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Author Kshama n (1 year)
Thank you so much for uploading this song.....awesome....

Author Raghavendran Chandran (11 months)
Beautiful. Especially loved the picture at 12:30!

Author Barath Kumar (1 year)
Sri Vidyabhushan Ji sung verry wellllllll..................

Author Prabhakara Narasandra (1 year)
Nice song

Author Rangarajan Rao (1 year)
k.g.rangarajan +919176309927 +919884550017 044 2498 1890

Author Sundaram Rajagopalan (1 year)
excellant song

Author Ramani N V (1 year)
Nice song

Author Shridhar N (1 year)
jai hanuma

Author Sada Nanda (1 year)

Author Gururaja Bhat (1 year)

Author sguru guru (1 year)
Very nice. Guru poy

Author Rangarajan Rao (1 year)

Author Kiran Hanjar (1 year)
many many thanks for uploading this file....

Author Venkat Rao (1 year)
At least once in aweek I will listen to this in whichever country I might
be.Wnderful Bhava.This might have rendered when shri Vidhyabhushan was at
the peak of his carrier.Long live the great musician.

Author Anand Kumar (1 year)
What a melodious song sung by vidya bhushan.we relieve all our pain to
listen and can be used for therapy to relieve depression and psychological

Author Jyothi Dikshit (1 year)
very clear pronounciation sung with devotion..very good
pranam to shri vidhya bushanji

Author Venky HARITHAS (1 year)
Rejuvenating song. Dhanyosmi. sundarakanda, the best kanda in Ramayana

wonderful song , may God bless every person who listen this song.

Author Raghavendra Rao (1 year)
Hari sarvothama, Vayu jevothama, Hare Srinivasa.Jai Hanuman.getting piece
of mind by hearing.

Author csa143 (1 year)
Fully charged ayetu Mind and Body -- wat a Amazing god gifted voice!!!

Author Shantharam Kalkur (1 year)
Thumba sogasu haagu impaagide..bhakthi pradayaka..

Author Srinivasan Sitaram (1 year)
Wonderful song, well sung explaining Sundarakanda in a simple musical way!

Author Raghavendra Padasalgi (1 year)
Many thanks for uploading this

Author Rathnakar Poojary (1 year)
Tumba Chennagide

Author srbrao7 (1 year)
Sundarakandaramayana is verymuch good for kannadigas who ca'nt follow
sanskrit. Ellakastagala nivaranege s ramayana. I like it

Author Acharya Subraya (1 year)

Author Upendra Kaiwar (1 year)
Fully charged ayetu Mind and Body.we relieve all our pain wonderful.

Author arun cyber (1 year)
Subbu Ajjipura nice songs

Author Rathnakar Poojary (1 year)
Tumba Chennagide

Author Prabhakara Narasandra (1 year)

Author Ragothma Rao (1 year)
Sri vadhiraja guru sarvaboumaru rachisidha sundara kanda sri vidhya
bhooshanara dwaniyalli athi madhura

Author srbrao7 (1 year)
Sundarakandaramayana is verymuch good for kannadigas who ca'nt follow
sanskrit. Ellakastagala nivaranege s ramayana. I like it

Author Vasantha Kumar (1 year)
adbhuthavada haadu... thumbaa chennagi haadiddare... kealtha idre
manassige thumba nemmadi needuthade

Author Ud D (2 years)
I like this melodi devotional song

Author Raghav Putti (2 years)
superb...i am learning this.

Author c.shiva kumar (1 year)
very good song

Author Ratna Archak (2 years)
very beautiful song!!!

Author Vijayendra K (1 year)
Super. Song. Full story of sundarakanda .sung by vidhyabhushan .thanks to
uploaded of this song.

Author giri123y (1 year)
Melodious & must listen......

Author silverknight (1 year)
very nice song pls connect hanuman songs to this page

Author Sarva Integral Solutions DISTRIBUTOR OF SHERA (1 year)
Mama Swamin Harir Nityam Sarvesya Pretirevacha!

Author sunil Deshpande (1 year)
Tumba chennagide

Author Vijayendra K (2 years)
super song. no doudt. everyday should listening

Author leelavathi s m (1 year)
i love very much this song. pls. send my id good songs

Author Mohan Venkatesan (1 year)
Very nice song. Thanks for uploading. Can any one let me know how to
download this song. Thanks.

Author Sudhakala Kasibhatla (1 year)
Beautifully sung keertana , brings Anjaneya and Sree Rama into your vision

Author Ap Km (1 year)
Very melodious song and very soothing. Request if such good songs are sent
my id.

Author Ramagiri vasudeva (2 years)
i very much like this vedio and melodi devotional song

Author pavan deshpande (2 years)
i like this video

Author Vishwas Rao (1 year)
Please share the lyrics..

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