ric flair farewell - leave the memories alone

It is official compilation from ECW 04.01.08

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Author TheZeldaBigMacintosh (4 months)
Undertaker deserves a big celebration fror his retirement. It's nt like he
has to keep in character at that point.

Author Suck Mehof (7 months)
Last night i jiggled my tits in this ring for the final time i will never
jiggle my tits in this ring again ......
You should rejoice in the fact that i jave had d gayyest shittest wrestling
carrer ever.. dick flair booooooo i mean wooook

Author edgar alvarado almanza (1 month)
're fired

Author taotd (5 months)
and then he went to hulk hogan's celebrity championship wrestling, aka tna

Author CrushingC10996WM (3 months)
There's Charlotte

Author C Gamma (4 months)
in my heart of hearts as a 20 year ric flair fan THIS is where it ended.The
TNA stuff never happened LOL.A fitting tribute and sendoff for a legend of
ythe biz!

Author Grim Reefer (4 months)
what song is that in the background when hes in the ring

Author Suck Mehof (7 months)
Dick flair is a fffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggg

Author balser77 (11 months)
Ric Flair:"You fans have made me who i am today".Something you'll never
hear Hogan say.Hogan may be the biggest name of all time but Ric Flair is
the greatest pro wrestler of all-time.

Author carlusxxx (10 months)
stupid to retire flair and then hbk gets retired the same way.

flair should have won the ladder match against edge and become 17 time

Author SuperRKO92 (6 months)
I just wish flair hadn't gone to tna to perform, it put a blemish in his
career and I feel that if he had retired and signed a legends deal with
Vince he would have been better off. That being said THANK YOU RIC!

Author Hope Poston (10 months)
I cried thouh the whole thing

Author SuperRKO92 (6 months)
I just wish flair hadn't gone to tna to perform, it put a blemish in his
career and I feel that if he had retired and signed a legends deal with
Vince he would have been better off. That being said THANK YOU RIC!

Author gabriele maffii (11 months)
music at 0.27?

Author Humraj Bains (11 months)
best video alive

Author JonnyX93 (1 year)
what's the production theme at 1:50? 

Author Gene Collins (1 year)

Author DJhunter (1 year)
Seeing this video made tears come straight out of my eyes. This is the best
farewell in wwe history.

Author Kiara Wallace (3 years)
@ElectronicoReload I think that they both deserved an emotional farewell

Author WWEVideos901 (1 year)
Thank You Flair! Thank You Flair! Thank You Flair!

Author WisdomRiver (3 years)
@newagepun true but, you gotta do what you gotta do to get by man...if he
needs the money show some respect hes not actually
wrestling..anymore..hes more like a manager...

Author Born To Grill (1 year)
Ric Flair truly is the real deal, the greatest.

Author Juan Flores (1 year)
Woooooooo!!!!! Woooooooo!!!!! Woooooooo!!!!! The nature boy Ric Flair

Author Kody Elrafihi (3 years)
@feefee209 first of all, ric is still an idiot for going to tna, but he
said in "this" ring again.. which he means the wwe ring. no disrespect i
still have hate for him but just wanted to make sure you got the right

Author XBOXCR42YJ3NK1 (3 years)
@RawisCain Randy Orton... Nuff Said!

Author tammyfannlee (3 years)
Hi uncal rick ilu

Author Jimmy McCallum (3 years)
@TheTiger151 He had gray hair his whole career, and that never stopped him.

Author nwolwo (3 years)
@lonnyv1 its not just that theres stories about him throwing away money in
the 80s then he made it back in wcw but was a big waster hes just not that
greatest with money

Author musicgladiator (3 years)
what are they chanting at the end there? Just curious. I LOVE that Fuel
song at the end. I was searching for a video for that song actually and
came across this video. Haha....brings back memories. I used to watch Ric
as a kid back in the 80's when he was always the 'bad guy' and I hated
him!!! He played his roles well in the wrestling world. Kinda neat to see
him again in his final stages as a pro wrestler. Bless his heart.

Author Daniel Riley (2 years)
Really? I'd say second best to Taker and Edge.

Author umagarandyorton619 (3 years)
@TableKMusicVideos And so many people love him. Like I said before, not
everyone does love Jeff, but most part of people does.

Author PRINCESSxxxWWE (1 year)
This made me cry so much :,( no joke

Author TheVamp1res (3 years)
There will NEVER be another Rick Flair or someone who could bring so much
to the game like Rick Flair did

Author TableKMusicVideos (3 years)
@WisdomRiver Exactly. The reason though is because people who claim to be
wrestling fans are usually fan boys to a specific company. So they hate
everything about other companies and can't stand if someone from the
company they like goes there, but then they are all over people coming from
that company or unheard of companies, hypocrites man. Real fans don't give
a fuck about what company, they just came to enjoy some good old fashioned

Author Brokencyde504 (3 years)
@kingdaleclarke k So its obvious you are C. an idiot. Because basically
what you're telling me is Shawn Michaels is gay because he has long hair.
That right there makes me wonder why im even replying to your immature ass.
18? Guess you're a late bloomer. You said you're "hardly into wrestling" so
dont come on here acting like you know shit. Your opinion doesn't count.

Author reostzombie13 (2 years)
No, he and his brother left on their own accord.

Author umagarandyorton619 (3 years)
@lonnyv1 Lol :P

Author Saidah Murphy (1 year)
That gave me chills. WOOOOOOOOO!

Author matthewrudman (2 years)
thumbs up if you cried during this

Author WEBHEAD MASLEY (2 years)
so fake

Author joboyking (3 years)
5 months later...

Author TheJer2cool (2 years)
So long Flair and welcome to TNA.

Author Michael Mohammed (3 years)
@musicgladiator Thank You Flair

Author The Mad Stork 83 (2 years)
Ric & Shawn tore the stadium down at WrestleMania XXIV. By far, the best
match on that entire card.

Author Muzzy (1 year)
RIP Reid Flair!

Author Modia Multimedia (1 year)
thank you...

Author wheyyyy (2 years)
wooooooooooooo................... god bless him

Author kingdaleclarke (3 years)
@Brokencyde504 i know it doesnt count, and neither does yours, your a
nobody like me achieved probaly less than i have, doubt anyne gives a shit
what your fat moon faced ass thinks

Author Solleti Coso (3 years)
@NSammy68 You are full of shit, old sammy68!!!

Author The true bacca and benja lives here and by "here" i mean my house (2 years)
ric flair turned his back to us and went to tna lets go to his house with
ak-47 and tell a bed time story i am just kidding but i am still mad that
he went to tna why not wwe?

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