SoS Minecraft Oasis Ep 19

Its official!

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SoS Minecraft Oasis Ep 19

Texturepack -

HUGE THANKS TO STEVEN for making this possible and putting together the mod pack!
Check him out! -
List of mods included:
- Too Many Items
- Jammy Furniture Mod
- Pams Weee Flowers
- Pams HarvestCraft
- Pams all the Seeds
- Pams Melon Spawn
- Crafting Guide
- Minecraft comes Alive!
- Mo' Creatures
- SteamShip
- SailBoat
- Aurora Rubealis
- 3D Katana
- 3D Dagger
- 3D pink handgun
- Biomes O' Plenty
- Tree Capitator (Timber)
- Fossil Archeology

Minecraft Single Player Playlist:
Minecraft Mod Playlist:

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Music Credit
Starlit Everglades "Sparkling Zebras"

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Author Lauren Ortega ( ago)
Do frozen Cupqcake😭

Author katlover32 ( ago)
can you find the difference


Author Madison Rockwood ( ago)
cut out all the mineing please I get bored watching it no offence

Author Brenden Brenden ( ago)
sorry she got it

Author Brenden Brenden ( ago)
you skiped gold


Author Kelly Moore ( ago)

Author Frank Byrne ( ago)
Did eney one els heer that pokemon noice

Author Linda Isabella Laborin ( ago)
you are my favorite

Author pinkamenadianepie is pinkiepie ( ago)
+iHasCupquake plz do My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Author julia richardson ( ago)
im still in pjs watching this videos

Author Huascar Burgos ( ago)
I can do it

Author Rebekkah Hunter ( ago)
how do you play mincraft on your computer?I usually play it on my friends

Author Joseph M Soria ( ago)
good video

Author amara crenshaw ( ago)
47:36 Brian nodded when Cupquake asked him a question

Author Ariana Grande ( ago)
BunBun went out the window

Author Ababygrl201 ( ago)
Name a kid a baby girl Bella

Author Lexi Acosta ( ago)
u should do a short skirt cat

Author Naya LY (15 years ago)

Author Eric Gonzales ( ago)
Chica from five nights at freddy's

Author cianna zukaitis ( ago)

Author Haley Gregory ( ago)
I think that he is just mad because ha thinks you're married to someone

Author Sky Swift ( ago)

Author Alyssa LaRose ( ago)
Only need one wedding ring.

Author pokadot turtles ( ago)
no! cupqqak

Author Katrina Maggio ( ago)
i noticed that the other two bunbuns were missing also

Author Mercedes Parente ( ago)

Author Jeileen Perez ( ago)
+Catlover101 I do the same lol

Author Sage Bordelon ( ago)
push the rats in the lava and also you are my fan

Author Aniya Watson ( ago)
Sometimes they have emeralds and diamonds 

Author Aniya Watson ( ago)
I know this is late but always check the chest in the village 

Author Melissa Mestdagh ( ago)
You said 20min

Author Melissa Mestdagh ( ago)
Brian is dumb

Author chris moore ( ago)
you look like a cat

Author gamergirl ( ago)
adopt a panda

Author Corrie Cronson ( ago)

Author gaming kittys magical quest ( ago)
you dont need to have 2 wedding rings u just need 1 wedding ring

Author drew meza ( ago)
I cosplay and I'm a guy I was dark link for Halloween and for comicon I'm
going as goku

Author Jasmine Lovell ( ago)
+iHasCupquake you should do a fnaf cosplay. Btw love your channel.

Author alex sanchez ( ago)
Where's bunbun

Author Gavin Thomas ( ago)

Author Zaniyah Gray ( ago)

Author cazy cake (1369 years ago)
I know its to late to tell but ghost girl

Author Cookie Mash (544 years ago)
did any one notice that she passed 2 blocks of gold

Author Tracey Breitmeyer ( ago)
Oh I thought brain teleport back home

Author Katz lovers ( ago)
whats your real name ? you dont need to answer

Author Noor Ramadan ( ago)
I am xD,there so good😄

Author Lucy Cordon ( ago)

Author Jen-e Ryion ( ago)
You look like a cat i like it 

Author Aracely teran ( ago)
Find the the mistake.


