Black Ops 2 Glitches Cargo - Fully Out Of Map Glitch

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Black Ops 2 Glitches Cargo - Fully Out Of Map Glitch

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Author Kiara Green (1 day)

Author Cody Scott (2 months)

Author Alexis Cheng (10 days)
It works thanks

Author Aser Pro (2 months)

Author MrGangsterking44 (3 months)
Is it patched?

Author Cool Kid (5 months)
It doesn't work anymore they put a barrier there

Author Jacobejr williamjr (6 months)

Author Sl1msh4dy (11 months)
CAN we get this the top comment? If i get it everyone must subscribe lol

Author Louis Dumoulin (8 months)

Author Kane Stockdale (5 months)
This is the only glitch on youtube that I know

Author Louis Dumoulin (8 months)
O:-) B-) :-D 

Author THE GLITCHES ON YOUR COD HAND . (10 months)
omg ilove it sweet

Author Louis Dumoulin (8 months)
O:-) B-) :-D 

whats the gamer tags I want to try on nuketown

Author Dennis Nash (11 months)
It is faster on hard point

Author nigel will (1 year)
i like this glitch cool glitch

Author awesomeblade64 (1 year)
Yes cargo is ONlY on bo2 shkws you never played bo2

Author mikey burkey (1 year)

Author TheIdahoSnowmobile (1 year)
i know bro.... fml...

Author ksa hero (1 year)
كفو واصل

Author Jack Jenkins (1 year)

Author jay phillips (1 year)
Wow that was amazing

Author AxiiGO (1 year)
that clicks at beginning and end :D

Author Sawyer Behrens (1 year)
how do u use a tac in ffa?!

Author MDog950 (1 year)
You should of showed us how to get out

Author Guilio McEwan (1 year)
Thats so funny

Author JasperDolpin (1 year)
They dont patch custom games, only online

Author markese walker (1 year)
can u add me on ps3 mylilbaddboyz1

Author Muggstear (1 year)
500 likes? :P u got 1,7k xD

Author loescareno3 (1 year)
Help me do this glitch- if u have a Mic add me VenomFireLe3

Author Aden James (1 year)

Author RandomGhoul (1 year)
because its CoD

Author Zlaxter (1 year)
1:30 JESUS !

Author stephenmatthews861 (1 year)

Author TheOnlyMinecrafters (1 year)
It Works without a care package

Author Jai Dhillon (1 year)
OMG Thanks I live in singapore and i always saw my house and shot it.. Now
I can go home

Author thegeurts (1 year)
how does it feel to walk on water??

Author air43gmc10 (1 year)
To hard

Author james steed (1 year)
great british guy ur cool

Author strike krinksz (1 year)
u did not realy explain how to do it man sooo sad

Author 11WelshboY11 (1 year)
its j3esus he is walking on water

Author dat gamer (1 year)
Dose out still work

Author alittlebitmixed (1 year)
Ps3 game_scout97

Author boysie matthews (1 year)
best glitch i recon :)

Author bigjdagr81 (1 year)
If its patched does that mean if will not work even if you play offline?

Author kcjeilo50 (1 year)

Author TheTutorialMaster113 (1 year)
Go fuck yourself i bet you cant do this you fucking gay dick head. Fucking
Karma got you back Bitch. Aswell the commentary is pretty good so fuck you
and I bet ya mom 2x the man than you!

Author Duane Winsley (1 year)
I did it thx salot

Author Veredox Phyton (1 year)
Add me on fucking ps3, veredox_hk

Author Jenny Sky (1 year)
this awsome

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