Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 pt1 - Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Spider-Man Tattoo -

The beginning of what will turn out to be an unintentional playthrough of one of my favourite games. All the while, talking about what ever happens to be on my mind.

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Author Agente0Y8 ( ago)
There is the multiplayer online? For ps3? And Spiderman have web attacks?

Author K-Cee W ( ago)
Is that for the ps3?

Author Felton Miller ( ago)
hulk always

Author Cj Hamilton ( ago)
I want a MA3

Author Collier Emerson ( ago)
Spider-man is

Author ROSSDABOY ( ago)

Author Wolfgamer013 ( ago)
My favorite character is Magneto.

Author leah forshaw ( ago)
In this game spiderman is number 1

Author THE GREAT ( ago)
DEADPOOL is the best marvel super hero

Author ToxicspiderMC ( ago)
Carnage all the way.

Author Schu1tzey Gaming ( ago)
I like Deadpool

Author Israel Trevino ( ago)

Author Israel Trevino ( ago)
Your ultimate alliace 2 games looks different than mine... PS3/Xbox 360
version maybe? I got PS2 so Idk

Author VenomGamer - ( ago)
Venom is my favorite character
(You can tell from my profile pic xD) 

Author TheRogue Ninja ( ago)
spiderman is best

Author Andrew Cardona ( ago)
This was my first game on the ps3 it was so much fun 

Author Andrew Jack ( ago)
Hey if anyone wants to play online my gamer tag on Xbox is SourKeyboard14
(Xbox not Xbox one or ps4)

Author Oh Zhi HAO ( ago)
Yes. R u playing on a com, if yes. Go to controls and change it. 

Author haydn higginbotham ( ago)
my favorite is spiderman too

Author RoyalRumble1991 ( ago)
Can I change the controls on this or is it regular like X = ATTACK A =JUMP

Author The Writer ( ago)
Strange... I played this game once but I've never seen another copy of it
since then. However, I don't recall any of this... I mean I recall there
was a mission before the actual 'civil war' scenario's started, but odd
none of this is familiar to me. Is this the same Ultimate Alliance 2 or did
they remake it??

Author EdBoonSucks ( ago)
That part about the names. Yeah, that's just awful. Take like Fin Fan Foom.
WTF is more like it.

Author ins gorillaz ( ago)
you sound crazy

Author easterpichu ( ago)
he's the ULTIMATE super hero

Author Dr. Otto Octavius ( ago)
Actually, he is Superior.

Author Morty Neko ( ago)
deadpool spiderman venom team:D

Author MEGrimlock123 ( ago)
classic game

Author Shameless Advertising ( ago)
By the way, Dave, what do you think of Superior Spiderman, or Spider Ock?

Author Ziltoid TheOmniscient ( ago)
an uncanny hero

Author TheBread99 ( ago)
X Men Legends 2 has better looking cutscenes than this ...

Author D3N 67 ( ago)
really because i heard he was astonishing

Author Devon Miller ( ago)
Team Spidey

Author stevensh13 ( ago)
nope he's sensational.

Author Kamrino Chetty ( ago)
you play as spiderman too? I do too.

Author Brandon Padilla ( ago)
Oh so these are based on the civil war comics

Author Reece Auston ( ago)
The one part of this game I don't like is that the heroes around you who ur
not playing are there because I prefer fighting them all myself but I still
enjoyed playing this game and praise the captain

Author Kal-El Kent ( ago)
So Captain Dave, what're your thoughts on having Storm in the upcoming
X-Men movie, Days of Future Past, where she has a new uniform, as do most
members of the team; but she'll have no flying or fighting scenes
whatsoever in the movie? I think that Halle Barry has a hell of an agent if
you ask me.

Author ivan reyes ( ago)
Its for 360 you have to buy it though it gets you magneto , black panther,
carnage, and juggernaught or how ever you spell it

Author Darius Ford ( ago)
how did u get magneto

Author doctorluv6969 ( ago)
wish this guy would shut the fuck up talk to the whole dam game

Author WibblyWobblyTimeyWimey ( ago)
@Omarh el fallah actually Fury is black in the ultimate comics which is
modeled after Samuel L. Jackson and now hes Nick Fury in the movies

Author gpe41 ( ago)

Author THALITA SILVA ( ago)

Author THALITA SILVA ( ago)

Author CS6 Spiral ( ago)
Deadpool=Chuck norris status

Author Omar el fallah ( ago)
In the movies nick fury is black. In the comics and the video games he is
white. So actually he is white.

