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Author Banana Games Studios (6 months)
This was stupid.

Author Sandwich defeater (11 months)
the opposite of funny

Author timstv75 (9 months)
this is awesome

Author Oliver Haugaard Mortensen (6 months)
What do "deshi basara" meant? 

Author Tatiana Runyard (4 months)
Still cracks me up when Batman falls off Alma Mater! Priceless!

Author Валерий Стойчев (5 months)
10/10, would watch again.

Author Raimonda Bauzaite (1 month)
Pso fuuny

Author John Flint (9 months)
Definetly next time I'm in chicago 

Author Rogelio Camarena (4 months)
U guys R F***ing hilarious!
I discovered you guys so late...

Author Moises H. (7 months)
Whenever i get to chicago, first thing i'm gonna do is find you guys

Author Wendy Koene (12 days)
Ha ha ha !!!

Author Oscar Lopez (1 month)
not bad

Author Angel Azizi (1 month)
Why did catwmen just shows bat man her butt

Author Niko Pogo (1 month)

Author Miloš Vasin (1 year)
Deshi basara :)))

Author Paritosh Dhabhai (8 months)
Extremely hillarious

Author Raimonda Bauzaite (1 month)
And stupid 

Author CoffeeCupGoodness (4 months)
Ok...still wondering where's Dent.

Author Harley Quinn (5 months)
Watched this video like a year ago the first time, still doesn't fail to
make me laugh :)

Author Rogelio Camarena (4 months)
Batman is so derpy...
Laughed too much my cheeks felt cramped...

Author Jade Stone (5 months)
Joker and bane are my favourite super villains

Author Jade Stone (7 months)
I LOVE YOU BANE ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Author Mushroom Hedgehog (1 year)
Oh god, that Batman voice.

Author Jade Stone (5 months)
I hope that bane appreciates me

Author 짜파게리 (9 months)
oh my god...

Author Brittany Burrows (1 year)
He fell off!!! Lmfao! 

Author Yadavi Thakur (11 months)
Good video but even I did a parody of Gangam syle plz will you all see my
videos plz 

Author ARMY OF DEATH83 (10 months)
this is funy i shit myself jajajaja

Author Carter Mler (1 year)
Post a video where bane says hey dehsi basara for the entire video

Author livyinwonderland (1 year)
These guys are awesome!

Author Chance Blakesley (1 year)
whoever plays catwoman is hot, just FYI

Author John Flint (11 months)
Hat also makes me wonder how do I get in and where do I sign up?

Author anthony brady (7 months)

Author Deceptionanman (1 year)
Love it when Batman's cape get in his way

Author Adolf Hitler (1 year)
This song is so awesome

Author John Flint (11 months)
Funniest video I have ever seen and I would legitimately kill to be in this
video they are the bomb!

Author rushdi34 (1 year)
i was crunk at a bar last weekend and this song came on and couldn't help
but sing these lyrics lol

Author Jade Stone (10 months)
Bane was so adorable now nes probably gonna be mad at me now but who cares
not me

Author ditchygameing (1 year)
batman what yo saying bro XD

Author Alessandro Velasco (7 months)
Cool Video

Author Ellie Thompson (1 year)
That was really good

Author Adamzki (1 year)
i thought you would say eeeeyyyyy where is rachel

Author Olivia Fitzgerald (1 year)
These guys are Awesome!!

Author Siddharth Geddam (1 year)
one of the best parodies i have ever seen ! the voice of batman sounds
just like in the movies. keep it up .

Author Harley Queen (1 year)
This joker is ugly, why you do not look like the Joker from Arkham Asylum?

Author Jack Domingo (1 year)
Lol freakin awesome

Author Musical Soul. (1 year)
Pretty awesome!

Author TheyCallMeZ-I-C-O (1 year)
It's sad how the acting on this is just as "good" as thte acing on the Dark
Knight Trilogy, I mean they were horrible =w=

Author ronald haley (1 year)

Author nerdsanddorksrule (1 year)

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