Beyblade Metal Fury - Destroyer Dome Movie English Dubbed (Full)

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Title:Beyblade Metal Fury - Destroyer Dome Movie English Dubbed (Full)
If u would like to download this movie PM me and i will give you the details.
Twitter Account:!/RayStrikerUK
Hope you all enjoy the video!

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Author beyblade samurai ( ago)
Masamune And king are very anoying

Author Hina Patel ( ago)
good I watched all the beyblade like bayblade metal fusion masters fury

Author Levi Ackerman (Levi'sChillPlace) ( ago)
I wonder how gravity works in the dome I mean how can the bey stay on the
top:( and yes I'm not that fun of a kid

Author Ethan “Ethan0934awesome” Moraleda ( ago)
King is awesome

Author Ivan Jimenez ( ago)
King turned into a freaking Super Saiyan of course he was gonna win lol

Author MathematicalPlaysMC ( ago)
Variaries is the fire version of gravity perseus/destroyr lol 

Author Elizabeth Ogol ( ago)

Author PHOENIX KING ( ago)
can some one tell me what is a eonis

Author Fusion Force ( ago)
It shouldve been Tsubasa,King, and Masamune in the end using there special
moves at the same time but in the end king should've beat both of them, I
just think it'd be a better ending with a 3 way special move clash

Author Michael Hobbs ( ago)
A scorpion bit beast called Scorpio the same shape as my tattoo on the back
shoulder. Here it comes acid needle poison venom move.

Author Debug MgGraw ( ago)
20:30 What is the name of that song?!? NO DARUDE SANDSTORM JOKES!!

Author Tyler Heyward ( ago)
"You're pretty good you know"
"You two... Oh well"

Author Tyler Heyward ( ago)
I hate the Gracy's

Author Toa Matoro ( ago)
Jigsaw. That guy bothers me more than he should. No, I like him a little.
But he brings the thought of a character I don't like that isn't from
BeyBlade. But who that character that Jigsaw brings into my mind is, figure
it out yourself.

Author Tyler Heyward ( ago)
20:32 has the most epic beyblattle music.

Author SahinGaming ( ago)
güzel mi güzel ama zamanı geçmiş

Author Bryan Ho ( ago)
jigsaw is a bish

Author T horon ( ago)
wait a minute -.- variares is the fire version of gravity destroyer

Author T horon ( ago)

Author Kat'n'Emm@ Gaming ( ago)
I didn't even get past the dissection and thought to

Author Cameron Marotta ( ago)
How old are these guys in there 20s

Author Khalid Alhariri ( ago)
Where is yu

Author Lupita Hinojosa ( ago)
Go pegasis

Author nova j. ( ago)
king goes super saian WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Shaneal Williamson ( ago)
This movie is cool

Author Wyatt Hartley ( ago)
Gil is a plesisaur or something like that they were huge dinosaurs of the
sea but my favorite combo which isn't in the tv series is nightmare rex
sw145sd great combo

Author alex pham ( ago)
he turns his hair white so he has the power of turning into a old man

Author Skye the Pegasister (Lavender the Pegasister) ( ago)
44:08 Shouldn't King and Masamune be visible from this angle....?

Author kiba richardson ( ago)
this ant a movie its in the show with the episodes

Author Ian Tabije ( ago)
40:54 King goes Super Saiyan wtf

Author Miccah&Cheyenne lastname ( ago)
Go Toby and Zeo

Author Miccah&Cheyenne lastname ( ago)
Go Toby and Zoe

Author Turtle Pond ( ago)

Author Daffa Reggae ( ago)
i love it

Author kabir bajaj ( ago)
king rocks

Author MrBroski619 ( ago)
Someone smash that girl's laptop 

Author Vijai S Singh ( ago)
I really wanna see a battle between King and Jullian. It would be an epic
battle between two similar beys.

Author rayhan chowdhury ( ago)

Author Sirmel11 ( ago)
He's not an old man. It's like a powerup. 

Author Kerben ferber (doesminecraft) ( ago)
masamune and king are like twins

Author Colette Lee ( ago)
awesome, king can just turn into an old man, by burning his hair?

Author YOLOOOgamingMetMarten ( ago)
really, i like ionis, but that blader is a sucker...

Author CanucksNetwork64 ( ago)
Love king bey but ryuga bey sweet

Author Hetalia Hostclub ( ago)
go king

Author Sasha Nikolaevich Hell ( ago)
wasn't even a movie

Author JaquanBrook--Denji Hatagana ( ago)
My scarf is fabulous

Author YuTendo1221 ( ago)
I totally find it weird that gravity destroying wasn't in the movie

Author YuTendo1221 ( ago)

Author BeyFusion14 ( ago)

Author BeyFusion14 ( ago)
Thanks Dino

Author King DemonWave ( ago)
Metal Fury tops were released around time this movie existed so HOW DID

Author Matthew Dils ( ago)
True dat, True dat.

