"I'm a Noob" - Minecraft Parody (Music Video)

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Most nights, I stay up building awful structures.
Most people laugh as they see.
Most nights, I try to build an awesome castle.
Even creepers take pity.

But I try my best, I still build these awfully
I'm easily a professional noob.
I tried to bake a cake. It killed my girlfriend.
Sulfur doesn't go, in A cake.

This is it now, it is time. Time to fix this crime.
Why don't I break this down already?
I can't even build myself a house.
My girlfriends a zombie spouse.
I'm almost ready to just give in.

And there I see. A builder whose got years on me. He's making things out of redstone in seconds.

I aim to be. Like this guy whose a mystery. I gotta a train so I can be.. Be.. be..
Most nights, Ironically a pig will punch me.
Only to try steal my bacon
Most nights I'll stay up fixing all my structures.
So maybe the creepers will target me.

Then I see him coming, over the mountains.
I swear I could hear the angels, sing.
He brings a pickaxe, its made of diamonds.
Puts out his hand, and gives its to me.

I can see your having problems with your house.
Take some tips from me, and

Hey man, take this pick.
I can see your having your problems with all of this.
well the secret lies in more of this. (Diamonds)
Its shiny and it helps, how could it be better?
So head into the mines and be ready to hack.
Through all of the caves and mine shafts.
Cause from now on, I decree you hense be known.
As a minecraft pro so go and pawn.

And so now I'm running with diamond swords,
slashing at all the hordes.
I sit on my throne made of villagers.
I rule this world with all my might.
The creepers attack at night.
Right now, I know. I'm not a noob.

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Runtime: 3:23
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Author Cerberus Jack (24 days)
lol just played the minecraft demo on pc, and i loved it! lol i hope to
get it soon, probally on the ps3 since my computer stinks XD ended up
making my base underground with alot of torches and doors it was so cool,
until after finding diamonds and redstone and gold, i got greedy and ended
up in lava and lost it all XD lmao cant wait to see what else minecraft has
in store for me ^^

Author Derpninja (7 days)
How is he a noob? He had a girlfriend, (well then she died but that's
besides the point), you would have to be super rich to build that house he
made out of those materials, and he was in gamemode 1.

Author dalmation black (16 days)
That guy isn't a noob. He has an enchantment table, and managed to get
himself a silk touch pick because his house has emerald and lapis ore.

Author Gabriel Ferdinandsson (25 days)
I mı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ade you wipe your screen.

Author ghast girl (3 months)
maybe he was in creative when he had all that cool ores and stuff XD

Author Millwall Joe (4 months)

Author ToastyWaffles (2 months)
who's that guy at 0:48 not the on the right side

Author Andrew Nope (6 months)
he has a silk touch pick (thats how he has emerald and lapis ore), lapis,
emeralds, a music box, some end portal frames, some enchantment tables,
gold, an ender chest, and nether brick.

Author koalten j (3 months)
holy crap, This video uses way too much creative mode for a noob, near 1:35
it shows survival, but pretty much everything else is creative!

Author troy Wheeler (5 days)
Oi I actually seen your offrr songs and they were pretty good so im sorry
about that comment I sent and keep up the good work

Author Camryn Pearson (18 days)
Thos is cute because I like that u made lots of detals

Author BAM Network (4 months)
Being A Noob Was The Best Part Of Minecraft. Sometimes I Just Wish I Was A
Noob Again. There Was So Many Memories That I Had When I Was A Noob. I
Wanna Be A Noob Again So Bad. :'(

Author The Extreme Builder (24 days)
This is a beautiful song. :)

Author Herobrine Fan44 (29 days)
I will never bother a noob

Author Kylee Marshall (1 month)
Meany Some People Just Are New YOUR MEAN!!!!!

Author jonemet17 (7 months)
Story of my life

Author Sean Gallagher (1 month)
we were all noobs ones

Author MinecraftLIKEABOSS (5 months)
This reminds me of when I started minecraft. I had SOME knowledge of the
game. At the start, I kept having to ask my friend the controls

Author Elio Zaarour (1 month)
I love it I know this might be a old song but it's very nice I say this
song should get billions of likes!

Author PIE Squad (5 months)
i was never a noob i dont know why...

Author BraydenGamingNStuff (7 months)
He has emeralds, ender portal frames, tnt, lamps, gold blocks, jukeboxes,
sponge, pistons, and enchantment tables. Not a noob if you ask me. Just is
very wise with space, as he builds it out of tools.

Author Dannyer0110 (5 months)
How is he a noob? He had gamemode 1

Author Gaming Canadian (3 months)
all steves are noobs because they dont know how to change their skin

Author Mr Blue Alligator | Swim this River! (2 months)
I enjoy this song while playing minecraft. It Expresses what I have been
when I first joined minecraft. It was hard for me to play, until I have got
much interest in building. I practiced everything I could to become a pro,
and I have accomplished a lot throughout time, please Reply if you have a
special talent in minecraft, or anything you'd like to share about if you
have ever been a noob. Thank you :)

Author adriana fustino (44 minutes)
where is herobrine cant see him ill work it out see you later

Author Caron Jones-kizzie (4 days)

Author MrKris2832 (20 hours)
Fail! He was in Creative mode on the video! 2:22

Author Jan Vickers (3 hours)
poor noob

Author Juan Luna (2 days)
Because right now I know am not a noob :D cool I like your new

Author Leah Russell (4 days)
I love it

Author HappyPepperDog (2 days)
The definition of noob is an expierienced player acting unexperienced

Author Jamie Jolie Little (7 days)
The story of Captain...

Author the unknown player (3 days)
This song messed up

Author Aditya Kresna (5 days)
what is the real song

Author FireStone Plays (13 days)
i now feel bad for noobs :l

Author jumping bean (4 days)
btw DeathRainerUniverse im sry about a while ago when I was calling u mean
stuff...I thought u were the one calling me a noob... plz forgive me

Author Enderboy40 (11 days)
I tried to bake a cake it killed my girlfriend. Hahahahahaha!

Author RubyDeluxe (10 days)
Love it dude

Author Cameron Mark (7 days)
I saw him

Author Karina Kloogh (10 days)
Az nabbed gbjvahfs

Author Kristi Diamonds (13 days)
That song was beautiful :')

Author Mania Scope (15 days)

Author pedro lopes (21 day)
00:46 The Herobrine !!!

Author Captinpixles (13 days)
yı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ur screen has a scratch!

Author Sergio Macias (24 days)
How did he get the portal frames and emerald ores and other expensive

Author David Cooper (16 days)
hes not noob he has ep
ic stuff

Author Mars Trees (16 days)
The noobs use of creative mode is proved in this video and in my worlds on
the computer... 😊 I'm a noob still on that version the controls are more

Author peaceful vengeance band (16 days)
You guys are great singers.

Author iEnderJayson and the CreepyPasta king (17 days)
I like this real song more than the parody you made of it no offense but i
like EnderMan more than payphone

Author Michelle Alonso (5 months)
Nope! I was a pro from the very start! I watched videos about Minecraft
before I bought it so I knew how to craft most items, and I knew how to
brew potions! Yes, yes, bow before me!

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