Scariest Ouija Board Demon ZOZO Possessed Girl


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I used my ouija to try and contact a demon


Author Choofing Madd (4 months)
Thats what you get for laughing and called zozo a clown. 

Author Michele Travis (2 months)
Sorry, haven't watched the movie. But, who or what is ZoZo? Does ZoZo
have special power? Will never use a Ouija board to find out.

Author cinderpeace (2 months)
Read the BIBLE King James Version and follow Jesus become born again and
stay away from all this kind of stuff demons are real and so is God please
turn from your sins and live for Jesus he died for you and he rose from the
dead he is God in the flesh repent and believe and you shall be saved

Author avikbellic911 (7 months)
I am an Atheist who believes in many population are there
like me?

Author TripleB1888 (2 months)
Do not mess with this shit! I was turned into a goat by a demon and theres
no reversing it. You have no idea how long it took me to type this out with
these hoofs. 

Author Maximilian Bernard (6 months)
I find it so funny how all the non-believer pussies just can't face the
truth! I have an answer for you idiots out there: Get yourself a real Ouija
board and try to contact Zozo or any other demon. Shit WILL mess you up and
make you believe in them forever!

Author sanedem (1 month)
Lol, just realized this is an excerpt from a film.

Author Brittany Markham (4 months)
You shouldn't being laughing at a spirit you should respect them...

Author Луиза (9 days)
Am I the only one that wanted them to get possessed?

Author Devin Davis (4 months)
i live in Japan and it would be cool to get an ouija board here because
there is so much fucking paranormal activity here its hard to walk into a
simple gas station without walking outta there with a fucking ghost on yo

Author Natsu Dragneel Zoro Roronoa Gohan (6 months)
..... I feel bad for the people that believe this is real. .-. Just....
*faceplanets* ._.

Author Alyssa Trefry (1 month)
This stuff excites me... C:
And it looks fun! ^-^

Author Lorrie Miller (28 days)
Figure 8 s are the symbol of infinity and not particularly evil.

Author ThatRandomGuy (6 months)
People need to have some respect and let people believe what they want to
believe, yes, this clip is fake, it's pretty obvious, but if people choose
to believe in the Paranormal what right do people have to call them stupid
for it? I could say the exact same thing about God and Jesus, but I dont
because people can believe in what they damn want :L If people can believe
in god, then people can believe in Ghosts, i dont believe in God but I dont
tell people they're stupid for it others do believe in it! So just dont be
so judgmental! I believe in Ghosts, but that doesnt make me an idiot!
People can believe what they want, end of. 

Author Katherine Glass (7 days)
That is scary. This stuff is real. Jesus is real God is real Hell is real
Heaven is real

I had to be exorcized of a malevolent spirit that I didn't realize I had
with me for nearly ten years.

I don't know how it came to possess me but I suspect from a Ouija board.
Real life possession is no joke. It nearly ruined my life.

Only by the Grace of god did I happen to meet a man who could rid it from

And only in the name of Jesus Christ could it be banished from me.

In hindsight I can connect the dots as to why I was so crazy and had
traumatic evil nightmares.

Whenever I was happy and doing well the creature would find ways to destroy

I no longer have any doubts of heaven or hell

Believe in Jesus Christ and turn to him before it is too late.

He will forgive all your sins and he died so that you may know eternal life
with our Father Almighty God in heaven.

God Bless

Author Rylee Kline (1 month)
Scariest Ouija Board Demon ZOZO Possessed Girl:
Don't mess with Ouija boards

Author ilia green (4 months)
They shouldn't have laughed at zozo. Zozo is the worst spirit you can get
on the board

Author Vinnie Ferloin (1 month)
Goddamn Monica always laughing at inappropriate times n shit...shits faker
than Drake being Steph Curry with the shot 

Author Samuel Rodrigues (7 days)
And that's the result of not stopping the 8 pattern movement.

Author michael tatro (1 month)
stupid and fake, demons are real tho. but this is some fake stuff

Author The Julia Show (21 day)
Do you think she actually got possesd??? 

Author big_bad_wolf 123 (3 months)
See niggas wonder why I don't Fuck wit that shit zozo Nigga that's the
reason my nigga

Author Avigail Levine (24 days)
wait this is a scene from a movie?

Author Gianna Wilson (16 days)
These people are no believing in god this is so real and they put stuff on
YouTube wannabe demons

Author Piano Otoko (3 months)
I've wanted to try Ouja Board. i dont believe it's real but at the same
time I dont want to risk it

Author Carolynn Boatwright (5 days)
I'm just saying I've messed with a a Ouija board and um... They said there
name was James and they died because of Sam and um... Its very confusing

Author Jesus Christ (3 days)
If you have a laughing disorder your fine.

Author Mariam Aljamal (8 days)
😳 when I played ouija bourd with my friends the other day the spirit was
named Zozo 😱

Author satricia céleste (23 days)
ahahahah lol ZOZO in my language is a penis in créole.

Author Ruko Yokune (2 months)
The eights it was making means it is evil . You should look up rules before
you try the ouija board .

Author Mimo5151 (23 days)
Is this real if not I'm pissed bc I got attacked by a ghost 

Author xXAssassin GamingXx (1 month)
im getting one tomorrow with my friend though

Author Blitz Berry (6 days)
It's soooo real my cousin almost died from being possessed.

Author Olivia Monet Edmonds (24 days)

Wow but ya that's what you get for making fun of zozo name

Author Stick figure (18 days)
rip in peas

Author DigitalFiles (8 days)
I have studied ghosts and demons before, the rapid movements and figure
eights indicate that the demon or spirit is trying to knock your fingered
off so it can and will posess you.

Author Kuan Lei (20 days)
That's what she gets for being disrespectful to the demon!

Author Grace Titus (7 days)
that is the creepiest motherfucking laugh i've ever heard

Author Lord Gojira (1 month)
That's good. But a little too good. I'm not saying I don't believe in
ghosts, because I absolutely do. And I do believe Ouija boards are
dangerous and that's why I'll never play with one. But how did the camera
switch from looking at the board and then looking at the people? Also, why
did the audio cut, why didn't the people stop filming as soon as their
friend was "in danger," and why did they post this up in the first place.
That's kind of mean, don't you think. It just doesn't add up or make sense.
Sorry if you get angry. 

Author Chux Diaz (1 month)
Logic dictates you go fuck your mother

Author Dynomike (11 days)
lol Zozo sounds like a retarded name for a donkey, a retard donkey.

Author RatGirl Gist (1 day)
he was trying to get out of the board, when he was doing the figure 8

Author Sadie Bagley (28 days)
That's so zozo

Author Fabián Andrés (5 months)
This IS real, someone is even gonna make a movie about this. Search it on
youtube: "I am ZoZo" it's a movie based on this video.

Author Alexis Hagan (29 days)
it kept making a ethenity sign bc one of the players did not believe and im
pretty sure its the girl bc i have a ouija bored and im 12 and it says in
the corner with a entenity sign and below it it says belive

Author Sky Cati (20 days)
i like to take massive dumps while ouija

Author Nick Lofgren (1 month)
I've played with a Ouiji board many times.

I disrespected all demons and ghosts I came across.

I'm still alive, aren't I? Shit's fake.

Author Michele Keegin (1 month)
oh my god is that real!?

Author Thomas Mullins (1 day)
Why would you mess with a boared luke that

Author Rebecca Glynn (28 days)
Is this real I'm so terrified and I'm 10

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