Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sub-Zero Level 6 - Scorpion and Part 2 HD

Mission Objective Escape From the Prison of Souls

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Author Muhammad Marhan ( ago)
how do you activate the 1, 2, and g elevator?

Author razvyboss69 ( ago)
So in the first fight (where you kill him) he's a pallete swap of Sub-Zero
and in the second fight he's the UMK3 Scorpion.....kewl.

Author Luis López (Erik Hellstrom) ( ago)
0:53 that's how Scorpion looks like in MK3. He later realizes that Quan-Chi
was responsible for killing his ninja clan (the Shirai Ryu) in MK4 when you
see his epilogue after defeating Shinnok.

Author OneDayAlways ( ago)
Great childhood game! One of my favorites.

Author Serkan Özdemir ( ago)
I love old games but not this one.
What da hell is this?

Author Ernesto Rodriguez ( ago)
You didn't beet those monks the way you whooped scorpion! I mean this is a
beet-um-up the point of the game is to enjoy peoples whooping asses! And to
imagine your worst enemies as being the people who's asses your whooping!

Author ordepcbmt ( ago)
Props to you, this game has horrendous controls...

Author Matheus Vanzella ( ago)

Author P.C P ( ago)

Author TugMyBanana ( ago)
You are freaking awesome

Author P.C P ( ago)

Author herospain 22 ( ago)

Author Trill104 ( ago)
Show this to any lady gamer and you should have no problem getting laid...

Author P.C P ( ago)
Hi, no problem.

Author DoubleA9211 ( ago)
@dalgon: it worked. thanks man

Author P.C P ( ago)
Try moving it by holding the Action button in junction with the Cross or
Triangle buttons.

Author DoubleA9211 ( ago)
i have the level 1 key but the g1 platform wont move smh

Author UniqueMAXPlay ( ago)
1:03-1:05 Epic moment!

Author P.C P ( ago)
He he.

Author dubem odum ( ago)
ya got mad skills bro

Author Billy Price ( ago)
Thanx. It took me awhile to figure that out. Its hard when u first play it

Author P.C P ( ago)
By using the URN that you get in the highest platform.

Author Billy Price ( ago)
How do you knock the fucking Statue down?

Author Marlon Thweatt ( ago)
I played this before, but you are trolling these guys lol! LET'S DO THE

Author Fan Games ( ago)
its scorpion on ultimate mortal kombat 3

Author MrSkulltag ( ago)
I pissed myself at 6:25

Author Gustavo Siqueira ( ago)
O god, that's just not nice. =/

Author P.C P ( ago)

Author Psygon ( ago)
That fight with Scorpion at the beginning was epic it literally looked

Author jay ( ago)
haha he gets power off herbs nice

Author Dovahkiin-Dragonchin ( ago)
I see what you did there.

Author tired2Btired ( ago)
this game was hard as hell..

Author Djlaw56 ( ago)
its the hole from batman 3

Author Walther Eghus II ( ago)
Shinook didn't wanted it to be like Hell, when the took over the command,
he modernized Netherrealm and tried to make the demons look more human. He
wanted to rule Earth.

Author javier cerviño ( ago)
I dont know why, but in the ps version it was easy to make the long combo,
but in the emulated version of n64 i can never make it

Author P.C P ( ago)

Author Erokuso64 ( ago)
Is this me or does netherealm look like a futuristic desert prison instead
of hell?

Author bad wolf ( ago)
ps1 beacause it have cutscenes

Author P.C P ( ago)
You just need to hold - L1 - button at the platform, and then press
(Triangle) or (Cross).

Author mkohlhorst ( ago)
I forgot how bad the acting is in this game. uhh.

Author Leonid Soloveychik ( ago)
6:25 hilarious run ))

Author captinkjkiller ( ago)
i finally found those contacts scopion has the six axis white contacts now
ima fucken killer

Author RED Engineer ( ago)
0:31 is Scorpions derp face

Author Barry Allen ( ago)
look its Blaze's brother Blades:))

Author P.C P ( ago)

Author Antichrist2000 ( ago)
4:32 Ladies and gentlemen, Jax in the next MK.

Author Antichrist2000 ( ago)
Scorpion: I am Scorpion, you killed me in cold blood! Sub-Zero: I had no
choice Scorpion: You could have let me live! Sub-Zero: Then I would be the
dead one Scorpion: But my clan and family would still be alive Sub-Zero:
....Still not sure how I come out on top there dude....

Author Luis ( ago)

Author BoredomCorner ( ago)
Oh for pete's sake, they just re-used Scorpion's sprites from UMK3!

