Hydrographics - Water Transfer Printing Process - Wassertransferdruck | HG Arts (

Video shows how to prepare pieces for Water Transfer Printing / Hydrographics / Wassertransferdruck process.

Patterns: Carbon Fiber and designer films.

Located in Barcelona (Spain)

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Author 김기택 ( ago)

Author Felipe Daza ( ago)
Cuanto vale pintar un rin de auto con esta forma innovadora? gracias

Author Tiago Silva ( ago)
Hello all none well , I'm from Brazil and I am very interested in buying
the products , I wonder if you guys have a distributor here in Brazil .


Tiago .

Author nicolae gogirla ( ago)

Author 29miguel1996 ( ago)
its permanent?

Author Фостор Фосторов ( ago)

Author Sean Wilkinson ( ago)
Mind. Blown.

I didn't know this process existed until just now, and it is officially my
newest favorite technology.

Author airton lima ( ago)
não é truque, é pintura sobre a água, recomendo é pratico rápido e fácil

Author mari vadaqaria ( ago)

Author Malthe Hein ( ago)
I want one of those ps3 controlers!

Author incblot creations ( ago)
Ok Guys. This is the way to paint your costumes. Over 1000 paterns and
Need I say any more on this awsome video

Author mihai bobirica ( ago)
g.hXx.),a h#l jh:-) fw

Author mihai bobirica ( ago)

Author mihai bobirica ( ago)
wfy vl

Author MTLKEBEK ( ago)

Author 633TricolorSP ( ago)
Isso é sensacional!

Author Boaz Pascual ( ago)

Author Sujaan Choksi ( ago)

Author GehnrLee ( ago)
This music is fantastic.

Author Jake Eaton ( ago)
Muted, almost sounds as bad as dreamscape.

Author Herobrine8931 ( ago)
Take 1 buck and dip it into a 500$ carbon fiber, and pay the bank :3

Author Bronislav Hedlik ( ago)
je to super,hezky to vypadá a je to celkem rychlý...

Author moch jackson ( ago)

Author Carlinhos Inácio (1438 years ago)

Author Artemis X (286 years ago)
Now I can finally be black!

Author Sergio Queiroz ( ago)
Please i'm from Brazil and i'd car accessories store and i would like to
know if you have already someone to represent you here in my country.Though
i'm very interested in sale it here!?! Your products are just amazing!!!
Sincerely Sérgio.

Author jacqueline peña martinez ( ago)
hello to know where I get the inputs for this technique in Colombia that
paper is used as the activator and water temperature

hola para saber donde consigo los insumos para esta técnica en Colombia
como que papel se utiliza, el activador y temperatura del agua

Author Heimer Mejia ( ago)
Es increíble lo que hace la ciencia. 

Author ivan lobos ( ago)
hola como estan , podrian decirme a que temperatura debe estar el agua , y
que tiempo despues de darle la mano de pintura color base uhna vez que esta
seca se debe hacer la inmersion . vivo en argentina he probado con un poco
de papel que consegui y quedo bastante bien pero no del todo , podrian
decirme si han vendido aca y como hacen con el envio o si disponen de algun
medio para enviarlo al sur de chile ? desdde ya agradeazco sus comentarios
e info , saludos

Author Stevie Wonder ( ago)
I'm sure you have to clear coat it. Probably with a poly urethane, or
something that won't react, or flake off.

Author marquinho hidro water transfer ( ago)
ola boa tarde eu stou abrindo uma loja de water transfer printing em são
paulo os enteressa que Estiver afim de fazer uma
personalização em rodas tanque de motos paralama etc..............
whatssap.......(011)985763165 estou adisposição.............

Author fred flintstone ( ago)
what's the music used in the video?

Author joel vera ( ago)
Una pregunta komo hace eso en el agua 

Author joel vera ( ago)
Una pregunta komo hace eso en el agua 

Author Sherif Taha ( ago)
brilliant idea

Author MakAnjang ( ago)
Now I know how to do it .... Thanks

Author Radiola R ( ago)

Author EmpireEcho ( ago)
freaking amazing but not easy for homework ... fuck ):

Author danieleli1199 ( ago)
should make a water printer big enough for a car and just use a crane to
dip it in

Author Solano O. Santos ( ago)
Congratulations!! Awesome!

Author Clarissa Jackman ( ago)

Author Milogarage ( ago)
Video of the week!!

Author derek virgilio ( ago)

Author Bobby Brown ( ago)
I think you guys meant "Ceramics", not "Cermics".

Author Keen ART ( ago)
Video shows how to prepare pieces for Water Transfer Printing /
Hydrographics / Wassertransferdruck process.

