Scariest Ouija Board Demon ZOZO Possessed Girl


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Author Choofing Madd (1 month)
Thats what you get for laughing and called zozo a clown. 

Author Maximilian Bernard (3 months)
I find it so funny how all the non-believer pussies just can't face the
truth! I have an answer for you idiots out there: Get yourself a real Ouija
board and try to contact Zozo or any other demon. Shit WILL mess you up and
make you believe in them forever!

Author Natsu Dragneel Zoro Roronoa (3 months)
..... I feel bad for the people that believe this is real. .-. Just....
*faceplanets* ._.

Author ThatRandomGuy (3 months)
People need to have some respect and let people believe what they want to
believe, yes, this clip is fake, it's pretty obvious, but if people choose
to believe in the Paranormal what right do people have to call them stupid
for it? I could say the exact same thing about God and Jesus, but I dont
because people can believe in what they damn want :L If people can believe
in god, then people can believe in Ghosts, i dont believe in God but I dont
tell people they're stupid for it others do believe in it! So just dont be
so judgmental! I believe in Ghosts, but that doesnt make me an idiot!
People can believe what they want, end of. 

Author Thomas Adams (2 months)
your messing with powers you cant comprehend

Author B4LT1MORECity 410 (23 days)
See niggas wonder why I don't Fuck wit that shit zozo Nigga that's the
reason my nigga

Author Quinn Welton (6 months)
Oh dear god, too many people think this is real. Its a clip from a movie,
plus Ouija boards are fake. Its all explained through the ideomotor effect,
its when your body does something without you realizing it. They have
studies to prove this.

Author clay lutz (3 months)
Gods Real, Demons are real, Hell is real, Demons hate us because we are
made in the image of God. There goal is to torment us , use us for there
own use of evil, and lead us on the path to eternal darkness. Do you want
to know why? Because God sent them there. Im sure you guys already know
that story. I mean damn life is so easy to understand. Live by the word of
god and you go to heaven. And your prob asking well why are you watching
this video. well reason being as because I like reading comments by the
lost people.

Author Marea Brava (5 months)
if you watch people playing on the ouija board will bad stuff happen to you

Author Auron Jones (6 months)
am i the only one who thinks that we can befriend a ghost/demon? what if we
could make familiars of them?

Author Nora Schlegel (2 months)
If the Ouija board ever spells out the #8 multiple times you NEED. To end
the session

Author Michele Travis (3 days)
Sorry, haven't watched the movie. But, who or what is ZoZo? Does ZoZo
have special power? Will never use a Ouija board to find out.

Author souls200 (1 day)
If the planchette moves in figure eights, you've contacted a demon and flip
the planchette upside down, and if it repeatedly makes a figure eight
pattern, close the board, if the planchette moves to all four corners of
the board a demon has been contacted, if it starts to count down from 0-9,
and counts down from Z-A, its trying to open a portal

Author SkyzBRY (2 days)
Next time DO NOT make fun of a demonic spirt! Always Show them respect and
do not try to poke fun at them, ZOZO isnt a joking name. Hs is also a very
power spirt and those are the ones you dont tempt, Demons do require
respect and a lot of it, ive contacted many demons but they didnt attack
becuz they relized i was respectful and im a theistic satanist so i were a
pentagram, so I am protected from other spirts. Point is if you do use a
board, please show the spirts respect as they will become violent if not

Author Adam657 (10 days)
I know this is fake and all, but I still thought it was really well done.
The simplicity and the way it's shot was good, it definitely would have
scared me as a child, or someone who believes in this.

Author The Atlas God (2 months)
... The Swirl movement is the Infinite Sign.
Its fucking Obvious.

Author Cake Pop (8 days)
I have a feeling this happened cause u joked about his name i mean would u
like it if some one teased u about ur name i mean show respect for spirits

Author Kylie Z (5 days)
One girl kinda sounds like selena Gomez 

Author Piano Otoko (11 days)
I've wanted to try Ouja Board. i dont believe it's real but at the same
time I dont want to risk it

Author Irfan Dokal (15 days)
if it stays on 8 you should end the session? i also hears if it crosses all
the letters or numbers you should stop the session. watch how it does cross
all the letters writing the 8 in its form 3 times..

