Professor Griff - "The illuminati's gonna kill me just like they did pac. Blood sacrifice or not."

Professor Griff speaks on his personal experience with the mass control media complex. His house was burnt down, he was shot at, and poisoned. All because he's chosen to talk about what's really going on in the music industry. Jay Z, Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Eminem, Lil Wayne... they're all promoting a free-masonic demonic worship agenda This is what's called shit hop. It's engineered to dumb down the masses and keep us all in a state of fear, all while draining vital life energy. It seeks to carry out externally implanted programs for the multinational media corporations, and the financiers that own them.

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Author QUEENKIM4EVER (3 months)
To the ppl who believes this, the next time there's a death in YOUR family,
just remember that it was an illuminati

Author Angus Beckwith (4 months)
people who believe this shit are retards.

Author Alisha Hudson (5 months)
mj say it the most they don't really care about us why u think he made
that song they did not want that song to play because he is tell u
something listen to half these songs out here it a cry for help I just
saying tho 

Author Tupac Tube (3 months)
Professor Griff seems a little paranoid! 

Author $3R6!0 (5 months)
Why are they taking their time?

What he says about Hussle Simmons telling him to make a hit record,
firstly, that was merely here say, secondly, the statement was cancelled
out when they brought up 2 Pac. 2 Pac was bigger than this guy will ever be
in 5 lifetimes yet he was gunned down. This guy has been tearing roofs and
rebel rousing for decades and he's still walking.

I give him props for having a cause but he's a little too paranoid.

Author Bo B (7 months)
He spoke about this before the NSA spying.

Author QUEENKIM4EVER (3 months)
They need to take all these illuminati believing NUT JOBS & throw them all
in a mental asylum & treat them with shock therapy. If you are that
gullible to believe in the illuminati then you probably are one of those
nut cases who still thinks 2Pac & Elvis Presley are alive. Next i guess you
all will say Coretta Scott sacrificed Martin Luther King Jr.

Author jeepguinness (8 months)
Illuminate are not around anymore people keep saying they are to get know
and create sales in there music and keep the spot light on them. 

Author Charles Johnson (1 month)
Professor Griff: Cover yourself with the blood of The YESHUA, Love YHWH
first, and no one can ever harm you. Griff: come to JESUS.

Author Tony Morris (3 months)
Why do I always seem to have issues with writing comments or answering
them? This doesn't make sense. Is this America or Cuba!!!!

Author khepera tekhen (8 months)
face book has been stopping me from uploading real positive bomb interviews
from you tube, I've been trying to unplug the masses

Author jaydog7575 (6 months)
Assassination attempt on Andrew Jackson.... Abraham Lincoln, John and Bobby
Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, Barry Jennings, John Lennon,
Princess Diana, Chip Tatum, Bill Cooper, Tupac Shakur, Kurt Cobain, Michael
Jackson etc... etc... etc... All killed by the Illuminati.

Author Jared Thompson (5 months)
Well if u dont wanna die, quit talking shit bitch.... #PROBLEM #SOLUTION

Author Bro Peace (17 days)
he says understand what im saying? after every sentence. anyone who needs
so much reassurance or feedback is just talking nonsense. his message is
that he wants attention. whether its for bullshit or whatever.

Author Ashton H (1 month)
Why didn't he look in the camera? He said he was going to look right into
the camera. He did not I have seen this in other videos. I honestly enjoy
most of his videos and podcast, however, I have noticed this trend. Any

Author NFOCMinistry (6 months)
Where are God's kids at when this is going on? Why are we accepting this.
They can not stand alone. We need to unite!

Author Nancy517 (3 months)
your on dangerous ground bringing information to light,alot of people don't
believe in this stuff and think your a kook.don't despair for those that
don't believe one day they may take notice.alot of people want to hear what
you have to say.

Author Kevin Williams (4 months)
well explain how you survived being the sacrifice for public enemy

Author Ebony Perry (3 months)
the illuminati aint thinkin about him!

Author Floyd Pitter (5 months)
So let me understand this the most powerful people in the world want u
dead and they can't accomplish this. don't seem very powerful to me.

Author New Ages (8 months)
i understand what your sayin man

Author They R Haters (8 months)
they are listening the same way they lisening to me watch this got ya devil
go to hell in Jesus name.

Author Wayne Bergeron (6 months)

Author fuzzy fuzzy (2 months)
paranoid motherfucker . he sholud finally get that he is not that

Author Keith Crampton (4 months)
This is one smart brother. I never thought about the things he talks about
til now.

Author rita perison (2 months)
Watching this video reminds me of the movie Coming To America. 

