DarkOrbit Zeta Gate


Me playing Gate Zeta :D

By: Black-Eyed-Peas

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Runtime: 10:18
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Author Tamás Lukács (1 year)
First music:
Kat DeLuna - Drop It Low
any remix, i dont know the name...
Kelis - Milkshake
Again any remix, but i dont know the name
If you know, lets comment for see everybody!

Author Pityuu2 (2 years)
xD no speedhack :D

Author johndarkorbit4 (3 years)

Author frizer69Original (3 years)

Author ashwin Neogi (1 year)
Kat deluna-drop it low(dance floor junkies remix)

Author MrDarre98 (3 years)
Sydney fick perm bann!! haha :D

Author Tha Guardian (1 year)
What is the name of the second song played?

Author Bootleg4ev3r (2 years)
lol faker

Author Nikulas1999 (3 years)
Am i blind for colors but looks like your x4 is yellow :P And great video
;) we play in same server too :)

Author ryan mwanza (3 years)
Rendez-vous sur dark orbit! :) Cord,

Author charlie reilly (2 years)
Anychance u can do vid for what config u use or a link for combo uses plz?

Author Andi7o0 (3 years)
nice vid and music :]

Author Omeal Skibob (2 years)
what bot do you use?

Author MasterEsmaili (3 years)
fett nice black eyed peas!! //Mr SIR

Author AndroidSK (2 years)
What is this songs?

Author Super Perry (2 years)
what name song 4:53?

Author Tomek Nowak (3 years)
@Keczup1231 to jest kat de luna - drop it low tylko remix to pierwsze, a
drugie nie znam.

Author Kwstas ReaPPeR (3 years)
what's the name of the songs??

Author EarkTV (3 years)
cool! :D

Author GoldGuardsMinecraft (3 years)
MUSIK??!??! Fyfan va bra!! :) Fortsätt äga ut skiten i SK2!/Rihouqa

Author Low REzes (2 years)
No Kamikaze speed Lowok

Author Szikes PSK (3 years)
@dracoman195 dzięki :)

Author Nils B (3 years)
@SiSmatekS Aliens in Alpha are like the regular ones on x-6/7. but in Beta
theyre 2x stronger, in gamma 3x stronger.

Author Tamás Lukács (1 year)
old times

Author zaza777707 (3 years)
that the music is playing?

Author Tamás Lukács (1 year)
jó név xd

Author josh frady (3 years)
Ima subscribe PLO subscribe to my Chanal I'll have a vid up in a day or 2

Author Bla365 (2 years)
studiobanaman earlier there was no cooldown for pet kamikaze :) btw
jabbe96mv you're great ;)

Author vitorioiv (2 years)
nice vid and build

Author Tamás Lukács (1 year)
music names?? plz :DD

Author Nils B (3 years)
@SiSmatekS In zeta are different aliens, so what do you mean?

Author ahmed assaad (2 years)
I shout like you but the thing is im venom not dimisher and 2 havoc

Author Litize kinesen (2 years)
Tjooo xD ahaha tror att jag har sett dig spelat i skandi .. xD o nice video
;D btw vilken lvl e du på ? / xX-$paceGirl$tar-Xx

Author GoldGuardsMinecraft (3 years)
03:22 kommer jag in :D

Author Ferry Moula (2 years)
nice video ^^

Author MasterEsmaili (3 years)
oo jag är med i chatten hahaha

Author Jabbe96MV (2 years)
Lol I have only speeded up the video xD

Author Jabbe96MV (3 years)
@Andi7o0 Thanks :D

Author Tamás Lukács (1 year)
no just old good times

Author Jabbe96MV (2 years)
Fuck you botter, hope they bann you

Author 0TheFear0 (2 years)
WTF? insta kamicaze?

Author Szikes PSK (3 years)
music name please

Author Tamás Lukács (2 years)
this is old video

Author MohamedReturn DarkOrbit (2 years)
Hey, Black Eyed Peas, give me the name of all the songs please :)

Author Musa Güneş (3 years)
çar mühtiş vallah

Author Musa Güneş (3 years)
çok iyi çar

Author Nero Sama (3 years)
tell me the name of the first song. pleaseee :3

Author Eric Swahn (2 years)
Nice video Black-Eyed-Peas adda mig Kungen7891

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