Corvette Vs. Charger

Sorry MOPAR guys.

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Author dodgedaytona25 (2 days)
Typical chevy owner. Can only win by setting up a no contest race. Those
cars are not even close to being competitive.

Author Jerry Davis (23 days)
I know exactly what I'm talking about but apparently you don't ya nerd.
Chargers were only used in older movies because of the beating they can
take and still be able to run, oh yea and it was used in dukes of hazzard
for the same reason, they tried to use s mustang and about 4 other cars but
with every jump the car shit the bed. Charger made the cut because it was
the only one with enough power and stability to stay together through more
then one scene without needing 40 repairs, look it up if u want 

Author Filipe Arthur (2 days)
stop moving the camera pls!

Author billy m (10 days)

Author Jack Leturgey (7 days)
That charger with stock wheels and red line tires and I'm seeing bullet
deja vu 

Author 355N2Oz28 (19 days)
Short little video of two nice cars screwing around getting all this
argument going. Some real "car enthusiasts" in here. Both sweet ass cars
and have pros/cons.

Author yourmomma63 (23 days)
That shows old cars are cool but can't even come close to new technology
that charger has a monster cam headers intake manifold carb everything that
can be done but nitrous and boost and still got his ass kicked by a pretty
stock vette

Author Jerry Davis (3 months)
Same thing with the Corvette, your talking about a pile of plastic and
light weight material and half the car. Nobody seems to consider the weight
of a car when it comes to a race, if a car that heavy can move like that it
means there is some MAJOR power under the hood

Author Hubs88 (29 days)
The Charger wins for looks but the Corvette wins for advanced technology.

Author Carmona Roberto (4 months)
were you cold or why are you fucking shaking?

Author fastfordman1965 (1 month)
That Dodge must have had one of those "awesome" automatic transmissions
slipping away because that race was over at the arm drop. I really was
hoping for a different outcome. 

Author 10CIRL (2 months)
race 1:15 thank me later

Author Jerry Davis (3 months)
some of these comments are retarded. yous are talking about a charger
getting stomped by a GM lol, look at a Mustang and a Charger, the charger
weighs more and still shits on a mustang almost any time they race and im
not just talking about YOUTUBE videos, ive raced my charger and shit on
just about every Mustang I went up against which is amazing considering a
Charger weighs more then a Mustang, ALOT more. A Mustang is a females race
car, it only goes as fast as it does because its tiny, a charger is a full
size car with muscle and balls, you cant say that about a mustang

Author Jefferson Einstein (2 months)
Badly filmed video, no explanation about the cars other than outward
appearance, no idea what is under the hood, not even a proper race, no idea
what exactly was going on, so....
Save yourself some time, don't read the rest of the comments, I'll
"bla bla bla Corvettes always win bla bla bla I'd rather have a Charger bla
bla bla I just fucked my cousin" There you have it, save yourself some
time, the video sucks, the comments are worse. Move on to the next video.

Author lin G (2 months)
Doesnt matter what the cars are made of. The guys knew that when they drove
up to the starting line.

Author Iman Axbert (3 months)
The vette may have walked the charger, but I would take a 68 charger over a
corvette, any day.

Author Bigice (5 months)

Author Frank Rizzo (9 months)
Thanks Michael J Fox for filming.

Author jose Vizcarra (3 months)
Clearly an unfair race

Author Samhain606 (3 months)
I've been to that track. It's a mechanical bull/watch drag race thing.

Author Göran Blomqvist (3 months)
Don't see the point of it? The Chrysler are about 45 years old,and the GM
car are a almoust new preformance car... 

Author Nicolas Perniciaro (7 months)
if you butt hurt about the charger losing your gay 

Author Noah Bata (4 months)
There should be no doubt that the Corvette will always win!

Author V8kila (8 months)
Win or lose,I would take the Charger. Classic vs plastic.

Author George Horcic (11 months)
Charger is not that good as Challenger, but it would ended up same if he
had Challenger

Author Hugo Stiglitz (7 months)
Omg was this fucking guy wacking his boyfriend off while recording or

Author EYüP TEZCAN (9 months)
NOT FAIR, GM guys, what about racing versus your 454 Chevelle the biggest?

