Paul McGuire World War III Syria, U.S. Prophecy

Paul McGuire Syria U.S. Prophecy an analysis of what may happen soon in the Middle East with U.S. Syria Russia and World War III

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Author Uthu Santuhan ( ago)
America as the revived Roman empire maket sense.....

Author Janice Proctor ( ago)
Thank you Paul McGuire, keep it up!

Author Imaginone ( ago)
Considering so many negative remarks thus far, McGuire must be hitting
where it counts. Go Mr. McGuire! No prophet was honored in his own country.
The Masses will always follow the most accepted path of resistance. Some
are listening though. As for whose who wants to live in police state,
they'll get thier wish whether or not they recognise now....

Author Prophecy Wonk ( ago)
okay, I understand an opening sequence for effect. Maybe even an attention
grabber montage of a war machine... but after the opening sequence, what is
the point of the sirens and missile launches? Spend the money and get Adobe
Audition or Premiere Pro for better sound/video editing... Seriously.
Windows Movie Maker just doesn't cut it.

Author Robert BlueR ( ago)
You should stop spamming ...

Author 2kiki2kiki ( ago)
after watching yr video, i pray with seriousness now..praying. God bless
you. Thank you, Paul Mcguire.

Author Rikbud1_googlemail/moc My addy ( ago)
U can hear him from 7.12

Author Rikbud1_googlemail/moc My addy ( ago)
If not is bloody newiPhone

Author Rikbud1_googlemail/moc My addy ( ago)
Why doesn't he just shut up while the fireworks r goin off is he knows no
one will be able to hear , y speak throught it lol

Author Bess C ( ago)
He said on his web site that there was going to be a lot of sirens and
rockets at the beginning. So I knew ahead of time. Get through the first
few minutes and you will enjoy his message.

Author Brighton DeChienne ( ago)
Commoner, From whence doth thou gather thine science? Show me or face
banishment from the Hand of almighty Father. (Yes, my Father, Mr.
DeChienne.) Good Day.

Author animosity100 ( ago)
Hey ding dong can't hear u over the rockets. Wtf ?

Author theaubad100 ( ago)
watch on youtube.. dave hunt a woman rides the beast.

Author madda2012 ( ago)

Author Maxine Martin ( ago)
please stop the bombs! I can't hear you. Thank you

Author theaubad100 ( ago)
you presume your the sane one? telling people to kill? check yourself in.
nut job. get anger management training.

Author theaubad100 ( ago)
dutch so you know in the future. there was 8 people aboard the ark. 5
different familys. theres only 5 human dna types in the world. how could a
man written book could have known there were only 5 human dna types? proof
of the ark! God the Lord Jesus Christ bless you. keep farming. we are
fighting for the lost to have eternal life with Christ. ours is secured by

Author theaubad100 ( ago)
did you know the ark of noah had 8 people aboard of 5 different familys?
did you know theres a funnel theory? the funnel theory explains there are
only 5 dna types in humans in the world. spread among every nation. no you
didn't! because you choose to be blind! but it will be you if you dont find
Lord Jesus Christ who will suffer with gnashing of teeth day and night.
theres no hope love or rest in the lake of fire. your choice!!!!!!!!

Author theaubad100 ( ago)
because you choose not to look to the prophecies of the kjv bible. to the
dead sea scrolls to see all prophecies have been 100% accurate. because you
choose to be blind. because you choose to deny Jesus Christ. does not mean
you will escape judgement. look to the error of your ways. read the
prophecies of the kjv bible for yourself. because it will be you who will
lose your opportunity to eternal life. you who will not drink of the living
water. you who will not rest day or night.

Author theaubad100 ( ago)
you have a lot to learn yet. look to the black jesuit pope. deposing the
pope and wearing white robes. a city that claims to be the city of God. as
tho it was jerusalem. a city of 7 hills. a blasphemous claimed vicor of
christ. the pope that was originally given power by the ceaser as romes
capital split to constantinople. head cut of by napolean and there was no
roman ceaser or pope till musilini gave the ceaser pope its state back.
born of hitler. illuminate is jesuit rome.

Author charvelstrat81 ( ago)
lose the sound effects!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author caseyjams ( ago)
I see your profile picture, outwardly having an appearance of godliness but
not having the love of Christ. The Christ warns us of wolves in sheep's
clothing. We recognize you for what you are. Matt. 7:16-17 Ye shall know
them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree
bringeth forth evil fruit. You have been exposed. We see your fruit of
anything but love in this comment you made.

Author alan30189 ( ago)
Real nice. Why don't you do the same and do the world a fucking favor?

Author John Jones ( ago)
Please do us all a favor and stick a gun in your mouth and pull the
trigger. You should be committed to a psych ward. Not one sane person would
ever believe the shit that pours out of your mouth.

