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Urban Ninja

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Author jaganmaster (2 months)
This is one of the first videos I've seen on youtube. This is the video
that introduced me to parkour & Rise Against.

Author Solid Snake (1 month)

Author urbfilms (4 months)
This was the first video I ever watched on YouTube.

Author Alex Lino (1 month)
like if you're watching in 2014

Author Ahldor (1 month)
I love that forward Unreal dodge @ 1:41

Author Henke130 (1 month)
Ahhh... the ol' video of my childhood that got me into Rise Against.

Author angel evans (1 month)
In all actuality what he's doing is half parkour half tricking.

Author WheresTheFridge182 (2 months)

Author Rafyta18 (6 months)
Does anyone know the name of this man? . And What is it?

Author parkour putten (4 days)
first video that is saw about parkour
and inspired me to do parkour&freerunning now 3 years ago
and i practice for 2 years parkour and freerunning

Author Godson Avishka David (5 days)
this video is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author TheSoftaco (1 day)
I wonder how this guy is doing 10 years later

Author Bboy sage (8 days)
The girl at 2:08 missed all the action!

Author DomitronProductions (12 days)
Back in the good ol' days.

This was the only rise against song I ever liked. Band sucks otherwise lol
don't care about the hate I get from that. 

Author Tristan Films (12 days)
this video introduced me to youtube. it's crazy how this video is almost 10
years old

Author Intelligent Design (18 days)
some good skills, bad actor, too much attitude. and someone call an
ambulance, sounds like someone is being stabbed to death with a butter
knife on the soundtrack.

Author The Co-Op Clan (3 months)
This was one of the first videos I ever watched on YouTube. It's crazy to
see how far YouTube has come.

Author Jr Nelson (28 days)
dude your tricks are ametuer at best
i respect you for doing it but go get a teacher

Author gamestarovi lp (1 month)
Like Good :D

Author angelo stra figo (1 month)
is a very good

Author XrayGamez (7 months)
why was this so populair? haha i mean it is cool but there are more awesome
freerunning vids

Author len488 (3 months)
hace 9 años...... mierda T-T cada vez estoy mas viejo XD

Author SunFury (3 months)
2005 era youtube videos are epic!

Author eduardo acevedo (1 month)

Author painovoimaton (1 month)
One of my first youtube videos. My brother showed this to me.

Author The Co-Op Clan (3 months)
This was one of the first videos I ever watched on YouTube. It's crazy to
see how far YouTube has come.

Author Star Albarn (4 months)
I wanna do stunts like that

Author Felipe Batista de Oliveira (1 month)
Como é o nome dessa musica?

Author Jaspreet Singh (7 months)
is he dead

Author Arek Dragon (4 months)

Author SanjiKunTheLoveCook (2 months)
well we are all here, almost 10 years after it was uploaded. xD yeah i'm
here for the same reason lol, this is really one of the earliest videos i
have ever watched on youtube. good old times.

Author Shady Black (2 months)
why dislike? :D

Author BokChoiTV (2 months)
Even to this day I think "Damn.. this guy must get bitches.."

Author Abderahmene Mari (2 months)
0:53 i realy want to learn this lol

Author speedykicks (2 months)
cool video

Author Rodrigo Agrizi (5 months)
music? band?

Author BANAANAS TV (2 months)
First video ever watched on the Internet

Author Leng Her (2 months)
Wow, 9 years ago.

Author DarkDragonNinja (5 months)
I remember watching this vid a long time ago! I used to watch videos like
this all the time when I was younger. My memories are finally back

Author Gray Fox (8 months)
First video I ever favorited on YouTube. still one of the best

Author NAR6 NO2 (2 months)
When Youtube was awesome

Author LoveEBlue (3 months)
seriously, this guy is amazing!!!

Author Leonard Nygren Löhndorf (2 months)
Can't even explain the nostalgia I get from watching this. When I was young
my father had created a folder on his PC with awesome videos for me and my
brother to watch. (He probably had downloaded them from youtube or
This was our favorite one, alongside some of the old David Belle videos. We
watched this one like all the time hehe

Author GermanLyrics (3 months)

Author Jake Davis (5 months)
0:11 Akuma symbol

Author Yugu Modi (2 months)
lol I remember watching this when desktop monitors had something behind it

Author windumaster14 (5 months)
Nearly 10 years old. My God.

Author Samuel Jensen (3 months)
i wonder how good he is today..

Author waybogus (2 months)
This video is legendary...any one else remember the YouTube classics?

Author M3rcer! ytbe (3 months)
one of the first videos of 2005 that i have watched ...Damn i must be old
like shit

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