Scariest Ouija Board Demon ZOZO Possessed Girl


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Author Kaldmm Mmmm ( ago)
Read the holy Quran , its the word of the almighty god 

Author David García ( ago)
Eso no lo entiendo soy español no inglés alguien me podría decir como se se

Author David García ( ago)
Eso no lo entiendo soy español no inglés alguien me podría decir como se se

Author Shania Myers ( ago)
I think it's a fake, after zozo said yes the man caped the marker. Why
would you do that if you just started. Unless you knew what was going on

The more you know

Author rafa almadani ( ago)
People move it but they don't feel believe me . ( NO FIGHT WITH ME IM

Author Ascending - Into -Tomorrow ( ago)
That moment when you're not supposed to let the cursor thing move in a
figure eight ...

Author Poppy_ Pop ( ago)
When the thing on the oija board goes in a figure 8 like it did in the
video . STOP IT that's how a spirit comes out of the board and can possess.

Author bruhitsmia ( ago)
Was that real or what I'm lost 

Author Cooles Animal ( ago)
pleese tell me is this fake

Author GET WRECKED Nightfire Gaming HD ( ago)
Guys zozo is a demon not a spirit if you run in to him while playing say
goodbye before he says zozo and flip the board over 

Author 卌Olivia Clifford卌 ( ago)
I want to make something clear.

You can not access contact to demons over the ouija board.
Any spirit that claims to be zozo is a trickster spirit.
You're all dumb shits
Goodbye <3

Author Sameer Sattar ( ago)
+TripleB1888 Is there a way you can prove that you became a goat? If a
demon tried to mess with me, I would go to rage mode, steal it's
transformation powers and I could turn myself into an indominus Rex, the
hybrid dinosaur from Jurassic World. And then this demon would be ripped to
pieces by me as the hybrid dinosaur. Well I don't know if that is possible
for me lol! Any way, please show that you became a goat.

Author ilya solomkin ( ago)
looks like a staged short film

Author justin holland ( ago)
It sounds zozo is fun

Author Philip Castle (Philthegamer) ( ago)
Isn't this scene from a horror movie by the way zozo is a real demon if you
encounter him while using a session on the oujia board say goodbye straight

Author Colorful Sushi ( ago)
The retard took his or her hand's off to scratch or something and
everything went wrong.

Author Bling Productions ( ago)
Deez nuts

Author Charlotte Vaughan ( ago)
This scared me shitless😨😱

Author oren kyte (1635 years ago)
1:45 zozo was like- "wtf?.. " and after the correction of his name he was
like "umm.. yeah.. like wtf.. stpid biatch" 

Author Andre Vanderenden ( ago)
When it did the 8 swirls it wanted to get out then it did and possessed the

Author Dark Fruit ( ago)
Right well straight from the beginning I can see you are doing loads of
things wrong, you are playing with the board not taking it seriously for a
start, that attracts demons. You have no protection you should always have
sage ready to burn or burning before you start. You should also burn a
candle and just show some damn respect for the spirit world or they will
send you demons. ZoZo is a common one and can be very dangerous to people
who know nothing about the occult and haven't researched what they are
doing before they start. Your warning is right don't play with ouija boards
they are not toys.

Author nicoleloveshedley ( ago)
Was talking to Zozo a few minutes ago through my Ouiji board. He caused my
left hand to twitch uncontrollably for a few seconds. Don't mess with that

Author Olivia Burdt ( ago)
zozo was on the show ghost adventures and my aunt played with with the
bourd and it said somthing about zozo

Author Marlee Sanchez ( ago)
what episode of Friends is this?

Author Paaveli ! ( ago)
bazozo é um demônio da antiga babilônia...

Author Guarding Demon ( ago)
They didn't move to 'goodbye'

Author florent sensei ( ago)
repect biatch ^^

Author Linda Hobbs ( ago)
very good

Author Lulu Andrade ( ago)
Well children lesson learned not to play with an ouija board and dont mess
with evil spirits 

Author Haley raye ( ago)
She obviously deserved it cause she builling Zozo lol

Author GirlzbballinVA High Schools ( ago)

Author beliber4life ( ago)
This bitch is stupid. Like why are you laughing at a demon? Are you crazy?!
Never gonna try this shit. EVER.

