Scariest Ouija Board Demon ZOZO Possessed Girl


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Author Choofing Madd (2 months)
Thats what you get for laughing and called zozo a clown. 

Author Maximilian Bernard (4 months)
I find it so funny how all the non-believer pussies just can't face the
truth! I have an answer for you idiots out there: Get yourself a real Ouija
board and try to contact Zozo or any other demon. Shit WILL mess you up and
make you believe in them forever!

Author Natsu Dragneel Zoro Roronoa Gohan (4 months)
..... I feel bad for the people that believe this is real. .-. Just....
*faceplanets* ._.

Author avikbellic911 (5 months)
I am an Atheist who believes in many population are there
like me?

Author ThatRandomGuy (4 months)
People need to have some respect and let people believe what they want to
believe, yes, this clip is fake, it's pretty obvious, but if people choose
to believe in the Paranormal what right do people have to call them stupid
for it? I could say the exact same thing about God and Jesus, but I dont
because people can believe in what they damn want :L If people can believe
in god, then people can believe in Ghosts, i dont believe in God but I dont
tell people they're stupid for it others do believe in it! So just dont be
so judgmental! I believe in Ghosts, but that doesnt make me an idiot!
People can believe what they want, end of. 

Author clay lutz (4 months)
Gods Real, Demons are real, Hell is real, Demons hate us because we are
made in the image of God. There goal is to torment us , use us for there
own use of evil, and lead us on the path to eternal darkness. Do you want
to know why? Because God sent them there. Im sure you guys already know
that story. I mean damn life is so easy to understand. Live by the word of
god and you go to heaven. And your prob asking well why are you watching
this video. well reason being as because I like reading comments by the
lost people.

Author kayj905 (3 months)
You guys are so stupid. Never disrespect an Ouija board or else something
like this will happen.

Author Brittany Markham (3 months)
You shouldn't being laughing at a spirit you should respect them...

Author Devin Davis (3 months)
i live in Japan and it would be cool to get an ouija board here because
there is so much fucking paranormal activity here its hard to walk into a
simple gas station without walking outta there with a fucking ghost on yo

Author Thomas Adams (3 months)
your messing with powers you cant comprehend

Author he moans charlie (5 months)
Yall dumbfucks go ahead and think its fake. I will love to see you try
playing see were you end up. This goes for the fucks that think ouji boards
are fake, keep telling yourself that is just a game, its not.

Author TripleB1888 (24 days)
Do not mess with this shit! I was turned into a goat by a demon and theres
no reversing it. You have no idea how long it took me to type this out with
these hoofs. 

Author B4LT1MORECity 410 (1 month)
See niggas wonder why I don't Fuck wit that shit zozo Nigga that's the
reason my nigga

Author ilia green (2 months)
They shouldn't have laughed at zozo. Zozo is the worst spirit you can get
on the board

Author Nora Schlegel (3 months)
If the Ouija board ever spells out the #8 multiple times you NEED. To end
the session

Author Michele Travis (1 month)
Sorry, haven't watched the movie. But, who or what is ZoZo? Does ZoZo
have special power? Will never use a Ouija board to find out.

Author The merc with a mouth (4 days)
this particular video is fake zozo is a real demon and will fuck u up hard

Author Robert Young (10 days)
Know people who watch this, know ouija boards are not a game. It is very
satanic for people to be talking to demons. Demons belong in hell and God
made it like that

Author Christ is Lord (5 days)
Anyone want to be free from fear, depression, deception, lust, anger,
oppression, sleeplessness, Unforgiveness, bitterness, addiction or anything
else not of God call me on Skype at christislord4ever. Just send me a
friend request on their and we will become contacts and I can pray for you.
I will pray with you and God will set you free He told me I'm anointing you
to set the captives free. Even if you have doubts call me and try it out.
You will see how real the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness
really is. No one will know you called but just you and I and of course
God. Also most who get deliverance are already Christian and some have been
for many years. So don't think you don't need deliverance because you are
already saved. We all need deliverance! You will never regret doing it I
promise you. All glory to The Lord Jesus Christ!

Author cinderpeace (25 days)
Read the BIBLE King James Version and follow Jesus become born again and
stay away from all this kind of stuff demons are real and so is God please
turn from your sins and live for Jesus he died for you and he rose from the
dead he is God in the flesh repent and believe and you shall be saved

Author Burns…doesn't it? (26 days)
the camera starts to fuck up and play load partial sounds and there was no
follow up, looks like some shit to promote paranormal activity.

Author Paul Haddad (1 day)
Demons don't scare me anymore...but they do anger me. The truth is that
they're boring. I think they're really bored. Eternity is a long time,
after all. I believe these bitches even turn others against you. You know,
weak minded people are more susceptible.
My advice to everyone is to strive to live righteously and strengthen your
mind with knowledge.

Author Black Hat OFFICIALVEVO (3 months)
... The Swirl movement is the Infinite Sign.
Its fucking Obvious.

Author aacaringcounselor (3 days)
Just curios, those that say this video is fake, explain why. I noted the
person putting the cap on her pen as if she knew they were done before they
actually stopped playing but i cant find any other clues to say this is
fake? What am i missing? I have had many encounters with the otherside with
proof and or witnesses but i like to think i can spot a fake.

