"I'm a Noob" - Minecraft Parody of Fun's Some Nights (Music Video)

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Most nights, I stay up building awful structures.
Most people laugh as they see.
Most nights, I try to build an awesome castle.
Even creepers take pity.

But I try my best, I still build these awfully
I'm easily a professional noob.
I tried to bake a cake. It killed my girlfriend.
Sulfur doesn't go, in A cake.

This is it now, it is time. Time to fix this crime.
Why don't I break this down already?
I can't even build myself a house.
My girlfriends a zombie spouse.
I'm almost ready to just give in.

And there I see. A builder whose got years on me. He's making things out of redstone in seconds.

I aim to be. Like this guy whose a mystery. I gotta a train so I can be.. Be.. be..
Most nights, Ironically a pig will punch me.
Only to try steal my bacon
Most nights I'll stay up fixing all my structures.
So maybe the creepers will target me.

Then I see him coming, over the mountains.
I swear I could hear the angels, sing.
He brings a pickaxe, its made of diamonds.
Puts out his hand, and gives its to me.

I can see your having problems with your house.
Take some tips from me, and

Hey man, take this pick.
I can see your having your problems with all of this.
well the secret lies in more of this. (Diamonds)
Its shiny and it helps, how could it be better?
So head into the mines and be ready to hack.
Through all of the caves and mine shafts.
Cause from now on, I decree you hense be known.
As a minecraft pro so go and pawn.

And so now I'm running with diamond swords,
slashing at all the hordes.
I sit on my throne made of villagers.
I rule this world with all my might.
The creepers attack at night.
Right now, I know. I'm not a noob.

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Author ghast girl (16 days)
maybe he was in creative when he had all that cool ores and stuff XD

Author Millwall Joe (1 month)

Author Andrew Nope (3 months)
he has a silk touch pick (thats how he has emerald and lapis ore), lapis,
emeralds, a music box, some end portal frames, some enchantment tables,
gold, an ender chest, and nether brick.

Author koalten j (11 days)
holy crap, This video uses way too much creative mode for a noob, near 1:35
it shows survival, but pretty much everything else is creative!

Author MinecraftLIKEABOSS (1 month)
This reminds me of when I started minecraft. I had SOME knowledge of the
game. At the start, I kept having to ask my friend the controls

Author Very Crazy Griefer -TNTMaster (3 days)

Author BAM Network (1 month)
Being A Noob Was The Best Part Of Minecraft. Sometimes I Just Wish I Was A
Noob Again. There Was So Many Memories That I Had When I Was A Noob. I
Wanna Be A Noob Again So Bad. :'(

Author Michelle Alonso (2 months)
Nope! I was a pro from the very start! I watched videos about Minecraft
before I bought it so I knew how to craft most items, and I knew how to
brew potions! Yes, yes, bow before me!

Author tristan streeter (27 days)
Dammit I wrote lyrics for a song about how i'm a noob and I was going to
name it I'm a Noob but you already did it so I can't make the song

Author jumping bean (27 days)
at 0:36 you can see the TNT Exploding!

Author jonemet17 (4 months)
Story of my life

Author Gary Arnebeck (1 month)
did anybody see someone else on the ice when he was walking

Author RevengePvP Lee (29 days)
He was in creative mod

Author T15H3N (1 month)
Yep, he is a noob. He has End portal pieces (wth how?) second, to get
those lapis and emerald ores, he'd need a silk pick (which means he had to
have crafted an enchantment table) someone explain this to me.

Author Dannyer0110 (1 month)
How is he a noob? He had gamemode 1

Author Anthony mcgrane (1 month)
noob to pro it nice lol

Author BraydenGamingNStuff (3 months)
He has emeralds, ender portal frames, tnt, lamps, gold blocks, jukeboxes,
sponge, pistons, and enchantment tables. Not a noob if you ask me. Just is
very wise with space, as he builds it out of tools.

Author PIE Squad (2 months)
i was never a noob i dont know why...

Author Alexander Argyropoulos (4 months)

Author danielogmathias1 (2 months)
thanks i finally know how to be a pro
but its gonna be hard to say bye to deadbush

Author traxos eoc (4 months)
oh only if people actually would be that nice in reality, sad they are not

Author Trinity Gieger (2 months)
If he builds crap with ENDER CHESTS AND TNT he is not a noob

Author FSGames (2 months)
Exploding Cake,Creative Block,Meet Captain Sparkles on Server,Have a
Server,Kill a girlfriend and in song he found one again........He is a

Author Amirul Zikry (3 months)
I Saw Herobrine in the Video 0:47

hey at least he could craft and get all of that awesome stuff :D

Author Slottize . (2 months)
he isnt that nooby if he is able to obtain a enchantment table and BREAK A

Author Sebastian Hamagishi (2 months)
his 1st house looked ok and there was enchanting table how does he get
diamnds and no pickaxe and why did he blow up his house?

Author westin decker (3 months)
minecraft relativeity

Author Rulebrkr Of Nerdlaindia (2 months)
he has sponge he was secretly an admin just messing around O.o

Author Maddie Marshall (2 months)
How did he get the ore and stuff if he didnt have a pick... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ... ...:\

Author Call Me Jas (3 months)
So you can only have your own skin wen your not a noob anymore huh?

Author Ben Smith (3 days)
Is it actually herobrine there or the person that gives him the diamond

Author Fernando Rosalie (3 days)
Thats Actually Mean Though

Author Letsplay Clash (4 days)

Author Craz262 (4 days)
The premium accounts DO NOT WORK they hack into your account and post the
offer also it gives a stupid virus

Author Beaver Boy (5 days)
herobrine at 0:48

Author MineABlock (7 days)
This song is sad :( it's noobist

Author Sam Campbell (7 days)
The buildings he made as a noob where AWESOME I can't build anything like
it ;-). To me :-(

Author aianne co-salisi (7 days)
Nice and good

Author randycraft randy (9 days)
I think hes better off being a noob

Author Katie Morgan (9 days)

Author Logan Runyon (10 days)
Ending: the minecraft 'pro' is making redstone things and a noob sees him
and the pro gives him a diamond pick and so on

Author Hacimthedream1 (10 days)
Captainsparklez at the beginning lol

Author thekkidzz (11 days)
mm! sulfer does go in a cak-- Boom! :)

Author Toni Monaghan (11 days)
U dont need silk touch pic to get a jukebox and a enchantment table andrew

Author Big Bang Beauty. (12 days)

Author Mattman TheEpicGamer (14 days)
So lol

Author Briana George (14 days)

Author AkkeErotica1990 (4 months)
2:26 it's on creative mod.

Author Abdul Hotakey (15 days)
Story of me

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