Urban Ninja

Urban Ninja

These are not my movies. They are part of Please give them a visit.

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Author Daniel Fontaine (8 months)
Happy Monday!


Author Gray Fox (4 months)
First video I ever favorited on YouTube. still one of the best

Author TreSneaky (7 months)
"These are not my movies" monetizes it. -_-

Author Rafyta18 (2 months)
Does anyone know the name of this man? . And What is it?

Author XrayGamez (3 months)
why was this so populair? haha i mean it is cool but there are more awesome
freerunning vids

Author RCBurnout11 (7 months)
oh the nostalgia it hurts

Author Jaspreet Singh (3 months)
is he dead

Author Philip magnusson (7 months)
it was a long time ago that i watched this video. it really brings back
good memories of my childhood with my best friend(: we watched it so many
times together. this was back when everyone used msn and youtube was new

Author Señor Chang (7 months)
Some days.... i wish i was asian.

Author urbfilms (5 days)
This was the first video I ever watched on YouTube.

Author Maka Albarn (12 days)
I wanna do stunts like that

Author TheRealised (7 months)
ninjas :D

Author Arek Dragon (23 days)

Author DarkDragonNinja (1 month)
I remember watching this vid a long time ago! I used to watch videos like
this all the time when I was younger. My memories are finally back

Author Jake Davis (1 month)
0:11 Akuma symbol

Author SkiBaBopDiBop (5 months)
Whoa, 480p in 2005.

Author Jay F. Kay (5 months)
This was the very first video I ever saw on YouTube.
I still remember that day.

Author windumaster14 (1 month)
Nearly 10 years old. My God.

Author valiantgatotkaca (7 months)
haha, i remember watched this damn long time ago before found a parkour
community in my city :D so damn nostalgic :D

Author Mona-Lisa Saperstein (8 months)
How I discover Rise Against

Author Alan Broussard (3 months)
I remember this when I was in high school FAVORITE.

Author Kenneth Poveda Mata (1 year)
Many years have passed since I first saw this video, and still today is

Author Pavel Ket (7 months)
man, I remember watching this so many years ago

Author williams castillo (6 months)
great video brother, me you say it's called the song's video. thanks

Author James Benson (3 years)

Author Leonardo Makino (7 months)
old, but gold

Author Dustin Chen (1 year)
This is insane...
Urban Ninja

Author Febo Dedić (4 months)
what is the name that song in the background??

Author Guto Oliveira (5 months)

Author Shane Kleinsasser (2 years)

Author KillHer Kai (1 year)

Author Fumihide Miyazaki (3 years)
Urban Ninja

Author Daniel Fontaine (2 years)
I heard this song on Faction 41 on SiriusXM yesterday and thought of this
video. I just looked it up and watched it again. Even after several years
the video still kicks. The music and footage just work together. Not a big
Rise Against fan but I do like this song.

Author Norio Ishikawa (2 years)

Author Childe Abaddon (2 years)

Author Keyshin Azura (9 days)
favorite youtube video right here

Author Stefan Korica (4 months)
0:27 i would probably break both legs,how did he manage it... hm

Author Thorax (13 days)
I'd break the law all the time to get the cops to chase me if I had this
guys skill

Author Leila Gonzalez (5 months)
I think i broke my back ... 

Author ThreeRacker - Gameplays e Series! (6 months)
Feel like a Boss!

Author FPSguy2 (4 months)

Author Joji Ali (4 months)
took me weeks in finding this video which i also saw first in youtube.

Author James McIntosh (10 days)
Fuck I remember when this only had like 200k views, wew, long time.

Author Carl Kiessig (6 months)
This video introduced me to Rise Against. So much nostalgia ! ! !

Author Mathias Knudsen (2 months)
i like hem

Author Geomyfighter (5 months)
I remember watching this in like 07 damn it's been awhile

Author TheNaturalPatHarris (3 months)
this was the first video i watched on youtube. junior year highschool. 2005

Author titancrusher1 (1 month)
10 years! Congrats dudes :)

Author VGMEnix (5 months)
woooow one of the earliest yt vids I watched back in the days

Author Hilton Butler (7 months)
this was soooooooooooooo cool

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