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Author 1crysis1 ( ago)
0:58 german and russian

Author Ethan Moophy ( ago)

Author Ismail Ersoy ( ago)
Was that Ryan Higa dropping his laptop?

Just asking.

Author derpy gamer ( ago)


Author Marcus Seal ( ago)
How come slender man is friendly ?

Author kevin cassara (owwdii) ( ago)
lmao tits or gtfo

Author TheGaming Chocolate ( ago)
Chong, I'm from the future and ps4 is released and so is the xbox one 

Author Reese Hammons ( ago)
R.i.p headphones users.

Author Crazy EmiPL ( ago)
xD xD xD

Author MrGencyExit64 ( ago)
Is this really Chat Roulette? Where are all the dongs?

Author Derrick Russell ( ago)
Those kids were just hoping to see some skin instead that kid showed his.
Fail... Lol loved this video and so old. 

Author YABOIOT23 ( ago)
anybody thinks champ looks like messi

Author sagesagevideosvideos ( ago)
had your routing wrong it happens..

Author Эвелина Хайруллина ( ago)
Russia!!! Интересно какой американец переведёт мои слова ???? :D???

Author heyare youthere ( ago)
look like the girl from bfvsgf

Author Cтрашные Истории - RussianHorrorTV ( ago)
Ich bin noch eine... Нехуянепонимаю :D

Author Adam Tise ( ago)
You need to do more chats champ!

Author Soap Destroy Of Worlds ( ago)
Sounds like a new TV show XD

Author GamingProDenmark ( ago)
1:18 That is funny that is my best friend in real life :D

Author Sarah Noelle ( ago)

Author rg34 ( ago)
Cool. Video. Nice. I like. It. Its. Awesome. Why. Did. Slender man. Go. On.
Not. Danny. Govan

Author Oliver Antal ( ago)
Aweseome Shit :P I wish id meet popular youtubers dressed in creepypasta
characters :3 but I actuslly shud go on omegle / chatroulette more often xD

Author marcelo boss ( ago)
wheres hes ps4 ??

Author Phollarat Kurdsiri ( ago)
The guy:Fuck you!!

Author jeff ( ago)
ах ты гребанный слендермен лучшеб про меня джеффа сделали обзор

Author Кристина Суханова ( ago)
3 чел Рысский. Я тоже! Блять XD Я НИХУЯ НЕ ПОНИМАЮ! XD

Author the6prosofgamersツ ( ago)
LIKES and subscribes ]

Author Roxy Shanko ( ago)
Omg I am laughing so hard 

Author Паша Кабуш ( ago)
Lool location belarus,that's unexpected)

Author Vladimir Champion ( ago)
0:57 I don't f*cking understand. XD

Author IAmY0urFather ( ago)
0:52 Deutsch Skills?

Author Jim Braley ( ago)

Author TwoBro'sHavingFun ( ago)
you are the weiredst mother fucker ever 

Author Halen2020 ( ago)
... Slenderman: more proof that most white people simply cannot dance.

Author VOCA JP ( ago)
Ахах русская девушка нихуя не поняла)))

Author seray thov ( ago)

Author ☣ SutakoRemaker ☣ ( ago)
You look like markiplier

Author gamingVST ( ago)
0:15 dj coone music is art love that song :D

Author TheSqints ( ago)
OH YEAH, very scary. Got me peeing my pants.

Author Kit Tanna ( ago)
Man yes and bad language

Author dyllan vidaña ( ago)
Please do more SLENDER MAN pranks 

Author ThePlectr ( ago)
ich bin... нихуя не понимаю)))

Author Olga Panaretou ( ago)
you look like markplier =)

Author Claviotyra FunnyBrony ( ago)
ани бихми нифига не понимаю

Author КИБЕР ТУРИСТ ( ago)
русские епта

Author Christian Estrella ( ago)
Ha i like how people went crazzzzyy just because they saw him

Author Star Rusher ( ago)
I was one of em :D

Author leander roelandt ( ago)
the second guys is from the same country as me

Author PerfectChaoX ( ago)
tits or GTFO. omg made me cry

Author Fluux Arts ( ago)
´´ik bin noch eine dsdususzds ´´xD

Author Mark Schmitt ( ago)
2:10 the creepiness begins

Author carlos benitez ( ago)
fuel slender audio problems

Author Diana Kaufmann ( ago)

Author Inès Belghazi ( ago)
hello, fuck you xD.