Author Markus Pseidl (8 days)
Sorry I have to say this but if this would be "real" then why the hell do
file it in the catagory "ENTERTAINMENT"? and not "DOCUMENTARY" if you are
allready gonna fake stuff then at least do it properly next time ok? People
dont be stupid dont believe everything you see, see the bigger picture why
do you guys think videos like this are here? Damnright because they get
many clicks from people who think a) its real or b) its bullshit or c)
people who want to scare friends with it there is no such thing as god, the
devil, demons or spirits or what ever it is all just fakes made up by
people with a good story. Just look at the bible allone in the first
chapter book or what not there are more "facts" that can be proven wrong by
science than in I dont know hell even a brothers grimm story has more truth
or sense in it. What I want to say with that is that anyone can write a
book, a story or even found a new religion all he needs is good linguistic
skills and people that believe him and lets be honest in todays world you
will find people who believe anything for instance everyone by now should
have heard about those people that worship the flying spaghetti monster and
wear a frikken sieve on their head and wont even take it off for passport
fotos or drivers licence fotos I mean like wtf I can eat their "god" if I
want and still there are people who believe that (granted it might be a
great big joke making fun of other religions to prove my point that anyone
can make a religion) but also they could be serious with it in my eyes the
only thing we should worry about in life is to not STAY STUPID WAKE UP AND
DONT WANNA WATCH IT GO ON. 2/3 of the poeple are idiots that believe
everything think about it : you are watching the news at home do you think
that the people in the news are bringing you the news without a purpose
behind it? Think people the government pays assets into the national tv and
radio do you think they are doing that because they dont expect anything in
return? or because the media then has to say or write what the government
wants them to and hold other information back so that the public gets
drilled into the way of thinking that the government wants them to have????
Every news broadcast you see is biased and corrupt. I am not a conspiracy
theorist I am just a person that sees the bigger picture, look at the wars
that the americans were involved in except first and second world war (
after those 2) like vietnam and soroundings, irak, afghanistan, pakistan (
not directly but in the borderlands between afghanistan and pakistan
rangers were searching every cave for Bin Laden or they would bomb it with
drones), somalia, korea and think about them where are they? Either they
are in countries where communism was slowly taking over ( vietnam, korea)
and the Good and friendly Americans just needed to help the poor south
koreans and the poor south vietnamese ( the not Viet Cong) or did they just
want to stop the communism ( the russian influence) in those regions
because the bad bad russians arent allowed to gain in alike thinking
countries???? Every normal person meanwhile would agree that the wars in
Irak and Afghanistan werent a war on terror but a war for the Oil that
flows under those countries, so I will not go on with them. Lets look at
Somalia here it gets tricky do you really think that they went there
because of the human rights and to help and what not, or rather that they
knew if they can get rid of the Dictator there they can install a man that
will act along with what they want? For instance the Territorial waters of
Somalia are one of the weakest protected or monitored world wide, which
opens the door for the pirates one hears about or: the fishing industry the
territorial waters of Somalia are one of the most over fished waters world
wide, Somalia has often been used for the Illegal disposure of Radioactive
waste and some other things.....Think about it if it would be about the
human rights and helping why arent they "helping" in the kosovo or some
other countries? Right because there is nothing to get there. I wonder how
long it takes till they go "help" in Sierra Leone and then get some
diamonds if you catch my drift. Think about it THIS IS NO CONSPIRACY

Author emily johnson (1 month)
DO NOT SAY: watch out ouija board where coming for you that is like a
threat to the spirits that probaly why you got a demon

Author Chloe Palmer (18 days)
There's actually a film made about this, and she shouldn't have angered
him. The fact that you called him zozo the clown and then laughed about it
angered him to he possessed you. So that was a stupid move, also you didn't
take him seriously so that's why it happened. Maybe if people took this
respectfully maybe that wouldn't have happened. A ouijia board is not a
game and isn't to be "played" but I have to admit Zozo is fricking
amazing!! He was feeding off of monika because it didn't move for the other
girl and it did for her, that's another reason why she was the one who got
possessed. He was intrigued to her

Author Surendran Ramachandran (8 days)



Author ebony irby (7 days)
I think it's real tbh 

Author Reisen007SCI (24 days)
dubstep ghost from 1977 got sucked into my bluetooth headphone please help

Author Nathan Dereje (15 days)
After she's possesed, what happened next??

