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Author konfederate6277144 (1 year)
Don't ride the bolt forward when charging the handle...

Author 870Remington12 (5 years)
At 0:31 the leaves in the lower left move.

Author FissecatOriginals (5 years)
@warriorofsteel01 lol yeah or a used tank maybe

Author BlackRenard (4 years)
@1337soldiahs yeah but in France you can buy more 1000 bullets/ 1 year. So
you had to reload the bullet -> is expensive for me ! :(

Author dreammaker182 (4 years)
firing around 650rpm or so?

Author rubal626 (5 years)
I had a dream like Martin but mine was last night. I got into a gunfight
with some ppl and I had my WASR-10 and I bumped fired it and knocked em all
down then I shoved it in some bushes and went fishing. IRONIC

Author jeffxpunchxkick (5 years)

Author James O'Brien (3 years)
Where the fuck do you get an ak-47????

Author davidca96 (3 years)
@doluck2100 That drove me crazy too.

Author BlackRenard (4 years)
@1337soldiahs yeah but in France you cant buy more 1000 bullets/ 1 year. So
you had to reload the bullet -> is expensive for me ! :(

Author skeilak (5 years)
@Palmer640 Well, nazi boy, if you can find an MP-44, in a pawn shop, (no
less), for $400., then you'd best buy it, because you can't touch a P.O.S.
SKS Carbine for less than $350. today, and they're not even a serious
collector's item. Not to mention, that an MP-44 is a transferable,
full-auto, Class III weapon. (Which means, you add $10K + $200 tax, to the
price of any such weapon.) *LOL* What a fucking moronic douche! I guess all
your racist nazi faggotry rotted your brain, fucktard.

Author shortthrow50 (4 years)
what fil edit software you use for thse slow motion shots?

Author noel k (4 years)
your all fags, thats gay im cooler than you fuck you shit piss... oh wait i
sound like an idiot...

Author JimBoopLoop (4 years)
ooh shooting at the hip is coming back again just like in the 80's action

Author Siwcu Pospolitus (3 years)
To jest gnat :) też kiedyś się strzelało z takiej nie raz :D

Author rafaelkart1 (4 years)
the best player for counter strike xD

Author GunBroker100 (3 years)
@Andycathunter9999 Oh, my bad. Yeah, I love the water blast videos.Bullets
ricocheting to who knows where. Clearly they need a gun safety course. It
looks dramatic by bouncing bullets all over hell isn't real bright.

Author skeilak (5 years)
@Palmer640 Little nazi fag, you are so full of shit, it's hilarious! But,
since I enjoy seeing you make a complete asshole of yourself, and in fact,
troll you to do so, please continue. You can buy AK's for $135.? Shit, I'll
take all you got. And now your MP-44 is $700? Up $300. in just 1 hour. Good
investment! What a fucktard! I also find it amusing that you haven't a
clue, what a transferable Class III weapon is. Silly little nazi-fag.
You're too stupid to even lie effectively.

Author Nathan Palmer (5 years)
@skeilak Wow you have trouble reading, don't you. I said the AK 47 is
around $300. I don't know exact price but it's in the higher 300s, I know
that much. And I go the wording mixed up by saying the StG was around 300,
get your facts straight and stop making shit up. No one said anything about
135 dollars or investments going up, I even said I corrected myself and you
STILL don't get it. Just give up, seriously.

Author Nathan Palmer (5 years)
@skeilak BTW, if you think an STG costs 20,000 U.S. dollars, you're a real
fucking idiot. I could go to a pawn shop and get one for around 3 to 400
dollars. THAT, is what is remarkably stupid... You and your illogical
comment stalking me on youtube.

Author doluck2100 (4 years)
dont ride the bolt when you chamber a round just let it go

Author tvproducing (4 years)
@sonny2k2002 no frag. shell casing

Author Jacko180589 (4 years)
@jostrohar and @CRHAYNES123 sniping is gay!!! sitting looking thru a scope
like a pussy, if u snipe then ur a fag.....any1 hu thinks otherwise

Author Xspy70 (2 years)
The recoil is big. Shoulder firing it would make strong punches and go out
of control after the first shot or two. Holding it like that makes the
recoil more controllable on full automatic.