Author UnluckyCanadian ( ago)
Spiral fox and spiral Lyra

Author BeyFusion14 ( ago)
What are Toby and Zeo's new beys called?

Author Flynnie Junior ( ago)

Author Denise Hicks ( ago)
Pause quickly at 0:17 yuki's face

Author Tsubasa Eagle ( ago)
he did not tie with masamune

Author Tsubasa Eagle ( ago)
38:09 Jigsaw makes an awkward sound......

Author riripi4 ( ago)
Bright Red Mars Varriers

Author Aadesh Thirukonda ( ago)
Kyoya Tatagani, why do youwant to beat Gingka

Author Flóra Gallyas ( ago)

Author Kye Jones ( ago)
King really won becuz he beat jigsaw and tsubasa and tied with masamune

Author Flóra Gallyas ( ago)

Author Matrix Blader ( ago)

Author Spidazzle sshit ( ago)
and i thought masamunay was annoying...... >_> and no its NOT masamune
thats pronounced masa MOON

Author AA Spartan ( ago)
Maybe Eonis is the strongest one of all

Author Akito TheRealist ( ago)

Author Juan Tapia ( ago)

Author Marc Tuazon ( ago)
Why is masumune being stupid masumune is not a legendary blader he's being
so excited he can't be a legendary blader so maybe he's gonna be a
legendary blader after zero-g

Author Marc Tuazon ( ago)
Why is ma sumunod

Author Ada Dymitruk ( ago)
Cubasa Wymiata

Author Alec Wheeler ( ago)
who finds it odd that it is called destroyer dome but gravity destroyer
isn't in this movie at all!!!! like if u agree

Author antonio akut ( ago)
The guy with the book I'd call him a nerd

Author MegaGamer ( ago)
King: You're going down! Masamune: No you are! King: IMMA SUPER SAIYEN!!!
Masamune: Say what? King: AHHHHHHHHH Masamune:Who say what now?

Author Erudius ( ago)
its called coining a phrase... it wasn't meant to be taken literally...

Author chubbychicken ( ago)

Author Gray Fullbuster ( ago)

Author Zygarde ( ago)
King turns suoer saiyan 5 aginst Masamune.....he stood no chance from the

Author miguel gabriel Bondoc ( ago)
did zeo said go egle?

Author miguel gabriel Bondoc ( ago)
lol hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Author Vith Guna ( ago)
How can jack talk to them from the stands???

Author Cash Man ( ago)
this isnt a movie

Author Abhijeet raj ( ago)
Its so Osume i have no any word to say it but i love

Author Jimmy Y ( ago)
So m that guy hear's madoka from like 1 kim away with 10000 audience?

Author sK Stiles ( ago)
every anime i get into has spiky hair people...

Author OtakuPrincess280 ( ago)
from he momen i saw the garcias arguing, i could tell it was a trap, they
wouldnt split even if selen was a slut and ian was pimping her out or

Author OtakuPrincess280 ( ago)
thank you team garcia is nothing but group of failed teamwork Dashan oughta
have a word with them

Author OtakuPrincess280 ( ago)
white people-not to be racist or anything or American DJ is blind

Author Ali468119HD ( ago)
example a super saiyan from dbz

Author JAG MAN ( ago)
go big bang pegusis. let it rip

Author Cheryl Hiebert ( ago)
oh wow and sorry for a 2nd comment but yeah welll King you really are
truelly a legendary beyblader cause you saw the star fragment fall from the
sky and wow Masamune can be such a weirdo sometimes wow this movie was out
before the rest of the eps cause it was introducing the Destroyer Dome in
our world nice

Author Cheryl Hiebert ( ago)
the American DJ maybe a dumb ass Kyoya but what he meant was that Ionis is
in a bind and he might and he will get his but kicked if you know what i
mean anyway this beybattle rulezz hehe lol, and yeah the American DJ and
all the other DJ's all say many weird words didn't you noticed the American
DJ said many weird words during the world championships

Author Kai Jordan ( ago)
super sayian in beyblade O.o

Author Mars Buny ( ago)

Author Jarran Ng ( ago)

Author Kyoya Tatagani ( ago)
Another thing I don't get is the American DJ uses so many weird words like

Author Kyoya Tatagani ( ago)
Woow. That American DJ is a dumb ass. He said "Variares is using reverse
rotation! Variares is driving Ionis into a corner!" It's a spherical
stadium... There are no corners dumb ass :P

Author DecepticonSkywarp ( ago)
Jack's Befall bey, sleepout mama

Author TheCodeZero ( ago)
FB for,Facebook?

Author blazko091091 ( ago)
i want episode 18!

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