Bridal Nail Art - decorazione unghie sposa

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this was a request from "nails4people"

Hope you girls like it! i did it this morning and very quickly.. i would have added some rhinestones!.. but too late;-(

Spero vi piaccia questa decorazione, l'ho fatta stamattina in fretta e furia, avrei voluto agiungere anche qualche brillantino!..

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 3:07
Comments: 193

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Author Sonja Branes (3 years)
The patterns you`re painting looks like henna-painting... Am I right? Very
nice though :)

Author Vicky C (4 years)
also, is this just acrylic.. or acrylic powder..or is there a difference?!

Author Tami81 (4 years)
@shineyap7791 it's a regular paint brush (but very thin) you can find
similar on ebay they are called nail art brushes, or in any store where
they supply those kind of things.

Author Art Music & DIY (5 years)
nice nails!And Ashanti nice name too :)

Author Queen Darla (4 years)
Love this totally awesome, did you use the powder with he liquid like your
painting with it instead of accuely doing the nail tips??Is there a name or
size for that small brish?

Author PlumCakeDoll (5 years)
Ciao! quello bianco che usi con il pennellino è uno smalto particolare?
Come si chiama? sembra molto più denso

Author Tami81 (5 years)
it it simple acrylic color!.. the one used for painting for example... they
dont need any uv lamp. maybe u're confusing the acrylic powders used for
recostruction of the nails (it is a different thing!) but also they don't
need uv lamp, only Gel does

Author Vicky C (4 years)
does acrylic dry without a curing lamp thing?!

Author Tami81 (4 years)
@sararchitect ehehe... hihihi.. ;-P

Author Erika A (5 years)
this is so cute i went to school with those nails and all of my friends
thought it was done in a solon

Author GiadaDancer (4 years)
Ciao... Bellissime le unghie... Volevo chiederti dove hai comprato il
pennellino che usi per fare le guarnizioni bianche e quanto l'hai pagato.
Grazie. <3

Author petullka007 (5 years)
damn what´s the song? but this video is verrrry pretty

Author missruby12 (4 years)
what song is this? I heard it before on the radio but I don't know the
name. Can someone tell me please.

Author Tami81 (4 years)
@doravc acrylic colors dryes with air (just like polishes) but they are
water removable, so you have to apply topcoat over them..

Author Tami81 (3 years)
@mmmbad thank you very much :)

Author Tami81 (4 years)
@daskoolgirls thank u very much.. the acrilic colors can be found in any
craft store, they are regular paint colors and not specific for nails

Author TheMaoam1 (3 years)
This is pretty cool!

Author sabriiina11 (5 years)

Author saiti erduan (3 years)
belle unge

Author rockero3001 (5 years)
ALGUIen me pUede decIR el NoMbRe de LA caNcion pOR Fa

Author BabyStellaK (4 years)
Scusami.. ma il colore acrilico può essere sostituito dal gel???

Author whiteangelx23 (4 years)
WOWW!! I can't believe you just use acrylic paint instead of white nail
polishh!!! :O I just steal some from my art class now!! :D Is it the same
as nail polish or get off easily? Do you put top coat after that? awesome

Author TheMirietta96 (4 years)
bellissimeeeeee!!very beautiful!!

Author Tami81 (4 years)
@Coralistik thnak you very much:)

Author Renée Luis (3 years)
@Coralistik Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah :D

Author januarycutie98 (4 years)
so preety i wish i could do my nails like that but nail art isnt for me to
do!!!LOL>but that was great!

Author Jojoxlovee (5 years)
Sooo cute. love it! but it looks kinda hard. i dont have such a small
brush, where did you get it?

Author 863BRITT (4 years)
if i would have worn that i would be dead. to much white. :/

Author mscullen2010 (5 years)
cute song

Author Tami81 (5 years)
it's a thin paint brush.. i think you can find it in any local supply store

Author sofiamagandaful (4 years)
where did you get your thin brush?

Author SimmyBlu (4 years)
nice ,but... what about your right hand?

Author fiocchetto84pupetta (2 years)
e moltto bello ma e molto caricato..!!

Author Elizabeth Landstrom (3 years)
what is the name of the song? cual es el nombre de la cancion?

Author xpearlxdrummerx32 (5 years)
@ellenbra yes you can i'm the one who did them i just use paint but you can
use that if you want

Author Tami81 (5 years)
it's a thin brush.. any thin paint brush will do

Author Damariis C (4 years)
love it and the choice of song! =]

Author sheIStheman05 (4 years)
where do you get the very small brush?

Author Rebecca Cristo (3 years)
@daisychains96 gud luck lol

Author sararchitect (4 years)
Tami, when I get married i'll call you!

Author Imran Khan (5 years)
can u plz tell me which song is tht?plz

Author missash70 (4 years)
woooww, they are gorgeous!!

Author Oana A. (3 years)
@MrBogusiaaa Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah

Author Tami81 (4 years)
@doravc in this video i'm using acrylic colors (the ones that are used to
draw on papers!!!) acrylic powders are a different thing! check out my 3D
nail art using acrylic powders to know what i'm talking about

Author chaya desouza (2 years)
i dnt like it..:(

Author Tami81 (4 years)
@psychicadvisor No, i didn't use any powders here.. the white is just
regular acrylic paint!!! (the ones used to draw!!) the brush don't have a
name or number actually, but if you search on ebay for nail art brushes
u'll get aloooot of them (or in chineses supply stores if you have in your

Author mayoora2019 (3 years)
What can i use instead of acrylic paint

Author mrsblue1231 (3 years)
i love tht song im in love with it

Author batterfly97ificon (3 years)
ke bello *_* bravissima pollici in sù XD

Author Tami81 (5 years)
that is a very thin brush.. 6 thanx:-)

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