Paul McGuire World War III Syria, U.S. Prophecy

Paul McGuire Syria U.S. Prophecy an analysis of what may happen soon in the Middle East with U.S. Syria Russia and World War III

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Author Imaginone (3 days)
Considering so many negative remarks thus far, McGuire must be hitting
where it counts. Go Mr. McGuire! No prophet was honored in his own country.
The Masses will always follow the most accepted path of resistance. Some
are listening though. As for whose who wants to live in police state,
they'll get thier wish whether or not they recognise now....

Author DuCaDo003 (3 months)
Paul Mcguire is a fool. 1st class...

Author Paul McGuire (1 year)
Paul McGuire WORLD WAR III SYRIA U.S. & PROPHECY - Paul's 188 minute
message (non-political) starts a few minutes after the rocket firing then
the rocket firing comes back up and then Paul shares prophetically for over
on hour a message that is URGENT! Spread far and wide!

Author Paul McGuire (1 year)
Paul McGuire teaching starts a couple of minutes in!

Author spookerr (2 months)
Oh God another 'illuminati' freak. I want a gelati..

Author Will Christie (7 months)
This man could be using his time and money to help the poor LIKE JESUS
COMMANDED, but no, that's no fun for his ego. Instead, he wants to sell
himself as a prophet. I think he needs medication and a strait jacket.

Author Dizy W (7 months)
Why do "educated" people continuously use the word "occult" incorrectly??
The meaning of Oakholt in the dictionary states: secretive, hidden, not in
plain sight. People constantly use the word occult to make it a negative
word. So, according to the dictionary, this "city" is hidden?? I do not
agree nor disagree with what this video is portraying. People do need to be
educated about what could possibly be out there. But, if you can use and
find hard cold facts, and perhaps, proper use of language, it would
definitely help people to trust what you're saying. Doesn't matter who it
is, when words are used incorrectly, spelled incorrectly, it lessens one's
"faith/trust" in what is being given as knowledge. IMO that is. 

Author Sam Moore (7 months)
That is probably the most annoying video I've ever seen. What is with this
stupid rocket firing siren siren siren siren blah blah blah blah blast
siren siren blah blah ! One thing for sure you sure know how to annoy
people, maybe you should prophecy about how you're going to annoy people in
the future, that way for sure you would be a hundred % correct!!!

Author Harold Smith (8 months)
So the war against Syria is all about "oil"? Nonsense! It's about Jewish
domination and control of the world.

If the Jewish collective is to dominate and control the whole world, then
each independent government will eventually have to be overthrown/conquered
and replaced with a puppet government, no?

Syria is being attacked simply because it is Syria's turn. Either Syria
will cede its sovereignty willingly, or its sovereignty will be taken by

And the "illuminati"? Another meaningless diversion. The Jewish collective
is apparently the first "beast" of Rev 13. (For example, the first beast
has a mouth "like the mouth of a lion" - which is a reference to Jewish
control of mass media, the entertainment industry and the book publishing
industry; and the first beast also has a "fatal" head wound on one of its
heads, that had "healed" - which is a reference to Nazi Germany's short
lived success at stopping Jewish subversion of Germany. Nothing else makes

Author Mohsen Samii (9 months)
So finally who is the aggressor in prophecy the US which has hundreds of
military bases around the world, occupies other countries, invades without
any reason unless it be shear greed to consume the wealth of others under
false pretenses or the Russians, Iranians which have not started a war in
200 years or more, or the Chinese. So according to the US if a country
decides to protect itself against an outside force it is termed a terrorist
nation. Really people, wake up .

Author ByGracealone (7 months)
Thanks Paul I May not agree totally with what you say but I am totally
behind your efforts to educate people about what is coming upon the earth.
All the mockers on this board is just another sign of the soon return of
our Lord.

Author Mohsen Samii (9 months)
In fact it is the god of Israel that was evil; furthermore The Prophet
Enoch did say that this god was jealous and a primitive creator and to boot
it he this god talking to Moses tells Moses that I am a jealous god and
though shalt not have any gods but me. Its OK- its in the old testament
anyone can read it. Try the King James´s Edition of 1611- birds of the
feather flock together.

