This is the ultimate Dark Knight-themed spoof of PSY's hit GANGNAM STYLE.

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Here comes the Gordon; I'm a cop in Gotham City
Before the Batman came along this town was pretty shitty
I never said thank you, but he said I'll never have to
Shit! The Joker's here so we're screwed

Why so serious
You see to them you're just a freak
Why so serious
You see to them you're just a freak
Why so serious
You see to them you're just like me
Why so serious
Fuckin' serious

Hit the Joker
Where is Rachel
You wanted me
Well here I am

Kill the Batman
I don't have a plan
I'm just a dog
Who's chasing cars
You see to them you're just a freak like me

Oppa Batman Style
Batman Style
Dent, Dent, where's Dent
Oppa Batman Style
Batman Style
Dent, Dent
Where's Dent
Oppa Batman Style
Hey, deshi basara
Dent, Dent, where's Dent
Oppa Batman Style
Hey, deshi basara
Dent, Dent, where's Dent

Here comes Lucius Fox and I would like to see some titties
Before the Batman came along our lives weren't looking pretty
For some reason all his friends are kids cause he's an orphan
The name's John Blake or Robin but it sure ain't Richard Grayson

Gotham's reckoning
Now is the time for fear
I'm Gotham's reckoning
Victory has defeated you
I'm Gotham's reckoning
You have my permission to die
I'm Gotham's reckoning
Your reckoning

Your punishment
Must be more severe
Mister Wayne
I will break you

But I'm Batman
Where's the trigger
Tell me now
Then you can die
You have my permission to die

Hey, deshi basara
Dent, Dent, where's Dent
Oppa Batman Style
Hey, deshi basara
Dent, Dent, where's Dent
Oppa Batman Style

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Commissioner Gordon -
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Chicago Bane -
Chicago Joker -

The original GANGNAM STYLE music video by PSY can be viewed here:


From 2 years of break, PSY is finally coming back with his 6th album 'PSY6甲'!
The album's weighty title song 'Gangnam Style' is composed solely by PSY himself from lyrics to choreography. The song is characterized by its strongly addictive beats and lyrics, and is thus certain to penetrate the foundations of modern philosophy.

가수 싸이가 6집 앨범 '싸이6甲(싸이육갑)'으로 2년 만에 전격 컴백한다!
타이틀 곡은 싸이가 직접 작사·작곡한 '강남스타일'로 싸이는 멜로디, 가사, 안무 등 다방면에서 강한 중독성을 보여 줄 예정이다.

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Author Motor Ed (1 month)
the opposite of funny

Author Mushroom Hedgehog (7 months)
Oh god, that Batman voice.

Author Miloš Vasin (3 months)
Deshi basara :)))

Author ARMY OF DEATH83 (12 days)
this is funy i shit myself jajajaja

Author ronald haley (6 months)
When Joker respected "me" he looked like Jeff The Killer

Author TheReadySetShout (7 months)
It's sad how the acting on this is just as "good" as thte acing on the Dark
Knight Trilogy, I mean they were horrible =w=

Author Adam Puntigliano (6 months)
i thought you would say eeeeyyyyy where is rachel

Author ditchygameing (4 months)
batman what yo saying bro XD

Author nerdsanddorksrule (5 months)

Author Yadavi Thakur (1 month)
Good video but even I did a parody of Gangam syle plz will you all see my
videos plz 

Author livyinwonderland (7 months)
These guys are awesome!

Author 이승찬 (7 months)

Author rushdi34 (3 months)
i was crunk at a bar last weekend and this song came on and couldn't help
but sing these lyrics lol

Author Harley Queen (3 months)
This joker is ugly, why you do not look like the Joker from Arkham Asylum?

Author John Flint (28 days)
Hat also makes me wonder how do I get in and where do I sign up?

Author Olivia Fitzgerald (7 months)
These guys are Awesome!!

Author Alina Guillama (7 months)

Author Brittany Burrows (2 months)
He fell off!!! Lmfao! 

Author Deceptionanman (8 months)
Love it when Batman's cape get in his way

Author Musical Soul. (6 months)
Pretty awesome!

Author TheReadySetShout (7 months)
And I'm a batman fanboy, I still thought it was bad.

Author ronald haley (6 months)

Author John Flint (28 days)
Funniest video I have ever seen and I would legitimately kill to be in this
video they are the bomb!

Author Jack Domingo (6 months)
Lol freakin awesome

Author Siddharth Geddam (4 months)
one of the best parodies i have ever seen ! the voice of batman sounds
just like in the movies. keep it up .

Author Yonet YGarcia (8 months)
Funny when bane did the pole dance and dishi bashira 

Author Chance Blakesley (5 months)
whoever plays catwoman is hot, just FYI

Author Ellie Thompson (5 months)
That was really good

Author Carter Mler (5 months)
Post a video where bane says hey dehsi basara for the entire video

Author Adolf Hitler (2 months)
This song is so awesome

Author Jade Stone (14 days)
Bane was so adorable now nes probably gonna be mad at me now but who cares
not me

Author Die Chins (3 months)
awesome!!!!!!! :-*

Author HarleyJ Channel (2 months)
Yeeah! Joker! Why so little Joker? MORE JOKER MOORE! R.I.P

Author Darh Sam (3 months)
Lol that was awesome works thx

Author Make 'Em Laugh Films (11 months)
Haha yeah seriously. That guy's been MIA for months now. - Chicago Joker

Author Dan LaBelle (9 months)
Jason is pure genius. They must return Team Joker to Red Bull Flugtag 2014!

Author yousif hzaim (1 year)
I will find dent

Author Make 'Em Laugh Films (10 months)
That's why we plan dance parties. To relive those memories and create new
ones (and film it all haha). - Chicago Joker

Author Make 'Em Laugh Films (11 months)
Glad to make you laugh Jokers1Lover! We've got more comedy on the way :D. -
Chicago Joker

Author Make 'Em Laugh Films (11 months)
You rock, Claudia :). It took a lot of time to put this video together. -
Chicago Joker

Author Make 'Em Laugh Films (11 months)
And I love you! - Chicago Joker

Author Make 'Em Laugh Films (9 months)
Check out our other videos. We've got plenty of Joker ones! :) - Chicago

Author 639subzero (9 months)
Awesome and funny video man

Author Make 'Em Laugh Films (1 year)
Hahaha - Chicago Joker

Author Make 'Em Laugh Films (9 months)
Share our channel! - Chicago Joker

Author Make 'Em Laugh Films (1 year)
But Joker doesn't have my permission to die. You just got trolled back :P.
- Chicago Bane

Author Make 'Em Laugh Films (1 year)
Don't worry. I'm already at work putting smiles on their faces ;). -
Chicago Joker

Author Make 'Em Laugh Films (1 year)
Zod. I enjoyed your reading of that infamous Delta Gamma sorority email. -
Chicago Joker

Author Andreas Sergides (9 months)
Π.Μ .´π !ςγρωω ΜΛςργωΓρεωώ,μέσω,μορφών.ςγωρ

Author Make 'Em Laugh Films (1 year)
Hahahaha. I like that. You're a fellow Bears fan I take it? - Chicago Joker

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