Author Steve O ( ago)
midas1212444 Can you please tell me why and how the river of the grand
canyon starts at a lower point then the canyons exit and flows at a incline
angle to the canyon itself? By all rights if the flood didn't happen then
the river has been flowing up hill to create the canyon. The last time I
checked water doesn't flow up hill very well.

Author 01aharley ( ago)
Archaelogists prove God exist. That video should clear up this debate

Author dutchweeks1 ( ago)
Right. GOD demands faith, so you won't find empirical evidence of His
existence. By "they" I'm referring to those who try to discount the flood
as having happened.

Author midas1212444 ( ago)
Maybe you have, but, there is no evidence of the god of the bible, or Zeus,
or Osiris, or Hercules or any of the other gods down through history
existing. All religions are based on faith without a shred of evidence. You
say "they" are wrong. First of all, I have no idea who the "they" even are.

Author dutchweeks1 ( ago)
I've done my research, I've listened to the opposing opinion and the
evidence they provide. They are wrong. The sooner you see that, the better.
I was in your shoes once; out to disprove everything the Bible has to say.
If you do the research with an open mind, willing to learn and to be wrong,
you will find this an impossible task to accomplish. But I'm not here to
argue; just to, hopefully, steer you in the right direction.

Author midas1212444 ( ago)
Doesn't sound as though that's something you've done. A little
investigation on your part will show you that the flood story is absurd.
There are a thousand reasons why the Ark story doesn't float.

Author dutchweeks1 ( ago)
Look for truth; not evidence for your preferred theory. This is difficult
but it can be done.

Author sbdrums4you ( ago)
Long black train

Author Roddie Mc ( ago)
Dude, you've lost touch with reality!

Author sbdrums4you ( ago)
Sup with the rockets !!!

Author victorkyoshi ( ago)
Man the four and a half minutes of sirens and then you trying to talk over
the rockets needs to be fixed. I wanted to hear about what you were saying
but it was to difficult.

Author Gary Lee ( ago)
The Son of God, Immanuel, wants to giver every person the Spirit of God for
a Teacher and Comforter Forever, to Teach us Love. Perfect instruction can
be found in the Bible book of John, chapter 14. Peace children.

Author MichaelDisciple ( ago)
sorry, it is just the first 7 minutes with the war footage...

Author MichaelDisciple ( ago)
I do not mean to be disrespectful, but your production quality in some
areas is very poor and distracting from your message. What you have to say
is too important. Please try to find someone to edit this properly. Thank
you for your work, anyway, and God bless you in your continued efforts.

Author TWO-EDGED SWORD ( ago)
you don't know what you are talking about you are only defending your faith
just like your atheist preachers told you to do .And the reason the ark is
not in the news is because the news is under control of the same devil that
gives you the evo religion and there is no truth in it but thank God there
is proof of the ark on utub

Author midas1212444 ( ago)
Please!! Have you ever heard of plate tectonics? The Grand Canyon certainly
wasn't carved out from the so-called Great Food! You need to do some real
study and stop listening to people like Kent Hovind and Ken Hamm!! If
Noah's Ark has been discovered, where is it? Don't you think that maybe
that would have made headlines?

Author TWO-EDGED SWORD ( ago)
l don't see how coal, the grand canyon, trees standing up through rock
strata no less two discoveries of noah's arc, clams on top of mountains and
much much more. And theo most of it has been theorized away. We do have
proof of a world wide flood

Author midas1212444 ( ago)
If you read my post, you'll notice that I never mentioned the word
eviolution. False science religion? I didn't know that scientific facts was
considered a religion. I haven't rejected anything by reason of faith. I;ve
rejected the flood story for lack of evidence.

Author TWO-EDGED SWORD ( ago)
l would like to point out you are wrong . And and have only rejected it by
reason of your faith You have allowed your false science religion to
deceive you False proofs of evolution 1st part (Harun Yahya)

Author Garry Byrd ( ago)
midas1212444 You need to take a look at Michel Tellinger's work in South
Africa. Add to that the fact that they have found whale bones and deep sea
crustations at the top of mountains I don't see how you can say there is no
proof of a global flood. just saying

Author DrHarryT ( ago)
OK...If you say so. God Bless

Author Robert H ( ago)
Thanks Paul for you insight, dedication and for taking a stand to speak the
truth. I look forward to your future broadcasts. I will be praying for you.
God bless you!! Many thanks.

Author midas1212444 ( ago)
Where is AronRa when we need him?

Author midas1212444 ( ago)
Noah is/was a mythological entity. There was NO GREAT FLOOD as described in
the bible. There might have been a flood which precipitated the story, but
the flood story in the bible comes from a much older text. There is no
geological evidence on this planet to give credence to the flood story as
told in that book.

Author midas1212444 ( ago)
Got that right!

