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Urban Ninja

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Author TV2016CHANNEL ( ago)
Them feelings after 10 years :'(

Author WesCoP ( ago)
My first Youtube vídeo :)

Author WowMatti ( ago)
Anyone that knows what this guy does / is today?

Author Iñaki Barrios ( ago)
what is the name of the song??

Author Rodrigo Rodriguez ( ago)
Old but gold

Author caiden clack ( ago)
fuck. ten years ago already. I was 12 years old. God damn.

Author Koly Daniels ( ago)
Watch this long time ago I'm 16 goin on 17 ..

Author Takashi ( ago)
Watched this 10 years ago and again today :)

Author Zicki Zickiof ( ago)
Haha my childhood video x)

Author Kimberly Morgan (1931 year ago)

Author Kallum O'Dowd ( ago)
the first YouTube video I watched

Author Manakurei (925 years ago)
First youtube video I watched and favorited.

Author Pductions ( ago)
Give it all by Rise against

Author The Guardian ( ago)
This is really good quality for 2005 lmao, I was 5 years old at the time of
this video. My brother showed me this video at the time and I loved the
song :)

Author Chang Ki Hong ( ago)
Still watching in 2015

Author Piotrek_Kupbis ( ago)
this video was my inspiration. now watching it one more time in 2015

Author AddBones ( ago)
i was 12 when i saw it in school on these old computers nostalgia lvl 9000

Author erfan hosseini ( ago)
which city is this in?

Author Arodblade ( ago)
1:41 My favorite part, fly like a birdie!!!

Author vKitKatz ( ago)
W H O W A T C H I N G T H I S I N O C T O B E R ?

Author 3dragon8 ( ago)
I watch this when I was 8

Author Glori4n ( ago)
i Was 7 years old back then... Now i'm 4.

Author ElDrHouse2010 ( ago)
The video that inspired me to learn parkour long ago. I'm still meh at it
and I need improvement but I can get most, if not all of the practical
vaults done. The style vaults are another story through.

Author LetsPlayRoland ( ago)
give this man a cookie :D hes awesome!

Author BlueSpace70 ( ago)
The nostalgia...

Author NiDoXiD ( ago)
10 years? wtf

Author Серёга Кабанов ( ago)
Old school )

Author IDK tigerWEST ( ago)

Author StewiebossFTW ( ago)
I'm watching this video JUST NOW, and the quality is actually really good
for its time. Damn.

Author iCWare ( ago)
Legendary video

Author Kaylee Dinh ( ago)

Author spartan876 ( ago)
this video is 10 years old!!!

Author JJV Megas ( ago)
OMG this is old video

Author Code Black HQ ( ago)
saw this when i was 6, thank you to this video for getting me into the
greatest music genre ever and made my the young man i am today, oh ya i was
still playing the original xbox when this came out, and i remember when no
doubt made good music

Author Ciby Plays ( ago)
I've watched this when I was 7 , now im 17 xD ... can somebody tell me the
song name pls? Ty!

Author superjokerrr ( ago)

Author Micheal carr ( ago)
i saw this when i was 20 and know i'm 120 i'm still the best

Author Pimpeaux ( ago)
Woo!!! It's Urban Ninja's 10 year anniversary! Here's to 10 more. ^_^

Author Pimpeaux ( ago)
Two Chinese Boys just got flagged, and Guitar got deleted, so this is
essentially the only viral video left from 2005. It's a shame really.

And no, Me at the Zoo doesn't count as a viral video.

Author Yours Truly (588 years ago)
was that mall located in Irvine?

Author Cookie Chan ( ago)
I'm really surprised to see a 2005 video… Nostalgia, I was only a little
one when these days came :)..

Author Luka de coninck ( ago)
i am this ninja

Author Rod Glanz ( ago)
name music?

Author Yoeri Kurvers ( ago)
Brings back so many memories, trying to freerun with my friends watching
this video! Can't believe it's been 8 years.

Author UltimateGeek710 ( ago)
I was 8 when I first watched this. Wow time flew.

Author Devin Kersten ( ago)
5k haters lol 

Author firesushu ( ago)
when i first saw this i was 7. now i am 17

Author Jack Short ( ago)
I first saw this when I was 9, I'm now 19 

Author Brownboy411 ( ago)
This video brings back memories, just realized that this is the best
quality video I've see being this old

Author superman320 ( ago)
10 years on and i wonder.... does the urban ninja still do his thing? or
has he become sum sofa slug????????

