Professor Griff - "The illuminati's gonna kill me just like they did pac. Blood sacrifice or not."

Professor Griff speaks on his personal experience with the mass control media complex. His house was burnt down, he was shot at, and poisoned. All because he's chosen to talk about what's really going on in the music industry. Jay Z, Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Eminem, Lil Wayne... they're all promoting a free-masonic demonic worship agenda This is what's called shit hop. It's engineered to dumb down the masses and keep us all in a state of fear, all while draining vital life energy. It seeks to carry out externally implanted programs for the multinational media corporations, and the financiers that own them.

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Author Shady T (6 months)
Voice+Followers+Platform = Target!

Author Shady T (6 months)
Professor Griff was a member of one of the first anti government hip hop
group Public Enemy that is highly respected in the music industry and by
millions of worldwide followers.
Music is powerful and if you got millions of people listening to you and
you have a message which rocks the boat then of course you will be targeted.
If somebody messed with your money(Economy) or kept on exposing your plans
of deception against innocent people would you not target them?
Here are a few examples of people who rocked the boat
Dr Martin Luther King
Malcolm X
Patrice Lumumba
Black Panthers
Fidel Castro
John F Kennedy
Robert F Kennedy.......etc etc etc
Not forgetting worldwide coup d'etat (sudden, illegal overthrowing of a
government by a part of the state establishment)

Author cesar pires (2 months)
Good man

Author Hopeton Loukim (2 months)
Put Jesus Christ first and you will be okay.

Author Charles Johnson (19 days)
As I told Professor Griff, get & stay up under The Blood Of Jesus Christ &
get The Holy Ghost & water baptize, and yes it's takes Him to save &
protect you from the works of Satan. We will all die some day; the word of
YHWH says, to be absent from the body is to be in the presents of YHWH.
What Griff is doing is good; however, why would anyone want to die in vain.
Turn your lives over to Jesus The Christ. By The Way Griff, Jesus Is Black.

NYSA Dr.Charles D. Johnson Jr.

Author DupeVision (2 months)
Much respect to Professor Griff for standing his ground and speaking the

Author QUEENKIM4EVER (11 months)
To the ppl who believes this, the next time there's a death in YOUR family,
just remember that it was an illuminati

Author Wes Truther (1 month)
That's Right- Professor Griff - 02-17-2015 comments I HOPE That You're
still Alive my Brother- I would join with any group of real men who are
fed-up with the fed/Nazi Masonic Illuminati Lizards Shapers calling all the
shots while laughing at Humans- I'm in the Same Truth as You, and a friend
of Yours told me to check out this vid and I feel it all the way-

Author thirdeyewise2 (15 days)
He always blames the jesuits...dis/misinformation.

Author Ronald Hall (3 months)
This world belongs to the devil!!!!!

Author Tupac Tube (11 months)
Professor Griff seems a little paranoid! 

Author lifestraight (3 months)
When was he shot at?

Author V Rap (6 months)
Hear me out, people who don't acknowledge the fact that human sacrifices
are real, need to learn about history, not just in history books but in
religion books. Religion books that go way back more than 100 years,
Sacrificing humans has been happening since a thousand years. People still
do it in cults and occult. Just cause it's Hollywood, doesn't mean, there
aren't Satan worshipers or whatever in there. People come from many
backgrounds. There's Christians, Satanism, Buddhism, Jewish people,
Muslims, Atheism, etc, around the world. People come with different
background beliefs. That's a fact! Do people exaggerate with the
Illuminati, yes! Does it exist? Possibly yes! Is all Media part of it? I
think no!, I don't' believe they control everything. However, I believe
they take advantage of people they brainwash and the money they earn from
dead celebs or whatever. Yeah, it's a 50/50 percent chance that "some"
celebs are sacrificed or it's all bull. If it's all bull, does that mean,
the occult in Hollywood is bull? No.. People will still sacrifice with or
without Hollywood. People will still worship entities, with or without
Hollywood. That's a fact. My personal beliefs is against sacrificing humans
for whatever reason. So i wouldn't do it, no matter if Hollywood approach
me to be part of it, or some random person from the street tells me to join
their occult. Again, you don't need to be famous to be in a occult. So this
makes me neutral because I don't have proof that these celebs were killed
by the Illuminati and at the same time, it's a fact that people sacrifice
and the Illuminati could be real. You don't need to be a whack head to
believe that people kill for stupid reasons.. You can be paranoid however.

Author Doctor Doom (6 months)
fuck the illuminati.