Author mikevanheuvelen ( ago)
I got past the sirens.. And heard the most important part of the message
and prayed with you.. Thank you and God bless.

Author Venicestu ( ago)
Credibility ? Ridiculous ? What do you think war is suppose to sound like?
What do you think the people working the top deck of the ship feel like?
Fix your make up, the revenge seekers are coming

Author Bearbee85 ( ago)
thanks for posting i look forward to hear more

Author mikevanheuvelen ( ago)
Yeah the sirens drown you out... Maybe you can redo so we can hear your

Author Sam McCormack ( ago)
Judging from the comments here, I would say there is sure going to be a
whole lot of people going to hell!

Author Marner Campbell ( ago)
Thankyou Paul McGuire---I dedicated myself back to our God Yahweh---to do
more for Him in these endtimes---to fight the evil enemy and to spread the
gospel best way I can in my situation---thanks again for the encouragement!

Author detcord1 ( ago)
There is no such thing as prophecy and this is just another baseless absurd
Alex Jones-esque nonsense about the non-existent 'One World Govt...'. The
right side of this screen is full of similar videos of varying degrees of
nutjobbery... Probably best of you stop reading the bible, it simply makes
morons of people...

Author ZipZenac ( ago)
Silly old fart who knows absolutely nothing.

Author Zabdula2 ( ago)
With over 30 years of research and writing under his belt studying the
Bible, prophesy, and global events, Paul has established himself credible.
He says things that seem outlandish, but are in fact true. Thank you Paul
for having the courage to speak out to inform and warn people. I read all
your NWV articles. We agree. (of course i admit you know a lot more), but
still... Bible prophesy is being fulfilled and I see that in the
development of the NWO. I believe that we will see clearly soon.

Author euripideesshreds ( ago)
I'll wait for the do over... get more sleep.

Author Israeli News Live ( ago)
All people who criticize Paul here are not right. Paul was on Sid Roth
show, I personally read many of his books and I can say that Paul knows hat
he is saying. Not all watchmen and pastors are good at making videos. Why
do you criticize him for quality of video but do not recognize the message
as timely? America is about to be judged and all of you negative critics
and some of you even with profanity and outright nastiness - this makes me
believe you all deserve that judgment. Sad.

Author Luke Good ( ago)
Thanks for the video Paul. All you can do is do your job as a watchman and
inform the ignorant. Then you can be satisfied knowing you have done Gods
calling. Try to ignore these fools, they are trying to wind you up. They
have nothing better to do, you will never please everyone, most will cling
to the fact that ignorance is bliss and hate anyone who attempts to destroy
that ignorance. God bless you and your family.

Author onceANexile ( ago)
forget these whinners....this real shit people need to see....they have no
idea the reality you are trying to impress upon them....

Author onceANexile ( ago)

Author DrHarryT ( ago)
Lots of people complain yet are unwilling to do the work themselves, they
want everything handed to them the way they want it. I am sure the first
wheel that was made was not perfect and still isn't. He is right Noah's
great grandson Nimrod and his wife is the foundation of all the pagan gods.
Daniel 8...U.S., Syria and Lebanon U.S. is the great whore of Babylon. This
is not going to be easy, keep the faith

Author Pastor JC ( ago)
This video was ridiculous....cut the sirens you idiot.

Author Diane Lang ( ago)
How to make a video... Ben Swann and even Alex Jones do a good job.

Author Diane Lang ( ago)
Could not hear a word.. who made this video ... very poorly done.

Author colliecandle ( ago)
Total trash !

Author nitroflesh ( ago)
wtf is this

Author Joao Reis ( ago)
I didn't even watch the movie but I put a like it on it !!! Good job Paul.
I Have read and watch a lot of your videos and articles. We need more
people like you to share these news and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We need
to be together and work together because we are part of the same body !!!
God Bless You and the people who post negative comments !!!

Author AetiusPraetorian ( ago)
Nothing to worry about. Assad gave Obama a way out. Under the pretense that
it was Kerry's idea. Basically all Assad (Syria) needs to do is give up his
Chemical weapons and no strike, way out for all. Assad will give up some
old chem stock piles and it will be averted. The alarms going off while you
talk is hilarious though.

Author Cheryl Wiford ( ago)
That's right.

Author doyle57ar ( ago)
Still waiting...

Author Gabriel D. ( ago)
Paul Im sorry the audio is very low. Please deliver this louder (like the
scary sirens and very loud scary alarms)

Author Gabriel D. ( ago)
I agree! this is fear mongering at a high level. at least he got his audio
together lol

Author MBBSoftware ( ago)
Two words: False [you add the second word here]

Author glenview8 ( ago)
The Bible - John Chapter 3 Verse 16.

Author BobPDXz ( ago)
So, this isn't the end of the world and life now. But just the beginning of
the end.

