Scariest Ouija Board Demon ZOZO Possessed Girl


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Author Natsu Dragneel Zoro Roronoa (1 day)
..... I feel bad for the people that believe this is real. .-. Just....
*faceplanets* ._.

Author avikbellic911 (21 day)
I am an Atheist who believes in many population are there
like me?

Author mackenzie dunn (2 days)
And that is why you don't make fun of the demons... They might kill you,
you have to e careful with these

Author Quinn Welton (3 months)
Oh dear god, too many people think this is real. Its a clip from a movie,
plus Ouija boards are fake. Its all explained through the ideomotor effect,
its when your body does something without you realizing it. They have
studies to prove this.

Author roudha almehairbi (16 days)
this is the scariest thing ive ever seen D:

Author Kaleb Johnson (2 months)
When Ouija boards do that, that tells the players that it's trying to
escape. If the cursor moves in a circle, from A to Z, 1 to 9, or the
infinity sign 

Author Oryan Harrison (27 days)
+- MeHazMuffin - You got here fast.

Author Auron Jones (3 months)
am i the only one who thinks that we can befriend a ghost/demon? what if we
could make familiars of them?

Author nyancat_0607 (3 months)
R.I.P All headphone users

Author Christina Lidia Jane Mansfield (5 months)
Did she die? 

Author HollyLolly999 (4 months)
Oh my gosh, youre not meant to joke with this. She was laughing and
insulting Zozo- so thats why it happened

Author he moans charlie (27 days)
Yall dumbfucks go ahead and think its fake. I will love to see you try
playing see were you end up. This goes for the fucks that think ouji boards
are fake, keep telling yourself that is just a game, its not.

Author Sydney O'Bier (2 months)
Once you put your fingers on it, aren't you not supposed to take them off
until the session's closed?!?!

Author mark burkhalter (1 day)
I've got a fool proof way for anyone to prove that they have seen ghosts or
spirits. haven't, they don't exist, grow up. 

Author Marea Brava (2 months)
if you watch people playing on the ouija board will bad stuff happen to you

Author Catherine C (12 days)
This honestly looks so fake. I've seen my friends participate in a ouija
board and it does NOT move around that fast. And it doesn't swirl randomly
either. I just goes to the answer.

Author Ciara Elaine (3 months)
The reason why this demon possessed the girl was because they were all
making fun of the being... That is not something you want to do when you
are dealing with something like this. You're so spiritually vulnerable and
as soon as you you put a finger on that planchette, you are opening a door
to the unknown. You should treat the unknown with the same respect you do
in the human world. Half the reason why accidents happen like this is
because people are irresponsible and don't know what they're getting
themselves into. My suggestion for anybody who wants to do this... Research
the facts. Don't go into this without any knowledge. The more knowledge you
have in this situation, the safer you are. 

Author monkeyyyy (2 hours)

Author Tyler Boggle (1 day)
This video came from a guy who doesn't even know how to change his
thumbnail. And may I say... terrible acting. I believe in Jesus Christ, not
a piece of cardboard.

Author Ferlesha KALIka (3 months)
Am I the only one who thought this was funny? Honestly I laughed so much
and its 11:48pm here

Author Maximilian Bernard (1 day)
I find it so funny how all the non-believer pussies just can't face the
truth! I have an answer for you idiots out there: Get yourself a real Ouija
board and try to contact Zozo or any other demon. Shit WILL mess you up and
make you believe in them forever!

Author Brian Valdez (1 day)
I was wearing earphones and that shit was fucking loud when she got

Author Tommy Walker (10 days)
If zozo was up your ass you'd know

Author Michael Mohr Hansen (11 days)
is this a joke or is she REALLY possessed by Zozo??, ok then Note to self:
Never and i mean an Ouija Board...EVER!

Author Gabriel Zeiger (13 days)
Sounds like ZOZO is a big NO-NO!

Author KaitlynSch716 (15 days)
Am I the only one who really wants to play this now? Just to see if it's
real, I have to experience it

Author emily wang (5 months)
aah ok i just played an online one. all i know is it said:

me: hi
it: unknown
me: are you happy
it: no
me: why
it: future hazy
me: are you a girl
it: yes.

GOODBYE (i don't want to get possesed D:) CAN AN ONLINE OUIJA BOARD POSESS

Author neco yalcin (5 months)
i donno, donno just fckin donno... this thing can be really fckin
dangerous, shal we sue toys r us??

Author Aditya Shetty (19 days)
@avikbellic911 I believe in ghosts. I've had many paranormal experiences
and I could sense or see the paranormal at times when I was a kid. But now,
it's stopped. But I still believe

Author jensen chittenden (1 month)
what movie is this from plz reply back

Author Ahmad Sarameh (1 month)
That Female In The Background, Sounds Scarier Than The Actual Event That's
Unfolding. KMSL

Author James Dolbeck (22 hours)
This is about as real as the Toronto maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup

Author sahika tutti (11 hours)
as she began to laugh U thought ohgod she is totally a nervous wreck
rightnow till it got creepy ... 

Author Madison Taylor (1 day)
probably fake

Author nicole krane (2 days)
This scared me so bad. Is this real or from the ouja bored movie?

Author 3rdJose (2 months)
She turned into the Joker! 1st batman movie of course. .

Author Daphne Flaten (2 days)
She might just have a sense of humor :D

Author vegasbabecc (1 day)
I believe the ideomotor effect is what makes this game work. People are so
scared they are more likely to believe it too. But, there is one situation
I don't understand and this makes me believe spirits are being contacted.
Until this can be proven then I'll always believe in this. Say 3 people are
playing. A question that no one knows the answer to is asked, and the board
answers correctly. But no one knew the answer. Or say the board spells out
a name and no one knows anyone of that name. But months or years later you
meet someone very important with that name. I don't consider these

Author superblue138 (3 months)
Right I don't believe in this crap but I would never play a game like this
god dayum! And if their really are spirits never disrespect them because
well their dead... 

Author jasmine meler (21 minute)
Don't they know an 8 means an evil demon is present? and they should have
closed the "gate" as soon as she started hysterically laughing, not taken
there hands off the board!!

Author monkeyman1234ism (6 days)
I don't believe these are real even if not if I ever try it I won't
disrespect it or the spirits

Author HIPPIE GIRL (3 days)
I closed my eyes on the last part can someone tell me when happened

Author Minion Boy (5 days)
I have one word and one word only...........…….....…..............


Author Cheyanne Tate (1 day)

Author Alexa Ventura (1 day)
You werent suppost to mame fun of it

Author joel chhakchhuak (9 hours)
this is fake right??

Author -wandering (6 days)
They never said good bye

Author Kevin Ning (5 days)
Omg Monica, mo-Nica , mah-nigah, my nigga, calm down!

Author Jarred McKinney (6 days)
The whole thing at the end was probably fake but this shit is reall don't
try it not taking it seriously 

Author Pascal Production (10 days)

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