Scariest Ouija Board Demon ZOZO Possessed Girl


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Author Quinn Welton (1 month)
Oh dear god, too many people think this is real. Its a clip from a movie,
plus Ouija boards are fake. Its all explained through the ideomotor effect,
its when your body does something without you realizing it. They have
studies to prove this.

Author Kaleb Johnson (26 days)
When Ouija boards do that, that tells the players that it's trying to
escape. If the cursor moves in a circle, from A to Z, 1 to 9, or the
infinity sign 

Author Auron Jones (1 month)
am i the only one who thinks that we can befriend a ghost/demon? what if we
could make familiars of them?

Author Christina Lidia Jane Mansfield (3 months)
Did she die? 

Author Ciara Elaine (1 month)
The reason why this demon possessed the girl was because they were all
making fun of the being... That is not something you want to do when you
are dealing with something like this. You're so spiritually vulnerable and
as soon as you you put a finger on that planchette, you are opening a door
to the unknown. You should treat the unknown with the same respect you do
in the human world. Half the reason why accidents happen like this is
because people are irresponsible and don't know what they're getting
themselves into. My suggestion for anybody who wants to do this... Research
the facts. Don't go into this without any knowledge. The more knowledge you
have in this situation, the safer you are. 

Author Sydney O'Bier (22 days)
Once you put your fingers on it, aren't you not supposed to take them off
until the session's closed?!?!

Author 3rdJose (1 month)
She turned into the Joker! 1st batman movie of course. .

Author RainbowSkittles (1 month)
R.I.P All headphone users

Author Ferlesha Thakurboomshakalaka (2 months)
Am I the only one who thought this was funny? Honestly I laughed so much
and its 11:48pm here

Author superblue138 (1 month)
Right I don't believe in this crap but I would never play a game like this
god dayum! And if their really are spirits never disrespect them because
well their dead... 

Author wiltje rispens (1 month)
this is fake you so stupit to plkay whif a ouija bord dont do that its bad
for you if it ware real only e exesist can help you noobs 

Author sophia bottone (1 month)
can someone please reply to me what happened! im so confused and I got so
scared that I couldn't finish it

Author emily wang (4 months)
aah ok i just played an online one. all i know is it said:

me: hi
it: unknown
me: are you happy
it: no
me: why
it: future hazy
me: are you a girl
it: yes.

GOODBYE (i don't want to get possesed D:) CAN AN ONLINE OUIJA BOARD POSESS

Author neco yalcin (4 months)
i donno, donno just fckin donno... this thing can be really fckin
dangerous, shal we sue toys r us??

Author sobirjon youlyahshiev (2 months)
It reminded me of evil dead somehow

Author christina corteo (1 month)
Ppl omg seriously this is so fake u don't shake when u get possessed and u
don't laugh!

Author xXLunaMoon RoseXx (2 months)
guys here ais a lesson learned here NEVER make fun of a spirit cuz u dont
know what u r messing with because u might just open a portal which would
allow demons and spirits to enter your home then they might do worse for
example: kill u,harm u in any sort of way they can, posses your friend to
either kill them self domsome sorta bad thing or lead them to a one way
ticket to a mental hospital. Sometimes demons may pretend to be a loved one
so that u can make a portal to let them enter to your home snd then it
would already be too late for u and sometimes just sometimes u might piss
them off so far that the demon/spirit will follow u everywhere and drive u
mad and haunt u till the day u die so remember this forever and dont be
like my 4 friends that i have that r either dead in prison or in a mental
hospital guys so lets say lesson learned

Author Chloe Melton (2 months)


Author Lunar Narwhal (4 months)
I find it funny how something so "dangerous" you can buy at "Toys R us".

Author Lesley Weeti (1 month)
Only dumb bitches or stupid americans believe something like this is real.

Author Johnny Vasquez (4 months)
your not supposed to record or piss it off idiots

Author mae lee (2 months)
they like basically made fun of her at the end, you don't do that, that's
maybe why

Author an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart ♡ (2 months)
The laugh at 1:20 sounded like Ariana Grandes laugh :D 

Author ThePooeater2 (3 months)
3. And most importantly... DO NOT FUCK WITH OUIJA BOARDS FOR GOD SAKE.

Author A$AP Vids (2 months)
OMG when she started shaking and laughing I got scared as fuck and why
didn't the dude get possessed if he was making fun of ZoZo?

Author CodeRed Kicks (3 months)
Don't make fun of the spirits when doing a quiji board 

Author Angel Ramirez (18 hours)
Sonic, this is scary. My name is sonic but I am using my brothers acout 

Author Sebanti Hui (1 day)
Fake fake fake this is fake you can never ever talk to a spirit cause they
don't even exist this is only a clip from a movie or people acting

Author جوجي السفياني (1 day)
Omg I'm soore

Author Caroline Kirsten (2 days)
She teased the spirit Zomo they say he's bad 

Author Oumaima Elhamidi (3 days)
Where can we buy this game ?? 

Author Ben Iverson (3 days)
Is that Amy Poehler?

Author Shania morris Shania (3 days)

Author Missy8552 (4 days)
Everything they did is an example of what not to do with a ouiji board.

Author Michael Burns (4 months)
This is fake or started as a fake until psychology took over. Zozo means
nitwit in french.

Author Hescara Dragos (5 days)
Fake and gay

Author IrishPianta (6 days)
Get your shit together Monica 

Author Carolina Marques (6 days)
Well Done! >:(

Author yu keey (6 days)
serves the right !
she was laughing at the spirit
ouija boards are dangerous -.-

Author Meghna Sood (7 days)
oh! come on guys!!! this cant be true!! we can clearly see that they have
their fingers on that planchett! maybe they have already planned that they
will make the word "ZOZO" with that planchette! i mean who has the real
proof that it is a ghost from the other world!! I CANT BELIEVE THIS!! I
would believe if the planchette moves on its own, without their fingers!
BUT NOT!! they used their fingers to move it! so i dont think its real! :(

Author Alice Nash (7 days)
i was laughing so hard when the girl got possessed

Author Prometheus Deathcon (8 days)
Ouija boards don't actually work do they?

Author Jack Howard (3 months)
Did you notice how the girl said "ZOZO the clown" and made fun of him/her
in a sarcastic way, before possesed/attacked her.... SHES A STUPID FK
making fun of him/her.

Author mohammed nour (4 months)
who more here did turn off the sound when she started freaking out? haha
that shit when it pops up screaming like a bitch 

Author Shadow In The Dark (9 days)
So fake lol

Author Anuradha Veerabadran (9 days)
Can you make friends with the spirit? Iv'e never had a true friend

Author DivisionGamer (9 days)
its 11pm i really need to get away from this part of youtube or i wont be
sleeping tonight

Author Dalton Stokes (3 months)
Okay guys this is completely real because there's no way any possible human
being could continue whooping that same left over and over again that is
literally the most real thing I've ever seen and not willing to accept the
fact that I absolutely I think this is real and sure it would be on YouTube
if it was real after all it is YouTube is it going to ban something like
that because like for real

Author Creepypasta JeffTheKiller (11 days)
im so sorry for that girl but wwe shud not laugh in this seriously things
and foor people who are watching this waring when u are palying ouija do
not laugh or u gonna paye for it loock at the name of the channel waring
ouija ouija isnt a game myby we take her like an adventure but we need to
ttake this adventure as seriously possible and if u really love ur life
dont try it just u it was ur dream ................................

Author Luka.Jo (2 months)
Your idiots play with that you dont know whats that !?!

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