Author derpmochump ( ago)
fake and gay

Author Tamoola ( ago)
Seriously? Am I one of the only people on the entirety of Youtube that
knows this is from the 2012 film I am Zozo? It's not real!!! Do your
research, and you won't be spoon fed utter CRAP.

Author Rachel Maddox ( ago)
Omg . . . Yeah I never would of taunted it at all...

Author DATAY ( ago)
They are Archons. Archons are the demons of Abrahamic religions. They feed
from our fears and sufferings and they are able to possess people with low

Author Miguel Franco ( ago)
Holy water people 

Author Justin Rivera ( ago)

Author Justin Rivera ( ago)
Why you laugh 

Author My girl ( ago)
حرام العبة

Author Emily Wells ( ago)
That was so fake lol I've heard of that demon before... On ghost hunters...

Author christopher dunn ( ago)
Bullshit!!!!!!!!!!, and i believe in ghost's ,and have encountered
them,over the years but this is just another lame atempt to make up shit

Author Charlotte Hook ( ago)
My sister done that and now I think the sprit is after her because at night
I hear doors open for closing and I got a picture of a ghost 

Author Trucker dude 7 ( ago)
You mocked him/it so you deserved it

Author Holly Stachura ( ago)
I honestly feel bad for what happened to her..but she shouldn't have been
messing with that stuff,so let this be lesson to her and her friends. This
stuff that people are playing with can damage their life and bring terror
to it also. I just wish people would understand the danger and caution of
doing this stupid game.

Author Chayce Grove ( ago)
This is scary but its there fault she got attacked she made fun of zozo
saying he was a clown and understandably zozo attacked her.

Author Hadleigh Pierce (1752 years ago)
This is so fake...

Author BindBoth ( ago)
That's so fucking stupid.

Author Jonathon Carlson ( ago)
Thats what happens when you make fun of a demon, damn.

Author Taevon Ferrell ( ago)

Author AwesomEthan64 ( ago)
You did the wrong thing

Author Darren Kincaid ( ago)
U never ever laugh at demons 

Author Angra Mainyu ( ago)
Yeah this is real

It's not

Author Jason Shannon ( ago)
I collect Ouija boards as decoration but sadly there is no real evidence
that they work.

If you watch the guy writing he puts the pen cap on in anticipation of the
laughing that's about to ensue. He had no reason to do that imo.

Clever video and very effective at scaring but it's acted out for sure.

Author j krk ( ago)
I don't know about this excact video but this shit is real. You don't mess
with this stuff If You don't know what are You doing, specialy when You
young and stupid.

Author Jesse Galindo ( ago)
She got sprayed with joker toxin.personally i believe research and a good
ammount of info should be done before usin one of these or you can end up
like this chick.😁

Author The Real Jezuz ( ago)
Idiots. You let it out. You let it do figure 8's over and over, which means
they're trying to escape. Other ways for them to escape is by letting them
count the numbers, or going through the entire alphabet backwards. Still, I
laugh at your idiocy lololol

Author Princess Zelda ( ago)
So this is were Fnaf got its jumpscares from :o Listen at the end it goes
like *Silence* Aahh! *More silence* Ahh! XD

Author l0new0lf2000 ( ago)
Is this from a movie? If so, what movie? 

Author KyleGhostRider ( ago)
Zozo stop tickling her .-. I believe she was possessed because her friend
did remove her hand which is the exact OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU
PLAY OUIJA BOARD! +Patrick Light 

Author Rosalie Sanchez ( ago)
Mido XD Deez nuts is a band why do people always say randomly Deez nuts ? 

Author Golden IQSU ( ago)

Author Hellene Smith ( ago)

Author Brett Hulitt ( ago)
I thought it was a good movie

Author Alexa Eplee ( ago)
this is bs.. I don't believe... yet.. but spencers sells Ouija boards and
im getting one in a few days. I need proof.. even though this stuff scares
the shit outta me..