Author Matthew Edwards (4 months)
I honestly dont see World War III coming soon unless one of many things
happen 1. Russia gets cocky after invading Crimea and gains allies and
tries for world domination. 2. US troops are pulled out of the Koreas and a
war starts in between the north and the south which becomes out of control
and it becomes a world conflict because of chemical and nuclear weapons.
And 3. The Middle East. Thats all i really have to say. Oil and religion
will either tear up or unite them and each will result In a much larger

Author Linda Smith (8 months)
Paul can't hear a thing because of all the noise in the back ground speak
up and turn the back ground noise down if u expect us to listen.

Author Fila Mom (8 months)
Can't watch...after 04:00 your presentation was drowned with the horrific
sounds of missile warnings already covered in the first 3 mins. Sorry.....

Author NevilleRhysBarnes (9 months)
And when the years go by, and nothing that this man predicts comes to pass,
will you realise that this obsession with Biblical prophecy is just a
religious form of conspiracy theory?

No. You'll rationalise the failures, just as Christians have always
rationalised the failure of Biblical prophecy. McGuire will rationalise the
failure and continue to predict apocalyptic events. That's how you sell

Author TEQTONYK (7 months)
Get this shit off my video feed. Why the fuck is this bullshit on my front
page when I'm not even subscribed?

Absolute fucking nonsense.

Author Rosy Rocha (7 months)

Author Brenda Ochieng (8 months)
@ Scott, u would never tell your greatest enemy to rot in hell,,,,you have
no clue of what ur talking about! Do not hate if you do not believe its
okay,,, u have a choice, good n evil choose ye today wht u will believe! I
know u might abuse me as well,,, but its ok u dont have to coz i already
know what u think and i forgive you. No need for negative energy,,, but uv
honestly taken out what you think,,, may God enlighten ur darkness! 

Author scott macleod (8 months)
You are an idiot. Russia China Syria Middle East is not a threat United
States of America and the European Union is the threat they are the
illuminati not Russia China Syria Middle East. You said God bless America
bullshit how to God bless America that was a man whose at God bless America
not God himself fucking idiot. I hope you burn in hell!!!!!!!

Author Abdul Aghe (9 months)
i cant see the pics on your website

Author Fabalocious Dee (9 months)
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.T

Author mkmason2002 (1 year)
The bomb audio, random pics and 20 pics of Paul are a distraction. Good
content though. 

Author cynthia adams (9 months)
Jesus said there would be wars and rumors of wars but not to be afraid
because these things will happen!! Keep the faith, and tell others about

Author Tim Beckman (10 months)
Your Crazy Enough with the propaganda!

Author Robin Pollard (10 months)
Praise the Holy Father in Heaven! Praise our Only Creator and The Holy
Spirit moving through this country and its peoples hearts! Thank you for
Paul Mcguire that he is an instrument of your glory and your FIRE THAT IS
Praise Our MESSIAH, our REDEEMER and the LAMB who has broken our mental
brainwashing by the enemy and opened our eyes and ears, giving us ears to
hear! AMIEN!

Author Jhon Connor (7 months)
desde 1913 los Estados Unidos esclavizados por los sionistas solo han
servido como carne de cañón para la codicia criminal , crearon la primera y
la segunda guerras mundiales para eliminar toda resistencia en el planeta y
dentro de Estados Unidos; ahora quieren la tercera guerra mundial porque el
mundo ya se ha dado cuenta de que los sionistas quieren exterminar a los
humanos como si ellos no lo fueran ,¿ o quizás sea eso ?

Author Leonard Bruce (1 year)
Paul McGuire World War III Syria, U.S. Prophecy

Author burly636 (7 months)
Most will never believe this stuff, their loss.

Author jack hill (7 months)
Another egotistical Bible. Thumping con man.I'm so special and superior to
everybody else God talks to me!! BULLSHIT! YOU LYING PRICK!

Author Liquidforce360 (9 months)
Man, there are a lot of rude people on here. Your opinion is ok but so many
are just a**holes. It's a lot of work to research and put together a video.
You weren't made & didn't have to pay to watch it. I think its good but
even if I didn't I would appreciate the time & hard work someone
volunteered for doing something they believe is helping people. Lovely
world we live in. Especially on the anonymous internet. Thank you Paul.

Author S Hamad (1 year)
Agug and magug aresubtranian and they are off spring of Adam and Eva but
they are not peace loving humans as we are above earth and they are the
real threat to humanity, thrre will be no end of the world in the next
decades as long as the West nations and the East nations to have peace
established as much as they could, I believe education and reducing poverty
internationaly and helping new families learn controlling giving birth in
their capacity as many as 2 or 3 children will help maintain balanced
nations communities, 

Author Miriam Lepre (1 year)

Author Andrew Leung (1 year)

Author Paul McGuire (1 year)

Author reeniebrn (1 year)
Wow, one would say that is paying attention to not only the New Events, but
Prophecy as was foretold!

