Kaju Katli (Cashew Burfi) - Indian Sweet Recipe

Holidays were created for sweets and desserts! Here is a recipe for your favorite Indian burfi or mithai -- Kaju Katli. This is a very easy recipe and you'll never have to run to the sweet shop again ! Kajoo Katlee made easy...
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Author Muhammed Remiz ( ago)
I love this we don't get this in Kerala and in gulf countries

Author Madhu Chintha ( ago)


Author Jahangir Qamar ( ago)
Hi hetal and anuja i love all recipe of yours and i am the daughter of
jahangir qamar

Author ratna begum ( ago)
I tried the recipe today and I must say came out even better then shop
brought. Tnk u so much for the recipe 😄

Author Gita Jagmohan ( ago)
hi what is the right name of the silver paper that you put in the end and
where can i get it from

Author Tiffany Cardozo ( ago)
i tried out this recipe yesterday. i used icing sugar(1cup sugar+1tbsp
cornstarch) because of the cornstarch confusion. it turned out horrible.
the uncooked cornstarch was like eating sand. i suggest, one should use
normal powdered sugar without any cornstarch.
i even tried out the other method of making kaju katli. trust me.."you will
stick to showmethecurry's recipe but without cornflour.

Author Kanupriya J ( ago)
Hi Hetal & Anuja does powdered sugar equal to icing sugar because normal
powdered sugar does not contain cornstarch.

Author Vatsal Shah ( ago)
nice video because most gujarati people can learn from you....

Author Sowji Sreeni ( ago)
Do not use Baby's formula. it is non fat milk powder, will available in any

Author Sowji Sreeni ( ago)
You can use. If you are going to use normal sugar then just blend it and

Author Sowji Sreeni ( ago)
Hi, How many spoons of Milk or water can use? Thanks in advance for your

Author jeetendrag10acc2 ( ago)
oh you look so sweet,it would become sweet just by dipping your hand in the
mix ;-P

Author Davina Ponnousamy ( ago)
can i use normal sugar instead of icing sugar

Author yogeshwar prasad ( ago)
pagal ladka

Author Thegamer67777 ( ago)
What or where you get that aluminion thingy and how is it called?

Author Abhishek Sinha ( ago)
which powdered milk should we use? can we use baby's formula?

Author Pushpen Ghosh ( ago)
Its nice watching your videos....

Author Sahil Sharma ( ago)
you did not tell the quantity of milk powder/sugar/cashu

Author Maariyah Rose ( ago)
what is the silver paper called and where do you find it from in canada

Author Sahil Sharma ( ago)
you can grind

Author suresh p ( ago)
Put silver on butter paper and put the spreaded kaju round so that it will
be easy.

Author Sahil Sharma ( ago)
i fell in love with you both

Author khushi arora ( ago)

Author Angel ( ago)
where can i find Cashew powder?

Author NAwAL ShaYkH ( ago)
With just two table spoon of water , the dough doesn't come out right What
do I do ?

Author Ritika Tanna ( ago)
To gud wil make it tomorw!

Author naaz muller ( ago)

Author HipHopcheerleader ( ago)
The silver foil on those yummy sweets is called 'Varakh'

Author nupur choudhary ( ago)
woww kaju katli is my favvvvvv nd dis is an easy version

Author dr sibia ( ago)
Seems tasty it increases interest in cooking keep it up

Author MrJPMcDaniel ( ago)
I love your checkered cutting board. I make those, and others. If you wish
it, one could be made for you.

Author Sangita Rajan ( ago)
thank you really came out well!! but it became a little sticky! the taste
was really good! :) thnxx a ton!!

Author nitin kushwah ( ago)
yam.... I LOVE IT

Author Urmila Pateliya ( ago)
thank for display this recipes. it is very useful for me . I expect from
you display all the recipes with method thank you so much again

Author Lilyella London ( ago)
My favorite! Thanks for sharing :) x

Author swann2b ( ago)
Love this easy video. Thank you for making it. It does work with other
nuts. Here in South Carolina we have an abundance of pecans every other
year which we collect, shell and freeze. Lightly toast the pecans, cool and
grind finely in a food processor or blender. You can also omit the cardomon
powder if you don't care for the taste.

