Black Ops 2 Glitches Cargo - Fully Out Of Map Glitch

Glitch found by RSP Member
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Black Ops 2 Glitches Cargo - Fully Out Of Map Glitch

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Author Logan Flentz ( ago)

Author Cynthia Nelson-Wiggins ( ago)

Author Kristin Mullins (681 year ago)

Author Paco Taco ( ago)
Is it on ps3 or Xbox

Author cpzh ( ago)
Its not even patched m8

Author Joseph Collins ( ago)
you can go out the map on vog

Author cellebus ( ago)
because treyarch

Author The Magician ( ago)
because its CoD

Author Steven Wilson ( ago)
hay not cool

Author Belmin Mujkanovic ( ago)
how many likes

Author Baboucar Nyang ( ago)
Add me babotelli

Author motoCrossRider211 ( ago)
and people always wonder why im on bf3

Author motoCrossRider211 ( ago)
and people wonder why

Author mikey burkey ( ago)

Author TheUnknownAK ( ago)
if you delete your system cache and then play offline it will work. That
will essentially delete patches and updates.

Author Ghost Madness ( ago)
u shoulda put where you throw the care package

Author aBADASSdude ( ago)
i smell a racist

Author Angel Paradise ( ago)
D: Its so cool !

Author Felix Trawöger ( ago)
Amazing o.O

Author Connor Rickards ( ago)

Author Peyton Whiting ( ago)

Author Jai Dhillon ( ago)
OMG Thanks I live in singapore and i always saw my house and shot it.. Now
I can go home

Author The Vegaz ( ago)
today i swagged so much my head fell off

Author Moosedev101 ( ago)

Author MrSundropisgood ( ago)
read top comment

Author andrew figueroa ( ago)
he sounds like mgh

Author Frank Haggis ( ago)
search the dragon fir glitch not patched

Author Metal head666 ( ago)
Is it patched

Author Duane Winsley ( ago)
I did it thx salot

Author Clan Parish ( ago)
i got a new vid of out of standoff map. subscribe to me for more vids

Author Jakob Exeter ( ago)
lol the top comments r rages XD

Author MrTrollingOfficer ( ago)
1:35 - They call me David Blaine

Author wyatt underhill ( ago)
is it just me or would everyone make a giant golden penis out there.

Author TheOnlyMinecrafters ( ago)
It Works without a care package

Author Epifer ( ago)
It's almost as if UK is taking over youtube.

Author Stash Kinzinger ( ago)
Dumbasses it's been patched

Author Sam Tye ( ago)
It dose not work you fucking dick head

Author dat gamer ( ago)
Does it still work soz x

Author dat gamer ( ago)
Dose out still work

Author UndeadxPlatypus ( ago)
Why did cod make humongous maps and let u play in a small bit of it?

Author Unexpected Aero ( ago)

Author jay phillips ( ago)
Wow that was amazing

Author Jack Jenkins ( ago)

Author Zlaxter ( ago)
1:30 JESUS !

Author stephenmatthews861 ( ago)

Author MDog950 ( ago)
You should of showed us how to get out

Author Cameron Latson ( ago)
To the ovar

Author xISAACLAWxELITEx ( ago)
Is it patched?

Author Minty Hippo ( ago)
lol. WTF.

Author Jyle Elmendorp ( ago)
That's amazing how far you can go out the map and where you can go

Author Travis Trollark ( ago)
People like you mak them delete their comments... You should be ashamed.
You should have made them delete their accounts with more hatred.

Author Guilio McEwan ( ago)
Thats so funny

Author [GD] zLgC ( ago)
1:45 "Could we get 500 likes to this PLEAASE... *Watches likes* 3000+, :O

Author 11WelshboY11 ( ago)
hello me

Author 11WelshboY11 ( ago)
its j3esus he is walking on water

Author arzel alazam ( ago)
I love your vids. You the best YouTuber their is. Glitch is inane! Liking
fo sho

Author Some person dot dot dot ( ago)
It was just one of those spam comments telling to go to a link that
supposedly is about a game better then this

Author 007coen1 ( ago)
how you got tactical in free-for-all ?

Author michael potter ( ago)
Do you play with subscribers

Author Skilless Gamerzx ( ago)
Wow Totally Cool Ad Me POPularPOP on black ops and show me

Author Michael Montoya ( ago)
Wow great job with this!! :)

Author Ziyad ( ago)
Come on, Give it to these guys, They can walk on water.

Author NationVast ( ago)
i disagree

Author Geogeocool ( ago)
Black ops 2 ==> GTA IV

Author Lukas Lentis ( ago)
how do u do that dont get it tell me

Author AxiiGO ( ago)
that clicks at beginning and end :D

Author alittlebitmixed ( ago)
Ps3 game_scout97

Author boblary bob ( ago)
i did it nice

Author loescareno3 ( ago)
Help me do this glitch- if u have a Mic add me VenomFireLe3

Author MRR WOLF ( ago)
if people didnt know if a friend has downloaded dlc he can make a profile
on ur acc and use the downloaded shit i did this with sleeping dogs gt5 and
going to do it with revolution dlc pack for black ops 2 :D like i said if u
didnt know this is very helpful info and will save you madd coin

Author MRR WOLF ( ago)
if peeps wanna do someshit like this add me on psn wolfyy357

Author TheIdahoSnowmobile ( ago)
i know bro.... fml...

Author f250alltheway ( ago)
Add me ps3 rgrhallmark

Author markese walker ( ago)
can u add me on ps3 mylilbaddboyz1

Author DrunkCraft ( ago)
i swear to god every single glitch video involving black ops has at least
one british or australian guy

Author kevin gauthereau ( ago)

Author Nick Clay ( ago)

Author Nick Clay ( ago)
FC3 is better

Author awesomeblade64 ( ago)
Yes cargo is ONlY on bo2 shkws you never played bo2

Author Matthew Wozny ( ago)
add me !!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Turkce Remixler ( ago)

Author chaz prezo ( ago)
that sooooo kl i subscribed im going to do it

Author chaz prezo ( ago)
is cargo even on black ops 2

Author DYKJumpy ( ago)
sick dude

Author Torah Times ( ago)
asked for 500 likes got 2500 neally nice

Author TheHero 5 ( ago)

Author TheHero 5 ( ago)
كفو واصل

Author Aden James ( ago)

Author 666icenine ( ago)
That Yemen glitch I found on YouTube like a week ago already by somebody

Author Cj Perez ( ago)
how u do it hey look up CookeDragoon6 on xbox360

Author Game glitches 4 you ( ago)
I found air walking glitch on Yemen using only tactical insertion but won't
post because of patches I dont want it patched ill share it when it gets old

Author GamerCode7200 ( ago)

Author destroyer1234 ( ago)
Why upload it gonna be patched

Author Sawyer Behrens ( ago)
how do u use a tac in ffa?!

Author trent dykes ( ago)
Hey add me I need help with glitches StabbinHoes6957

Author Ryan O'Malley ( ago)
thanks for showing us -_-

Author Cameron A. ( ago)
Trollarch Is here. I'm telling Burnsy.

Author boysie matthews ( ago)
best glitch i recon :)

Author el ondeado ondeado ( ago)
Does anyone els notice that the people that mostly find glitches are

Author Matthew Hoffman ( ago)
Such a noob a amazing game and u gotta go mess it all up and I hope u get
banned and it gets pached

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