Scariest Ouija Board Demon ZOZO Possessed Girl


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Author Caroline Arenas (10 days)

Author HollyLolly999 (1 month)
Oh my gosh, youre not meant to joke with this. She was laughing and
insulting Zozo- so thats why it happened

Author Ferlesha T (1 month)
Am I the only one who thought this was funny? Honestly I laughed so much
and its 11:48pm here

Author ItzCrazeee (4 months)
This video may not be real but my cousin Jenna tried the ouija board with
some drunk friends a few years ago near the house of a passed murderer and
she went crazy and is now in a mental hospital. Very real and not something
to mess with, especially for fun

Author emily wang (2 months)
aah ok i just played an online one. all i know is it said:

me: hi
it: unknown
me: are you happy
it: no
me: why
it: future hazy
me: are you a girl
it: yes.

GOODBYE (i don't want to get possesed D:) CAN AN ONLINE OUIJA BOARD POSESS

Author Freya Kennan (6 months)
She's called Zozo and she's 8

Author Bassen Brony (4 months)
My Ouija was made in China :P....As long as you dont burn the board its all

Author Ciara Elaine (25 days)
The reason why this demon possessed the girl was because they were all
making fun of the being... That is not something you want to do when you
are dealing with something like this. You're so spiritually vulnerable and
as soon as you you put a finger on that planchette, you are opening a door
to the unknown. You should treat the unknown with the same respect you do
in the human world. Half the reason why accidents happen like this is
because people are irresponsible and don't know what they're getting
themselves into. My suggestion for anybody who wants to do this... Research
the facts. Don't go into this without any knowledge. The more knowledge you
have in this situation, the safer you are. 

Author Katie derp (4 months)
The freaky thing is, I talked to zozo and I know a lot about her. The
swirly things? BAD. Super really bad. Zozo? BAD. Baaad stuff guys. If you
laugh a ton, you probably will get possessed. Just sayin. Don't mess with

Author Caleb Branco (3 months)
Why Would they post this if they were real first of all, and second I think
they were moving the thing themselves. I don't really buy this because I'm

Author MsJillian Rae (4 months)
Mine never swirled around like that. :( I guess mine was defective. 

Author Dalton Stokes (2 months)
Okay guys this is completely real because there's no way any possible human
being could continue whooping that same left over and over again that is
literally the most real thing I've ever seen and not willing to accept the
fact that I absolutely I think this is real and sure it would be on YouTube
if it was real after all it is YouTube is it going to ban something like
that because like for real

Author Morgan Reaves (3 months)
i have played the "Ouija board" with a couple of friends and I came across
zozo and Zulu a couple of months ago and im perfectly fine so don't be
scared to play its a toy you buy from toys r us lol

Author iZephiirES (5 months)
It's funny because they don't know how dangerous the Ouija Board is ...
They just simulate a posession for views but really don't play with fire, I
just hope you opened a portal to hell with the board for this joke.
Ignorant fools.

Author Auron Jones (20 days)
am i the only one who thinks that we can befriend a ghost/demon? what if we
could make familiars of them?

Author Doom Guy (6 months)
There is no such thing as Spirits or Gods Angels Demons or whatever
alternative names for them. Ouija Boards are fake and i STRONGLY ENCOURAGE
everyone to get one and play with it alone while reading Anton Laveys
Satanic Bible and reciting the names of all the demons of hell. SPOILER
ALERT! Nothing happens because religion is a lie... Honestly looking up
Ouija Boards on youtube makes me feel really embarrassed for all of
humanity to show we are so stupid we think there is invisible monsters you
can talk to with a piece of plastic and cardboard and for the majority of
comments to actually believe it works and for people to start talking about
bible nonsense. The reality is if Ouija Boards did actually work it would
be talked about in every science magazine and would be the highest priority
to scientific research because it would be proof of intelligent life aside
from humans. The truth is Ouija Boards are taboo to keep you believing that
spirituality actually exists. Anyone who actually plays with one comes to
realize that there is nothing out there...Turning them completely away from
anything that would be considered taboo and anything that would relate to
believing in a god or spirits. What's the point of a Ouija Board if you are
never suppose to use one? Truth is the Ouija Board is a device designed by
atheists to convert religious people to realizing the truth. 

Author immi's snow globe (6 months)
whelp all i'ma say is this was more convincing than horror films based on
true stories and even documentaries. she was too convincing.

Author neco yalcin (3 months)
i donno, donno just fckin donno... this thing can be really fckin
dangerous, shal we sue toys r us??

Author Winston Struass (5 months)

Author Maliyah Boone (3 months)
Fake 😠😷

Author Brando Williams (6 months)
For the people saying that this is fake I would like to say just because
you never experienced anything does not mean it's fake. I never have used
the board but my friend showed me how to draw it out on paper and I have
done this twice in my life and both times if freaked me out and I never did
it again since then. I do not recommend ever trying this especially by

Author Chloe Melton (1 month)


Author jake marmolejo (2 months)
Don't make fun of the spirits when doing a quiji board 

Author Lunar Narwhal (3 months)
I find it funny how something so "dangerous" you can buy at "Toys R us".

