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Author LALplays (11 months)
I like the Samuel Jackson Nick Fury better than this one.

Author Everything Gaming (7 months)
Should i get this or is there a more recent one

Author VenomGamer - (2 months)
Venom is my favorite character
(You can tell from my profile pic xD) 

Author RoyalRumble1991 (6 months)
Can I change the controls on this or is it regular like X = ATTACK A =JUMP

Author THE GREAT (3 days)
DEADPOOL is the best marvel super hero

Author Israel Treviño (2 months)
Your ultimate alliace 2 games looks different than mine... PS3/Xbox 360
version maybe? I got PS2 so Idk

Author ToxicspiderMC (20 days)
Carnage all the way.

Author Schu1tzey Gaming (1 month)
I like Deadpool

Author Troy Spidey (6 months)
Spiderman is my favorite to awesome!

Author TheRogue Ninja (3 months)
spiderman is best

Author Israel Treviño (2 months)

Author Militia Conspirator (1 year)
Spiderman is number 1

Author Andrew Cardona (4 months)
This was my first game on the ps3 it was so much fun 

Author Oh Zhi HAO (5 months)
Yes. R u playing on a com, if yes. Go to controls and change it. 

Author BOB HIGGANS (10 months)
I got the PS2 version. WHY???

Author Andrew Jack (4 months)
Hey if anyone wants to play online my gamer tag on Xbox is SourKeyboard14
(Xbox not Xbox one or ps4)

Author dasik dos (7 months)

Author Volcanoran3 (6 months)
Strange... I played this game once but I've never seen another copy of it
since then. However, I don't recall any of this... I mean I recall there
was a mission before the actual 'civil war' scenario's started, but odd
none of this is familiar to me. Is this the same Ultimate Alliance 2 or did
they remake it??

Author Mae Brinkley (8 months)

Author Noel Montoya (8 months)
Spider man is the best

Author Rosa Jasso (9 months)
I like spiderman too

Author Ginger man (11 months)
Deadpool is the best!

Author Yonas Tyohannes (1 year)
What system was this game on?

Author TheRavenArchon (8 months)
I actually love the graphics in this game. They don't do anything UBER
special, but they're solid and on par for their generation. Good textures,
good lighting, good animations, and SOO many havok physics objects all over
the place. I view it as a very good looking game, honestly.

Author Kittens (10 months)
This game really needs Shadowcat 

Author haydn higginbotham (5 months)
my favorite is spiderman too

Author Delinda Gold (9 months)
I love jean grey/Phoenix-Scarlet Witch and storm

Author marvin Accede (1 year)
True that its all about black panther

Author MichaelMarshmallowMM (1 year)
I've always liked Deadpool!

Author Neil Milling (10 months)
i agree what ur saying bout wolvrin taking over the xmen films but he is
one of my favourit charchters spiderman i like but not my favourit if am
hounst (sorry for bad spelling up really l8 loving ur videos just finshed
watching ur run through of marvel ultimate alliance 1 and loved it, not
sure bout this game though but love ur run throughs)

Author Jose Herrera (11 months)
Stop talking your ruining it

Author King DelOrbe (1 year)
I cant loose when I play as Captain America 

Author Nerio Prado (1 year)
This is exactly like it 

Author waddy wade (1 year)
I'm a Christian so what do you really think is wrong with religion

Author MrKarter HuH (1 year)

Author kilala uzumaki (1 year)
The Wii version sucks they don't have all those levels in it I finish the
game in one day DX I wish I had a PlayStation

Author Sebin Kang (1 year)
i like u cause spidermans ur favourite, SPIDERMAN IS THE BEST SUPERHERO

Author GhostSpider Gaming (1 year)
Yeah Spider-Man ROCKS!

Author Roger Simmons (1 year)
Everyone seems to forget about captain American

Author waddy wade (1 year)
Yes he did

Author Johana Rios (1 year)

Author Nerio Prado (1 year)
Wasn't there a game like this but for the old Xbox 

Author Shadow Hunter (1 year)
Spiderman is number one but Wolverine has to be second

Author Rico Suave (10 months)
I got it in 2008 and i had beat the game like 2,000,000 times and watching
this in 2014

Author Nerio Prado (1 year)
Oh I just notice this is the second game that's why it looks the same and
has the same name (duh)

Author ChadCannabis (1 year)
yo can u add me gtamanye ps3

Author Transforming Roland (1 year)
wolverine is the best

Author Wrathchild1995 (1 year)
I fucking love Spider-man he is my favourite Marvel super hero along with
Wolverine, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk XD 

Author 1misanthropist (10 months)
Just bought this online. Damn, this is basically top-down-view. That sucks.

Author Casimer&Casimir (1 year)

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