Urban Ninja

Urban Ninja

These are not my movies. They are part of Please give them a visit.

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Author jaganmaster (5 months)
This is one of the first videos I've seen on youtube. This is the video
that introduced me to parkour & Rise Against.

Author Rockets Fan (4 months)
like if you're watching in 2014

Author halo 44468 (1 month)
When I first watched this video I was 6, now I'm 14

Author sharinganchidori100 (3 months)
Jesus fucking Christ. Talk about nostalgia man.

Author Phantom Guru (7 months)
2005 era youtube videos are epic!

Author Marcus Davis (19 days)
It blows my mind that this was 10 years ago. Like holy jesus time flys by
so fast

Author YangSeun (1 month)
This is the first video I ever watched on youtube xD I was only 8 when I
watched this the first time, aaah good old times... ah good old times

Author Terry MothaFucking Crews! (22 days)
Make me top comm.... Oh shit its 2014

Author Ktown Traceur (22 days)
I remember this

Author Christina Raven (1 month)
What is this song?

Author Henke130 (5 months)
Ahhh... the ol' video of my childhood that got me into Rise Against.

Author leon chappell (9 days)
Funny to see all the nostalgia comments, how naive of me to think I would
be the only one... Love you Internet :)

Author Matt Schubert (1 month)
Wow... I remember this video, I was so young when this was posted and one
of the first videos I'd seen on youtube, along with Afro Ninja, and star
wars kid

Author The Co-Op Clan (6 months)
This was one of the first videos I ever watched on YouTube. It's crazy to
see how far YouTube has come.

Author hanane lagzouli (16 days)
Cool jump!

Author Armen Melkomian (23 days)
Man This was like my first video I watched on youtube, man time has flied

Author Eric Richardson (2 months)
Well, this video is almost 10 years old. He's probably way better now.

Author waybogus (6 months)
This video is legendary...any one else remember the YouTube classics?

Author Jeffrey Fink (11 days)
so is he paralyzed yet?

Author Qin Zuo (3 months)
one of the first youtube videos i enjoyed.. Ah good times....

Author JitteryHouseCat (29 days)
I'm on the classic side of YouTube again, yay!

Author Hinata Uzumaki (7 months)
I wanna do stunts like that

Author RTR Japan (1 month)
Japanese Ninja does bizarre trick with his body

Author 99Natho (2 months)
Come back to this video in 10 years only to be slapped in the face by a
fuck ton on nostalgia! Best

Author Aamir Nasir Quraishy (1 month)
I remember watching this in 2005, still awesome!

Author Young Madrid (1 month)
I remember watching this video on youtube 3 years ago. Amazing 

Author Almir Rivas (3 months)
the final is bad uhhh

Author Leonard Nygren Löhndorf (6 months)
Can't even explain the nostalgia I get from watching this. When I was young
my father had created a folder on his PC with awesome videos for me and my
brother to watch. (He probably had downloaded them from youtube or
This was our favorite one, alongside some of the old David Belle videos. We
watched this one like all the time hehe

Author darius sterling (1 month)
this song is in nfsu2 

Author AndrejsTravelChannel (1 month)
I used to watch this video over and over in 2008

Author Sandip Gurung (2 months)
First video I watched in 2008 when I was 9, it changed my life forever omg
the feels 

Author Anko Dango (1 month)
music-Rise Against - Give It All

Author josef733 (7 months)
"9 Years Ago"
Man fuck this is old, I remember watching it something like 8 years ago.

And... Widescreen footage on Youtube in 2005!

Author bouncysnipe (2 months)
First video ever watched on this god send of a website

Author initialintuition (4 days)
my first video on youtube! congrats to me lol :)

Author angel evans (5 months)
In all actuality what he's doing is half parkour half tricking.

Author lolputl (1 month)
fuck i feel old

Author Yonin Jamen (9 days)
Until this day still one of the most inspiring freerun videos! :D

Author Yugu Modi (6 months)
lol I remember watching this when desktop monitors had something behind it

Author Stieno BanDieno (7 months)
when i was young, i used to watch this 24/7. I wanted to be like him so

ended up doing skateboarding ;p

Author Allie Good (3 months)
It's crazy to think that this video is almost 10 years old...holy shit...

Author Tim Tims (3 months)
This guy was my parkour inspiration, old but gold this video

Author NAR6 NO2 (6 months)
When Youtube was awesome

Author parkour putten (3 months)
first video that is saw about parkour
and inspired me to do parkour&freerunning now 3 years ago
and i practice for 2 years parkour and freerunning

Author TheRichard127 (2 months)
I started park or because of this video wen I was 6

Author joel hedin (1 month)
i'ts just parkour

Author Ahldor (4 months)
I love that forward Unreal dodge @ 1:41

Author 0megaProductions (2 months)
Its been 9 years.... good lord.

Author DomitronProductions (3 months)
Back in the good ol' days.

This was the only rise against song I ever liked. Band sucks otherwise lol
don't care about the hate I get from that. 

Author Daniel Barimah (2 months)
I wonder if this guy has still got it

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