Author Leïla et Celyah ( ago)
Sa fais fliper se truc

Author Ghali Filali ( ago)
Is crise d epilepsi i

Author Jon E ( ago)
Zozi lives with me 

Author Solja C ( ago)
Creepy shit!!!

Author lolabodelierx ( ago)
that laugh... it touches my soul...

Author Michael Vinci ( ago)
I don't know if y'all have done this yet but you need to perform an
exorcism on her do not burn the Ouija board or throw it away perform an
exorcism on it .Ouija board binding with salt and bury it . Circle it in
the hole then X on top of it to keep it down then you have bound it but the
chances are yall havent took action soon it already has her the devil and
his demons will feast upon the souls of men

Author Michael Vinci ( ago)
Those of you that don't know what you're looking at there are some door
ways that should not be open and once you open these doors on yourself
they're open forever.

Author 《 GroundBreaker8 》 ( ago)
One time my friends were doing "Charlie Charlie Challenge" but then my
teacher told them to stop 😂😂

Author Cherub Gainer ( ago)
Who the heck laughs at a ghost especially a demon matter of fact.... Yall
retarded secondly you ppl shouldn't have never touch that board in the
first place knowing that a demon or something could had came. And thirdly
why would yall laugh at a demon's name ZoZo could have killed your friend 

Author Emma AWESOME (Emma Stewart) ( ago)
Is this fake 

Author blitz hokuto ( ago)
Fuck this shit! Fnaf is scarier and that is not scary at all!

Author Lesley Dold ( ago)
Ok she had a seizure from fear she was not possessed those boards trick ur
mind into thinking there is some thing there so if one person move to a
letter one follows demons are complete BS

Author Mermen0 ( ago)
Oh come on you shade one of the most evil spirit calling him "clown" and
laughing at his name. And can't you take this serious because you were
laughing all the time. She get possessed because she's an idiot 

Author Jennifer McCuen ( ago)
Makes me laugh every time I watch it

Author Tristan Bunao ( ago)
was monica possed and were you guys moving the thingy

Author Jose Sanchez ( ago)
Who was playing?

Author Paty Goad ( ago)
I'm using my mom's account xD I'm to lazy to log out and log into mine

Author Paty Goad ( ago)

Author Tony Turner ( ago)

Author Seiko Yuiama ( ago)
Pretty fucken stupid

Author Brandon Russell ( ago)
Hahaha thank you for the laugh

Author Miguel Fuentes ( ago)
That guy has some ugly hand writing

Author Brenna Smith ( ago)
and if this shit doesn't go away, get some holy water

Author Brenna Smith ( ago)
well, that's what you get for messing with zozo, I did the same thing
yesterday at school, andthe same thing happened to meh

Author PlusHalfling ( ago)

Author grell sutcliff ( ago)
This makes me think this is so fake because first of all when filming they
change angles secondly whenever filming sound doesn't cut out like that
they cut the sound and put it in like that near the end just to scare you
and when she got possessed it was really stupid

Author sashlana dolcherbana.x ( ago)
Omg am shake now its realy scared

Author Caitlin L ( ago)
did she die or live and did she get zozo out of her

Author Chad Bennett ( ago)
Zozo might not be so mean if ppl stop pronounced is name wrong.

Author Alexis Grant ( ago)
Why are u screwing with him it's not a game if you're playful and weak and
don't understand u can end up hurt it's not funny and I hope this puts
sense into some stupid teenagers head

Author Paulo Carreira ( ago)
C'est le demon qui fait bouger ?

Author Lorenzo Rivas ( ago)
Fake or real

Author Angel Raj Campbell ( ago)
Far out I really hope she's ok

Author John Foster ( ago)
Oh it's real people. What you define it makes it into reality. So you say
it is an actual possession then it is. You say it is just a girl having a
laugh at her friends' expense then that is real.

Whatever any of you think is real then it is so. As for me I could care
less. I believe most things should be annihilated on this planet like ouji
boards. Even if I don't believe in the superstition it doesn't hurt to be
on the side of caution. So burn them all and leave no knowledge behind to
ever make them again. 

Author Omega Skull ( ago)
He comes....

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