Scariest Ouija Board Demon ZOZO Possessed Girl


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Author Golden IQSU ( ago)

Author Hellene Smith ( ago)

Author Brett Hulitt ( ago)
I thought it was a good movie

Author Alexa Eplee ( ago)
this is bs.. I don't believe... yet.. but spencers sells Ouija boards and
im getting one in a few days. I need proof.. even though this stuff scares
the shit outta me..

Author Leïla et Celyah ( ago)
Sa fais fliper se truc

Author Ghali Filali ( ago)
Is crise d epilepsi i

Author Jon E ( ago)
Zozi lives with me 

Author Solja C ( ago)
Creepy shit!!!

Author lolabodelierx ( ago)
that laugh... it touches my soul...

Author Michael Vinci ( ago)
I don't know if y'all have done this yet but you need to perform an
exorcism on her do not burn the Ouija board or throw it away perform an
exorcism on it .Ouija board binding with salt and bury it . Circle it in
the hole then X on top of it to keep it down then you have bound it but the
chances are yall havent took action soon it already has her the devil and
his demons will feast upon the souls of men

Author Michael Vinci ( ago)
Those of you that don't know what you're looking at there are some door
ways that should not be open and once you open these doors on yourself
they're open forever.

Author EpicFoxy 1987 ( ago)
One time my friends were doing "Charlie Charlie Challenge" but then my
teacher told them to stop 😂😂

Author Cherub Gainer ( ago)
Who the heck laughs at a ghost especially a demon matter of fact.... Yall
retarded secondly you ppl shouldn't have never touch that board in the
first place knowing that a demon or something could had came. And thirdly
why would yall laugh at a demon's name ZoZo could have killed your friend 

Author Emma AWESOME (Emma Stewart) ( ago)
Is this fake 

Author blitz hokuto ( ago)
Fuck this shit! Fnaf is scarier and that is not scary at all!

Author Lesley Dold ( ago)
Ok she had a seizure from fear she was not possessed those boards trick ur
mind into thinking there is some thing there so if one person move to a
letter one follows demons are complete BS

Author Mermen0 ( ago)
Oh come on you shade one of the most evil spirit calling him "clown" and
laughing at his name. And can't you take this serious because you were
laughing all the time. She get possessed because she's an idiot 

Author Jennifer McCuen ( ago)
Makes me laugh every time I watch it

Author Tristan Bunao ( ago)
was monica possed and were you guys moving the thingy

Author Jose Sanchez ( ago)
Who was playing?

Author Paty Goad ( ago)
I'm using my mom's account xD I'm to lazy to log out and log into mine

Author Paty Goad ( ago)

Author Tony Turner ( ago)

Author Seiko Yuiama ( ago)
Pretty fucken stupid

Author Brandon Russell ( ago)
Hahaha thank you for the laugh

Author Miguel Fuentes ( ago)
That guy has some ugly hand writing

Author Brenna Smith ( ago)
and if this shit doesn't go away, get some holy water

Author Brenna Smith ( ago)
well, that's what you get for messing with zozo, I did the same thing
yesterday at school, andthe same thing happened to meh

Author PlusHalfling ( ago)

Author grell sutcliff ( ago)
This makes me think this is so fake because first of all when filming they
change angles secondly whenever filming sound doesn't cut out like that
they cut the sound and put it in like that near the end just to scare you
and when she got possessed it was really stupid

Author sascha louisa x ( ago)
Omg am shake now its realy scared

Author Caitlin L ( ago)
did she die or live and did she get zozo out of her

Author Chad Bennett ( ago)
Zozo might not be so mean if ppl stop pronounced is name wrong.

Author Alexis Grant ( ago)
Why are u screwing with him it's not a game if you're playful and weak and
don't understand u can end up hurt it's not funny and I hope this puts
sense into some stupid teenagers head

Author Paulo Carreira ( ago)
C'est le demon qui fait bouger ?

Author Lorenzo Rivas ( ago)
Fake or real

Author Angel Raj Campbell ( ago)
Far out I really hope she's ok

Author John Foster ( ago)
Oh it's real people. What you define it makes it into reality. So you say
it is an actual possession then it is. You say it is just a girl having a
laugh at her friends' expense then that is real.

Whatever any of you think is real then it is so. As for me I could care
less. I believe most things should be annihilated on this planet like ouji
boards. Even if I don't believe in the superstition it doesn't hurt to be
on the side of caution. So burn them all and leave no knowledge behind to
ever make them again. 

Author Omega Skull ( ago)
He comes....

Author Marquise Herron ( ago)
Y'all crazy

Author Denise Meekis ( ago)
Stop laughing😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

Author Jai Traunter ( ago)
They can't make another vid as two of them were killed last week 

Author Shelley Murphy ( ago)
Zozo is scary af

Author Scorpion gaming ( ago)
One day i played ouija and i have been posessed i was going to kill my
sister but when i woke up i found my sister bleeing and they told me to
never play this fucking shit again

Author Kaleb Honeter ( ago)
she took her hand off you never do that

Author Krampus von Bayern (1070 years ago)
So do is bad ass

Author Julien STOLL ( ago)
Putain ça fait peur

Author Rekiyiah Rogers ( ago)
That is scary 

Author Beau Hookway ( ago)
I've heard he's very sexual, maybe he's doing the dirty so to speak lol

Author John Ballardo ( ago)
The spirit was mad at her for laughing at her name.