Author FlyingJustToFall ( ago)
is there anyway to get this for PS3??

Author preston cleveland ( ago)
LOL @ 1:26... dude never stood a chance...

Author Ethan mully ( ago)
damn would that be a good game tag team king with noob!

Author Radosław Hołdys ( ago)
Rich Divizio kills it as Quan Chi

Author DrDoofinshmerts ( ago)
how did you record this

Author getoffmypage ( ago)
technically very well played

Author Denis Lagundžija ( ago)
6:02 farting

Author malcolm9001 ( ago)
They should do thiz with all COOL CHARACTERZ!

Author P.C P ( ago)
Both... But i recommend the one for Playstation

Author otowesker ( ago)
can everyone answer me? this game is for ps1 or nintendo 64? please... tank

Author guelall ( ago)
nothing man still does not work

Author P.C P ( ago)
Hold L Trigger and press C Up or C Down.

Author guelall ( ago)
no for N64

Author DreamWarrior ( ago) wrecked scorp

Author XadowMonzter ( ago)
Dude, you really know how to play this game. Really coll, nice gameplay and
nice video.

Author P.C P ( ago)
hold L1, and press Triangle for "Stand"-Up, and Cross for "sun"Dawn

Author guelall ( ago)
how to activate the elevator???

Author DankillerGTAhero4 ( ago)
if scorpion was better than sub zero he wouldn't have died in the first

Author AgentEntropos ( ago)
Consider me enlightened. This game is considered to be one of the worst on
the N64, but judging by this video it looks unbelievably great.

Author Natalie Smith ( ago)
7:30 - Do not FAIL me!

Author MrOutPsycho ( ago)
scorpion is better then sub zero its like venom vs spiderman

Author P.C P ( ago)
Because Sub-Zero is pumped........Gay isn't ?

Author jeno paragas ( ago)
why scorpion is taller than sub zero?

Author P.C P ( ago)
Neither-"realm" do I.

Author CenterMK ( ago)
I never knew the Netherrealm had technology.

Author cycobear86 ( ago)
5:38-5:42 "awww, u mad bro?" :D

Author P.C P (403 years ago)
This one was taken in the ultimate mortal kombat 3.

Author RadiantHero54 ( ago)
why is scorpion using his umk3/mkt sprites?

Author unrealtotem ( ago)
nice play through. You kicked the shit out of scorpion and that other
thing. Nice job

Author P.C P ( ago)

Author jeno paragas ( ago)
first hit. scorpion. Sub zero: huh? where are you scorpion? Scorpion:
peakaboo! Sub zero: ahhhhhh! (Scorpion Uppercut)

Author Tempest525X (818 years ago)
you got mad skills!

Author KennethMoreland ( ago)
7:15 look at his lip twitching..he wanted to laugh so bad .xD

Author P.C P ( ago)
Stay on the elevator platform, hold L1 and press Triangle to go up, or
X(Cross) to go down.

Author paulius kavaliauskas ( ago)
i got the first key in this level but the lift doesn't rise what should i
do what button shuold i press?

Author P.C P ( ago)
They may call it "The King of Iron Mortal Kombat" kkk

Author AnthonyGeneUnit ( ago)
Sub Zero vs P. Jack. MK and Tekken crossover!

Author Writersblock39 ( ago)
Worst...fucking diologue...ever.

Author Fluffybrute ( ago)
6:41 dat boobs

Author Takai Akuma ( ago)
Oh cool, My mistakes. Thnx

Author Takai Akuma ( ago)
wait wut? I was pretty sure Bi han was the Younger one that died and became
Noob. Kui Lang Teamed up with scorpion. I could be wrong though, But I was
pretty sure that was it.

Author Takai Akuma ( ago)
The older Sub-Zero is wiser though In his ending, he realized how bad his
clan actuly was and teamed up with scorpion and wiped out the whole clan
and anyone else in their path My two fav mortal kombat character working
together after all that shit they have been through, Thats bad ass

Author Striker ( ago)
scorpion fail

Author chris gonzalez ( ago)

Author P.C P ( ago)
Yes I spared his life, but I want to put the story in another way.

Author fszron ( ago)
Yeah, I just checked the first video and saw that he didn't kill Scorpion.
He should have met Shinnok instead.

Author FlashTheReploid (1781 year ago)
i thought he spared scorpion?

Author timdu56 ( ago)
design like a ps1 game wild 9 i love it ^^

Author Philemon Onesimus ( ago)
Is this game any good?

Author Satoshi Takuya ( ago)
MK3 Scorpion went back in time and defeat MK1 sub-zero

Author Tabooxd06 ( ago)

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