Author junior salgado (1 day)
spirits r real u can find them at night in any place where an accident or
tragedy happened_they look like dark shadows moving abnormally fast

Author Fabián Andrés (2 months)
This IS real, someone is even gonna make a movie about this. Search it on
youtube: "I am ZoZo" it's a movie based on this video.

Author Lucy Allen (14 days)
What happened to her? Is she alright? Is she dead? Is she being haunted?
Has zozo haunted her for life?

Author stubbs5969 (13 days)
Zozo is recognized in every religion in some form of the name. Always bad
news and the most common demon to channel through on a board. If you aren't
aware of this you shouldn't be messing with a Ouija.

Author Frater Apotheosis (13 days)
They are laughing, but ZoZo really is a clown spirit. When I call on ZoZo
he always answers with the sound of a bike horn. ZoZo is good guy, funny.
Stop with the scary stuff.

Author Joseph Daniels (6 days)
I've always wanted to be possessed, just to have that feeling, and to have
that experience

Author malyka Martin (24 days)
i believe in paranormal. but everyone knows that the Internet is not always
true. When you see your friend like that, you not shaking your hands like
them...they will definitely not have good actors, i think. And why they
have another camera? it was filmed like a horror movie. The camera falls,
stop, replay with a zoom, move by itself and rereplay normally. Well, I saw
paranormal event, but they do not look like that ... I beg you!

Author Mattia88DX (24 days)
It could be gone worse, think if Chuck Norris was summoned.....

Author BastedwithMustard (7 days)
There's a new comedy out called Ouija, I'd recommend checking it out if you
enjoyed this. =)

Author Lucas Vinicius (1 month)
Zozo or Zoso
Real name Bahzozo
My favorite demon he attacks those who deserve
By from Brasil =)

Author RecordsMiguel (3 days)
This is from a movie called "I am zozo " this is fake people!!!!

Author 92blackpoison (21 hour)
if you guys beliefe or not...these boards are working...BUT! an ouija board
is just a tool, to something different and it will just work if you´re open
mindet or belive in that "other world"..if not then nothing will
happen...and better never mess up with something you can´t explain guys...i
never used it. but i know since i was a child and my brother had a mess
with something like a demon, i know, these creatuers are around us. doors
close and open when windows are closed, lights switch on and off when noone
is touching something and stuff like that..believe me or say i´m crazy, but
i know what i saw and felt in this moments, even when i was 8 years old ;)
that crap just endet, when we moved out of this house..

Author avikbellic911 (4 months)
I am an Atheist who believes in many population are there
like me?

Author Quvonte Nicholas (3 hours)
Got yo ass

Author james mahoney (7 days)
This really happened I know the girl...

Author jade luna (7 days)
omg i was watching this and i almost had a heartattack. but then i realized
its tot fake!!!!!!!

Author Peanut Butter Man (21 day)
I have fucking nightmares

Author DARKxCLIPSHD (3 days)
Am I the only one that notice the dude had pink nail polish 

Author ohgimeeabreak (21 day)
I'm sorry, but if a spirit/demon wants to make contact, I highly doubt they
need a hunk of particle board made by Parker Brother's to do so!

Author TheGuardianTroll (12 days)
This is so fake. This might be more convincing if they could act better,
but you can tell that they are just acting.

Author Chelsie Anna (15 days)
I dont know why but this is actually the most beleivable wifi bored I've

Author PastEvents x (3 days)
thats a big fake.

Author Anisha Bhumihar (19 days)
totally gonna go and buy it

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