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Author Tyler Heyward (6 months)
"You're pretty good you know"
"You two... Oh well"

Author Tyler Heyward (8 months)
I hate the Gracy's

Author Tyler Heyward (8 months)
20:32 has the most epic beyblattle music.

Author Ian Tabije (1 year)
40:54 King goes Super Saiyan wtf

Author Ivan Jimenez (1 month)
King turned into a freaking Super Saiyan of course he was gonna win lol

Author Hina Patel (20 days)
good I watched all the beyblade like bayblade metal fusion masters fury

Author MathematicalPlaysMC (1 month)
Variaries is the fire version of gravity perseus/destroyr lol 

Author PHOENIX KING (2 months)
can some one tell me what is a eonis

Author Fusion Force (3 months)
It shouldve been Tsubasa,King, and Masamune in the end using there special
moves at the same time but in the end king should've beat both of them, I
just think it'd be a better ending with a 3 way special move clash

Author Tina Au (1 month)
I wonder how gravity works in the dome I mean how can the bey stay on the
top:( and yes I'm not that fun of a kid

Author Ethan Moraleda (1 month)
King is awesome

Author Elizabeth Ogol (2 months)

Author Santiago Echeverry (8 months)
Jigsaw. That guy bothers me more than he should. No, I like him a little.
But he brings the thought of a character I don't like that isn't from
BeyBlade. But who that character that Jigsaw brings into my mind is, figure
it out yourself.

Author Debug MgGraw (5 months)
20:30 What is the name of that song?!? NO DARUDE SANDSTORM JOKES!!

Author Cameron Marotta (9 months)
How old are these guys in there 20s

Author Michael Hobbs (5 months)
A scorpion bit beast called Scorpio the same shape as my tattoo on the back
shoulder. Here it comes acid needle poison venom move.

Author Bryan Ho (8 months)
jigsaw is a bish

Author nova j. (10 months)
king goes super saian WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Shaneal Williamson (10 months)
This movie is cool

Author Kat'n'Emm@ Gaming (9 months)
I didn't even get past the dissection and thought to

Author SahinGaming (8 months)
güzel mi güzel ama zamanı geçmiş

Author Khalid Alhariri (10 months)
Where is yu

Author Lupita Hinojosa (10 months)
Go pegasis

Author Skye the Pegasister (1 year)
44:08 Shouldn't King and Masamune be visible from this angle....?

Author Wyatt Hartley (11 months)
Gil is a plesisaur or something like that they were huge dinosaurs of the
sea but my favorite combo which isn't in the tv series is nightmare rex
sw145sd great combo

Author MrBroski619 (1 year)
Someone smash that girl's laptop 

Author alex pham (11 months)
he turns his hair white so he has the power of turning into a old man

Author kabir bajaj (1 year)
king rocks

Author kiba richardson (1 year)
this ant a movie its in the show with the episodes

Author Vijai S Singh (1 year)
I really wanna see a battle between King and Jullian. It would be an epic
battle between two similar beys.

Author T horon (9 months)
wait a minute -.- variares is the fire version of gravity destroyer

Author Colette Lee (1 year)
awesome, king can just turn into an old man, by burning his hair?

Author Miccah&Cheyenne lastname (1 year)
Go Toby and Zoe

Author T horon (9 months)

Author rayhan chowdhury (1 year)

Author Daffa Reggae (1 year)
i love it

Author Miccah&Cheyenne lastname (1 year)
Go Toby and Zeo

Author Turtle Pond (1 year)

Author Flóra Gallyas (1 year)

Author Flóra Gallyas (1 year)

Author Kerben ferber (1 year)
masamune and king are like twins

Author Sirmel11 (1 year)
He's not an old man. It's like a powerup. 

Author Tomika Stevens (2 years)
Nobody can beat my spiral Pegasus or my Cygnus

Author conker 255 (2 years)
finaly first u watch the first 14 epsisodes then this it adds up

Author Jimmy Y (2 years)
So m that guy hear's madoka from like 1 kim away with 10000 audience?

Author Edgar Rangel (2 years)
Yeah he beat Jigsaw before calling out his special move but with Tsubasa
and Masamune he beat them using his special move; because he fully
understands his bey Variares and is a true Legendary Blader just saying

Author Andre6262626 (2 years)
He is a nerd:)

Author Zoray99 (2 years)
Too bad that damian never returns in metal fight 4D

Author grandgimios1099 (2 years)
i thought chi un was a girl

Author yugiohgx5dslvr (2 years)
kai would be very disappointed in this new form of beyblade

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