Indigo Crystal Rainbow & Starseed Children & Adults

Who are the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow & Starseed Children and Adults? A Native American elder told me that the Star People are incarnating on Earth at this time to help us through this time of great changes. The Hopi elders told me that we are entering the 5th world. The Indigos &Crystals are here to assist us to make this transition easier. We need to support the Indigo & Crystals so that they can help us through this time. We don't have to live in a world based upon fear and violence. We can work together to create a world of peace, love, harmony, bliss, joy, beauty and abundance for all.

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Author Sherri Osborne (4 months)
not all of them have blonde hair and blue eyes just saying.

Author Ricardo Roehe (2 months)

Author CHRISTISKING4ALL (5 months)
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever
believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not
send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the
world might be saved through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned,
but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not
believed in the name of the only Son of God. And this is the judgment: the
light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than
the light because their works were evil. For everyone who does wicked
things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works
should be exposed. But whoever does what is true comes to the light, so
that it may be clearly seen that his works have been carried out in
God.”-Jesus Christ the Righteous

Author Prizzer OFFICIAL (21 day)
It is not true that we all remember god's teachings, most of the time our
memories need some jogging.
To address the Fair Skin, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes lol, its just a stereotype.
I'm Black (Brown) and my eyes are predominantly Brown, and you can
sometimes see Red, some Purple, Green, etc.
I want to contribute to this world "Positively" through my music, which
after my awakening has become much easier for me. 

Author Lynn Stevens (24 days)
I feel as though all the speaker did was repeat herself...very

Author Ayesha Brown (1 month)
im an indigo, healer, i love you all

Author Nosir I don't like it (1 month)
Dumb bitch, you can be whatever you want to call yourself or child, but
fact, you aint doing shit if your pineal gland is still calcified. Blue
eyes is definitely a sign of calcification. People whom have decalcified
had thier eyes turn from blue to brown. Look that shit up. Idiots. 

Author faerydoll88 (2 months)
Seriously the fact the picture is sooo typical really pisses me off. Enough
with the blonde hair blue eyed bullshit(no offence). It's just ughh. They
are (The children AND young adults) of many different colors, shapes,and

Author Keli Kitchen (3 months)
Thank-you for posting this on youtube! I am an Indigo child and I hope
through God's help as well as our Lord Jesus Christ we can all contribute
to helping each other. We are all on a mission in life and support is
needed by all. Let's do our part and save our world. God bless you all
who have posted something here and who continue to do so. Peace.

Author Overlord Valvatorez (3 months)
What I don't like about this is the sense of elitism it gives some people.
I have a friend who joined an Indigo group, and they all bullied him. As a
result, he no longer believes in Indigos.

I think people are awakening, and that is why there are new children who
are wiser than most people. The light is becoming stronger, our Mother God
Azna was asleep for 2000 years, from the time the last of the Gnostics went
into hiding, until Gnosticism was revived in modern times. You don't have
to have a special title to do good, we are all God's children, we are all
equal. What you do with your life and how you affect the world depends on
you, not your genes or some hidden destiny. We can all borrow strength from
God, so let's pray and strengthen our inner lights, and drink from the
water of knowledge. It is free. God bless everyone :)

Author CHRISTISKING4ALL (3 months)
Jesus calls all to repent, to change their mind about sin, and to believe
in the good news that Jesus died for our sins that we may be forgiven and
cleansed from all our unrighteousness and grants new life for all who
believe. Jesus can remove the uncleanness and abominations from your life
for he is the Light, and count his perfect life to you, that God may see
Jesus’ blood, and not your own. God would look at you as without sin,
because of what Jesus has done for you on the cross. It is God’s
undeserved gift and amazing love for all who believe. God can remove the
evil spirit within the unclean and fill them with the Holy Spirit of God.
You can have your unclean blood cleansed by the holy blood of Jesus. You
can know the true and all powerful God and Father who has the power to
crush the works of satan and set you free from the power of sin in the name
of Jesus. Jesus is still removing demons and destroying the works of the
devil. Leave the works of darkness, turn from sin, and come to the Light!
Escape the clutches of hell and be heaven bound. The word of God says,
“if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your
heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

Author CHRISTISKING4ALL (3 months)
Come to the Light! God loves you and doesn’t want you to face judgment for
your witchcraft and demonic practices. The judgment God has set for the
works of sin is eternal torment in the unquenchable fires of hell, a place
of weeping and gnashing of teeth. God sent his perfect Son to the earth to
live the perfect life in our place and without sin, a holy life all of his
life. Unlike you and me Jesus was good the whole of it, never breaking
even one commandment once, for he is God in human form. While he walked
the earth he cast out demons from the demon possessed and forgave sin. He
taught of the kingdom of heaven and at God’s appointed time he willingly
became a living sacrifice, by shedding his pure blood and dying for our
uncleanness and abominations. God’s wrath was poured out on Jesus for
every witchcraft, demonic conversation, attempt to communicate with the
dead, fortune telling, sorcery, and every other sin of darkness and work of
the devil. Then after three days Jesus rose from the dead, forever
defeating the power of sin and death for all who believe.

