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Author jonemet17 (21 hour)
Story of my life

Author IV I (39 minutes)
its story on my first minecraft play i make a stubit

Author Champion Louie (3 days)

Author saff doyle (6 days)
00:47 herobrine on the right hand side in dah fog

Author Carlisle Vinuya (10 days)
the skin that steve changed into was my first skin I used.

Author Matthew Davis (13 days)
Like the song,
Favorite line:
"Sulphur.... DOESN'T Go.... In a caaaaake"

Author GoldenMinecrafter (17 days)
When I was a noob, I watched SkyDoesMinecraft, TheSyndicateProject, and
Deadlox. I bought the game and thought
"Why would a game with NO man goal, NO action, and NO physics get this many
downloads?" But THEN, I saw a LOT more in this game than I thought. I was
HOOKED, man! I built a 16 x 16 mine and found 7 diamonds, then found 2
dogs, THEN l found 3 more diamonds, BUILT A MANSION with the 7 stacks of
wood planks l got from the trees. and THIS was the life.
But THEN you know what happened?
Creepers happened.

Author Scamp Barnabas (20 days)
So I've been baking cake wrong the whole time?...

Author Alexander Argyropoulos (22 days)

Author Jack J (26 days)
hes a better noob than I was
my first house (like I assume every1 elses ) was a 3x3 house then
10x5x3both of which were dirt

Author Gamer Jeff T. K. (1 month)

Author ZipaPvP (21 hour)
GG. Hacker

Author sound box (13 hours)
Strange parody

Author Bryson Wiggins (12 hours)
poor noob

Author christopher moreira (4 days)
This is how I started minecraft

Author Jibril Burton (2 days)

Author jimmy nawaz (6 days)
u all are noobs if u like this its fucking stupid its fucking ugly fucking

Author RexHasTheStuffs (7 days)
Why is that guy a noob He has Rare Stuff!!

Author hannah Warkentin (6 days)
N00b!HaHa! Yeaa!

Author Bryson Wiggins (12 hours)
imma noob

Author isabel ahlstrom (12 days)

Author LovelyJovely LoveLove petals (8 days)
lol i love this song

Author Coco Dison (10 days)
Professional Noob

Author Mackenzie Bien (8 days)
Ok, if you dont like it, you don't need to to go parading around the
comments section like it's everyone's business to know. Everyone is
entitled to his or her opinion. I'm just sayin'.

Author Jennifer Summitt (12 days)
Lol good parody

Author kenzie budder (10 days)
How does a noob have that stuff to build a house? Like ores that arnt
mined, enchantment table, ect.

Author Logan (12 days)
You sir just got a like

Author Krystina McDonald (9 days)
i had to sing some nights in chorus class

Author Blaze cat (11 days)
sulfur does NOT go in cake!!! 

Author Kirito Kirigaya (11 days)
It using Creative i see 

Author Jacqui Gilstrap (18 days)
my home was dirt

Author MineBuild FightRepeat (11 days)
captain sparklez laughed at you!

Author Asad Ware (10 days)

Author Roberto Mendoza (16 days)
I searched "look at me im a target" why is this like 4th? xD

Author jesselee kincade (14 days)
how do you mine diamond? I used wood it did not work


Author Kyle Merryweather (11 days)
It made my eyes melt

Author Ender Obsidian (17 days)
lol why did the parody maker made it Some Nights what about I'm a Man

Author TheDevil66627 (19 days)
This is meant for no offense to noobs, but it is TRUE!

Author royally angel (18 days)
this guys house has emralds, wow I can't even find them

Author Izzy T. (10 days)
I'm not a noob no more!

Author Tabi BunnyAJ (10 days)
your not a noob just because your steave I'm steave too but its okay but
great song

Author MrRedsoxboy2 (17 days)
OMG that was so sad

Author Gavin Gan (19 days)
Is this on android?

Author Celina Cruz (16 days)
When I was a nood I use to watch a funny movie it cheered me up you shood
try it👍😉 and you could be a pro😎💲

Author Pinkster (25 days)
I'm a noob 

Author Denny Steele (13 days)

Author Adam Dsouza (19 days)

Author Campbell Gleason (1 month)
oh so were grading noobiness on redstone work? Damn i even nobbier then him

Author ODY As (21 day)
The noob is rich

Author Iolanda Russo (17 days)
Not coments

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