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Author Romina Acevedo (1 month)

Author Yanina Ribeira Mishari (2 months)
es que son lo maximooooooo

Author Aurea Martinez (5 months)
canto de angeles.

Author Iulian Nedelcu (2 months)
fara cuvinte.merita ascultata

Author Patrick BIEZ (6 months)
magnifique super !!! j'adors !!

Author ali ♡ (1 month)
Madre mia...... que voces diiiios!! Me impresiona mucho de el niño.... es
super aguda y suena como los ángeles♡

Author Светлана Бабкина (4 months)
Это потрясающе хорошо!

Author mwrihi (5 months)
It's so lovely. A shame it isn't acapella. Would be so much better. :(

Author isaac jaime (2 months)

Author 1martuska (5 months)

Author Esperanza Martinez Sanchez (3 months)
Me encanta estoy enamorada de el pero ... Esa canción ?

Author priscila paz (7 months)
Esta canción es como estar en las nubes!!! es preciosa y perfecta

Author A.A.Melody L99971333L (3 months)
*It's Snowy…… I meditated with the Worm Radiations of the Loving Snow! &
Send my Prayer beyond the Words…*

*(through the Soul's language; Image, Frequency, Music, Vibration……)*

Author Lia Sphinx (6 months)
Can i listen only to baptiste's voice..heavenly heaven..

Author LOS SONOROS (7 months)
Los mejores 4 minutos que he escuchado..!!! extraordinarios...!!!!!

Author Jean-Marie Houssin (7 months)
Magnifique ! Bravo :-)

Author Roberto Luna (7 months)
I imagine myself the transition ascending into heaven. I'd like to hear
these voices in that transition.

Author A.A.Melody L99971333L (3 months)
*It's Snowy…… I meditated with the Worm Radiations of the Loving Snow! &
Send my Prayer beyond the Words…*

*(through the Soul's language; Image, Frequency, Music, Vibration……)*

Author priscila paz (7 months)
Esta es la canción de mis sueños,es hermosa!!!!! que emocionante volver a

Author Raul Huerta (8 months)
No mmmm????

Author francois hacquard (1 year)
su$er de beau sauvenir genial j adore 

Author KEYLA HOLGUIN (10 months)

Author magnum1604 (1 year)
play back dommage! mais c'est magnifique

Author Tendo (1 year)
" 1 Lettres, 3 minutes. C'est beau " x)

Author Alexandra Jourval (1 year)
C'est pas logique!!! Sérieux normalement, c'est les filles qui chantent
aigu,pas les garçons!! Jean-Baptiste, il chante quand même mieux que

Author Данил Быков (1 year)
jean baptiste maunier et clemence - en vivo(video)

Author stefania perez (1 year)

Author Elton Oliveira (3 years)
très magnifique!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Kuroneko (3 years)
I found the lyrics of the song. It's 'aaaah aaaaah aaah' but I'm still not
sure what language it is.

Author Mazhevenn Le Mestric (1 year)
Maunier est trop beau je t'aime jean baptiste

Author Belen F (2 years)
wow incredible!

Author SailEM8008 (3 years)
@SailEM8008 yeah

Author Chapin Lest (3 years)
that just sounded like its coming from heaven. JBM has the most beautiful
voice that i've ever heard..

Author merlin17022008 (1 year)

Author schnuffi546 (3 years)
His voice is really better than hers *-* I love him ! :**

Author LC P (3 years)
je ne sais pas je suis un barguette??

Author Enlightened Negro (2 years)

Author AfrooBroo (3 years)
songtext: ahahahhahahhahaha... etc

Author Elimente Pandapascontent (2 years)
j'adore jean b et en plus je regarde le film depuis que je suis petite!!!!

Author Bruno López Rodríguez (2 years)
son ángeles :)

Author Naomie Serradura (2 years)
Omg trop bien!!!!

Author Jules ChillOut (3 years)
@mexiCAN798 xD

Author Daniel Caicedo (2 years)
waohhh hahaa me inspiraron a ser musico chicos grax ¨¨ algun dia quisiera
conocerlos xD

Author DoReMifan99 (3 years)
He's the beautifuls boy ever !!!

Author 1martuska (2 years)

Author CatherinePryde (3 years)
@Utubergirl98 T'es nulle. :-j

Author xPyroFreak (3 years)
Omg, the french girl is hot =P

Author Akiwi Fa (3 years)
@himelu9887 there is not a name of this song :P

Author BriSteSha (3 years)
mi piace tantissimo jean baptiste ma devo dire ke lui e clemente sono una
bellissimoa coppia <3

Author tomaset1956 (3 years)
Preciosa canción y voces divinas para interpretarla. Vellos de punta,
lágrimas de puro sentimiento, sin palabras para expresar mis emociones,
bello hasta la eternidad.

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