Hydrographics - Water Transfer Printing Process - Wassertransferdruck | HG
Arts (

Author Gábor Nagy ( ago)
this stuff is amazing can somebody tell me how and where to find these

Author Daniel Zwinger ( ago)
What do I need if I wanna start my own garage with this stuff? Only the
tank, rinsing machine and paint gun? Thanks :)

Author kilian Ramiro Grau ( ago)
And... what do you do whit the contaminated water???

Author ali aydın ( ago)
bu işi adam gibi yapan boyalı ve boyasız bütün yüzeyleri kaplayan türkiyede
bir tek firma var ELMACIOĞLU KAPLAMA A.Ş. adamların video yayınlayıp
müşteri toplamasına ihtiyaçları yok 

Author ali aydın ( ago)
bunu izleyen arkadaşlar , hidrographics bütün videolarında boyalı yüzeyleri
kaplıyor . bu işte boyalı yüzey kaplamak çok kolay . boyasız yüzeyleri
kaplasa bu işi biliyorlar derim . sadece izleyenlere kendilerini kabul
ettirmeye çalışıyorlar . 

Author WINTONI ARA ( ago)
nice tutorial...but where we can get the film??

Author tim irish ( ago)
dont think its duarible or id bet its not

Author Humor + ( ago)
+diego costa

Hydrographics - Water Transfer Printing Process - Wassertransferdruck | HG
Arts (

Author abdulaziz almansi ( ago)
ممكن جلب هذه التقنية بسهولة وكم التكلفة

Author Арменак Бледжянц ( ago)

Author SrFulanoTal ( ago)
so i guess all you need is a blank roll and a printer to print out your own

Author IRussian007 ( ago)
soundtrack name?

Author jettajason24 ( ago)
Cool video, awesome song too. Love it!

perfeito !

Author nicolae gogirla ( ago)

Author TOM JACKSON (makjac46) ( ago)
Right product at the right time, countless applications. People are sick of
lookalike cars etc.

Author ‫محمد خديوي‬‎ ( ago)
Wow you sweet

Author Quantum Tuning Ltd ( ago)
Water transfer printing allows owners to customise anything from wheels to
bonnets, mirrors and interior pieces. Check out this video from HG Arts and
prepare to be amazed.

Author Joe Liew ( ago)
I always wonder how they paint those complicated pattern on an irregular
object, now I finally get the answer

Author AquaLaboratory IMMERIS ( ago)
#hydrographics #wtp #аквапечать #video #videoguide 

Author MrJohnyin ( ago)
good day where can i buy the carbon fiber film?

Author Jefferson araújo ( ago)
qual é o nome desse papel onde eu encontro?

Author Relvison Silva ( ago)

Author Matteo Ciangola ( ago)

Author manuela bizzoni ( ago)

Author nguyen manh cuong ( ago)
Tuyet voi qua, good

Author dinh thanh ( ago)

Author LastHope50 ( ago)
OMG Who much this process costs and where do we buy it ?!

Author joel lopez ( ago)
Cual es la cancion diganme el nombre porfa

Author Alex Maui ( ago)
Your videos are sick but that song is just gay as hell 

Author Chris Hardy ( ago)

Author fuck google plus ( ago)
That not real carbon fiber wtf r u stupid 

Author Erickkk ( ago)
Que loco!!

Author GoodBarius OfTheNorth ( ago)
When you do this, how long does it tend to last? Or is it basically
printing it on it as would a printer to a piece of paper.

Author Michael Shada ( ago)
So how about disclosing what product was sprayed on the film during

Author PathosBedlam ( ago)
I love this idea. It has so many ways to make stuff look amazing. When are
you opening up a shop in Australia, or even better, in Tasmania? I would
love the 100 dollar bills pattern or carbon fiber on my GTR 18" rims.

Author Timothy Edmonds ( ago)
very cool.

Author micb9597 ( ago)

Author Elevenstrings V ( ago)
now put your face into the water :D

Author Mat Joe ( ago)
DIY friendly ?

Author Staicu Catalin ( ago)
Why is carbon foil and give it to stage 5?

Author juan camilo suarez zambrano ( ago)

Author Orlando Rotundo ( ago)
your video people spelled CERAMICS wrong in the opening

Author Zh Van ( ago)
Nice :)

Author alisenn ( ago)

Author Alex Barylo ( ago)

Author Luis Alberto LA (antes icojuve) ( ago)

Author liyanabasirah ahmad ( ago)
amazing :)

Author Francisco Sánchez ( ago)
Can you do this on real alloy wheels

Author Andrew Blackwell ( ago)
The application a are endless

Author nabe santos ( ago)
alguem sabe o nome desse material

Author Ristay Kerr ( ago)

Author Laurynas S. ( ago)
does it provide same protection as a spray paint? 

Author Tautvydas Toby ( ago)
this is real magic

Author nazreen sunny ( ago)
step 5 activatioan , what do you spray on that film and where did you buy
it ?

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