Author GUNSFOREVER1 (4 years)
I hate pumpkins

Author MMAstokke (4 years)
@swiftdds stop talking about CoD. We come here to see and talk about a REAL
weapon. This doesn't have anything to do with cod so please stop talking
about a pathetic videogame.

Author BigAgitator (4 years)
Nice work. Good rate of fire and a wonderful AK

Author texasgringooo (5 years)
@SeriousmaximSH It's when you waste bullets and money by firing your gun at
too fast of a rate to make the actual shooting of the gun worth while and
you'll miss the target with every bullet. Don't bother with it.

Author borntobewildpascal (5 years)
@SgtSki1436 cool ca donne le gout d'aller au état-unis ... mmmmmmm j'aime
les armes a feux ......

Author Nathan Palmer (5 years)
You should get a Stermgewehr 44 [where the AK 47 design comes from] or get
one from the AK-100 series [AK-102 or 105 or something]. IMO they're pretty
cool. Nice vid, BTW. =]

Author Ramon T (5 years)
So the AK has full auto, why bump fire? Can you bump fire it faster then
the standard automatic fire on an AK47?

Author Antonio Ornelas (3 years)
Slow mo turns on, My peepee tingles

Author TheAssassin111 (4 years)
its raining pupkin! :D

Author armst103 (5 years)
Got ya

Author GunBroker100 (3 years)
@Andycathunter9999 I see this posted all the time. Please explain what
makes bump firing dangerous. Be specific, give examples of what makes it
dangerous and why. As a gun smith and custom rifle and pistol builder of
more than forty years, I have obviously missed something. And please don't
say timing, timing has nothing to do with it. I bump fire everything now
and then for grins, even semi auto pistols.

Author asterix645 (5 years)
what is bump firing?

Author pvszombies2 (3 years)
sounds like an mp44

Author isane Jai (2 years)

Author patsfanczar (5 years)
Bump firing is done with a semi-auto gun, and is used to make it shoot like
full auto. Bump firing is when you use the gun's recoil to help you pull
the trigger faster than you should be able to do otherwise. What happens is
that when the gun recoils, you are still holding the trigger, but the
recoil moves the gun back so that the trigger can reset, but you keep
holding the gun forward, and this will cause the trigger to be depressed
against your finger again, once again firing the gun.

Author josh harris (4 years)
:31 ricochet hit's bottom right screen.

Author skeilak (5 years)
@Palmer640 : What a remarkably stupid comment. The AK 47, owes nothing to
the MP-44 design. (They look similar, so they must be the same, right? I
guess Stoner was looking at the MP-44, when he deigned the AR-15 [M-16],
right?) And who, but a collector, would want a $20,000, piece of shit nazi
rifle, that you can't (easily) get ammo for, and a slightly rusty magazine
costs over $200. Get your head outta' your hitler-hole, nazi fag, and you
might not sound like such a total asshole.

Author Nathan Palmer (5 years)
@skeilak You also have a serious denial problem. The StG costs so cheap
because it's a pawn shop. if it was over $1000 around here it probably
wouldn't sell, you don't know very much about pawn shops or economics, do
you? Realistic prices for an StG would be somewhere from 800 to 1000 and
something dollars. Maybe depending on rarity- Since it's pawn, it's
cheaper. but twenty thousand is just stupidity, you're just making it up as
you go. Google a price for it, moron.

Author leltard (5 years)
why are people bump firing with weapons that have an automatic setting..

Author Paradice Videos (3 years)
wow 0:53 wooooww

Author motlencore89 (5 years)
are you allowed to do this at a gun range without getting in trouble????

Author felix garza (4 years)
Did you see the frag that almost hit you? just below the right corner, 0:16
consider yourself lucky! ;-P

Author bigredshithead (5 years)
Was that pumkin really shot with the ak? Or was it just small?

Author 500erider (2 years)
Yeah,because it is under attack by our friendly and loving government,and
they are using HEAPING mounds of false propaganda to soften the hearts of
gun owners so that they won't even have to take our guns by force.Most
people will just gladly hand them over,thinking that they are doing the
"right" thing.There WILL be TERRIBLE consequences when the only ones who
have assault rifles(or guns of any kind) are government officials!!!!!!!

Author VitaminE6SS . (5 years)
@rubal626 hahaha thats good shit man!

Author fijillian (4 years)
Pretty good grouping for bumping.

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