Author CHRISTISKING4ALL (3 months)
The word of God says, “should not a people inquire of their God? Should
they inquire of the dead on behalf of the living?” (Isaiah 8:19) And yet
many have chased after satan and death with open arms to his works of sin.
In the book of 1st John 3:8 it says “Whoever makes a practice of sinning
is of the devil, for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The
reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil.”
There is a battle for your soul, and for many of you it has been without a
fight. You have accepted what you know to be evil and can by no way avail
yourself. Others are quite pleased with their new found spiritual life,
and find it exhilarating and fun. You may not even realize it but you may
be possessed by a demon for playing with the works of the devil.
Witchcraft can come in the form of drugs, spells, magic, and a willing
acceptance to what is false. You need to be set free but no amount of
medication, psychologists, self help or will-power will do. Your only hope
is in Jesus.

Author Beverly Saluskin (6 months)
What about what about crystal indigo elders. The old ones

Author CHRISTISKING4ALL (3 months)
There was a lot of witchcraft and satanic activity from long ago. That is
why God has said in his word, There shall not be found among you anyone
who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices
divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a
charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for
whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. (Deuteronomy 18:10

Now we may not see or hear of people sacrificing their children as a burnt
offering to a false god (demon), but we do hear of these other practices in
this day and age. It has been around since sin has, and seems to be
growing all the more. Why is this important? If you haven’t noticed this
is very serious in the sight of holy God who is the Judge, and who sees
these practices as defiling to a person and an abomination to the person
practicing and receiving such things. 

Author Manuel Zuluaga (3 months)
Im a Crystal child

Author CHRISTISKING4ALL (3 months)
God abhors evil for he is holy, and knows that your communication and
turning to these people is actually opening you up to demons. Satan is
known as the father of all lies. He is a master deceiver and can even
disguise himself as an angel of light, sort of like a wolf in sheeps
clothing. He would love to have you trusting in him and his deceptions, to
tangle a web around you, and catch you in it. He longs to surround you
with sorcery, and captivate your mind with delusions. The medium or
psychic may tell you something about a loved one who has passed on with
complete accuracy, that only the two of you would have known, but the devil
knows about the two of you as well. There are many fallen angels we know
by the term of demons. What we fail to realize is that satan is a clever
devil and looks to keep you from God, and the devil would love to torment
your soul. 

Author CHRISTISKING4ALL (3 months)
Light Vs. Darkness

Many people are intrigued with psychics, mediums, tarot cards, palm
reading, fortune telling, astrology, witchcraft, shamanism,reiki, yoga
meditation worship, and the occult. I used to be one of them. I played
with a ouija board and was exposed to many strange things. Some of us
already know that there is something else out there beyond what we can see
with the human eye. We may think it is a big game, but what we may not
know or have accepted readily enough is that it is done by satanic power
and whoever does this is flirting with the devil. Some think it’s a big
game, like going to a psychic during a bachelorette party, or going to see
a medium to communicate with a dead loved one that may be mourned for. But
what does the word of God say? “Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do
not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the Lord
your God.” (Leviticus 19:31)

Author CHRISTISKING4ALL (3 months)
Find out the truth that will set you free from the wickedness of this
world, and have a true relationship with God. 

Author chris pieros (9 months)
Thank you 

Author Too Crunk (5 months)
LOL...This is so funny! Where is the EUMELANIN?

Author violet eyes (1 year)
Everyone wants to think they are psychic or an indigo. Sorry, you're not
because if you were you would feel it so deep inside you're soul you would
KNOW 100%. Knowing to the point where you eat, breathe and sleep you're

Author Gina Baggett (1 year)
thankyou everybody for the support

Author K ROSS (1 year)
and it travels though brick stone glass it travels if you thnk love you get
love back that how our brains work like a cell phone or smart phone when
you read the news paper even its bad news it enters in brain you feel
depressed and enters or subconous mind which is computer. or when you
mother tells you you look beautiful it enters in sub mind you feel good
then it goes across the earth to other brains then it becomes a parts of
you and stores in our sub brain which stores One trillion

Author Archangel Malachim (1 year)

Author frankpicasso (1 year)
We both are. We're also on the Andromeda council. Eileen's Mother Mary and
I'm Kermit the Frog! We run the joint! Hiya doin'? King Dave

Author 4420ish (11 months)
The truth is : Colored children are the disciples, diamond children are the
teachers, cristal children are the prophets and prophetesses, rainbow
children are the apostles, children of light are the overseers and
overseeresses in God's Church. And the youngest has seventeen years, the
oldest at least fourty...

