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Author 80spodcastchannel ( : FACEBOOK DUDEJERKY ☆☆☆☆☆ (5 months)
LOVE that 440 sound

Author Darrren Betker (1 month)
Ok micheal j fox time to give the camara to a non idiot now !!!

Author Cowboy Hemi (6 days)
corvette is not in class with the charger anyway idk what your tryin to

Author DaveCaresForYou (2 months)
The vette jumped but I bet it wouldn't do that to my fbody mopar

Author Matt McNeice (5 months)
was this guy having a seizure durring the second half of the video? 

Author Jay Mitchell (2 months)
Yep, Mopar or no car!

Author Carmona Roberto (10 months)
were you cold or why are you fucking shaking?

Author Marlon Medina (1 month)
Dude, invest in a digital video cam and a tripod. I got seasick watching

Author Drakkari Nesbit (1 month)
Still take the all American muscle charger

Author jake smith (1 month)
Charger wins my heart

Author Filipe Arthur (5 months)
stop moving the camera pls!

Author Denis Hathazi (3 months)
huuooo corvete boooooooooo

Author Juan Ramirez (4 months)
You can sure tune those old muscle cars to make a shit load of power :o 

Author Kyle Miller (1 month)
That was a unfair race one because the vette had a jumo from the rear so it
would jump more power towards the charger you idiots new the vette wouldnt
win so you tried to get a different camra angle to make it look fair Btw
not a fan of any car really just racing doesn't matter what car it is old
or new if the race isn't started with both cars on the same line then the
car on the farther line is going to get a better launch is common fucking
sense watch any video of cars that start from one line and a farther line
the guy on the farther line always wins because he has a better launch and
time to speed out of the drag on another stand point my brother and my dad
raced in a new Twin Turbo camaro against a Stock 1974 dodge charger and
guess who one :Hint: the charger was one ahead by 6 miles

Author carlos cortes (3 months)
always mopar andi love my 440 monaco

Author FreeeeBeer (3 months)
The Charger in the video was a small block Charger. It wasn't even a big
block. LOL!

Author Daniel Wittrock (3 months)
Shaky hands beyond belief, that's a shame, ruins the video!

Author leshik McTavish (4 months)
водитель ездить не умеет... и ещё нужно было за кинуть в багажник чугунную
плиту, для развесовки...и я за классика...

Author Perses (3 months)
Charger may have been an oldie but she kept up with the newer Corvette.

Author dodgedaytona25 (6 months)
Typical chevy owner. Can only win by setting up a no contest race. Those
cars are not even close to being competitive.

Author Raul Gutierrez (4 months)
Dude nice charger 

Author Johny P (4 months)
Charger styling pisses all over Vette's

Author billy m (6 months)

Author Lupo Vulpa (27 days)
two cars of my heart,this dodge is the old classic badass and the
corvette..what can i say,the car is freaking beautyful

Author V8kila (1 year)
Win or lose,I would take the Charger. Classic vs plastic.

Author johnnybabee (3 months)
I do love the stealth headlights on that Mopar!!!

Author Jack Leturgey (6 months)
That charger with stock wheels and red line tires and I'm seeing bullet
deja vu 

Author Larry Jaramillo (1 month)
Dodge is the last muscle car around. Completely in a class all its own. The
Stank, and Craparo seem more like sports cars now. They are so light, they
can't be considered drag strip bruisers and will beat the challenger only
because they are lighter, not because they are more powerful. 

Author Dexter Sullen (9 days)
damn corvette just dust the charger

Author Jerry Davis (5 months)
Chargers weight is 4,160lbs out of the factory with no add ons, corvette is
around 3,100lbs

Author johnnybabee (3 months)
small block charger, vette is lame.

Author Iman Axbert (9 months)
The vette may have walked the charger, but I would take a 68 charger over a
corvette, any day.

Author 10CIRL (8 months)
race 1:15 thank me later

Author John Smith (3 months)
Ya but come if u could choose everyone would rather have the dodge charger
mopsr or no car

Author yourmomma63 (6 months)
That shows old cars are cool but can't even come close to new technology
that charger has a monster cam headers intake manifold carb everything that
can be done but nitrous and boost and still got his ass kicked by a pretty
stock vette

Author 355N2Oz28 (6 months)
Short little video of two nice cars screwing around getting all this
argument going. Some real "car enthusiasts" in here. Both sweet ass cars
and have pros/cons.

Author Jerry Davis (6 months)
I know exactly what I'm talking about but apparently you don't ya nerd.
Chargers were only used in older movies because of the beating they can
take and still be able to run, oh yea and it was used in dukes of hazzard
for the same reason, they tried to use s mustang and about 4 other cars but
with every jump the car shit the bed. Charger made the cut because it was
the only one with enough power and stability to stay together through more
then one scene without needing 40 repairs, look it up if u want 

Author Jefferson Einstein (8 months)
Badly filmed video, no explanation about the cars other than outward
appearance, no idea what is under the hood, not even a proper race, no idea
what exactly was going on, so....
Save yourself some time, don't read the rest of the comments, I'll
"bla bla bla Corvettes always win bla bla bla I'd rather have a Charger bla
bla bla I just fucked my cousin" There you have it, save yourself some
time, the video sucks, the comments are worse. Move on to the next video.

Author Hubs88 (6 months)
The Charger wins for looks but the Corvette wins for advanced technology.

Author Jerry Davis (5 months)
The charger today actually weighs more topping out at 4,450lbs. The old
school charger tops out at around 4,300 lbs depending on add ons and engine

Author fastfordman1965 (7 months)
That Dodge must have had one of those "awesome" automatic transmissions
slipping away because that race was over at the arm drop. I really was
hoping for a different outcome. 

Author Frank Rizzo (1 year)
Thanks Michael J Fox for filming.

Author jose Vizcarra (9 months)
Clearly an unfair race

Author Bigice (11 months)

Author lin G (8 months)
Doesnt matter what the cars are made of. The guys knew that when they drove
up to the starting line.

Author Samhain606 (9 months)
I've been to that track. It's a mechanical bull/watch drag race thing.

Author Göran Blomqvist (9 months)
Don't see the point of it? The Chrysler are about 45 years old,and the GM
car are a almoust new preformance car... 

Author Noah Bata (10 months)
There should be no doubt that the Corvette will always win!

Author Jerry Davis (5 months)
GlasstopRX7, your off with the weight by about a thousand pounds lol.
Charger weights around 4200 lbs not 3200 lbs so yea, if say the charger has
a huge weight difference compared to the corvette, over a thousand pound

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