Alla Kushnir Belly Dance Drum Solo 5.200.000 views

Alla Kushnir - professional belly dance

Video: Avi Has

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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 8:15
Comments: 1712

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Author Sa Bach md (12 days)
a lot of shaking, she is pretty

Author Shelley Magner (3 months)
I want to be able to do this....

Author Deni olov (2 months)
а че на каблуках слабо?жирная и очень грубо танцует))))

Author Missy Rabbit (4 days)
her best performance. the band was also very good

Author Ana Lucia Silva (2 hours)
Alla Kushnir Belly Dance Drum Solo 5.200.000 views:

Author Bellydancer Isabella (24 days)
She is stunning!

Author JOANNA JO (1 month)

Author MalebolgiatheDevil (15 days)
did some one know wath hapend tol the oficial webpage of Alla Kushnir her
oficial Youtubechannel? suddenly both disapair or have been deleted?

Author Alex saile (1 month)
Elegancia y fascinante belly danza
La danza Árabe se basa así en la búsqueda de la belleza a través de los
movimientos, utilizando todos los recursos corporales y amparados en una
música acorde. Las bailarinas giran sobre las puntas de los pies.

Author Bienvenida Oses (17 hours)
La belleza de la danza arabe no tiene comparacion

Author Amber Clarke (2 months)
Very talented no doubt there, but this is NOT what bellydance is about. She
has NO soul. If you are going to dance to Taht el Shibak without the beledi
soul and without emotion, you are not bellydancing. She is very showy and
athletic and you can tell she works hard, but she is so uncaptivating. I
cant watch more than a couple mins.

Author Grace Roman (22 days)
Love it belly dance is so awsomeee :) 

Author علي الساوى (10 days)
best dancer in all of the world

Author ceca stokic/huseinovic (9 days)

Author гулсум Шахбазова (9 days)
Супер. Красавица. Харашо. Танцуть

Author Sylent Assasin (6 days)
asta da femeie

Author Светлана Штей (1 month)
скажите как песня называется?? мотив до блоли знакомый но в инете не ногу
найти т.к. не знаю НАЗВАНИЯ

Author gatita28001 (6 months)
Ese shimmy que le sale horrible y ese golpe de cadera tan forzado

Author blue lake (5 months)

Author Aline W (1 month)
Qua o nome desta musica e de quem e?

Author lida emami (1 month)
she is gorgeous and so is her dance

Author orangeora112233 (2 months)
Name of the song is
تحت الشباك
Copy it ..cheers (:

Author Linita Grisales (4 months)
Las mejores cosas en el Mundo no pueden Verse, ni incluso tocarse, deben
sentirse con el Corazón.!: Danzar & Bailar!

Author edivelton azevedo (2 months)
q saúde hein...

Author mizulano santos (2 months)
Ula q belo .

Author Abdul Karim (2 months)
Excellent. pls watch -bangla dance drama-isamotir bankeya part 1-6 comments

Author Анна Муратова (2 months)
Настоящие арабки танцуют плавно,а здесь-агрессия.

Author octavio (3 months)
Las Latinas que no saven nada de la cultura arabe you can go suck farts!
Especially gatita! She thinks she's the shit! Why don't you down load a
video showing how it's done and let as be the judge! Chicken as!!

Author Jessica-Lynn Sage (1 month)
beautiful <3

Author anom pasang (2 months)

Author wringinitout9 (2 months)
Damn girl, every time I watch this video, I holla, ''oh master'', you are

Author mohammad reza Caderbeg (2 months)
for me she is the best belly dancer i love her facial expression whe
she dance

Author Mirza Samiul Huda (1 month)
Alla Kushnir Belly Dance Drum Solo:

Author José Roberto Martins da Silva (2 months)
Com essa eu caso! kkkk

Author Natalie Helferty (2 months)
Another development of land stopped by me as Queen Natalie Helferty as Alla
Kushnir shaped to Mecca, Arabia my land in Arabia from my ancestor Queen

Author TheFugitiveVEVO (1 year)
She is ukrainian (:

Author meelusine (1 year)
I wish I could move my body like she does.

Author vijay kumar (1 year)
mind blowing

Author MrAZAM78 (1 year)
Beautiful Miss Ala Kushnir Excellent Dance

Author LOVE BBW (1 year)
الرقص سكسي لكن صوت المغني قبيح !

Author TAREK MELLEF (1 year)
Super danseuse !!! fantastique !!!

Author amit rai (1 year)
Wow nice

Author olgasuptrda777 (1 year)
Бесподобно танцует Алла!!!

Author Firozshaikh Shaikh (1 year)
Wow your looking is very beautiful and your dance is very sexy. My id you can contact me.beuti

Author Агата Подукон (1 year)
Костюмчик не очень.

Author päülä KOMANDER (1 year)
Exelente 10

Author zey zeyy (1 year)

Author MrAZAM78 (1 year)
Beautiful Lady Nice belly Dance

Author Shoshaninne (1 year)

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