Author 2028 END ( ago)
2028END d o t com. Don't miss it!!!

Author ANITA MCDANIEL ( ago)
I want to thank you for this video...God bless you, and I pray for you that
you will not pickup offense for the complaints...I just skipped over the
noisy area and push on to the meat. What you had to say helped me greatly
and my small group of grannies will pray for you. Thank you again...I
refuse to miss my blessing over anything that the enemy would do to
hender...To the in and glean the meat....!!!!

Author yvell ( ago)
Intro is too long. Bye

Author Doug Wallen ( ago)
dude,,really,,the siren.

Author david john Huxtable ( ago)
great video i did flinch at the missiles being sent off during prohecy
however the realism of being on deck when one of those things is sent off
was what was relayed to me and thoughts of a seaman who was accidentally
caught out on deck when a live firing took places it burnt him blew him
over the guardrails!! i think he survived he accidentally walked out during
live firing never heard ships capt announcements i am dave from plymouth
devon!! we lost touch paul! i had mi5 listening into my eez!!

Author david john Huxtable ( ago)
good onya paul stick it to em i was about to reply to these peoples
comments about your video? i never knew youtube contained so many donuts at
criticising others when it is supposed to be a forum for peoples sharing
valuable information or interests etc like my grandmother used to say if
you cant say anything nice it is probably better best to not say anything
at all!! i agree more than 99.9% of the creaking doors on this site do
nothing themselves ever to contribute much to anything!!

Author golfguy379 ( ago)
Be nice to be are hear you talk instead of the loud sirens

Author jkrue1956 ( ago)
Paul thank you for the hard work and the amount of research and knowledge
that you are sharing with us all. Tom Horne and Chris putnam both say the
same thing and they helped to open my eyes as well. Your video has only
shown that God is trying to reveal His truth to his saints in tjese end
times. As it is said in the movie Dune "Father, the sleeper has awakend."
For many years that line always meant something to me but I didn't know
why, until I heard the truth.

Author Ed Tank ( ago)
well ti sucked.

Author lexidart ( ago)
Boy oh boy, that siren sound ruins everything.

Author dolores brittain ( ago)
amanda, once you get past the last siren its good.

Author dolores brittain ( ago)
what do you suppose hell is going to be like for you? do you think you'll
be smoking pot with your friends?, drinking? fornicating? you think its
going to be fun? guess you are going to find out pretty soon, because I
bind you in the name of Jesus Christ, and loose judgement into your life,
your finances, your family, your dreams, and your spirit. Taste the torment
of hell right here, right now, cause you have spoken against God's
anointed. Repent or burn BlackRam.

Author dolores brittain ( ago)
Paul, dont listen to all those demons. You keep doing what you do best,
care enough about people to take your time, your efforts, and your
abilities to put together something that is imminent for today. Ok so the
sirens are annoying, but doesnt that even add to what it is really going to
be like when it happens? Tweek it, but keep pushing forward, it wont be
much longer before the rapture anywayz, and all the negative people can
stay right here.

Author FRANKIE WOLFE ( ago)
I hear you Paul! I was just frustrated and the "ridiculous" was meant for
the video--and the sound was annoying! Looking forward to getting to hear
the message when you do the "redo". But this type of video CAN undermine
credibility with folks who don't know who you are! Sorry that my comments
came off so harsh. I apologize.

Author FRANKIE WOLFE ( ago)
Didn't mean to offend you Paul, I was just so excited to hear the message
of what you had to say, and was so disappointed in whoever put together the
video because you can't hear you speaking and you must admit that that
siren sound rubs on the nerves. Is it possible that you'll redo it without
that siren sound? Thank you--I appreciate your info.

Author TVAMFM ( ago)
Paul, you need not take the comments personal. The truth is the sirens and
the long video itself takes away from the message and is something that if
you played back before posting I'm sure you would have picked up. It a
lesson learned.

Author Andy Watson ( ago)
time to rebuke obama in the name of jesus

Author anissley88 ( ago)
Learn how to speak without saying uh every other word

Author Amanda Herring ( ago)
Paul, I am so disappointed, and could almost cry.. I really want to hear
this message! Do you perhaps have the text of this message in a blog or
some other type of media? Thanks in advance. In the meantime I am going to
do an internet search and see what I can find. God bless you for what you
are doing.

Author BlackRam313 ( ago)
Frankie don't you have some shopping to do? A purse to buy or some
shoes...leave logic and reason to the men and go do your mall worship and
leave us alone

Author Insideoutcomout ( ago)

Author Insideoutcomout ( ago)
Thanks Paul for your dedication to helping us to realize what is really
going on. Sometimes I want to scream in fear, but then I realize - hey! I'm
going to heaven when I die! What's the problem? NONE! No matter what
happens we don't need to fear and deny the truth. The USA is in serious
trouble! Thanks for the great message!

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