CoD 5 Waw: How to get Ray gun on Little Resistance
How to get the Ray gun on Little Resistance. Text in the Video.
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Uploaded by: Jimmy Russell
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Author ndcarballo (3 years)
Holy shit it works and it was fucking creepy lol.

Author ace987codfreak (2 years)
does it work on co op?

Author Sims3Ki11ahBadBoyZ (3 years)
i found that ray gun in zombie mode

Author calman160 (3 years)
does this work on the wii version

Author Levi Dailey (1 year)

Author sampson466 (4 years)
Someone please tell me how to do it on the wii. it wont work for me. :(

Author cobainofpain (4 years)
did yayyyyyyyy babby

Author DaTruthHurtzzzz (2 years)
Everytime I try it doesn't work

Author coconutmad2 (3 years)
The guy you're playing with is like "HOLY CRAP HAO YOU DO THIS!?!"

Author Sheymin1223 (3 years)
when you shoot a dead japanese guys face, it turns into a japanese zombie.

Author CDMan117 (3 years)
@JippyCamel u no japanese that is awsome

Author vinovi221 (4 years)
i did this on accident and i was getting all freaked out when i heard the
voices.. aha

Author tacofinger321 (1 year)

Author DemonInuyasha123 (3 years)
@Zallocon both

Author yomkippur28 (4 years)

Author 321wawaweewa123 (4 years)
veterenary is a fuckin pet doctor, its veteran

Author gordvance (4 years)

Author TheGodofHalo012 (4 years)
@Blitz567cp actually the map makun is shi no numa airfield is nact der
untoten verruckt is asylum and der riese u hav me at that one lol

Author Kevin Ferguson (4 years)
dats mad it actually works couldnt stop laughing

Author jacko8holly (4 years)
does it work on wii?

Author bradhansen1458 (2 years)
@TheCHULIKO yea it is

Author boyslipknot100 (3 years)
Does it work in PC????????????????????

Author bart8513 (3 years)
yes i have try it yes it can i have the hole mission with that ray gun
shooting on thoose japs XD

Author Warcraftian (4 years)

Author manufan214 (4 years)
it is on the wii dikeds cos ive got 1. its just not on little resistance

Author holymaple12345 (4 years)
unless u miss ^-^ jkks :)

Author Miku Hatsune (3 years)
when people just find nuke they got ray gun for free??!!

Author Tom McAndrew (3 years)
It works on all consoles because it's programmed in the game

Author krite17 (3 years)
omg that was awsome. I need to try that

Author Rrichthe3 (4 years)
whata dumbass....

Author johnathan maynard (2 years)
fucking asome it worked

Author 321wawaweewa123 (4 years)
no it doesnt

Author Pancakesix (4 years)
Hi any body who has an Xbox 360 add me my gamer tag is SPEEDING4 add me.

Author Agent2471 (4 years)
It is.

Author TheTopGun920 (4 years)
No the water and trees are to detailed.

Author kalinga01 (4 years)
is this wii?

Author monster9509 (1 year)
whay ?what do you get when you finish it on veteran

Author xXG3AR5Xx (4 years)
till we die!

Author Solleronuk (4 years)
this is so cool i can't wait to try it out

Author cicitacsko (4 years)
its work thx

Author yomkippur28 (4 years)

Author Louis Tremblay (4 years)
yes i tryed and it work

Author Blitz567cp (4 years)
and message me if you want more info about what i just said

Author kalinga01 (4 years)
damn, those fag companies that make COD 5 always exclude the wii.

Author GothBoi303 (3 years)
@agdoll123 Yes it actually Does.

Author victor54441 (1 year)
Nevermind it does work.

Author PS3joker818ers (3 years)

Author Jeremy Johnston (3 years)

Author TheVolcom54 (1 year)
ray guns fully automatic

Author Blitz567cp (4 years)
You realize this contains support to the shi no numa? really,this map was
originally supposed to be shi no numa. They changed it. But made
changes,but they didnt change this,leaving the ray gun. Also. this contains
evidence to parts of shi no numa and etc.

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