Author Christy Howard (7 months)
FAKE are Ouija boards are fake

Author GraveHeartify (5 months)
no the reason why she got possesed by zozo is couse they made him mad like
you laughed at his name and said mean things wich makes the demon angry you
shall show the biggest respect to demons overall to spirits and good
spirits theres an high risk meeting demons in ouija boards you should use
holy words before using for saftey she got what she deserved never
disrespect demons or spirits if you would have taken that with respect
nothing would happen when you see a entety move in cirkels or in an eight
force the planchette to good bye the demon zozo does not attach him self to
you ive come accross with him i over powerd him with the power of jesus
christ demons hate those words even if this is real or not but ouija boards
is not i repeate IS NOT a game dont play it for fun its ok if you ask the
spirit and ask if its good or bad first of all 

Author The Don (5 months)
I played it many years ago because I was curious about it and had read
about it, and I guess when you are young you are much more naive and easily
influenced than when you get older. Nothing happened when I played the
ouija board. Nothing happened when others I know played it. I found it very

The ouija board is just a game that you can buy in most toy stores and
department stores, an ordinary piece of wood or plastic or cardboard. It
has no supernatural powers. It does not communicate with the dead and it
does not contact spirits. It does not open any portals to the underworld or
to anywhere else. The people using the ouija board make it work through
ideomotor movement. Here are a few links that discuss ouija boards and how
they work.

Author jere bOy (5 months)
fake n gay

Author xBeautyGalaxy (6 months)
Maybe she was just high. XD

Author Scandinavia (6 months)
I found this extremely hilarious!
This just makes me want to play it even more lol.

Author Christina Lidia Jane Mansfield (2 months)
Did she die? 

Author FluffyBitchikins (8 months)
this is so stolen from the movie i am zozo.

Author lolzlmao11 (4 months)
fake, your mind subconsciously thought of zozo or whatever and thats why it
went there.

Ouija boards are fake people! Tell me: Why does it take a board game made
by a large corporation to actually contact spirits?

Author Quinn Welton (19 days)
Oh dear god, too many people think this is real. Its a clip from a movie,
plus Ouija boards are fake. Its all explained through the ideomotor effect,
its when your body does something without you realizing it. They have
studies to prove this.

Author KryptoWolf1 (5 months)

Author Johnny Vasquez (3 months)
your not supposed to record or piss it off idiots

Author ∞ ℐnfinite ᗩbby ∞ (4 months)
This is probably fake, but you can't be totally sure..
Ouiji boards really shouldn't be messed with like that.
If you're going to use a Ouiji board always ask if its a good or bad spirit
first, and ask the age and gender. Spirits can lie, but its always good to
reassure yourself. If its a bad spirit and it wants you dead or to possess
you, it will probably come right out and say its bad, and if it does do not
joke around with it. Just say goodbye.
Also, if one or more people are using it, make sure to never take your
hands off the board.
If the spirit says its name is Zozo or Beelzebub say goodbye.
Demons are demons, they usually aren't nice, and don't want to play. They
mean business.
Be respectful as if its another human being.

Author ThaNinjaFly (7 months)
Do not use oijua board!!!! It will bring bad spirits and deamons thats
never leave you till your dead....

Author Michelle Nguyen (1 month)
guys here ais a lesson learned here NEVER make fun of a spirit cuz u dont
know what u r messing with because u might just open a portal which would
allow demons and spirits to enter your home then they might do worse for
example: kill u,harm u in any sort of way they can, posses your friend to
either kill them self domsome sorta bad thing or lead them to a one way
ticket to a mental hospital. Sometimes demons may pretend to be a loved one
so that u can make a portal to let them enter to your home snd then it
would already be too late for u and sometimes just sometimes u might piss
them off so far that the demon/spirit will follow u everywhere and drive u
mad and haunt u till the day u die so remember this forever and dont be
like my 4 friends that i have that r either dead in prison or in a mental
hospital guys so lets say lesson learned

Author Paul Schraff (6 months)
Crack is wack ;)

Author Luis Garcia Acosta (1 month)
I think zozo didn't like that laugh.

Author Kevin Nouneh (6 months)
All should buy this because everyone wants to be possessed for Christmas

Author MrMarckeedee (5 months)
This is from the movie i Am Zozo. Got bad reviews. 

Author xxZOMBIESLAYERxx (5 months)
The Ouija board is no game. ZoZo and Mama are the worst demons to come
across, followed by Gotzusl and Papa, who will say they are neither a demon
or spirit even though they are demons. Do not be fooled by this
Contraption. ZoZo cold possess you if you laugh or make jokes of his name.
Same with Mama. Gotzusl is not as bad, but if you get on the wrong side of
him, you will be tormented by demons for as long as you live. Papa will
make circular movements with the planchette, and is known to spin
uncontrollably when tormented, allowing him to escape the board into your
home. Please take note of this and if you ever come acoss these demons, you
are generally fucked, my friend.

Author Caleb lorette (6 months)
Of course u would become possessed u pissed of the spirit seriously if u
use a ouija bored dont make fun of the spirit stuiped

Author Michael Burns (3 months)
This is fake or started as a fake until psychology took over. Zozo means
nitwit in french.

Author LTV249 (5 months)

Author joesph fuchs (3 months)
fake she sound lik she was geting raped 

Author xxKillTheLobsterxx (2 months)
real she was twitching the exact same way over and over no human being
could possibly do that

Author CloserExamination (5 months)
they got the name's OZOZO

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