Alla Kushnir Belly Dance Drum Solo 6.000.000 views

Alla Kushnir - professional belly dance

Video: Avi Has

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 8:15
Comments: 1762

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Author marcos umberto (4 days)
*Uma boa noite e ótima semana para todos amigos do G+!!!*

Author downtourth (3 days)
*Holla Holla HEY Allah AkBaRKeep!** Give me a GreyHound Stoli on duh RoX
&-' Salt 'round the Rim!.. **Damn &-' No More Chadors Please XXXD*

Author Cassandra Muzik (3 days)
I like her energy, I have not found any Belly dance DVD that teaches back

Author Amber Clarke (4 months)
Very talented no doubt there, but this is NOT what bellydance is about. She
has NO soul. If you are going to dance to Taht el Shibak without the beledi
soul and without emotion, you are not bellydancing. She is very showy and
athletic and you can tell she works hard, but she is so uncaptivating. I
cant watch more than a couple mins.

Author John Geleziunas (1 day)
She has a real cute face. A real alluring dancer. I'm glad there's a mini
Tehran here in Toronto.
I have a Persian doctor. I always show up an hour early before my
appointment in hopes
of meeting a hot looking woman like her. That's all I can think about,
Persian or French, Persian or French.

Author american37 (7 days)
Those Muslim women can really dance!

Author Al Fatih (8 days)
dancer of dajjal

Author Mariama Khlifi (26 days)
trop trop belle,et magnifique danseuse,,machallah 3aliha

Author Berserk Gladiator (1 month)
oh man i just love belly dance

Author Susan Mackney (1 day)
She's got the complete package !

Author Nazım Yaşar (2 months)
Bunuda çokgüzel bunuda begindim iyigeceler

Author Deni olov (5 months)
а че на каблуках слабо?жирная и очень грубо танцует))))

Author Denis fontella (1 month)
linda - simplesmente linda, e bela música.

Author Petrisor Cohal (2 days)
Dupa ce m-am uitat mi s-au incrucisat ochii

Author Alex saile (4 months)
Elegancia y fascinante belly danza
La danza Árabe se basa así en la búsqueda de la belleza a través de los
movimientos, utilizando todos los recursos corporales y amparados en una
música acorde. Las bailarinas giran sobre las puntas de los pies.

Author jean palisson (11 days)
il fut un temps,où,je lui aurais fait sa fête......!!!

Author runnandgunn (7 months)
Middle-eastern women, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Author Bellydancer Isabella (3 months)
She is stunning!

Author Louis Douramakos (27 days)
special dancing we come together beauty

Author Missy Rabbit (2 months)
her best performance. the band was also very good

Author ref Birds (1 month)
хорошая украинская блядь,за дорого

Author Tasleah Ali (8 days)
U can move it

Author ibrahim erdur (1 month)
neşeli olmak insan ömrünü uzatır işallah öyleolur .

Author Zafer Keskin (1 month)
Alla Kushnir Belly Dance Drum Solo 6.000.000 views:

Author ghoripatel (2 months)
To me, THIS is belley dancing....notice the difference?

Author maria becerra guerra (1 month)
quiero bailar así boooooo
como se llama la música....

Author Sa Bach md (2 months)
a lot of shaking, she is pretty

Author JOANNA JO (3 months)

Author Qaxramon Abduqaxxarov (18 days)
Посмотрите это видео на YouTube:

Author Adriana Feliciano (1 month)
Impressionante! Essa aí já dançava no ventre da mãe dela. Só pode!

Author AEKTZOY21 (6 months)
i love her!!!she is the best bellydancer

Author orangeora112233 (5 months)
Name of the song is
تحت الشباك
Copy it ..cheers (:

Author Nathalie Moya (2 months)
Shes is a PERFECT belly dancer love it😍💋

Author Anwar Baroch (7 days)
Ternyata .........

Author Μαρια Κόλυβα (1 month)
çok cok cok cok güzel 

Author ceca stokic/huseinovic (2 months)

Author ghoripatel (2 months)
She is beautiful. She is athletic. She shakes too much. Reminds me of
touristic entertainment I saw in Turkey, not belly dancing. She is not
soft. Belley dancers are soft and show the essance of a woman through
dance. Sorry but that's how I feel.

Author quentchekan (12 days)
I don’t know much about belly dancing, but Alla Kushnir is so far the best
I have seen. She moves all the way from her toes to the last strand of hair
on her head, and with much emphasis on her belly and hips. She is in
constant rhythmic movement to the incredible sound of percussion. She is
very light and natural. It is a pleasure to watch her dance!

Author heinz krapf (2 months)
غزال يرقص ...وحمار عجوز ينهق.

Author Grace Roman (3 months)
Love it belly dance is so awsomeee :) 

Author Dangerna (1 month)
Is it too soon to be in Love...............;0

Author Bakyt Bokoloev (2 months)
Beautiful Very Sexy. Good. Bravo. !!!

Author علي الساوى (2 months)
best dancer in all of the world

Author Bienvenida Oses (2 months)
La belleza de la danza arabe no tiene comparacion

Author veer singh (1 month)

Author гулсум Шахбазова (2 months)
Супер. Красавица. Харашо. Танцуть

Author MalebolgiatheDevil (2 months)
did some one know wath hapend tol the oficial webpage of Alla Kushnir her
oficial Youtubechannel? suddenly both disapair or have been deleted?

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