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Author haiitskayla (2 days)
can u at least be serious if you're gonna do this 

Author shaolinwisdom (17 days)
I used a Ouija board and it cured my erectile dysfunction in under 30 days.

By the way she has a sexy laugh.

Author BEΛT (1 month)
Am I the only one that wanted them to get possessed?

Author TripleB1888 (3 months)
Do not mess with this shit! I was turned into a goat by a demon and theres
no reversing it. You have no idea how long it took me to type this out with
these hoofs. 

Author Choofing Madd (5 months)
Thats what you get for laughing and called zozo a clown. 

Author Michele Travis (3 months)
Sorry, haven't watched the movie. But, who or what is ZoZo? Does ZoZo
have special power? Will never use a Ouija board to find out.

Author avikbellic911 (7 months)
I am an Atheist who believes in many population are there
like me?

Author Samuel Rodrigues (1 month)
And that's the result of not stopping the 8 pattern movement.

Author cinderpeace (3 months)
Read the BIBLE King James Version and follow Jesus become born again and
stay away from all this kind of stuff demons are real and so is God please
turn from your sins and live for Jesus he died for you and he rose from the
dead he is God in the flesh repent and believe and you shall be saved

Author Justin uHub (1 day)
Awww he is tickling her how cute

Author ThatRandomGuy (7 months)
People need to have some respect and let people believe what they want to
believe, yes, this clip is fake, it's pretty obvious, but if people choose
to believe in the Paranormal what right do people have to call them stupid
for it? I could say the exact same thing about God and Jesus, but I dont
because people can believe in what they damn want :L If people can believe
in god, then people can believe in Ghosts, i dont believe in God but I dont
tell people they're stupid for it others do believe in it! So just dont be
so judgmental! I believe in Ghosts, but that doesnt make me an idiot!
People can believe what they want, end of. 

Author sanedem (2 months)
Lol, just realized this is an excerpt from a film.

Author kittyofpink (7 days)
"Monica, calm down." SHE CAN'T CALM DOWN!!!! SHE'S POSSESSED!!!!!!!!

Author Alyssa Trefry (2 months)
This stuff excites me... C:
And it looks fun! ^-^

Author Saturnius 2003 (24 days)
Urmm guys is it scary that the one I just done is called zozo as well ?

Author big_bad_wolf 123 (4 months)
See niggas wonder why I don't Fuck wit that shit zozo Nigga that's the
reason my nigga

Author Pika Demone (10 days)
Ya'll were the retards laughing at someone/something who could FUCK YOUR
SHIT UP. Don't fucking do it!

Author Rylee Kline (2 months)
Scariest Ouija Board Demon ZOZO Possessed Girl:
Don't mess with Ouija boards

Author Gilly G (4 days)
Maybe she just thought it was really funny 

Author Rosalia Brooklyn Girl (1 month)
When I was younger, maybe around 12, my cousin, 2 of her friends, and
myself bought a ouija board just to fool around with it. We didn't know
what it does and when my brother and my cousins brother told us, we thought
they was bullshitting us because you know, thats what older brothers
usually do with their younger sisters especially since it was around
Halloween time. So after about 10 min or so of asking some nonsense
questions like oh who is my great grandmother blah blah blah, we started to
ask questions about heaven, hell, death, afterlife etc (worst decision
ever). The answers we got started creeping us out a bit to the point where
we ended up asking, "Are you a demon?" it said "Yes." Than we asked what
was its name and it said ZoZo and my cousins friend, just like the girl in
the video, made fun of his name and started to laugh. After a minute or so
of her continuously laughing, the rest of us asked her to stop playing
around cuz shes scaring us. She ended up falling to the floor shaking,
doing the same movement as the girl in the video. But what happened next
was what really freaked us the fuck out. My cousins friend stopped shaking
and shot up to her feet as if she was a shovel and someone kicked down the
shovel in order for it to shoot up from the floor. She standing all crooked
as if she had a bad case of cerebral palsy saying in the most demonic voice
"Don't you dare make fun of my name." and fell to the floor just laying
there for about 20 min while the rest of us are just huddling up together
shaking in fear not knowing what to do. My cousins friend finally woke up
looking at all 3 of us asking us why we look terrified so we told her what
happened. After that we never touched another ouija board ever again and
its been about 11 almost 12 years since this happened. Scared the living
fucking shit out of me. If no one believes me i honestly dont blame you,
but on some shit, it was the most terrifying thing i ever seen in my life.

