Sexy Belly Dance Alla Kushnir - Leila

Alla Kushnir - professional belly dance
Алла Кушнир
Video: Avi Has

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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 8:15
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Author runnandgunn (1 month)
Middle-eastern women, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Author Jacqueline acs (13 days)

Author gatita28001 (2 months)
Ese shimmy que le sale horrible y ese golpe de cadera tan forzado

Author Pat Joyce (2 months)
K this was terrible

Author khouloud rabiaa (1 day)
waw *.*

Author Paris R-va (4 days)
really not good. Because she is very artificially

Author AEKTZOY21 (8 days)
i love her!!!she is the best bellydancer

Author jessgoesgreen (8 days)
this was one of the best dances i have seen, and she is beautiful

Author Ob Servant (3 months)
Imagine she's riding you while vibrating that sexy chubby body

Author Mario Valenza (10 days)
Tout simplement merveilleux!!

Author Anton Strub (11 days)

Author Mustafa Karakus (18 days)
Bravo :)) muhteşem bir şov

Author Eva Gauci (19 days)

Author eemmee77 (19 days)
تشبه بوسي

Author Linita Grisales (19 days)
Las mejores cosas en el Mundo no pueden Verse, ni incluso tocarse, deben
sentirse con el Corazón.!: Danzar & Bailar!

Author Kitti Molnár (3 months)
:-) :-) :-) 

Author Юрич Пустосёлыч (23 days)

Author Wirinka Wirinka (1 month)
Bunun ALLAHI YOXDU deyesen cünki dese orda negeder adam variydi sa onun
bütün bedenin gördülar terbiyesiz 

Author Paulinha M Correia (1 month)

Author ROSANA MILANA (1 month)

Author gatita28001 (2 months)
Baila Horrible destruye el arte del bellydance

Author Linda Lopez (1 month)
I do belly dance to. nice, try riding him lol

Author blue lake (1 month)

Author Sam Abraham (1 month)

Author Jorge Orea Huerta (1 month)
امرأة جميلة أن الله لماذا لا ترسل الى المكسيك لبعض المحاسن التي لطيف العيون

Author Jaime Lisboa Gondin (1 month)
Bom de mais

Author Susana Beatriz Escudero (4 months)

Author Bahjat Jamo (2 months)
أداء جميل في غاية من الروعة, وجمال أدائها يكمن في ذكائها. بالتوفيق

Author Naser Fooladvand (2 months)
wowwwwwwwwwwww. this tanz .

Author ROSANA MILANA (1 month)
да классно танцует...

Author mohamed el aref (2 months)

Author mary bel (2 months)
que baile mas perfecto sin duda alguna es la mejor..... q movimientos de
cuerpo excelente!!!!!

Author Жансая Айтжанова (2 months)
танец африканских племен ))))

Author Alvadez Estar (2 months)
me encanta precioso ,es la musica con l a ke me siento mas a gusto

Author Stephane Gilbert (3 months)

Author Pete Reynolds (3 months)
I love Alla Kushnir!!! . Alla first caught my attention to Belly Dance and
now, hundreds of videos later.... I appreciate her even more for the talent
she is.... Stellar!

Author gokcemeryemmerve (3 months)

Author joselanio alves da siva (3 months)

Author Kiumars Shirvanbigy (3 months)

Author Jogi Baral (3 months)
very nice

Author Berik Dauletov (6 months)

Author Bahia Bahi (3 months)
wow i m watching this vdio a looooooooooooooot super 

Author TheFugitiveVEVO (10 months)
She is ukrainian (:

Author meelusine (1 year)
I wish I could move my body like she does.

Author vijay kumar (10 months)
mind blowing

Author MrAZAM78 (10 months)
Beautiful Miss Ala Kushnir Excellent Dance

Author LOVE BBW (11 months)
الرقص سكسي لكن صوت المغني قبيح !

Author TAREK MELLEF (11 months)
Super danseuse !!! fantastique !!!

Author amit rai (10 months)
Wow nice

Author olgasuptrda777 (11 months)
Бесподобно танцует Алла!!!

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