rainbow death and angel speed paint (read desc)

our first speed paint... :D btw you may notice the gray mouth DONT SAY ABOUT IT D: its cause my sister in rl forgot to do it webkinzthecool is my rl sister and she allways helps me make the pictures etc.. btw heres the songs

first song : monster by lady gaga

second song : notorious by the saturdays

third song : angel of darkness by alex C. feat. Yasmin

rainbow deaths life story is here [Its still under progress]

my deviant art

Note to all of you : I did not trace this i used a base but did not know where the base was it is some where on deviant art i did not credit because i don't know where the base is now if you don't stfu i will make you if you still think i traced this then gtfo is one of the bases i used

program i used : Paint

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Author Mangle the fox (11 months)

Author Rainbow Dash (1 year)
*Why're ponies making me look like, some- sort of physco-path?!*

Author Captain Cookie AJ (11 months)
EVERYONE ATTENTION!!! Rainbow death is not Rainbow dash so ya......

Author Rainbow Death (2 years)

Author jessica richardson (2 years)
whos rainbow death like the evil version of rainbow dash

Author Rainbow Death (2 years)
Its not very hard if your really experienced with it

Author Sky Perry (2 years)
omg These fucking character designs. X'D

Author Rainbow Death (2 years)
and i used ms paint

Author Rainbow Death (2 years)
Oh of course i need to track them first so i know where they are so i can
kill them... i will first track them and kill them in there sleep

Author Rainbow Death (2 years)

Author arkanixdragon (2 years)
Is this for real

Author Sally Punk (2 years)
It's awesome, I love Rainbow Death

Author beastatblackops980 (2 years)
then why is she called angel?!?!?!?

Author scourgeandfirestar (2 years)
whos rainbow death and angel

Author Rainbow Death (2 years)
Paint... ._.

Author Lenny HeimoBauss (2 years)
This is made with... paint? Holy hell, I knew it's possible with big-enough
picture but still... holy hell.

Author leafnotes (2 years)
She was talking about Angel, as in the pony Angel that was being drawn in
the video.

Author Edward Lowrenc (2 years)
you cool paint

Author YOURsexDOCTOR (2 years)
why don't you make one with Darth rainbow?

Author y terra (2 years)
can i find this in google

Author Kimberly stepp (2 years)
Your Welcome

Author RARmonsterrrr (2 years)
yay! * grabs popcorn* will this involve some actual death? 'cause if it
does I wanna help Rainbow Death!!

Author Rainbow Death (2 years)

Author Nonaim Zallowed (2 years)
That, might make more sense.

Author Rainbow Death (2 years)
I'm not interested in herobrine hes not really cute to me i have a
boyfriend already whos great you can see him on my deviant art i will be
doing a speedpaint of him too

Author Rainbow Death (2 years)
Oh i got sai now you should see my speed paint with only me i use paint
tool sai for the eyes

Author scouthouseluv (2 years)
was this lineart??

Author Rainbow Death (2 years)
umm.. no..

Author Felix Thompson (2 years)
mai pony is amesiadeath and bluegem :3

Author ExplosiveCat (2 years)
Realizaton in 3... 2... 1... Holy crap I suck at drawing X)

Author Frostbite (2 years)
Amazing artwork. You need to teach me :D

Author beastatblackops980 (2 years)
you make this look easy

Author RainbowDash277 (2 years)
naw, she has long hair 2. fluttershi has long hair. and i know u dint trace.

Author Renata Campos (2 years)
i gotta tell you do you know herobrine if you don't know him go to the
minecraft forum notch's brother and if it doesn't go to youtube of
herobrine but i think if he's real or not so take care of your minecraft
but belive me or not you better be careful but blame on notch not me he's
the one who try to remove him but he didn't

Author RainbowDash277 (2 years)
or am i? ;)

Author Chair Plushieson (2 years)
25 people need to be about 20% cooler.

Author Renata Campos (2 years)
she kinda like a poptropican but really diffrent i'll show it to you later
or sooner do you know minecraft?

Author Rainbow Death (2 years)
But still? how fluttershy has longer hair then angel, and not only that
they both have diffrent colors fluttershy is yellow and pink, and angel is
blue and white fluttershy has no streaks angel does and there hair look
diffrent angel is not that shy shes just is scaird because i scare her all
the time your just saying this cause her eyes are similar to fluttershy

Author Acid Ash (2 years)
what dou use

Author Tsundere Lord (2 years)
what base did u use?

Author Rainbow Death (2 years)
She does not look anything like fluttershy you only think that cause her
eyes look like fluttershys

Author Anton Buba (2 years)
Well its like pro made it :p

Author Renata Campos (2 years)
but not realy really make ponies in "poptropica" i mean on paint REALLY I
WILL KILL HER AND HAVE HER HAIR AS A WIG but also i made a new pony that's
call shadow break but not now go to my channel poptropica angel of darkness
and it shows the creator

Author Rainbow Death (2 years)
Yeah i'm a girl in real life too actually

Author SBLProductionStudio (2 years)
Oh lol kays!

Author Rainbow Death (2 years)
The base was from i think ms paint bases on deviant art i did not credit
because i did not remember where the base was..

Author Rainbow Death (2 years)
Note to all of you who thinks i traced this : I did not trace this i used a
base but did not know where the base was it is some where on deviant art i
did not credit because i don't know where the base is now if you don't stfu
i will make you if you still think i traced this then gtfo

Author Renata Campos (2 years)
p.s. go to my channel too i did bunch of other videos of poptropica

Author Rainbow Death (2 years)
Why, thank you

Author Rainbow Death (2 years)

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