Author Carson dickey ( ago)
Ahh the symbiotes first venom who then spawned carnage who then spawned
toxin then carnage was cloned and it made lasher, agony, riot, scream,
death which then combined make hybrid

Author MisterLization ( ago)
YES i love this storyline

Author 5102scotty ( ago)
I like venom , carnage , and Spiderman

Author Jorge Rengifo ( ago)
cbmjnmb kjgh

Author Monyea Brown ( ago)
I like deadpool better

Author tron707 ( ago)
Deadpool is :P

Author Cole Koenitzer ( ago)
is this for ps2

Author Jonas Einhorn ( ago)
Spider man is the best!

Author MrTyppi12 ( ago)
18:15 oh boom baby

Author De'shaune Scott ( ago)
Do the game deadpool captain dave sir

Author Panda Gaming ( ago)
why is this version so different from the wii version

Author De'shaune Scott ( ago)
They get stressed for a good reason

Author De'shaune Scott ( ago)
Hes originally black

Author De'shaune Scott ( ago)
Black furys better and your not really talking to your self

Author tacticalnuke82 ( ago)
Black fury is cool

Author WarF 010 ( ago)
scorcher is from spider-man

Author Moon Scorn ( ago)
He's actually supposed to be black

Author Radman Vojdani ( ago)
Spiderman is a fu..ker

Author Kevdaillest ( ago)
How the hell did fury turn from a white dude to a black dude WTF!!!!!!!!

Author Kevdaillest ( ago)
Spider man is soooo AWSOME DUDE I SWEAR FAVORITE HERO. It suckes how a lot
of people underestimate him a lot of the time

Author michigan metalhead ( ago)
i love spiderman hes always on my roster i always play as him hes my fav
superhero ever

Author Bao-An Phung ( ago)
Justin,I wish you could have five teammates!

Author tillytally222 ( ago)

Author TheIrishGamer ( ago)
my personal fav is iron man

Author Ethan Fox ( ago)
And he is epic

Author awesomesausejb ( ago)
Captain America is the best for me his shield gets rid of 75 % of damage at
all times

Author Saluki ( ago)
A lot of these bad guys with the stupid names ("The Shocker" comes
immediately to mind) were brought into the comic and were immediately made
fun of, at least by Spidey, who always had an instant insult for them.
"That was the best you could do?" or "What, they were scraping the bottom
of the barrel at the Villain Names store?" and the like. I can't agree
"these names were okay in the Seventies and Eighties"; they were
deliberately lame.

Author Eli Davis ( ago)
Yo,Peter that commented, are you the same as Spiderman's sort of Peter
Parker? And Nick Fury' s a jerk!

Author Eli Davis ( ago)
Yo, the Peter Parker that commented, is he the same as Spiderman/Peter
Parker? Also, I know them all, but Nick Fury's a jerk.

Author wererook ( ago)
I heard he is spectacular...

Author Mart Denzel Dela Cruz ( ago)
spidey is pretty amazing!!

Author GameWalkThroughs ( ago)
Everyone was stealthy at the beginning the BOOM iron man blasts his way
through the door

Author TheCaptainofDave ( ago)
Link in the description

Author ruby ambrocio ( ago)
i want to see the tatoo

Author Theindiestash ( ago)
No that is ultimate Nick but in main comics that is Nick Fury Jr.

Author Legions and legends ( ago)
I personally like this many ways

Author Legions and legends ( ago)
U should

Author ShadowtheHedgehog717 ( ago)
i have the ps2 version of this and its ok but i am conidering getting the
ps3 version of this. should i get it or not?

Author KienjeTheGiant ( ago)
Do you recommend this over the original Ultimate Alliance? Btw, do you have
any dlc of it?

Author t preggers ( ago)
you really should have been Wolvrine or Iron Man

Author Ryan Walter ( ago)
what is with everybody shutting spiderman up

Author SWARVB ( ago)
Dpends on who makes the game/other media. Creator's do whatever they want,
they don't follow comic rules.

Author Sen Malla ( ago)
1:17 that's the Mac Gargan venom right?

Author Spidey Fan ( ago)
Spiderman the god of marvel heros

Author Anal Cactus ( ago)
Spiderman is my god

Author Alexis Manriquez ( ago)
@Felix Blaha it is on the wii but its complete shit and not even remotely
the same as other versions

Author K9R00Z ( ago)
not to be racist or anything but isn't Nick Fury supposed to be black with
a round head?

Author Jose Ramirez ( ago)
Stop talking its anooying.

Author Felix Crawler ( ago)
is this for wii?

Author Liam Wooding ( ago)
u said it when u said ''spider-man is awesome''

Author Infinity Watch ( ago)

Author Sknwlkr111 ( ago)

Author TheCaptainofDave ( ago)
I have put a link in the description to my Spider-Man Tattoo. Enjoy!

Author TheCaptainofDave ( ago)
Ive already made a video on it. I'll put a link in the description.

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