Author Celina Smith (5 months)
I believe everything he's saying. I know someone that works for
a record company and they confirmed 99% of what Pro griff says. As far as
TPTB are concerned remember their mantra, "The best place to hide something
is in plain sight..." 

Author obadiah danyels (1 month)
Professor Griff - "The illuminati's gonna kill me…:

Author ty Cole (3 months)
I have so much respect for professor griff. 

Author Austin Mj (6 months)
Ur right and u've been dead like 2pac fucking illuminati shit no mather
what fucking do they will never win they r just motherfuckers hiding behind
the fucking shadow losers

Author Iroam Anam (7 months)
The secret society is real..

Author QUEENKIM4EVER (11 months)
They need to take all these illuminati believing NUT JOBS & throw them all
in a mental asylum & treat them with shock therapy. If you are that
gullible to believe in the illuminati then you probably are one of those
nut cases who still thinks 2Pac & Elvis Presley are alive. Next i guess you
all will say Coretta Scott sacrificed Martin Luther King Jr.

Author Trevor Rogers (7 months)
you understand what i'm saying

Author edwinjones1000 (7 months)
The secret society gives press coverage to all it controls. Those people
just complain and do nothing substantial to correct wrong doings. Why
don't these so-called black leaders have a plan to right wrongs. The
people who REALLY have something to say are denied a platform to say it.

Author Deputy Doug (5 months)
you understand what I'm saying?

Author Alisha Hudson (1 year)
mj say it the most they don't really care about us why u think he made
that song they did not want that song to play because he is tell u
something listen to half these songs out here it a cry for help I just
saying tho 

Author E-Omar Perry (11 months)
the illuminati aint thinkin about him!

Author Jared Thompson (1 year)
Well if u dont wanna die, quit talking shit bitch.... #PROBLEM #SOLUTION

Author EDIAMINful (7 months)
he went a little bananas

Author melissa thibodeau (8 months)
ya understand whattamsayin'?

Author matt Pemberton (7 months)
now this is why he is really here spotting his shit, pay him $5

Author Tony Morris (11 months)
Why do I always seem to have issues with writing comments or answering
them? This doesn't make sense. Is this America or Cuba!!!!

Author Jay Suttle (8 months)
dis nigga want to be important! PROFESSOR GRIFF needs to be in a straight

Author HRwatchinpuff (9 months)
A deal of what's fed to our youth threw music, etc
is designed to set them back. 

Author Beyond Pretty (10 months)
Tupac Shaker isn't dead the man lives in Cuba with his aunt.

Author Ashton H (9 months)
Why didn't he look in the camera? He said he was going to look right into
the camera. He did not I have seen this in other videos. I honestly enjoy
most of his videos and podcast, however, I have noticed this trend. Any

Author Charles Johnson (9 months)
Professor Griff: Cover yourself with the blood of The YESHUA, Love YHWH
first, and no one can ever harm you. Griff: come to JESUS.

Author Nancy517 (11 months)
your on dangerous ground bringing information to light,alot of people don't
believe in this stuff and think your a kook.don't despair for those that
don't believe one day they may take notice.alot of people want to hear what
you have to say.

Author Gareth Willis (5 months)
This guy's cheese has slipped off his can see it in his
eyes...dodgy DVD salesman.

Author $3R6!0 (1 year)
Why are they taking their time?

What he says about Hussle Simmons telling him to make a hit record,
firstly, that was merely here say, secondly, the statement was cancelled
out when they brought up 2 Pac. 2 Pac was bigger than this guy will ever be
in 5 lifetimes yet he was gunned down. This guy has been tearing roofs and
rebel rousing for decades and he's still walking.

I give him props for having a cause but he's a little too paranoid.

Author Angus Beckwith (1 year)
people who believe this shit are retards.

Author Aaron James (7 months)
Power to the People

Author rita perison (10 months)
Watching this video reminds me of the movie Coming To America. 

Author Keith Crampton (1 year)
This is one smart brother. I never thought about the things he talks about
til now.

Author Floyd Pitter (1 year)
So let me understand this the most powerful people in the world want u
dead and they can't accomplish this. don't seem very powerful to me.

Author New Ages (1 year)
i understand what your sayin man

Author fuzzy fuzzy (10 months)
paranoid motherfucker . he sholud finally get that he is not that

Author Kevin Williams (1 year)
well explain how you survived being the sacrifice for public enemy

Author HOSEA OMAR (1 year)

Author Jennifer Sanchez (1 year)

Author MrKingjason2 (1 year)
You understand what I'm sayn??? 

Author raquan kennedy (1 year)
is the guy dead?

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