Author Whitney Rutherford ( ago)
Cupquake u can feed rotten flesh to dogs

Author lexie manion ( ago)
You should do mining off cam

Author Jesse P ( ago)
are you making more of these or maybe make more

Author Brooklynn Thomas ( ago)

Author Lily Leon ( ago)

Author Lily Leon ( ago)
Do izmi from blue Exrosist of Jane the killer

Author Donna Whitford ( ago)
At lest one time you should do a video that's 2hours long

Author nadine grant ( ago)
You passed the gold

Author Jeena Mae ( ago)
I was playing as cupqwake fyi

Author Jeena Mae ( ago)
🙋🏽hi Brian the next day 💏

Author Jeena Mae ( ago)
;.; BRIAN. 😭. ;0; 

Author Daisy Sparrow ( ago)

Author Alyssia Sanchez ( ago)

Author Katz lovers ( ago)
bunbun escaped :P D:

Author Kevin Ramirez ( ago)
i want to see here talk in this chat with all of use

Author Javier Hernandez ( ago)
Cupquake did you know that the lanterns on trees in minecraft break them
you get coco beans and weed and coco beans you could make cookies

Author David Robb (1424 years ago)
that were wolf in the cave also scared me too! :)

Author Sara Conde ( ago)
Super Oasis Sunday?
*Grabs pizza*
*Replaces wood chair with a comfy chair*
*Already in pajamas*
I'm ready.
*knows this video is old*

Author Kennita Heseman ( ago)
You haven't been geting the fossils :(

Author Madison Bunn ( ago)
I love your mincraft videos

Author Catelyn Graham ( ago)
Is that a mod that you have with the dish washer :-D 

Author Katla Dimmey ( ago)
i can move my nose fast like a bunny :3

Author Maya Cooney ( ago)
Purrrpppllleeeee hhhaaaiirr!!!!!!

Author Maria Torres ( ago)
watching in 2015 XD

Author anna the fireheart girl ( ago)
I miss the real BUNBUN?!..:'( :'( :'( 

Author AnaLucia Satre ( ago)
you only needed one wedding ring because the wedding ring you gift to a
villger to make him/her your spouse otherwise you have a extra ring to get

Author Pikachu_luver63 ( ago)

Author mincraft lover😘 ( ago)
Can you find the difference?

Author mincraft lover😘 ( ago)
Can you find the DIFFERENCE?

Author Charlotte Biss ( ago)
How could you push a turtle of a ledge!!! They are my favorite animal!

Author Gregoria Fermin (1709 years ago)
Or 1987 in 2016 so fast

Author Gregoria Fermin (1768 years ago)
As bunbun

Author Jerriann Dickens ( ago)

Author Madison Bunn ( ago)
Yes sailor Moon I love her

Author mctbarber (809 years ago)
You tock to long!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author mctbarber (910 years ago)
You tock to long!!!!!!!!

Author cindy pham (375 years ago)
I am 

Author cindy pham (422 years ago)
The little mermaid 

Author Kailey Christian ( ago)
I can :D

Author Bridgette Holmes ( ago)
it is a song call mine it out.

Author Jasmine Howe ( ago)
Were. Your. Human. 

Author Edith Silva ( ago)
I'm watching this episode in 2015

Author Vladimír Vorožejkin ( ago)
What sos?☺

Author cutiepie gamer ( ago)
awww poor bun bun

Author Addison Petrie ( ago)
You missed some gold

Author Katrina Thomas ( ago)
Aj Lee WWE 2k14

Author Destiny Westcott ( ago)
I am

Author Clover Crow ( ago)
I LOVE cosplay!!!!! I am trying to find a cheap yet good Hetalia England
wig to finish my England cosplay!!!!!!!

Author Katharine Pattillo ( ago)
give brian the wedding ring not just the engagment

Author Demi Moore ( ago)
It's hard to take her seriously with that make up 

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