CoD 5 Waw: How to get Ray gun on Little Resistance
How to get the Ray gun on Little Resistance. Text in the Video.
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Author Ironwing Kaiser ( ago)
Wow. I was creeped out but it worked.

And I didn't know a single blast from the ray gun can knock a Japanese
tank. I tested that and it worked also.

Author Preston Denmark ( ago)
How did he co op

Author ColePinguParodies ( ago)
Does it work for the PC?

Author Levi Dailey ( ago)

Author saff skill ( ago)
holey shit its real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author silkz12 ( ago)
The ray gun looks a bit like a hair dryer :)

Author MysticLightning2K12 ( ago)
weow u retard

Author Frankie Tyack ( ago)
no it does not work on wii

Author Bill beyblade ( ago)
Does this work on the Wii

Author TheVolcom54 ( ago)
yeah it does im playing with the ray gun right now

Author TheVolcom54 ( ago)
ray guns fully automatic

Author yourmumlooks likerickross ( ago)
Whoa, yes manicz;)

Author monster9509 ( ago)
whay ?what do you get when you finish it on veteran

Author monster9509 ( ago)
fuck you and fuck your intro

Author iiManiiCz ( ago)

Author IRULE917 ( ago)
Stop Trolololing me ;)

Author aussieboys7 ( ago)
i tryed to do it but it does not work

Author Memecruz02 ( ago)
@ace987codfreak Yes it does

Author Mumbo832 ( ago)
I got Zeus cannon

Author ace987codfreak ( ago)
does it work on co op?

Author DaTruthHurtzzzz ( ago)
Everytime I try it doesn't work

Author IRULE917 ( ago)
Doen't work on wii. :(

Author ShadowNinja4115 ( ago)
it worked

Author Eggheadlester1 ( ago)
this is how i completed this on veteran

Author skylar wostak ( ago)
i did it thx

Author bradhansen1458 ( ago)
@TheCHULIKO yea it is

Author MosquitoHunter ( ago)
... This exists... in call of duty? Then again, nazi zombies... enough said

Author johnathan maynard ( ago)
fucking asome it worked

Author stickpro123 ( ago)

Author Miku Hatsune ( ago)
when people just find nuke they got ray gun for free??!!

Author zUploadzDailyz ( ago)
really that is true

Author Kev Durant ( ago)
ok my cp isnt letting me watch it WTF

Author TheCHULIKO ( ago)
is there avaible in wii?????

Author krite17 ( ago)
omg that was awsome. I need to try that

Author Zallocon ( ago)
Does it work in singleplayer, or only co-op?

Author aardvark1221 ( ago)
thanks man it worked!!!!

Author Thegoldenguy1000 ( ago)
@camper6466, nooe cuz the Wii sucks ballz! ^^

Author P0wnedSHOT ( ago)
r u able to get it in 2 play co-op?

Author Ruddy Zhao ( ago)
@boyslipknot100 yes

Author Andres Valles ( ago)

Author Cycling Road ( ago)
lolwut? they want to help meh

Author bru martin ( ago)
@ThEc00lGERble wrong my friend i just did it on camp mode

Author Edwin Guallpa ( ago)
The most realest glitch eever

Author bart8513 ( ago)
yes i have try it yes it can i have the hole mission with that ray gun
shooting on thoose japs XD

Author Sacredvid626 ( ago)
@Kalanchoe1 not fake trust me

Author Danesbmx98 ( ago)
Holly shit

Author MelonExtremeLoon ( ago)
it should work wen u run in the craters have ur colt not m1 garand

Author TTsibayan ( ago)
it dosent work for me

Author Sims3Ki11ahBadBoyZ ( ago)
i found that ray gun in zombie mode

Author Tom McAndrew ( ago)
It works on all consoles because it's programmed in the game

Author agdoll123 ( ago)
lol does this actually work?

Author Tuttilicious ( ago)
this is real, right?

Author calman160 ( ago)
does this work on the wii version

Author James Lowry ( ago)
thanx dude

Author BlAcKjAcK1119 ( ago)
does this work for ps3 or wat ????

Author Xxstarry10xX ( ago)
:O Til we die by Slipknot! Good choice!

Author JippyCamel ( ago)
Acctualy I don't know Japanese I looked it up on google and found on a
reliable website I do know a little Chinese though

Author CDMan117 ( ago)
lol the ray gun is a blowdrier

Author CDMan117 ( ago)
@JippyCamel u no japanese that is awsome

Author JippyCamel ( ago)
future weapons will prevail 3 times in japanese is the translation

Author Jeremy Johnston ( ago)

Author ndcarballo ( ago)
Holy shit it works and it was fucking creepy lol.

Author GameFreakDudeMan ( ago)
Can someone translate?

Author jacko8holly ( ago)
does it work on wii?

Author TheGodofHalo012 ( ago)
@Blitz567cp actually the map makun is shi no numa airfield is nact der
untoten verruckt is asylum and der riese u hav me at that one lol

Author ALEN4789 ( ago)
@ILucKyZz yes

Author ILucKyZz ( ago)
can u do this on co-op??

Author skatakiller ( ago)
because nazi zombie's isn't in the wii version only in console except for
ps2 and it is in pc but not wii and ps2.

Author Blitz567cp ( ago)
and message me if you want more info about what i just said

Author Blitz567cp ( ago)
You realize this contains support to the shi no numa? really,this map was
originally supposed to be shi no numa. They changed it. But made
changes,but they didnt change this,leaving the ray gun. Also. this contains
evidence to parts of shi no numa and etc.

Author gw4au1 ( ago)
it doesnt work for wii

Author brynpowers ( ago)
yo i dont tiunk you can cause it does not have nazi zombies

Author Pancakesix ( ago)
Hi any body who has an Xbox 360 add me my gamer tag is SPEEDING4 add me.

Author sampson466 ( ago)
Someone please tell me how to do it on the wii. it wont work for me. :(

Author Kalanchoe1 ( ago)

Author Tylik48 ( ago)
It is.

Author dassupernazi ( ago)
omg it works

Author TheJerry73 ( ago)
awesome, this works!!!!!

Author Kevin Ferguson ( ago)
dats mad it actually works couldnt stop laughing

Author player01thug ( ago)
holy shit it does work

Author Warcraftian ( ago)

Author cocoadile ( ago)
kool i would love to do this!

Author chadvonswan ( ago)
can yuo get this on campaign

Author NSKpunnisher ( ago)
@TheTopGun920 haha lol wii sucks!

Author Leon McCollum ( ago)
if you mess up once will it work on a seconnd try

Author Leon McCollum ( ago)
because its not a game console its a pile of #$%@

Author kalinga01 ( ago)
damn, those fag companies that make COD 5 always exclude the wii.

Author TheTopGun920 ( ago)
No the water and trees are to detailed.

Author Alpha Wolf ( ago)

Author cicitacsko ( ago)
its work thx

Author SKATER91000 ( ago)
this shit works thanx

Author SKATER91000 ( ago)
does this work?

Author kalinga01 ( ago)
is this wii?

Author goremele ( ago)
is a Shit... is not a glitche... just a fucking bog create by the creator

Author Croze ( ago)
does anyone know if this is possible on split screen?

Author holymaple12345 ( ago)
unless u miss ^-^ jkks :)

Author AlfieWilRus ( ago)
Manwii sucks donkey ass.

Author USAF96 ( ago)
bcuzz wii verrsion sucks ass

Author Sam Wilber ( ago)
im ashamed in you. its obviosly the best gun (Exept in nazi zombies der
riese) in the game. its one shot your dead

Author Rrichthe3 ( ago)
whata dumbass....

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