Author juan “juancho” martinez ( ago)
clasico de youtube

Author Lukas Danford ( ago)
Everyone's first YouTube video :) I found it because I was looking for
ninja stuff lol

Author TheNaturalPatHarris ( ago)
I really do think this was the first YOUTUBE video I ever saw.

Author Oshay Beni ( ago)
41M VIEWS!!! And deserved it.

Author Noah Williams ( ago)
Wow 10 years went by that fast? 

Author Levy Rinat ( ago)
holy shit

Author Julian Tangney ( ago)
good example of YOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Nikola Icic (325 years ago)
I watched this over 20 times over this 10 years... every time i have a
different opinion on his skill :D

Author xKinglordPvPxX - ( ago)
Theres Still Someone watching btw i just came here to bring back the old
times this is the first vid i ever watched :P

Author Lord Xtreme ( ago)
The nostalgia.

Author FinjeFuchsherz ( ago)
I remember when i watched this Video 10 Years (or more?) ago. It was so
epic! First Parkour Video ever XD

Author PENIX ( ago)

Author PENIX ( ago)

Author X ( ago)
Haha, I was surprised to see a video from 2005 on YouTube actually have
decent quality...It's a rare sight.

Author Cecil Lee ( ago)
Xinja! :)

Author Isaac Martin ( ago)
9 years ago I saw this video and wanted to do parkour! Brings back amazing
memories! 😝😝😝

Author Leo T M ( ago)
2:20 i would have broken my neck

Author Dan Pam ( ago)
Saw this when I was 12, now I am 22. Still the best! 

Author Angelo Espinosa ( ago)

Author TheOldSoul96 ( ago)
Holy crap, after years of youtube obscurity it finally returns. At this
point I typed in urban ninja in the search to find punchrobert's version
lol. But it's great seeing good ol Xin's classic once more.

Author art Jard ( ago)
Thumbs Up if you watching in 2015/2016/2017

Author Kamrul Ahsan ( ago)
I have never seen that kind of parkour video in youtube. Too clean and
professional. Real world ninja

Author Michael McKeen ( ago)
After 10 years, I'm now as impressed that there are people in that shopping
mall as I am with the parkour.

Author Sindragosa (728 years ago)
When I first watched this I was 10. I am now 75.

Author cullermann2 ( ago)
watched this about 7 years ago for the first time. still love this video.
its my all time favourite one :D

Author FuranDuron (829 years ago)

Author { ItsBlueWolf } ( ago)
2015, still watching!!!!!!

Author xq39 ( ago)
Can you believe this is almost 10 years old? Time sure flies. I remember
when i was in 4th grade and saw this.

Author SwatyChopsuey ( ago)

Author ThatTallGuy ( ago)
Oh the memories... :)

Author HauntedBagel ( ago)
This is the first video I ever saw. Parkour, Gymnastics, and Stage Combat
set to Rise Against. Yep, pretty fuckin awesome.

Author Ask Bjørndal Øines ( ago)
This sure brings me back :-)

Author Fl0ydiMan ( ago)
Stay here in 2015... Return to the base ! :D

Author Diego Herrera Marchant ( ago)
clásico :D

Author Beardsley McBeard ( ago)
that dude did 14 back flips in a row and i'm 29 and live at home. i quit

Author Masaladas ( ago)
Holy crap, I remember this

Author VK Gamer ( ago)
asiatics, forever asiatics '-.-

Author Resume ( ago)
Ahh this brings back my childhood. Hard to believe this video is 10 years

Author F Begum ( ago)
Awesome Dude Its The Best And Amazing :-)

Author kinglazereye2 ( ago)
Where the hell has this video been. I have literally been looking for this
video for like 4 years. It just wouldn't show when I typed in the title.

Author AverageJoe ( ago)
I knew I recognised him from all those years ago, he was Raph and is in
Clandestine for Epic Rival :)

Author Ben Robertson ( ago)
keep calm and be ninja

Author Forrest Munden ( ago)

Author BoozledKooby ( ago)
Back in the day when this was the most viewed on youtube!!

Author Jaden Walker2 ( ago)

Author butter pirat ( ago)
9 years ago my brother showed me this video, it has been my biggest
inpiration to do flips and kicks and so on, now i am 16 and found this
video again. awesome

Author MrBananabart ( ago)
The video that got me into youtube!

Author TheZerda ( ago)
This is where my Internet childhood started? Oh, yeah.

Author Chris B ( ago)
old but gold.
soooooo goooold

Author Chandler Gamers ( ago)

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