Author Natsu Dragneel Zoro Roronoa Gohan (7 months)
..... I feel bad for the people that believe this is real. .-. Just....
*faceplanets* ._.

Author Crazy Good (1 day)
Figure 8

Author DigitalFiles (1 month)
I have studied ghosts and demons before, the rapid movements and figure
eights indicate that the demon or spirit is trying to knock your fingered
off so it can and will posess you.

Author benplays MC (9 days)
Don't make fun of zozo because shit will get real!

Author Ariana Ortiz (1 day)
My sisters boyfriend was playing with ouija board and he said the piece
kept going back and forth from z and I and his stereo turned on itself then
he plugged it out and it still was playing and then he woke up on his
stomach and his back was burning like hell and zozo scratched his back
really bad he had to go to the two weeks no one believed him people thought
he did it himself and also 

Author Zilion38 Zilio (15 days)
Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :

Author Appolonia Barnett (16 days)
The person with the pen gave it away that it was fake because he capped the
pen after the last question. Idiots 😒 

Author Dani Wanderlust (24 days)
(even though this does look kinda fake) they let her in, that's why it

Author KikiGames (29 days)
thats what you get when messing with demons and calling the Legendary ZoZo
a clown
Nice Job , ZoZo , zozo next mission : kill all other poeple messing with
you :)

Author DeiscanSEISEI (6 days)
What is the name of the movie?

Author Damian Pratt (28 days)
am i the only one getting a bad vibe from this

Author Iroquois (1 day)
what a bullshit

Author TherealTyler (19 days)
They messed up you never disrespect period 

Author Leia Fann (13 days)
Okay I think it's a book so read it and see what happens I do not know
because I have not read it

Author Chanel Von Hedwig (5 days)
I tried the ouija more than 2 times and it necer worked. Waste of time

Author hive mind (1 day)
Hey guys, i tried the ouija board a few times and you should NOT repeat the
same mistake... I got raped multiple times, when i awoke from my bed in the
middle of the night DONT DO IT!

Author clay lutz (6 months)
Gods Real, Demons are real, Hell is real, Demons hate us because we are
made in the image of God. There goal is to torment us , use us for there
own use of evil, and lead us on the path to eternal darkness. Do you want
to know why? Because God sent them there. Im sure you guys already know
that story. I mean damn life is so easy to understand. Live by the word of
god and you go to heaven. And your prob asking well why are you watching
this video. well reason being as because I like reading comments by the
lost people.

Author Mark Markuson (5 hours)
plus your supposed to say SPIRITS ARE YOPU WITH US

Author AlesS V (2 days)
Fuck off Ouija. Only bullshit for idiot people.

Author Mercedes Abney (17 days)
I would actually like to talk to ZoZo. Ive seen other videos with her and
she seems nice. 

Author Roberto Blandon (22 hours)
Hahahaha hahahahaa

Author Teo nevan (7 days)
Theres a movie called I Am Zozo

Author Otter queen (9 hours)
Omg I person I know, her cousin died because something like this happened.

Author Damon Webb (3 days)
This is just a clip from the movie

Author Piano Otoko (4 months)
I've wanted to try Ouja Board. i dont believe it's real but at the same
time I dont want to risk it

Author Ruko Yokune (3 months)
The eights it was making means it is evil . You should look up rules before
you try the ouija board .

Author hollieelder123 (18 days)
im wondering does that demon fallow that girl that he possesses i always
wanted to know if like demons end up like fallowing the person they possess
the weird thing is i have a ouija board and i always mess with it but i
never get possessed

Author Kinsley Patterson (20 days)
Did she die???? if so how

Author RatGirl Gist (1 month)
he was trying to get out of the board, when he was doing the figure 8

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