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Video shows how to prepare pieces for Water Transfer Printing / Hydrographics / Wassertransferdruck process.

Patterns: Carbon Fiber and designer films.

Located in Barcelona (Spain)

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Author PathosBedlam (7 months)
I love this idea. It has so many ways to make stuff look amazing. When are
you opening up a shop in Australia, or even better, in Tasmania? I would
love the 100 dollar bills pattern or carbon fiber on my GTR 18" rims.

Author Lauren Egan (9 months)

Author Andrew Blackwell (7 months)
The application a are endless

Author Quantum Tuning Ltd (4 months)
Water transfer printing allows owners to customise anything from wheels to
bonnets, mirrors and interior pieces. Check out this video from HG Arts and
prepare to be amazed.

Author liyanabasirah ahmad (7 months)
amazing :)

Author Alex Maui (6 months)
Your videos are sick but that song is just gay as hell 

Author tim irish (2 months)
dont think its duarible or id bet its not

Author IRussian007 (3 months)
soundtrack name?

Author Jonathan Kuehl (9 months)

Author Cheri Maloch (11 months)
Interesting stuff. 

Author Fred Gandt (11 months)
Having seen a video going around a few weeks ago showing a guy dipping his
hand through a film atop a liquid, that when removed (his hand) looked to
be coated with carbon fibre, I idly wondered what I was seeing, but was
satisfied by my own assumptions and so looked no further.
YouTube just suggested I watch another similar video, so I took the
opportunity to watch a few more examples including this:
This advert shows multiple items being dipped in a process apparently
called "Hydrographics [printing]".
I thought it was mildly interesting (excluding the annoyingly cheerful
background musak) :-)

Author TOM JACKSON (3 months)
Right product at the right time, countless applications. People are sick of
lookalike cars etc.

Author Milogarage (1 month)
Video of the week!!

Author Laurynas (7 months)
does it provide same protection as a spray paint? 

Author Paulo Pinto (7 months)
Didn't know this technology. Unbelievable at first.

Author SrFulanoTal (3 months)
so i guess all you need is a blank roll and a printer to print out your own

Author Timothy Edmonds (7 months)
very cool.

Author Eemil Hellberg (7 months)

Author Luis Alberto LA (7 months)

Author LastHope50 (6 months)
OMG Who much this process costs and where do we buy it ?!

Author jettajason24 (3 months)
Cool video, awesome song too. Love it!

Author GoodBar PHNX (6 months)
When you do this, how long does it tend to last? Or is it basically
printing it on it as would a printer to a piece of paper.

Author Solano O. Santos (1 month)
Congratulations!! Awesome!

Author kirill321100 (4 months)

Author Trevor Greene (1 year)
Inventive alternative to Powder Coat. Check it out !!!

Author Aaron Chinnery-Brown (2 months)
Thats a lot of work for a carbon fibre hubcap!

Author brentonalla1 (8 months)
i was wondering what this music sounded like, scribblenauts

Author nazreen sunny (7 months)
step 5 activatioan , what do you spray on that film and where did you buy
it ?

Author Zh Van (7 months)
Nice :)

Author OrangeSVTguy (8 months)
hubcaps will never be cool.

Author fuck google plus (6 months)
That not real carbon fiber wtf r u stupid 

Author derek virgilio (1 month)

Author kilian Ramiro Grau (2 months)
And... what do you do whit the contaminated water???

Author Staicu Catalin (7 months)
Why is carbon foil and give it to stage 5?

Author bryan pacheco (7 months)
chemical activator that is?

Author Samet Ay (8 months)
great method :-)

Author rey0176 (7 months)
fuck powder coating.

Author Mat Joe (7 months)
DIY friendly ?

Author Orlando Rotundo (7 months)
your video people spelled CERAMICS wrong in the opening

Author Bobby Brown (2 months)
I think you guys meant "Ceramics", not "Cermics".

Author Daniel Zwinger (2 months)
What do I need if I wanna start my own garage with this stuff? Only the
tank, rinsing machine and paint gun? Thanks :)

Author EmpireEcho (28 days)
freaking amazing but not easy for homework ... fuck ):

Author Gábor Nagy (2 months)
this stuff is amazing can somebody tell me how and where to find these

Author WINTONI ARA (2 months)
nice tutorial...but where we can get the film??

Author abdulaziz almansi (3 months)
ممكن جلب هذه التقنية بسهولة وكم التكلفة

Author Edwin Valeros (7 months)
This product is interesting, where can I buy the material and equipment?
Please advise. Thank you!

Author Matteo Ciangola (5 months)

Author Francisco Sánchez (7 months)
Can you do this on real alloy wheels

Author June Bug (7 months)

Author Tautvydas Toby (7 months)
this is real magic

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