Author /// TheAndreyDit /// ( ago)

Author Norberto Gonzales ( ago)
Its just your friendly neighborhood slenderman

Author Peter Fonseca ( ago)

Author larry johnson ( ago)
Nigga get the fuck out the way let slender man do his work!!!

Author NotChelsieElf ( ago)

Author Madeleine Huff ( ago)
I did

Author Shadow Soap Gaming ( ago)
ear rape at 3:00

Author Shadow Soap Gaming ( ago)
did anyone notice that another slendey was in the dark room at 1:49

Author Shadow Soap Gaming ( ago)
its fake but if real i feel sorry for slenderman

Author Cedrick101 ( ago)
My god austrailians are so evil, saying fuck u to random persons even

Author Cedrick101 ( ago)
Slenderman already found me

Author PatchyAdam911 ( ago)
Tits or GTFO FTW

Author BlackWholeHeart ( ago)
poor slenderman not getting any attention

Author ranimaz ( ago)
1:14 lol

Author Sam B ( ago)
why didnt you scare people further? that would have been the real shit,
now, with this parody, it just became simply bullshit.

Author Darko Vanevski ( ago)
2:13 arab music playing

Author Smite Pro ( ago)

Author GamingWorld114 ( ago)
doo more doo more doo more but when u get girls do Tits or GTFO :) those
are the best reaction

Author Serean bunny ( ago)
im not scared of slender

Author JAKE “smol dork” ENGLISH ( ago)

Author Бункер Джеффа ( ago)
ахаххааххах руская

Author Cameron Stoneman ( ago)
Ich bin noche eine.
Ich habe eine Katze

Author John Miles ( ago)
2:39 happy dance

Author Luke Reed ( ago)
Slenderman must like music.

Author Jay- Train ( ago)
I like it how he's with iinet

Author Junaid Arends ( ago)
poor slender they keep disconnecting i would speak with him

Author Teddy HorrorBear ( ago)
Ахах Белорусска отожгла))

Author Gabriela Vazquez ( ago)

Author ‫قنآة آلهكرجي مسترآم للدفآع عن آلنفس وخطف آلقآصرآت ~!~‬‎ ( ago)
Closed Bulb best

Author Evgeniy Golub ( ago)
ahahahahah tits or gtfo XD 

Author Shia LaBeouf ( ago)
XD Tits or GTFO

Author жаслан есенгелдинов ( ago)
aim bet нехуя не панимаю))))))))

Author Imran Rashid ( ago)
he's kinda being rude to the women because he keeps on asking for tits like
his other videos 

Author Levi Perry ( ago)
I stopped watching

Author Quilvio veras ( ago)
the second guy dosent hav pants

Author Zack Dzingle ( ago)
ok am i the only person to want to see slenderman meet slenderman on CHAT

Author Mika chan ( ago)

Author David Gonzalez ( ago)
Menuda mierda de video. M-U-E-R-E-T-E

Author WGM ™ ( ago)
de at 0:59 you scared me a little 

Author The Winter ( ago)

Author NortsusGamingTeam ( ago)
0:45 alice from Resident Evil??

Author Shadau Foot ( ago)
anyone stop watching at 1:07?

Author mossel jongen ( ago)
Hoe heet dat hardstyle liedje in het begin

Author Тортик ( ago)
ну что поделать, раз английского не знаешь

Author Marley McGee (crazykittezgamer) ( ago)
... ohai :3

Author David Cassity ( ago)
2:20 rest in peace headphone users

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