Author Sunita Rautela ( ago)
lovig it.... definitly goin to make this 2day ... u two made this simple
for me ... thank u both

Author Akshara More ( ago)
I like your way to tell the receip. Thank You very much. I am in Germany
can I get( Kaju) Cashews Powder in asian shop or any other option?

Author Mahesh Bisht ( ago)
Well it is not just ingredients and timings but technique and instinct
which is to be applied to prepare kaju katri. :)

Author katie m ( ago)
Did you even tried doing these...Before even trying, i had a big doubt as
to how it can be a good sweet with raw milk powder but I ignored my
intelligence and believed these two god!

Author katie m ( ago)
Thats VERY TRUE!! These girls are not good cooks! I have tried this, not
once but twice and they are just raw milk powdered taste.....I dont know
how they broadcast their raw layman bogus cookings to others...Sorry! But
looking at the waste I had to open up and say out the truth atleast to save
others from wasting their time, energy and resources.....WATCH OUT BEWARE

Author MsSunlight2007 ( ago)
I could not find powdered cashews here.. will it work if I grind fresh
cashews? If so, should i use rosted cashews or the normal ones? Thanks in
advance! :)

Author lyricaldose ( ago)
I always wanted to know how to make these thanks!

Author Mahesh Bisht ( ago)
Nice work mam.

Author Navin - Sacred Plants ( ago)
hey again Anuja & Hetal where would we be able to get varak/vark

Author ( ago)
It is also known as Confectioners Sugar or Icing Sugar...

Author ( ago)

Author Navin - Sacred Plants ( ago)
hi guys can l use milk instead of water??

Author Subha Sri ( ago)
i tried this i came out very nice

Author TheKingbhavik ( ago)
@BalooGoogle no it wont im eating a kaju katli and it didnt damage my
kidney at all

Author MsSunlight2007 ( ago)
i don´t know by what name i can find the ´powdered sugar´ here in Europe..
It´s not icing sugar, ha?

Author Shyla P ( ago)
There seems to be a 'cook -on-flame' method, as well as this 'cold-press'
method..I guess, one has to try out both with small qualities and decide
for one self..Best of luck!

Author japanesemusiclover9 ( ago)
this is my absolute favorite Indian sweet! whenever my boyfriend gets a
package from India i always have him get some for me. i'm so happy to find
a recipe for it online especially from ShowMeTheCurry. thanks so much!

Author ( ago)
@RENNAJMAL125 : Thanks for your feedback and glad you enjoyed the Kaju
Katli :)

Author RENNAJMAL125 ( ago)
i did it and it turned out very well.....!!!!!!!!! :-) thank you so much
for the recipe...i love the way you people cook !!!

Author ( ago)
@utdhhara : Just before you start kneading the dough.

Author Dhara Shah ( ago)
thickness of kaju katli is soo goood.. i liked it a lot. if wanna do
different flavored kaju katli when things are added in it? like saffron,
strawberry, etc..

Author S Balakrishnan ( ago)
Skip the silver foil. It is not edible. It will damage your kidneys.

Author ( ago)
@ihatelovestories2050 : Nope, that is optional and only for decoration :)

Author Shima Lal ( ago)
I used milk powder and im stuck with a bowl of dry powder;( what am i doing
wrong ?

Author ( ago)
@priyenangel : Yes, same :) The store bought has a bit of cornstarch in it.

Author Shima Lal ( ago)
Is instant milk the same as powder milk from a Indian store?

Author shwetanand ( ago)
Powdered sugar= icing sugar?? Im confused?

Author ( ago)
@1973psn : The microwave tends to heat in spots and it is not very even
cooking - if you don't have a choice, we suggest you cook on a lower power
and keep stirring...

Author Priya Sankaranarayanan ( ago)
Can we heat the sugar and milk powder in the microwave oven?

Author ssaroye ( ago)

Author britneysaheb ( ago)
lol dats mah fav swt

Author jhnwrx ( ago)
Very nice thanks for recipe.