Author Lauren O'Sullivan (6 hours)
I heard that ZOZO rapes u 😱😱😱

Author No Lie (2 days)
love how the camera position was switched to get a better shot of her on
the floor. i say fakery!

Author Crissty Hopkins (27 days)
Y'all don't have ANY RESPECT for the dead or spirits, angelic or demonic.

Author Piano Otoko (1 month)
I've wanted to try Ouja Board. i dont believe it's real but at the same
time I dont want to risk it

Author Kay Terry (2 days)
Oml XD wow omg no no this is fake hun XDDD the Ouija board is even fake
real oija boards take 5-15 minutes to get responses and they eye would be

Author Shawn Michaels (11 days)
Who is zozo I don't get nothing of it

Author Marcina B (17 days)
yes. zozo is very real on teh ouija. i played alone once and zozo contacted
me. i remember because i remember thinking zozo was saying zero becuase i
had asked its age and it kept spelling zozo. zozo was also very smart and i
asked zozo my neighbors name and zozo spelled TONNY. i then asked my
neighber if his name was tonny. he said No. a week later i went to
chillwith my friend noel and i saw a nameon her wall spelled TONNY and i
was shocked and asked whos tonny and she repli8ed that it was her dead
mother. then... i youtube oujia... and there goes the name ...zozo... true
story... i swear... i am also a practicing magician whodoes sleight of hand
and street magic and i dont see the ouija as a trick

Author Ori G (28 days)
The poor girl just had a panic attack. That's all.

Author Maia and Lucy (22 days)
I was skyping my friend Jordan and I decided to make a ouija board out of
paper and I was trying to scare my friend, then... I heard scratching at my
door then I opened my door and saw... MY CAT tinker trying to get in, I
tried to scare my friend and my mam walked in and I got my iPad laptop and
phone taken of me and I ripped it up. Nothing happened I don't believe in
this crap but my mam does

Author Blacklite Gaming (24 days)
One of the main reasons it happened is the other girl took her hands off
the board leaving the victim vulnerable. Never take your hands off the
board. Always say goodbye and wait for the spirit to say goodbye or
forcibly move the marker over goodbye. if it starts moving across the
alphabet or starts counting down then bug out. Some people have gone
insane/committed suicide or killed someone after using a Ouija Board

Author Yolooouts :D (4 days)
I'm shocked and I can't move O.o You shouldn't laugh, I think Zozo is
interesting name :D i don't know why but still... :D

Author yair hernandez (5 days)
so people think this is a game u are wrong my friend this is nothing to
play with!!!

Author emily johnson (2 months)
DO NOT SAY: watch out ouija board where coming for you that is like a
threat to the spirits that probaly why you got a demon

Author Jumais 10 (13 days)
Ghosts are just too creepy for me, i am afraid of the dark and i see alot
nightmares, sometimes its like they come into me in my dream!

Author TntCreepZ (12 days)
Even though this is fake, don't mess with Ouji boards like this. I'm doing
one soon... But the ghost there is friendly because there was a paper on my
desk that said "friends" and nobody was there that day. 

Author Ruko Yokune (20 days)
The eights it was making means it is evil . You should look up rules before
you try the ouija board .

Author evil_eye16 (16 days)
Yep that is what you get for calling you zozo freaking clown you don't do
that when you're trying to see if there's a spirit in your house don't
laugh at the name because it will get seriously angry so don't mess stuff
up when you're in a haunted house

Author Mary Ortiz (3 days)
A mi no me solprendio parece como montaje

Author reece hughes (9 days)
These people deserve to be killed. Never disrespect a demon. Or the ouija.

Author Sonny A (21 day)
what I find hilarious is that the ouija board is a manmade item, replicated
millions of times over. How to demons know which one to contact you
through? lol you guys are so fucking stupid. XD

Author Kemetic Alsenia (21 day)
LOL :) If you deal with negative creatures as demons then deal with
possession pain and suffer as I would ! Why would I risk it ? Simply
because I know what happens and I don't fear them at all ! My Ying Yang is
strong since birth !

Author Justin Lee (20 days)
If the planchette repeatedly makes a figure eight, it means that an evil
spirit is in control of the board.. Hence the evil spirit for this session,
being zozo...

Author Chloe Palmer (1 month)
There's actually a film made about this, and she shouldn't have angered
him. The fact that you called him zozo the clown and then laughed about it
angered him to he possessed you. So that was a stupid move, also you didn't
take him seriously so that's why it happened. Maybe if people took this
respectfully maybe that wouldn't have happened. A ouijia board is not a
game and isn't to be "played" but I have to admit Zozo is fricking
amazing!! He was feeding off of monika because it didn't move for the other
girl and it did for her, that's another reason why she was the one who got
possessed. He was intrigued to her

Author ihatematt hatematt (24 days)
Gotta love gullible people believing a board game can contact mystery
shadow people from another dimension LOL!

There's no god until there's some proof and rainbows and a book is not
proof. 😂

Author roudha almehairbi (5 months)
this is the scariest thing ive ever seen D:

Author gentlemortal (10 days)
i hate to break your heart, but this girl had a seizure. no possession.
some people laugh during seizures

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