Splitting wood with the SpeedPro

Splitting ash logs with a SpeedPro kinetic wood splitter.

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Author localcrew (2 years)
Too bad it loses teeth like that. It sure is fast.

Author captdestiny (2 years)
I must say, though, this machine is already well worth it. It has saved me
so much time and effort in light of having a history of back problems.

Author captdestiny (2 years)
I have split about 4 full cords, mostly ash, so far. Minimal breakdown. The
arm return springs were falling off easily the last time I used it, but
that was easy to fix without any disassembly. However, I did notice that
one tooth was broken off, and if many more do the same, it will be a
problem. That is the biggest complaint I have seen so far on the speed
pro... Broken teeth.

Author captdestiny (2 years)
I took my splitter in yesterday to get an upgrade kit installed. We will
see in a couple weeks how it goes.

Author TheeFirewoodGuy (1 year)
Is this a year old Aprils Fools joke? I can't find SpeedPro through Google
Shopping or through eBay... I've searched SpeedPro, Speed Pro, and Kinetic
Log Splitter... Nothing?

Author SuperSplitter1116 (2 years)
This my friends is why I have a Super Splitter. I bought my Super Split off
a guy who already was the 2nd owner. Mine is so old that the production
table sits under the bottom of the I-beam. My splitter is about 30 years
old the only thing that i have replaced so far was the motor, rubber
stoppers, and little bearing that rides on top of the I-beam. Why Super
Split ever let the parent expire is beyond me. But anyways guys this is
probably why you cant seem to find Speedpro @ TSC anymore Go SS

Author 57hemiify (1 year)
I totally agree! I bought a 3rd owner super splitter with the table under
the I-beam as well. FYI Paul will send you a new table that will lay flush
with the I-beam much better design by the way! But The only things i have
replaced so far were a motor, rubber bump stops and return spring. And i
did refab the handle so i can pull forward like a lever instead of having
to pull upwards. Awesome machine SS mine has probably over 1000's cords
through it no lie!!!!!

Author bottomgunner (2 years)
seems to me the first not it runs into off comes the teeth of the gears.

Author 23kenro (2 years)
They remanufactured the parts so they are stronger. Speeco told the service
centers to inspect them. If they are ok the service center is allowed to
buy and resell them. Tractor supply does not want to sell these because of
earlier issues.

Author Joshua Blessed (2 years)
Thank you for this video. I still looking in VA for a good durable Log
Splittter.So, I went to " Tractor Supply CO" and the manager answer to me
that this "Speed pro" is waiting for a Vendor and cannot be sold now. It
was $1900. Its look like this unit has many problems and many returned to
"TSC" What is your review of this Splitter, have you had any problems with
it? Thanks for your reply.

Author 57hemiify (1 year)
o ya and little bearing i have replaced!

Author captdestiny (2 years)
Thanks for the heads up. I'll give tsc a call tomorrow. I haven't had any
more issues with broken teeth, bit the return springs have fallen off a
couple of times. Couldn't figure out why it was having a hard time sliding
back at the end of a cycle.

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