Author ( ago)
@gsupraja : Next time try cooking the Cashew Powder just a bit, remove and
then proceed with the recipe. If the milk powder granules were being seen,
it probably not heated enough and did not mix in well into the dough. Hope
that helps :)

Author Supraja Gilla ( ago)
hi i made it today it turned it good but one issue is when we eat it
,little raw flavour of the cashew is coming and small graunles of the milk
powder is shown on the burfi can u tell me what happened

Author ( ago)
@highjumperlove Maybe some of the larger Indian grocery stores may carry
it...we got our's from India. It is just for decoration so if you can't
find it, don't worry.

Author vania si ( ago)
Hi where can you find the silver foil in Singapore? Thank you!(:

Author Preveena Ramachandran ( ago)
samur420:- thank you very much for the advise!

Author Amit Raissoni ( ago)
@veenu1404 , It is silver foil, but I would suggest you don't use it as you
don't get genuine foils and they are beaten on leather (though I heard some
are made through machines.... but no sources to confirm that) , in all it
is not healthy at all , but if you want you can source it from India, try
to find Jain Silver Foil,

Author choowee ( ago)
if you wanted to make a plain milk burfee from this recipe, could we omit
the cashews and add gee? If yes, how much gee? Thanks for the recipe!

Author ( ago)
@anabob29 We have to grind it.

Author ( ago)
@veenu1404 Maybe some of the larger Indian grocery stores may carry it...we
got our's from India. It is just for decoration so if you can't find it,
don't worry.

Author Preveena Ramachandran ( ago)
Hello, where do I buy the silver wrap or whatever you call that in the US?
Thank you

Author MorganFawnvern ( ago)
@ArtStudent22 why can't you just take it into your own hands and double the
recipe or something?

Author Aman Gulati ( ago)
lol this is funny lol jk jk wtf the fk

Author anabob29 ( ago)
can you buy the kaju powder or did you grind it?

Author ( ago)
@oracle477 We have only tried this recipe with raw cashews but roasted will
probably work as well. The taste may be slightly different. We buy raw
cashews from our local Indian grocery store, but other stores like Sprouts
or Whole Foods may also carry it.

Author ( ago)
@bebo783 Rosewater gives it the store bought taste but you can definitely
leave it out.

Author Anamika Anish ( ago)
need to try it out as it looks easy:) btw is rosewater optional!!??

Author Abdul Khader ( ago)
this is not good

Author Razia Nazia ( ago)
do you know how to make kaju apple?

Author dwarf108 ( ago)
@ShowMeTheCurry thx you very much.

Author ( ago)
@bhavanapise : Yes, in India it is known as Milk Powder :)

Author ( ago)
@dwarf108 : No, it is optional. It does not add or take away from the taste
of the burfi - it is more for looks and garnishing. Enjoy :)

Author dwarf108 ( ago)
@ShowMeTheCurry do we need that silver paper (don't know name).

Author ( ago)
@kriya123 : For this video, we agree with you...but this is a very old
video and we have since got new HD cameras and sound equipment. Pl. check
out some our newer video and hopefully you will not be disappointed :)

Author kriya123 ( ago)
hi, i really like to watch your cooking and follow the recipes, but i feel
the sound quality is very very poor.

Author ( ago)
@naima64 : We really don't know which stores carry it - but think that if
you go to the bigger grocery stores, they will have it. Another good brand
is Nestle. Hope that helps.

Author femina abdulnaseer ( ago)
@ShowMeTheCurry thank you so english is not good iam living in
dubai in here where i find ts?my kids love ts dish if i made it home tey
will be very happy so plssss help me or which other brand i use pls tell me

Author femina abdulnaseer ( ago)
@ShowMeTheCurry thank you soo much my english is not good iam living in
dubai in here wher i find this?my kids love ts dish if i make it home tey
will be veryyyyy happy so plssss help me maselamaaa

Author ( ago)
@naima64 : Yes, they are the same. Carnation is a good brand of powdered

Author femina abdulnaseer ( ago)
powdered sugar or icing sugar is same?which milk powder is gud coz some of
tem tast salty wen i make some sweet dish,help me pls recipes r
sooooooooooo good thank u sooooo much

Author Pavithra Govindarajan ( ago)
thanks for the suggestion......... will do that the next time.............
great video

Author ( ago)
@loisir84 : Try heating it a little more and kneading a little
longer...that helps release the oils and helps soften the dough. Hope that

Author ( ago)
@reshu151 : You can skip it and it'll taste just as good :)

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