DarkOrbit Zeta Gate


Me playing Gate Zeta :D

By: Black-Eyed-Peas

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Runtime: 10:18
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Author Tamás Lukács ( ago)
First music:
Kat DeLuna - Drop It Low
any remix, i dont know the name...
Kelis - Milkshake
Again any remix, but i dont know the name
If you know, lets comment for see everybody!

Author Tha Guardian ( ago)
What is the name of the second song played?

Author Tamás Lukács ( ago)
old times

Author Tamás Lukács ( ago)
jó név xd

Author Tamás Lukács ( ago)
music names?? plz :DD

Author Tamás Lukács ( ago)
no just old good times

Author ashwin Neogi ( ago)
Kat deluna-drop it low(dance floor junkies remix)

Author Eric Swahn ( ago)
Nice video Black-Eyed-Peas adda mig Kungen7891

Author vitorioiv ( ago)
nice vid and build

Author Bla365 ( ago)
studiobanaman earlier there was no cooldown for pet kamikaze :) btw
jabbe96mv you're great ;)

Author charlie reilly ( ago)
Anychance u can do vid for what config u use or a link for combo uses plz?

Author AndroidSK ( ago)
What is this songs?

Author Low REzes ( ago)
No Kamikaze speed Lowok

Author Bootleg4ev3r ( ago)
lol faker

Author Omeal Skibob ( ago)
what bot do you use?

Author MohamedReturn DarkOrbit ( ago)
Hey, Black Eyed Peas, give me the name of all the songs please :)

Author Pityuu2 ( ago)
xD no speedhack :D

Author Jabbe96MV ( ago)
Fuck you botter, hope they bann you

Author Tamás Lukács ( ago)
this is old video

Author Jabbe96MV ( ago)
Lol I have only speeded up the video xD

Author ahmed assaad ( ago)
I shout like you but the thing is im venom not dimisher and 2 havoc

Author Ferry Moula ( ago)
nice video ^^

Author Litize kinesen ( ago)
Tjooo xD ahaha tror att jag har sett dig spelat i skandi .. xD o nice video
;D btw vilken lvl e du på ? / xX-$paceGirl$tar-Xx

Author Super Perry ( ago)
what name song 4:53?

Author josh frady ( ago)
Ima subscribe PLO subscribe to my Chanal I'll have a vid up in a day or 2

Author Nils B ( ago)
@SiSmatekS In zeta are different aliens, so what do you mean?

Author Nils B ( ago)
@SiSmatekS Aliens in Alpha are like the regular ones on x-6/7. but in Beta
theyre 2x stronger, in gamma 3x stronger.

Author ryan mwanza ( ago)
Rendez-vous sur dark orbit! :) Cord,

Author Musa Güneş ( ago)
çar mühtiş vallah

Author Musa Güneş ( ago)
çok iyi çar

Author EarkTV ( ago)
cool! :D

Author Szikes PSK ( ago)
@dracoman195 dzięki :)

Author Nero Sama ( ago)
tell me the name of the first song. pleaseee :3

Author frizer69Original ( ago)

Author Tomek Nowak ( ago)
@Keczup1231 to jest kat de luna - drop it low tylko remix to pierwsze, a
drugie nie znam.

Author Jabbe96MV (1730 years ago)
@Andi7o0 Thanks :D

Author Szikes PSK ( ago)
music name please

Author MrDarre98 ( ago)
Sydney fick perm bann!! haha :D

Author MasterEsmaili ( ago)
oo jag är med i chatten hahaha

Author MasterEsmaili ( ago)
fett nice black eyed peas!! //Mr SIR

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