rainbow death and angel speed paint (read desc)

our first speed paint... :D btw you may notice the gray mouth DONT SAY ABOUT IT D: its cause my sister in rl forgot to do it webkinzthecool is my rl sister and she allways helps me make the pictures etc.. btw heres the songs

first song : monster by lady gaga

second song : notorious by the saturdays

third song : angel of darkness by alex C. feat. Yasmin

rainbow deaths life story is here [Its still under progress]

my deviant art

Note to all of you : I did not trace this i used a base but did not know where the base was it is some where on deviant art i did not credit because i don't know where the base is now if you don't stfu i will make you if you still think i traced this then gtfo is one of the bases i used

program i used : Paint

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Author Emilie Wojcik ( ago)
Angel kinda looks like Snowdrop xp

Author Trickster kankri Vantas ( ago)
awesome XD

Author Ticci Toby ( ago)
Best speedpiant EVER! I love you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Tacoz12357 AJ ( ago)

Author Niyaish Shirazi ( ago)

Author SarahPlaysROBLOX (Sasapie Girl) ( ago)
i watch this when its 2013 or 2014

Author Jolene Barton ( ago)

Author Sam Cacho ( ago)
Rainbow death is RAINBOW DASH angel is FLUTTERSHY

Author SweetSpot16 ( ago)
'Rainbow death' ..... Um seriously?

Author zina hauer (515 years ago)
angle dash looks like snow drop

Author Nijyuuyon San ( ago)
They're not even looking at each other lol

Author Chocolate Fudge ( ago)
Haha i will defeat you rainbow death! >:D(looks more evil than her)

Author Cher Whittle ( ago)
Do you use Microsoft paint cus i do

Author Jamie Ashcraft ( ago)
Yar har har it's me foxy im the one that did the bite of 87 I bit the girl
on the frontal lobe I was shut down for years and years ago 

Author I BallisticWolf ( ago)
i mad so meny vidos

Author Knz belllweaser ( ago)

Author Master “Sonic” Chase ( ago)
doesnt it annoy you when the lines try to blend into the white background
in the new paint?

Author Appeljack Apple ( ago)

Author Lps Attack ( ago)
this is old and still really popular c:

Author Apple Klutz ( ago)
what software do you use?

Author Randall Eplion ( ago)
Oh and she's not rainbow dash she's rainbow dashes sister yeah she has a
sister seen mlp season 5

Author Randall Eplion ( ago)
It's been a long time since I've seen this song befor it rocks

Author Vince Colabres ( ago)
it's like... VS Angel

Author Vince Colabres ( ago)
1st song plz!

Author Oxnar Teixeira ( ago)
Dang , you make this look so simple

Author Skippy's Blogs ( ago)
when I first saw this I was like
But now I'm like
"That's easy.."

Author Crystalline Ice ( ago)
Who even is Rainbow Death? I mean like, if there any back story or not? :l

Author Yolibelle Maldonado ( ago)

Author Shooting Star ( ago)
wow you draw so cool

Author Luna 2231 ( ago)
You used bases? (i'm french sorry .-.)

Author kat Moore ( ago)
I say it is a good paint art

Author sharon means (1276 years ago)
this is not terrible even though its old you did a grate job lots of ppl
use bases cuz they don't know how to draw a perfect pony base by hand.they
get mad and crazy over it but they do calm down so don't say its terrible
its wonderful! its ture art and if no one thinks it ignore them! you know
that they are just making you feel bad because of your talent of art I do
art and I mess up. at least you know how to do the mane and the tail and
your own cuite mark so I don't think its really terrible and old you did a
good job :D

Author Cheese Pizza ™ ( ago)

Author Travis Tabor ( ago)
Oh BTW grey lipz XD jking

Author Travis Tabor ( ago)
You know...I like lady gaga songs

Author Drawing Pegasi ( ago)
Level 1 speed paint 

Author Amberstar Productions ( ago)
Can I just say...this speedpaint was my first taste of MLP and now if
someone eves says pony in my school I'm throwing Rainbow dash figurines at

Author Elizabeth Flores ( ago)
I LOVE IT♥♥♥♥:-D

Author Sepaku AJ ( ago)
Is rainbow death your OC

Author Crimson Ribbon (Merry Christmas) ( ago)
this is hilarious

Author Dave Of The Internet ( ago)
This is a kids show so 'rainbow death' wouldn't do in the show and if it
doesn't do in the show then I shall not accept it as an official oc (but
that doesn't mean I don't like your art as a complete picture don't hurt

Author Efenin İsyanı ( ago)
''rainbow death''rainbow dash''

Author Nicholas Bloxxer ( ago)
I did read the description but if you can't give credit to to the base you
shouldn't use it

Author Jigglypuff ( ago)
ow the edge

Author _ AJ _ ( ago)

Author SwiftWindKC “CosmicKitty” Johnson ( ago)
I has charecters based on these 2 named Benity and Sky Heart

Author Jordyne Tanner ( ago)
Okay I loved this TBH :3. I use bases all the time. I don't use them on a
computer but I use them on my iPad and iPod. :3

Author rockgirl 35 ( ago)
Sooooooooo coollllllllll loves it cool song

Author MlpSparkleShine ( ago)
Guys, these ponies are both OC's (Original Characters) they have no
relation and are not the canon My Little Pony Characters.