Author Diane Lang (1 year)
How to make a video... Ben Swann and even Alex Jones do a good job.

Author Gabriel D. (1 year)
I agree! this is fear mongering at a high level. at least he got his audio
together lol

Author Margo M (1 year)
Thank you Paul McGuire. I missed part of what you said as I fell asleep due
to my three sleep disorders but I heard the end and the prayer which I
prayed. I shall listen to the message again. I find you credible because
you do not appear extremist, unduly emotional, overly condemning but,
rather, knowledgeable, calmly but firmly factual, and urging repentance
without appearing to be over the top. Thank you, again. I trust that God
will forgive me and work in me to help myself and others.

Author colliecandle (1 year)
Total trash !

Author Paul McGuire (1 year)
Over 8,000 managed to focus more than 4 minutes, Besides criticizing me,
what exactly do you do to make a difference? Do you have a list of
articles, DVD's, books, interviews, conferences, etc. that gives me an
example? Of do you just make snide remarks like the others who do nothing?
I did not hear you volunteer to help? So when can I call you to volunteer
and help me do a better job? Or are you just about the not so clever
remarks? I am doing what I can...what are you doing?

Author FRANKIE WOLFE (1 year)
I hear you Paul! I was just frustrated and the "ridiculous" was meant for
the video--and the sound was annoying! Looking forward to getting to hear
the message when you do the "redo". But this type of video CAN undermine
credibility with folks who don't know who you are! Sorry that my comments
came off so harsh. I apologize.

Author jkrue1956 (1 year)
Paul thank you for the hard work and the amount of research and knowledge
that you are sharing with us all. Tom Horne and Chris putnam both say the
same thing and they helped to open my eyes as well. Your video has only
shown that God is trying to reveal His truth to his saints in tjese end
times. As it is said in the movie Dune "Father, the sleeper has awakend."
For many years that line always meant something to me but I didn't know
why, until I heard the truth.

Author caseyjams (1 year)
I see your profile picture, outwardly having an appearance of godliness but
not having the love of Christ. The Christ warns us of wolves in sheep's
clothing. We recognize you for what you are. Matt. 7:16-17 Ye shall know
them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree
bringeth forth evil fruit. You have been exposed. We see your fruit of
anything but love in this comment you made.

Author TheMsMice (1 year)
Thanks for this vid Paul, many people dont understand anything about the
time we are actually living in nor what all of this is about in the mid
east, and much much more is coming. The people criticising are those who
are in a panic to comprehend and want easy food, they wouldnt be running
around in the dark if they kept oil in their lamps in the first place and
just like the scriptures, the wise virgins will say, "yella don't touch my
oil....go and get your own"

Author prophecyupdate7 (1 year)
Before putting out teaching, may want to get the story straight. Minutes
18-19, the discovery off Syrian coast is oil. By minute 20 it's nat-gas.
Moreover, Pike"s vision for WW3 mirrors Daniel 11, which is radical islam
vs catholic europe. Last, Illuminati long predates 1776, All these are
Bible basics. Much more than could be said, but suffice it to say: This
teaching is fragile at best. Cannot listen to anymore. 20m is enough to
make anyone leave the page.

What u talking about America never had light it was wicked from the time
you Europeans git there slaughter the native Americans and enslaved the
negroes. America is Babylon the great and Rome and Sodom and Egypt. And is
destined for fire

Author Paul McGuire (1 year)
Frankie, if I thought in those terms which dismiss, negate or marginalize a
person's effort that would actually prevent me from doing things. If a
baseball player strikes out and the fans boo him and he walks off the field
and never plays the game again that's his fault. The baseball player admits
he could have done better, let's go of it and gets back in the game. That's
how you win!

Author dutchweeks1 (1 year)
Look for truth; not evidence for your preferred theory. This is difficult
but it can be done.

Author Paul McGuire (1 year)
Frankie, one more thing. I am reading all of these criticisms which have
validity to them, but I am saying to myself no wonder most people don't do
anything and they don't even try to make a difference. The way they talk to
me reveals the way they talk to themselves. Their words keep them prisoners
in their own minds and you cannot do anything if you think like that!

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