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Author american37 (2 months)
Those Muslim women can really dance!

Author downtourth (2 months)
*Holla Holla HEY Allah AkBaRKeep!** Give me a GreyHound Stoli on duh RoX
&-' Salt 'round the Rim!.. **Damn &-' No More Chadors Please XXXD*

Author Lady Sonia Medeiros (2 months)

Author marcos umberto (2 months)
*Uma boa noite e ótima semana para todos amigos do G+!!!*

Author Aziz Hasanov (1 month)
Alla Kushnir Belly Dance Drum Solo 6.000.000 views

Author Cassandra Muzik (2 months)
I like her energy, I have not found any Belly dance DVD that teaches back

Author Sa Bach md (4 months)
a lot of shaking, she is pretty

Author istvánné Nyizsnyik (27 days)
Belly Dance (Ukraine)
Thank you Bravo.

Author Andrea Machado (1 day)

Author Сергей Виноградов (1 month)
Falta plastica del todo cuerpo la unidad ,por esa causa no me encataba a
ella,por desgracia.

Author M Faisal Rehman (1 month)
Alla Kushnir Belly Dance Drum Solo 6.000.000 views:

Author baby Silva (3 days)

Author Naser Fooladvand (11 days)
way . my God . verry beautiful woman & Dance.

Author Simona Manoliu (17 days)

Author sabrina hammoud (25 days)

Author Zafer Keskin (3 months)
Alla Kushnir Belly Dance Drum Solo 6.000.000 views:

Author Mina Mina (12 days)

Author Daniel Appleton (24 days)
She's got exquisite muscle control ! Her abdominal motion mesmerised me.
Belly dancers have to be muscular, of course, but without the bulging,
defined biceps & 6 - pack / 8 - pack abdominals of a FBB.

Author Michael Ring (9 days)
excellent dancing! thank goodness for youtube. we all get to see her.

Author maria becerra guerra (3 months)

Author Al Fatih (2 months)
dancer of dajjal

Author todor kadic (1 month)

Author Berserk Gladiator (3 months)
oh man i just love belly dance

Author Jaie Adriaens (13 days)
stunning of course and what a voice and band to dance to, who is singing,
mumtaz, im starving in south Africa for music,

Author kumral76 (1 month)
Ok this is NOT moves of gymnastics lady...your sudden turns are too stiff
and HARSH...doesn't matter how much you think you know about belly dancing,
to be able to move smoothly with this rhythm can only be in one's inner
self....only the Middle Eastern BLOODED women can do it....sorry :) 

Author im_batgirl (1 month)
She's an attractive dancer and has skill, but a bit more grace and smooth
transition in her movements would make this dance great. Btw great body.

Author Ahmad Effendy (2 months)

Author Arnab Banerjee (13 days)
Really talented....

Author Asker Alkan (21 day)
Sexy arabic

Author Anwar Baroch (2 months)
Ternyata .........

Author Andreea Georgiana (1 month)
It`s the worst belly dance I have ever ever seen .........

Author delon chan (2 months)

Author arnaldo Santos (1 month)
que garota pra dançar bem!!

Author jana Magalhães (5 days)
UiAlla Kushnir Belly Dance Drum Solo 6.000.000 views:

Author Amber Clarke (6 months)
Very talented no doubt there, but this is NOT what bellydance is about. She
has NO soul. If you are going to dance to Taht el Shibak without the beledi
soul and without emotion, you are not bellydancing. She is very showy and
athletic and you can tell she works hard, but she is so uncaptivating. I
cant watch more than a couple mins.

Author goutham sreenu (3 months)

Author wilfredo jose vargas (1 month)
سيكون جميع وجهات النظر من العالم فقط لأنني أعتبر ذلك أفضل

Author Alberto Fonseca (2 months)

Author Κατερινα Τσατσ η (1 month)
Απιστευτη!!! Θεα!!!!

Author shahnoz kilichova (24 days)
Very beautiful, mashaallah.

Author Tasleah Ali (2 months)
U can move it

Author Mariama Khlifi (2 months)
trop trop belle,et magnifique danseuse,,machallah 3aliha

Author الهاجري YouTube (1 month)
Alla Kushnir Belly Dance Drum Solo 6.000.000 views:

Author Klaus Invader (3 months)
Alla Kushnir Belly Dance Drum Solo 5.300.000 views:

Author Susan Mackney (2 months)
She's got the complete package !

Author Sohail RhyThm (3 months)

Author Louis Douramakos (2 months)
special dancing we come together beauty

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