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Author ☯ -SutakoRemaker LoquendoChannel - ☯ (18 days)
You look like markiplier

Author MrSilver247 (3 months)
doo more doo more doo more but when u get girls do Tits or GTFO :) those
are the best reaction

Author Shadau Foot (4 months)
anyone stop watching at 1:07?

Author Kr!$!CR4CK™® ツ (4 months)
0:17 xD

Author leander roelandt (1 month)
the second guys is from the same country as me

Author EXEcosmoman20 (4 months)
not to be mean or anything but should have just stayed out of the camera
view and let slander man be seen, tho still funny reactions from them so i
give a thumbs up

Author David Gonzalez (4 months)
Menuda mierda de video. M-U-E-R-E-T-E

Author BlackWholeHeart (2 months)
poor slenderman not getting any attention

Author TwoBro'sHavingFun (1 hour)
you are the weiredst mother fucker ever 

Author seray thov (7 days)

Author dyllan vidaña (1 month)
Please do more SLENDER MAN pranks 

Author Darko Vanevski (3 months)
2:13 arab music playing

Author WWEGTA Mirnes (4 months)
de at 0:59 you scared me a little 

Author Sherry Ellis (6 months)
cool slender

Author FireiPlay (5 months)
0:50 bad german xD

Author Shadow Soap Gaming (2 months)
did anyone notice that another slendey was in the dark room at 1:49

Author Norberto Gonzales (2 months)
Its just your friendly neighborhood slenderman

Author Kit Tanna (28 days)
Man yes and bad language

Author Olga Panaretou (1 month)
you look like markplier =)

Author Star Rusher (1 month)
I was one of em :D

Author KILLER8217 (1 month)
tits or GTFO. omg made me cry

Author MatteoIsHere (5 months)
1:20 XD

Author Diana Kaufmann (1 month)

Author John Miles (3 months)
2:39 happy dance

Author NortsusGamingTeam (4 months)
0:45 alice from Resident Evil??

Author Miton Films (4 months)
This was fuckin stupid;;;

Author Jay- Train (3 months)
I like it how he's with iinet

Author keuandra williams (5 months)
I just liked it because a just watched a slender sighting video

Author Christian Estrella (1 month)
Ha i like how people went crazzzzyy just because they saw him

Author carlos benitez (1 month)
fuel slender audio problems

Author Stan Eduard (1 month)

Author Mark Schmitt (1 month)
2:10 the creepiness begins

Author Bruno Iniesta Baldis (4 months)
I need to get a webcam.

Author James Adkins (4 months)
look at there faces

Author Imran Rashid (4 months)
he's kinda being rude to the women because he keeps on asking for tits like
his other videos 

Author Eddie Henley (5 months)

Author Zendaya Johnson (1 month)
hello, fuck you xD.

Author Zaragoza light (2 months)
Nigga get the fuck out the way let slender man do his work!!!

Author Jadedluna47 (5 months)

Author Levi Perry (4 months)
I stopped watching

Author The Winter (4 months)

Author Madeleine Huff (2 months)
I did

Author Mazen Kudsi (5 months)
3:24 i'm pretty sure his shirt was off the whole time

Author David Cassity (4 months)
2:20 rest in peace headphone users

Author ranimaz (2 months)
1:14 lol

Author Stephen Lemmon (2 months)
Yes me

Author Evgeniy Golub (3 months)
ahahahahah tits or gtfo XD 

Author Flavien Nogueras (5 months)

Author Jessica Smiles (5 months)

Author Zack Dzingle (4 months)
ok am i the only person to want to see slenderman meet slenderman on CHAT

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