Author Yesi Anya ( ago)
Umm, no offence , but it kinda looks like she is screaming at the air and
not the other pony....

Author Sukie Ferrer ( ago)

Author Sukie Ferrer ( ago)

Author Trolls sports And fails ( ago)
I use the same program! (It's only cuz it came free on my laptop and it's
easy XD) also I have other channels..... Um imma gurl I don't feel like
going on meh main channel though! Lolz and on none of my channels I haven't
put up my speedpaint a yet.... Oh well!

Author SiniGoesTweet ( ago)
How do u speed it up?

Author Clare Emond ( ago)
Love it. It is great. Good job

Author Geddy135 ( ago)
the fact that the outlines of the ponies are black make them seem very out
of place in the background you chose.. but nice otherwise

Author Chloe Melton ( ago)
were did you get the bases?

Author nightcore death ( ago)
not saying no won else cod do it

Author nightcore death ( ago)
I made my picture for my youtube aconut by hand it was tricky

Author arcticcupcake aj ( ago)
and what program did you use?

Author arcticcupcake aj ( ago)
one word... AWESOME

Author Мария Ветер ( ago)
То самое чувство, когда понял, что в Paint можно офигенно рисовать...

Author Andrea Cabello Morgunovsky ( ago)
como se llama la cancion

Author Melissa Souza Borges ( ago)
And who are these?

Author Megan Rode ( ago)
I have that same paint program O_o
Isnt it a real pain sometimes??
oh and chu have good music taste c:

Author princess twilight heart sparkle ( ago)
wow! I love the song and also you made the drawing I really like it!

Author Lizzie the robot cat :3 ( ago)
it's amazing i <3 ponies

Author Роман Федянин ( ago)
It draws Rainbow XD (Это рейнбоу рисует XD).

Author jake lee ( ago)
That is one great drawing.

Author Polarskyowl F ( ago)
This is REALLY good for a Paint Timelapse. Usually with paint it's
something shotty! Keep it up and then you can move past bases and become *pause
for dramatic effect* AWESOME!

Author Puffed Naomi “NomiNaomi-Vanellomi” The Tomboy ( ago)
What do you use to paint? :3

Author The Goldfish Lover (Pegasister) ( ago)
Whoa...okay...appearently I have a OC alicorn thats the same as your OC's
Angel...and her cutie mark was going to be the same as my OC Angel....

Author Gio Crepsley ( ago)
Omg are you that one chick named Rainbow Death on ponysquare?

Author Shonda Boydston ( ago)

Author mykillerarby ( ago)
i wish i could do stuff like that!

Author Jablkoffa AJ (134 years ago)
Im yes ten paint C:

Author Scarlett Hurley ( ago)
cool pic and one question, can you maybe tell me where the curve tool is?
Yes I know this may sound stupid but I can't fins it. Thanks anyways

Author Aggeliki Margariti ( ago)
i <3 it ^^

Author Kate Swift ( ago)
what program are you using?

Author Vivi V. ( ago)
rainbow death's eyes are looking at random things not 

Author Amelia Freeman ( ago)
EVERYONE ATTENTION!!! rainbow dash"es evil self is rainbow factory dash(:<
i want a rainbow factory speedpaint plz

Author zeeisincrediblycool ( ago)
Hi, uhm, I just got a drawing tablet and I am pretty insecure about the
drawing that I have made so far... Uhm, do you think you could give me some

Author money wolf ( ago)
pewds is that u?

Author 48BestiaL48 ™ ( ago)
Oh god u make art in paint.

Author Reuben Stitch (1167 years ago)

Author GamerStar Rainbows ( ago)

Author Makenna Amis ( ago)
Wait,,, Is Angel BLIND!

Author kristen lamphere ( ago)
what did you use to make this pony?????????? ijw (i'm just wondering)

Author Miku splay (channel) ( ago)
эй ты феччка

Author Jane Sand ( ago)
i can do that too

Author NetherNala ( ago)
*shakes head in dissapoint,seeing ANOTHER terrible oc*

Author Fanboy ( ago)
Who ish rainbow death anyway? Ish she Rainbow Factory Dash?

Author Scar the Mutant cat ( ago)
what song is that?

Author Hanss Martinez ( ago)

Author PuffedFufik Production ( ago)

Author Eri TheBest ( ago)
Rainbow Death and Angel are sisters?

Author RanebowFLASH ( ago)
is rainbow death rainbow dashes evil I have a sister I don't
know about? Because rainbow dash is my sister O_O

Author iinferno AJ ( ago)
how do you put songs on screencast-o-matic

Author The Shadowlurker (1487 years ago)
i got new idea's fur my OC from dis pic. :3

Author Dangira Bruzgiene ( ago)

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