author Muzzdon ( ago)
Yep I even know this house from several porn movies. 

Author Mark Dwyer ( ago)
Big Sean - My Last ft. Chris Brown:

Author rosmel tovar ( ago)

Author Patgriller Raps ( ago)
4:38 illuminati confirmed.

Author John North ( ago)
Like if you listening to this in 2015 and comment if you agree :D +
ChrisBrownVEVO +BigSeanVEVO Amazing Another song like this please :D

Author David Flores ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author friedchicken892 ( ago)
watching four years later time moves by so fast i love how big sean came up
and grown as a rapper

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