Author The 3 Summoners (320 years ago)
Was this real? Or acted out? I contacted Zozo and he said that he claimed

Author Rea Sanka (Sankarea) ( ago)
Haahhahaahahhahahahahhahahah x""D I laught like the possessed girl x""""D 

Author rachael Gg ( ago)
The reason why is the swirly thing on the board the demons trying to open a

Author Christine Boehlig (2042 years ago)
I think there drunk

Author Killer Bat ( ago)
Im sorry to say, but that was to fake

Author Alejandro Velazquez-Caballero ( ago)
I know that
also this is dumb

Author BlazeKillaz (1782 years ago)
Its all real, i have been using a board for the past month and i am scared
shitless, if a demon makes 8 figure 8/s they escape the board and are free
to do what they want, and if they go back and forth between letters, this
demon must have escaped because it did both of those things

Author Lucas creac'h ( ago)

Author Velociraptor Brony-liensis ( ago)
MY GOD! Do you bastards have any idea what you have unleashed?!

Author Vanessa Mcnamara ( ago)
Well they were being stupid ppl and being asses to the ghost.... Zozo the
clown...... How stupid of then playing with stuff like that.... I would be
just like the ghost and do that to her😂
They shoudnt of played around like that

Author Briya Williams ( ago)
That's what she gets, yes all the demons should fuck her. 

Author Davide Ferrara ( ago)
is this real ???

Author Cicorillo Sullivan ( ago)
Oh fuck

Author Mark Riches ( ago)
Hey, What movie is this from? Thanks.

Author Wilson Gurung ( ago)
nice acting!

Author shawndaya webb ( ago)
Haha thts wat u get

Author Next Generation Gaming ( ago)
I'll never use this. My mom has used this before when she was young and had
a lot of crazy things happening in the house. After a week, she called her
uncle which specialized in exorcisms or something in that area. After he
went around and smoked out the house, nothing ever happened again. 

Author Next Generation Gaming ( ago)
I like how this thing is in the kids toys section.....

Author Wojti 2000 ( ago)
And they still market this to kids. You know - as a toy.

Author xLomble77 SoCrafting ( ago)
Is not a fake , do not remove its doights and especially always say

Author black and white ( ago)
that scared the whiskers out of me!

Author MINION MASTER ( ago)
this is seiriously fake their moving it with their hands

Author Rain Towning ( ago)
The only way to bring spirits to our world is only if you don't say goodbye
at the end ....right? 

Author Rowdy Westra ( ago)
This is fucking real i'm paranormal

Author OCCELLI Nicola ( ago)
Is just a fake

Author Pete Tibz ( ago)
ok that scared the shit out of me.. good thing zozo didnt possess me the
moment i called him last night and he said "let's meet again" before we
ended our conversation.. what the hell

Author ciel 231 ( ago)
i think she just had a seizure

Author chanoa' willis ( ago)
they laughed at the ghosts name!!!!!!!!! there carzy

Author SocratesOfHealth ( ago)
She freaked out, that's probably what happened.

Author sally Bowers ( ago)
if you still have issues

Author sally Bowers ( ago)
if not faked do you wan`t help

Author Kylie Hensley ( ago)
Holy shit!

Author Kayleigh Jansen ( ago)
Was this fake or real?

Author FatgolDfish Z ( ago)

Author Josue Bonilla HD Gaming ( ago)
Follow jesus dont do the ouji board u saw what happened in this video and
if u do it well ur to late so be prepared and follow jesus

Author Michaela Phillips ( ago)
No way was that fake omg that was like weird

Author CaptainKayne Trollz And Games ( ago)
dont let it do figure 8's lol

Author honey steve ( ago)
Her and zozo is relationship goals he's literally tickling her that's
adorable ❤️❤️

Author Lavernius Tucker ( ago)
I told you we shouldn't have invited Becky!

Author Yasuo The Unforgiven ( ago)
I am holding my bible right now !

Author Monster Kops ( ago)
zozo is not a bad spirit or (demon) infact we are talking to her its a girl
at the age of 16 and has changed her ways if you go to my channel I might
upload a video of me and my mate talking to her on a homemade Ouija board
please trust us she is a protecyor as ahe is protecting me and my friend
and has done nothing wrong you shouldn't call he names because that is what
made her angry and upset please listen and watch. thank you

Author Ghazal N ( ago)
oh holy, lord have mercy 😓😱🙏🏼

Author Shyanne Geschke ( ago)
Don't take your hangs of the bored you stupids. The only reason why she got
possessed was that you guys were making fun of the name u guyed are stupid
for doing that

Author The Guy Who Posts (142 years ago)
Nerds are gonna be summoning ghost prostitutes

Author Lily Silva ( ago)
Laugh at a demons name, you get possessed. Laugh at a humans name, you get
a broken face. 😂😂😂😂Laughing at someone's name is never a good idea

Author Ernie S ( ago)

Author minecraftplayer- scsgg ( ago)
Ok. ik he with you every min but don't give up I know Zo Zo can possion
you but don't let him its letting a doorway into you.Zo zo he's not a
demon hes a jokester I watched a video an awsoem girl and a good spirt
explained about Zo zo he acts evil but hes not he just feds on you and
you fear Don't let go don't give up and this is to all of yall commenters
how though it was fake it was not THEY MADE A MOVIE OUT OF THIS
I belive you will get better

Author halal bros (575 years ago)
this is all fake shit i tried a oijia board and nothing happend its all

Author Reece Horbury smith ( ago)
When I did the ouja board my cookies floated out of the window and he left

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