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Author stephanie hand (3 months)
Like if your watching in 2015

Author Catlover101 (3 months)
Is it me or when am done whaching her minecraft videos I always play
minecraft and pretend that am recording lol😜

Author Pachi Risu (3 months)
Is anyone watching this in 2⃣0⃣1⃣5⃣

Author EverythingForYou (3 months)
Ihascupquake!! You left the door open!! BunBun hopped off!! DON'T LEAVE THE
DOOR OPEN!! PLEASE! This is what happened last time with the first BunBun.
You left the door open and went back to your crafting table! BunBun hopped
off and you thought you forgot to feed him. :(

Author King Epicness (1 month)

Also you only need one

ALSO also, it's funny how on ep 19 you get marrie then on ep 29 you
divorce... Only ten episodes... Lol

Author Analisa Gaff (1 month)
i am going to tell my friend to wacht you ihascupquake she is going to
love your vidos

Author Emmaline chat (3 months)
How many people Acually skipped ahead to 40min

Author banakitty (4 months)
Am I the only one watching this in 2015?? :D

Author Kitty survive (1 day)
lol i was yelling at her because she left her rings lol

Author Foxy Phillips (2 months)
but it 3000?

Author Funsize Remi (2 months)
it's 2 years later and I'm watching this and it's Sunday and I'm wearing my
pajama's lol

Author Linda Jordan (24 days)
Who can do this on 20:26? I can.

Author STEPHEN HEALY (1 month)
I'm watching it over agin but did eny body else sep a butterfly trying to
swimming in water

Author Alana Lopez (7 days)
cutei it is so cutie :)

Author cray cray hair Herrera (3 months)
Find the diffrint one

Author Calletta Mclean (4 months)
What is the green stuff??? Is that EMRALD!!!!

Author Linda Jordan (24 days)
39:16 the theme I choose is Frozen 😄😄 or The Little Mermaid. 

Author Emma Claire (27 days)
Thats so sad when she says "I don't want a baby to love! I want it to do my

Author Claire Ellis (1 month)
I really miss this series D:

Author James Conway (3 months)
I love your face ihascupquake!!!!!!!!!!

Author Foxy the pirate fox (11 days)
ya missed diamond right by a lava source ;)

Author Javon Mathieu (1 month)
Did you know in all these vids we here u presin da keys so hard!:p

Author Jacob Duro (1 month)
i can twitch my nose

Author Linda Barkalow (4 months)
he left you lol

Author Zoe Rozzell (5 days)
I thought she was a cat before she said she was a bunny,
Also, what's the difference between a rabbit, and a bunny?

Author Gizem Toksoz (13 days)
U only need 1 wedding ring

Author Analisa Gaff (1 month)
do salor moon

Author Randi Johnson (1 month)
why did you do that. the hate

Author MJ CoolGirl (9 hours)
not trying to be mean but..
thanks <3 <3 <3

Author Evelyne Braam (27 days)
it is 2015 and i just started watching a couple weeks ago lol

Author ScarletBlaze 1987 (7 days)
Do Hatsune Miku as a cosplay!!

Author Genia Mount (4 months)
You can name your baby boy joby

Author Daniela Becerra (1 month)
Are you gonna have an actual wedding or just give Brian the ring?You know
what's weird?You have unusual pets like elephants (My little sister LOVES
horses,so that's fine) But you don't have things like dogs & cats.I not
saying that I have a problem with Chibi but the ONE pet you haven't
got....... Are the villagers just pooping out your gifts?

Author kailey ellen (3 months)
Emmy one who is reading this in 2015,before the vid and,do t want to each
mining each till then then she finished at 47:08

Author Angelina Tran (2 months)
i wanted to know what was your other channel?

Author pearl kim (14 days)
make a freddy costume
or nemo

Author Rae Bell (3 days)
im woching in 2015

Author Brown345 Jammer (16 days)
My head twitches too cuppyquakerZ

Author Bridget Parks (14 days)
gold you missed it

Author Jennifer Parker (9 days)
ride chibi

Author Jason the egg64 (28 days)
She missed diamonds

Author The Tag Group (5 days)
Did you know if you dig three blocks down got into it then place glow stone
over your head then shoot an ender pearl at the glows stone it will show
you all the caves 

Author Philip Wetmore (1 month)
:( Auto correct

Author Annette Rillen (26 days)
hey i dont know if someone came up with this but i think you have a lot of
gold so you can make a gold pick axe and gold armer

Author Nicole Rayce (13 days)
click to skip mining

Author Helena Angela Kiisler (1 month)
Hello guys say i if youre watching in 2015 april and cupquake please start
dealing with the archiolegy mod im sorry if i said it wrong

Author MJ CoolGirl (8 hours)
please do hamerminey from harry potter

and also i love sailor moon

Author Anne Curry (1 month)
Nice face paint gurl fabo

Author BananaGirl277 (8 days)

Author Victoria Ellis (1 month)
for the cooker you put two of the same food stacked on eachother

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