Author chloeloe061 (1 year)
Cool you're a starseed. Look up the Pleiadian messages, meditate, eat
healthily, no meat, no drugs, keep a dream purpose, love, and soon you'll
know your purpose.

Author Melchersson (1 year)
Starseeds are "alien" who are born in human form on earth, like me!
Crystal/Indigo are "new" souls who comes to earth to help mankind to become
free from the tyranny of malevolent beings like Reptilians and the Gray and
of course help you to ascend to higher realms!

Author Ellie M (1 year)
indigos are old souls? Ive heard people say these 2 don't go together?

Author PeaceLoveHappiness (1 year)
Only you know that!:)

Author Luna Pie (1 year)
ummm u have this all roung indigo as u call me are new souls

Author John Savage (1 year)
So I am a little confused, how do you know which one you are?

Author K ROSS (1 year)
And you think Yale or Harvard for a long time its becomes reality Now the
other hand you say to yourself Im not gong to penn state and you keep
repeating it it goes to sub mind to the unvervese and creates it and you
get brochures and more catalogs on Penn State because we reasonate it thats
why this world is the way it is we create our reality by the way we think

Author desirre38 (1 year)
Indigo born in 74. I lived a very out of place, extremely depressed life.
Then i found myself and by doing so i found my purpose. To heal in all
ways. we may be apart but we are allll one. keep searching for YOUR truth..

Author Anjéla Lieder Le Garrec (1 year)
Those IMPULSES, skizoid, ocd, borderline etc are surely not any good sign
of personality.... it is almost only illness. I have nothing of all this. I
m only a pioneer Rainbow..... and I am sad to be among the firs ones. Ada
Augusta King was also a pioneer- rainbow woman I guess .

Author Melchersson (1 year)
Do some deep research and then you feel it in your heart. I thought I was
Indigo but when I looked at my dreams and memorys from past life I knew I
was a Starseed!

Author fantambantam (1 year)
Well that's one way of publicising your music. But there is no such thing
as indigo children, or god, and this bitch whining on about star people,
sheesh, what a deranged retard.

Author jess jesse (1 year)
hello we are all star synonyms are = soul we are unit all ? you are such
easily to misleaded replace words of same meaning ? you didnt learn your
synonyms ? get awake = means you dont stpe into the males lies and capitity
? get awake = means you seeing who are 666 = the males and his lawsbooks?
get awake = means you hated lies - cheating taxapying get awaka = means
freedom piece honesty love did you slept slaveryholder hisortyclasses -
rapist girls? you call this freedom ? crystal

Author Dustin Foxnine (1 year)
that is why there targeting them because we threaten the power structture
that be

Author Kaff777 (1 year)
NOthing was said about Rainbow people or did I miss it????

Author Dustin Foxnine (1 year)
your cool man i like ur style but there is no such thing as mental illness
it was all invented to make people like you think that they are wrong and
that it wouldbe appropriate somehow to drug yourself in the hopes that
youll start acting like everyone else, but weres your will to be wierd man,
it's all about social reformation and control

Author Babyluvstheblues (1 year)
Someone I know who was born under Aquarius in '79 seems to fit in here also.

Author Gina Baggett (1 year)

Author Sarah Yasue (1 year)
Do you wish to hear my Stories? I have many as solid evidence. They're not
just personal experiences, because I've been seeking the truths/lies/hidden
secrets for 7 years. I am 19 right now. :) I also just posted a comment on
this video, so if you read that, you may be interested. It is up to you. :)

Author Daniel Melendez (1 year)
Tell me about it.

Author chloeloe061 (1 year)
Hey, you probably are. Here are some questions to help you find out: 1.
Have you always felt you do not belong in this world? 2. Were you bullied
or left out at school as a kid? 3. Are your eyes big and blue? 4. Have you
always felt a sense of purpose? 5. Do you love animals? 6. Do you find it
hard to cope in this society? 7. As a child, or even now, did you have
incredible dreams? 8. Did you have no friends as a kid? 9. Have you ever
looked up at the stars, and felt like you belong out there?

Author Gixeer75 (1 year)

Author MrMeat42 (1 year)
I doubt that I'm an indigo, but I love the color, and I can make my palms
tingle and when I do that and hold my finger close to someone's forehead it
tingles ^.^

Author Pink Program (1 year)
You just believe anything people tell you don't you ^_^

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