Author moparpreacher (8 months)
It is funny to read these comments about these races because no one knows
how these cars are set up. There are so many variables that determine the
outcome of any race. For example, do the engines produce the same
horsepower? What about torque? What about the transmissions? What about the
gear ratios? Are the drivers experienced? Are the drivers good? What about
the track or road conditions? There are some many variables. People get
bent out of shape about who won and who lost. It is ironic how some want to
appear knowledgeable, some think they are knowledgeable, but know nothing.
Most have never even driven a car with power (real power). How many of you
guys have ever ridden in a hemi muscle car. One of my best friends owned a
68 Hemi Road Runner. I used to own a 70 Charger R/T with a 440 magnum (375
hp). I have owned a 70 Swinger 340. The thing with the Mopar muscle
cars, was (is) that the torque was always a lot higher than the horsepower.
That is why Mopars are as good as they are. I have lived through the muscle
car era and have owned muscle cars. Keep it up because you guys are most
definitely entertaining.

Author Edwin Nimmons (9 months)
He didn't have no hemi u can easy get 1000hp and 1100tq on pump gas y u
think funny dragster all got hemi it might say ford or Chevy but it got a
hemi lol mopar no car 

Author ChargerRTguy (9 months)
So the Corvette won. I would rather drive my '68 Charger any day over any
of the newer stuff.

Author Cody Murray (9 months)
The only thing that matters is what's under the hood and handling, not the
car type.

Author Jon Thomsen (10 months)
Thats why old mopars need the updated 5.7-6.4 Liter Hemi. The old big
blocks are no match for gm cars. Hell even the new Hemis get stomped by
the fords and Gm cars. Its sad really. clean looking 68 though. looks like

Author james mendoza (10 months)
Lol and if it was the Challenger and not the charger you would be saying
the Charger better than challenger the challenger in this year only has
about 355 hp it would of still lost why can't people just take a lose I
seen everything lose before I worked at the Fontana ca speedway when they
used to let people race there on Sunday and Fridays people get mad over
shit like this I seen Chevy guys lose guys lose guys lose
I even seem a damn dodge viper lose 10 races back to back I seen vetts lose
mustangs..even M5 bmw etc seen every car and truck lose before a few times
I seen a ford guy punch a Chevy guy and I seen Chevy guy get mad a punch a
ford guy shit use to get crazy over this 

Author Ryan Troxell (10 months)
Pull up to any car meet and see who cares about the corvette. Pull up with
the charger and everybody is going to be looking at it and talking to you
about it. The charger wins in a little thing called "Awesomeness."

Author Xander Kresh (5 months)
to admit I love gm cars but I thought the charger would win

Author Perci Santos (11 months)

Author gaditas008 (6 months)
Oh comon, this is injustice! aa muscle vs sport car :p...

Author RRtradestar (7 months)
Did they film this during a fuckin earthquake or something?

Author coronet1968 (7 months)
so you beat a 318 good job

Author JayDee (11 months)
i'd have the charger over that vet anyday

Author yuriana castaneda (1 year)
thats not a fair race muscle car vs tuner car

Author Chris Quintana (1 year)
all you guys are stupid.. why the continuous argument of this car is faster
than that and so on. Saw a civic bust 9 sec in the quarter that would eat
both of these cars.. lol it all about how much money you want to put in the
car that "you" like. goddamn stop all this bickering 

Author dravyn archer (1 year)
well lets see a 40 year old car vs a corvette hmm not fir at all put some
realpats on the carger and it wil win but not tht stock and buddy a
civic would only win in a mile or quarter mile those cars charger and vet
would eat it alive

Author J Bro (9 months)
I would still take the dodge. That thing is nice

Author Roushe2011 (10 months)
Its steel vs plastic.... like trying to compare apples and oranges

Author TheAirsofter97 (11 months)
The charger would win of they both had the same horsepower 

Author MrDavidruffin (1 year)
Corvette Caught Grip

Author dravyn archer (1 year)
oh ya one more thing the vet is one of the fastest production cars made go
look it up but still charger sounds a lot better thene just about every car
in the world

Author Zinthex (1 year)
maybe if the corvette was steel instead of plastic it would be a fair race

Author DemocracyOfHypocrisy (1 year)
That Charger is by no means stock, and I highly doubt that some POS Honda
Accord is going to get away from a 69 Vette 427ci 435hp Chevy. Seeing how
I've raced one and it barely got away from my stock ass 305...Logic Fail

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