Sexy Belly Dance Alla Kushnir - Leila

Alla Kushnir - professional belly dance
Алла Кушнир
Video: Avi Has

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Author runnandgunn (12 days)
Middle-eastern women, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Author Yana Lebedewa (4 months)

Author Susana Beatriz Escudero (3 months)

Author namith nazeer (8 months)
Sexy Belly Dance

Author Sayed Jomadar (5 months)
what's the name of first song?

Author silkpinch81 (4 months)
ohh yeah.., giv it 2 me babayyy.....

Author gokcemeryemmerve (2 months)

Author Katerine Barrios (1 year)
Super sexy

Author Selina Kyle (1 year)
loooooooveeeeee ♥♥♥

#bellydance #bellydancing 

Author Karim Lopez (8 months)
Uau! I can't do that! Kkkkkk

Author jose rivera cepeda (8 months)
This is to me sooo enchanting, marvelous, wonderful, sensual, arousing,
charming, beautiful, enigmatic, superb, superior to all the dancers I've
ever seen. The best! Congratulations gorgeous ♡♥♡♥♡♥♥♡♥♡♥♡♡♥

Author Tippy H (8 months)
She makes all strippers feel soooo bad!!!! it calls talent!.

Author Elisa Lipkau (7 months)
Hi I really like your video!
But you should also focus on the musicians... as well
I am a Mexican percusionist and belly dancer, but I also produce videos...
Excuse me where do you live?
I live in Mexico City.
We have a wonderfull arabian music dance scene here
You should come some day
All the best

Author Pearl Baby Pearl (11 months)
Toro heres your girlf

Author sally smith (1 year)
fine art

Author Pat Joyce (1 month)
K this was terrible

Author karim gouchen (8 months)

Author milli malli (6 months)
the best belly dancer from youtube! can is ask, from which country is she?

Author Alonzo B (8 months)
seriously!!! how is she so beautiful!?

Author tasbih khaldi (7 months)
here is what is true dance .. you must note with characters of his face she
dance with plien feelings and true thing that help him what the real song
is taking from the depth of oriental song

Author blue lake (12 days)

Author Linda Lopez (10 days)
I do belly dance to. nice, try riding him lol

Author eli saedinia (5 months)
I would get serious stomach cramps doing that. She should spend more time
with her routine though, but that is belly dance, the dance is in the

Author Nukui Hanza (4 months)
that thing she did with the stomach woow jus in sync with the beat

Author Ana M (4 months)
This would look way better with hula hoop.

Author Guadalupe Santiago Santiago (4 months)
*u* La Admiro 

Author Painindeass1million (4 months)
Man! That belly roll at 3:53 was absolutely hypnotic! As in: "You are
getting sleepy, but will not take your eyes off me." ;-)

Author Ramesh Patel (3 months)
So nice

Author Sourén Hamparsumian (8 months)
a snake is nothing compared to such complicated sexy moves .

Author ΜΑΚΗΣ Γαζής (7 months)
πολλυ καλο

Author Abby Aray (5 months)

Author Atiqul Hoque Milon (8 months)
nice. my skype- atiqulhoque178

Author Naser Fooladvand (1 month)
wowwwwwwwwwwww. this tanz .

Author DEEPESH GUPTA (5 months)
lovely belly dancer

Author Anton Strub (6 months)

Author Stephane Gilbert (1 month)

Author Gothicgrl104 (7 months)
didnt think she was all that great,sorry.doesnt work for me.

Author FLAVIO FAGUNDES Ferreira (5 months)
what country?

Author gooca96 (8 months)
She's not Egyptian she's Ukrainian

Author nadia issa (7 months)

Author zahoor shaikh (10 months)


Author sayed majeed Kahan (7 months)
So nice song like

Author Jovino Gonzalez (4 months)
This is the second time that "accidentally" switch to this channel, and
that Brunnette always enchanted me with her so extreme beautiful face, her
voluptous' trained body, and her nearly- perfect belly's control (the only
flaw that I saw in that video is her lacks of arms and hands' movements,
but I'll check out more from her shows to have a more complete opinion)
that make her a big challenging to Latinamerican girls' beauty (and may be
I'm underestimating her with this compliment).


Author Shakir Mamedov (8 months)
That's a real dance zhivota.super

Author Mayron Mateo (8 months)
She is wonderful dancer!

Author Aram AsUrbanipal (5 months)

Author Paulette W (7 months)
Luv it

Author Ramon Villafranca (4 months)
yeah is beauty and super sexy

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