Author Kelvin Hardy (8 months)
It's the old 71year old lady again,you walk with God young man,keep good
family friends around you,don't trust too many black people,they are,and
have been bought by the people who wanted you out of Public Enemy,the
Rappers who are rich,should be taking care of you,money wise,they should
have bought you another house,put money in your bank account,they are
cowards,and assholes for leaving you out there all alone, jews take care of
their own,Rich Blacks are still Slaves,they know who they are.Step up to do
what you know should be doing Rich Black people,stop being petty,scared
Negros,Give this young man protection,money,and Loyalty for telling the
truth to the people who hate all of you,no matter how Rich you are!! Write
a check to yourselves,cash it then give Pro.Griff the cash money,no one has
to know it came from you,since you are scared to let people know you are
helping him,Do The Right Thing by him rich Rappers,Rich sportspeople,Rich
Actors,Rich business people,all rich Black people do something good for
your own, less cars,do something,no matter how angry you are at
him for calling you how smart you really are,you will be Blessed
for it,by God for the good you do for one of your own!!!!

Author (8 months)
i dont know you, never come across you in my life........... but i am with
you, keep strong bro. 

Author Jacob McKee (7 months)
I ain't scared..!! Take me out in Jesus name..!! Buncha punks..!! You ppl
seen the "Fema Camp" videos???

Author NFOCMinistry (6 months)
People put money in his account to support him. That is what giving to the
church is. That is what giving a tenth is. What I want to know is that we
can politics in the front of these causes, however Christ have to be in the
front of politics. There is no power without the power of the Holy Spirit!
That is the true protection that shields off the Devil! Every, alien,
demon, evil spirit and demonic force knows this. The word is sharper than a
two edged sword, cutting even to the marrow of a man's bones. That that's

Author Evelyn Adeyemi (2 months)
Tupac Shaker isn't dead the man lives in Cuba with his aunt.

Author HarryBillyBobGeorge (8 months)
What's funny is that he's still alive. Nope. I won't say this disproves any
conspiracy theories, but this guy is making shit up for attention.

Author Kelvin Hardy (8 months)
My name is Mattie Hardy,not Kelvin,my son did not write this letter,I did,I
am 71years old,too old to care who doesn't like what I had to say,my son
pays for my iPad account,he does not know ,or care what I have to say about
anything.just to let you know these are my thoughts,not my son 's.i like
pro Griff,love what he says about our people,because my people are
blind,deaf,and dumb,I am a female Malcolm x,my son is more like Dr. Martin
Luther King,we agree to disagree,these are my words,my thoughts,my dead son
was more like me,kelvin Is not,just so you know,don't put my words in my
son's mouth,he disagrees with my way of thinking,and I don't care,hope we
straight about who wrote these words,I'm just on his account he has no idea
what I write about,put my name on,not my son!!!

Author melissa thibodeau (7 days)
ya understand whattamsayin'?

Author HRwatchinpuff (1 month)
A deal of what's fed to our youth threw music, etc
is designed to set them back. 

Author raquan kennedy (7 months)
is the guy dead?

Author tony perez (8 months)
why would they want to kill the professor griff
he aint shit

Author QuadrantBottomHalf (2 months)
Nah don't wont kill him. He would have to become a high level black messiah
or exposes secrets about powerful people that don't want to be exposed.
Like gays etc.

Author MrKingjason2 (5 months)
You understand what I'm sayn??? 

Author a3o801 (8 months)
Man im not even black , but i support this dude to the fullest he speaks
real shit, this world is corrupt as fuck, but its all about money so they
hide it from us, too bad more people dont listen to this guys knowledge 

Author Jay Suttle (9 days)
dis nigga want to be important! 

Author John Redcorn (6 months)
One or the other. Either this guy is an idiot, or he's talking this
illuminati b.s. so his washed off ass can get some recognition.

Author John Menyhard (7 months)
Wake up hey grif don worry I got your back and so does jesus christ

Author croplaya (8 months)
just one more way for black people to blame it on someone else, the man,
illuminati, etc

Author KungFu991 (2 months)
Illuminists, Free Masons, New world order. All apart of the Luciferian
doctrine. Satan is the master of all of it, all this evil. Whether these
people are being lied to or doing it willingly. Satan is using these people
in the music industry, hollywood, and the government to promote evil, turn
people away from God, and to bring about the NWO where the Anti-christ will
rule. Everyone in this is just a pawn of Satan, whether they realize it or

Author ultradestruction (7 months)
People should kill Illuminati without talking about killing illuminati.
Meaning undercover real mafia style. Mafia of Truth Vs Mafia Of
Anti-Christ. The Mafia of Truth shall win.

Author gooniegunclub187 (3 months)
Look at the interviewers face @43 lol 

Author simon bendor (6 months)
So a long dead non existent group of Bavarain Accademics who were nothing
more than Wallflowers who wanted to change the world are going to kill him?

Author Lava91point0 (10 months)
If you can pull out a piece of history about homosexuality being practiced
then surely it's not hard to believe that the illuminati were around back
then. I mean the eye of the pyramid is on your dollar bill, how much more
proof do you need?

Author ZEDRIC ROSS (1 year)
No.we need alot of jesus.jesus will save those who serve him,from the devil
and his people.

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