Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sub-Zero Level 6 - Scorpion and Part 2 HD

Mission Objective Escape From the Prison of Souls

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Runtime: 7:42
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Author Paul Foley (3 months)
how do you meet scorpion ?

Author GangstaMartinez (20 days)
My god, this game is so cheesy....but I love it! Great playthrough!

Author Sentinel (3 months)
And to think, if it wasn't for this and the horror that was M.K. Special
Forces, we would have never have gotten M.K. Shaolin Monks which was
actually very good.

Author KarlShota . (3 months)
Odd. I don't recall the Prison of Souls, let alone anywhere in the
Netherrealm look this modern. Key cards, cyborg demons, cyberpunk-style
lights in the background, and the Cyber Initiative hasn't even started yet.

Author Rainbow Sweg (9 months)
Ok, is that scene unavoidable? In this gameplay, Sub-Zero sparred Scorpion
when he asked for it. But then in this scene, Sub-Zero talks as though he
did kill him. Meh, still good for a 1997's game.

Author william nagaratth (4 months)
Fodastigo missão expert !!!

Author lectorman21 (10 months)
i love how sub zero screams when he gets punched lol

Author Vath121 (7 months)
Those chicks were hot.

Author Derrick Haggard (11 months)
The 2nd fight against Scorpion is the only good thing in this level. 

Author Ziggman2g (2 years)
oh no dude...thats Kuai Liang the younger one. in MK 9 they still kill bi
Han to create Noob

Author 13saxman (3 years)
Battle between 2-D and 3-D, looks like 2-D won!

Author luis fernando Pereira (3 years)
vey q merda de video e essa vc6 ñ viram o sub -zero ta uzando o estilo de
luta do scorpion q merda

Author mohamedhazemohamed (3 years)
oooh daamn i like FIFA

Author Erokuso64 (1 year)
Is this me or does netherealm look like a futuristic desert prison instead
of hell?

Author MrGamergg (2 years)
lol that robot thing is the only enemy that is 3d

Author Djlaw56 (1 year)
its the hole from batman 3

Author Writersblock39 (2 years)
Worst...fucking diologue...ever.

Author P.C P (2 years)
hold L1, and press Triangle for "Stand"-Up, and Cross for "sun"Dawn

Author P.C P (2 years)

Author Radosław Hołdys (2 years)
Rich Divizio kills it as Quan Chi

Author luis mtz (2 years)
@rockmancito oiie ami no me sale asi como dices entonces como es??? me
puedes ayudar

Author MrNinjafreak (3 years)
They should have somthing like this in MK10, like a game mode

Author Billy Price (1 year)
Thanx. It took me awhile to figure that out. Its hard when u first play it

Author Marlon Thweatt (1 year)
I played this before, but you are trolling these guys lol! LET'S DO THE

Author tltar253 (3 years)
@MisterMeo90 Si mal no recuerdo es L1 + triangulo.

Author P.C P (11 months)

Author camuscito peru (2 years)
Como te digo tienes que aplastar R + L y a la misma vez aplastar para
arriba pero aplastala hasia arriba varias veces y trata de estar en el
centro del ascensor. y si quieres bajaR R + L Y APLASTAR PARA ABAJO VARIAS

Author Tigreloaded (2 years)
ou ou ou ou ou waaa

Author guelall (2 years)
no for N64

Author mkohlhorst (2 years)
I forgot how bad the acting is in this game. uhh.

Author Adrian Grody (3 years)
why does the netherrealm look all futuristic

Author paulius kavaliauskas (2 years)
i got the first key in this level but the lift doesn't rise what should i
do what button shuold i press?

Author SonicBrawl5 (3 years)
0:42 Ninja dance!

Author Walther Eghus II (1 year)
Shinook didn't wanted it to be like Hell, when the took over the command,
he modernized Netherrealm and tried to make the demons look more human. He
wanted to rule Earth.

Author timdu56 (2 years)
design like a ps1 game wild 9 i love it ^^

Author Antichrist2000 (3 years)
If that were current Scorpion that scene would have been a lot shorter haha
Scorpion: GRRAAAH!! Sub-Zero: Who are you? Scorpion: RAAAH! I am Scorpion
and I am ANGRY! RAAAAAH!!!

Author RustedPieces1 (3 years)
yeah the elevator doesnt work for me

Author Tabooxd06 (2 years)

Author MONO4608 (2 years)
okay.. sad face

Author TheGman503 (2 years)
why is scorpion using his umk3/mkt sprites?

Author Dominick Gonzalez (2 years)
Mortal Kombat fucking sucks now!

Author LordAbenader (3 years)
@tltar253 Bad ass, but neutral.

Author ShadowRocks25 (2 years)
well its just true

Author Tabooxd06 (2 years)
I play Project 64 and platforms do not rise

Author noblemile (3 years)
MK3 Scorpion?

Author MrStephenman83 (2 years)
sub zero

Author Archzenom (3 years)
Oh good gracious! This stage reminds me a lot to Contra 3: The Alien Wars
Stage 3.

Author P.C P (2 years)
Neither-"realm" do I.

Author jeno paragas (2 years)
first hit. scorpion. Sub zero: huh? where are you scorpion? Scorpion:
peakaboo! Sub zero: ahhhhhh! (Scorpion Uppercut)

Author CenterMK (2 years)
I never knew the Netherrealm had technology.

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