"I'm a Noob" - Minecraft Parody (Music Video)

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Most nights, I stay up building awful structures.
Most people laugh as they see.
Most nights, I try to build an awesome castle.
Even creepers take pity.

But I try my best, I still build these awfully
I'm easily a professional noob.
I tried to bake a cake. It killed my girlfriend.
Sulfur doesn't go, in A cake.

This is it now, it is time. Time to fix this crime.
Why don't I break this down already?
I can't even build myself a house.
My girlfriends a zombie spouse.
I'm almost ready to just give in.

And there I see. A builder whose got years on me. He's making things out of redstone in seconds.

I aim to be. Like this guy whose a mystery. I gotta a train so I can be.. Be.. be..
Most nights, Ironically a pig will punch me.
Only to try steal my bacon
Most nights I'll stay up fixing all my structures.
So maybe the creepers will target me.

Then I see him coming, over the mountains.
I swear I could hear the angels, sing.
He brings a pickaxe, its made of diamonds.
Puts out his hand, and gives its to me.

I can see your having problems with your house.
Take some tips from me, and

Hey man, take this pick.
I can see your having your problems with all of this.
well the secret lies in more of this. (Diamonds)
Its shiny and it helps, how could it be better?
So head into the mines and be ready to hack.
Through all of the caves and mine shafts.
Cause from now on, I decree you hense be known.
As a minecraft pro so go and pawn.

And so now I'm running with diamond swords,
slashing at all the hordes.
I sit on my throne made of villagers.
I rule this world with all my might.
The creepers attack at night.
Right now, I know. I'm not a noob.

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Author Milo s (9 days)
Like if your watching in 2015

Author mgs2018Bloodknight (1 month)
been playing since alpha suck it skrubs >:3

Author Derpninja (4 months)
How is he a noob? He had a girlfriend, (well then she died but that's
besides the point), you would have to be super rich to build that house he
made out of those materials, and he was in gamemode 1.

Author shirina rong (1 month)
Does anyone notice the 'angel' is actually the 'guy that can make redstone
in seconds'?

Author CutiePie2001 PlayzGamez (3 months)
This is sad, I don't make fun of noobs, I help them. I don't really like
this video, no ones a noob. They just are not as good as other players, I
don't make fun of noobs, and you guys shouldn't either....who agrees with
me? Well, there has to be someone that cares about people and noobs. At
least 1 person.

Author dalmation black (4 months)
That guy isn't a noob. He has an enchantment table, and managed to get
himself a silk touch pick because his house has emerald and lapis ore.

Author The Cool One Guy (2 months)
(LISTIN) Noobs Aren't Great But they're Awesome I Love This Video But I
Don't Make Fun Of Noobs I Love Noobs And They Rule At Playing Minecraft (

Author K Gasimov (1 month)
Now i'm a minecraft pro, but i remember that feeling, when you play the
full version for the first time, and discover lots of stuff. That
feeling...a mix of excitement and look up everything on the wiki
or on youtube...i want that feeling back. I know almost everything about
minecraft, i'm good with redstone, i know how to find diamonds easily. I
remember how i discovered the pressure plate. I was making a path from my
(dirt) house-thingy to a ravine i found, with pressure plates, cuz' they
kinda look like those path thingy's right? Then i stepped on one of them,
and the door opened up. I was like : ERRMARRGURRD KILL IT WITH FIJAAAAH
WIIIIITCHCRAAAAAFTTT!! I want that feeling back. I love that feeling.

Author The Clan Of Gaming (16 days)
his a pro he got the portal

Author Andy Vu (24 days)
How is he a noob when he has emerald ore and end portal frames?

Author PyroProtocol (1 month)
minecraft update 1.9 patch notes.
new tool-noobium pickaxe:
-ability to harvest end portal frames.
-only obtainable from loging in with new account
-has infinite uses
-is destroyed when dropped
Removed herobrine

end patch notes

Author Superdupernoob YTchannel (6 days)
I am a noob, and when I realized it, I became used to it, now I have a
YouTube channel called Superdupernoob, I am probably the first person who
is proud of being a noob

Author محمد سعد (1 month)
شايع لازم تشوف ذي

Author devon klotz (1 month)
It was sad. I like it. But I don't make fun of noods. No one is a nood.

Author GappleTime (3 months)
How do you make cake?

Author The Mod (8 days)
I agree with CutiePie2001 PlayzGamez.

Author minergirl 106 (1 month)
I have this on my playlist i'm not ashamed and I'm proud to be *stands on
top of table* A NOOB!!!!

Author Shirley Strickland (17 days)
Hey we all start as noobs don't you think so ha 👅

Author Machelle Shelton (1 month)
"I'm a Noob" - Minecraft Parody (Music Video):

Author Life_ With_mady (3 days)
You were never alone everyone's a noob once 

Author Maxjano Pawlowski (1 month)
One of my favourite minecraft songs!

Author Cerberus Jack (4 months)
lol just played the minecraft demo on pc, and i loved it! lol i hope to
get it soon, probally on the ps3 since my computer stinks XD ended up
making my base underground with alot of torches and doors it was so cool,
until after finding diamonds and redstone and gold, i got greedy and ended
up in lava and lost it all XD lmao cant wait to see what else minecraft has
in store for me ^^

Author David Meechan (29 days)
How did he get a girlfriend if he is a noob

Author Bree Weaver (1 month)
I'm kinda waiting to hear no animals were harmed during the making of this

Author salma nekmard (12 days)
I agree to cutiepie what she/he said 

Author k cain (4 days)

Author That'sSoBrunette (25 days)
Noob has two enchantment tables, silk touch to get ore blocks, and cake.
I wish I was this good when I was a noob.

Author Armin is stalking you (7 days)
I'm kind of like this guy but I play in creative and take everything and
then I play survival does that make me a noob and when I don't play
creative I play survival and make a dirt House 

Author Hilba Carazo (6 days)
They have no right to talk i use to be a noob but i was helped and now i
help them and they become a pro

Author Theminecraftcat (1 month)
wait creepers are supust to atake you {joke}

Author PickChickMC (3 months)
Lol this feels so old, like an old classic or something xP

Author Itzty Gaming (3 months)
Memories from when I was a noob:'')

Author Jason Rae Punzalan (2 months)
What is the original song? It's not in the description

Author killerking 511 (29 days)
i remember the days i was a noob

Author CursedAtomZ GT (15 days)
Sad Video i am helping some noobs and if there is Harmful mobs example
charge creeper i will let the noob in his house and also we must not say
noob we must say poor insted of noob cause noob is a beginer we will call
them poor

Author Kullie Kennedy (21 day)
I do.

Author CARS PLAYS MC (1 month)
how is he a noob he has 2 enchantment tables end portal frames and a ender
chest I think he is just showing off his swag

Author Meguel Casio (11 days)
Well if you have been a noob before you might as well feel what they feel
since its very hard to make a cool house for noobs now dont make fun of
noobs guys!Its very hard for them to build k.

Author DJBRON3 scratch (17 days)
Lol he beats up villagers

Author Dylan Grzybowski (1 month)
Noobs are awesome. I <3 noobs. Plus i actually like those miss-match
houses. Weird i know. Thats just me.

Author Nestor Mendoza (21 day)
im anoob at minecraft but when the time people help me ia m apro now long
story cant explain but my classmate told me how to be a pro

Author agustin espiga (1 month)

Author Julia Clark (24 days)
Noob>----- is me

Author Aquetizer - ROBLOX Videos! (1 month)
Laughing at all these autists right now, kek.

Author yang kathy (20 days)
what is that song called

Author Leah Ogilvie (24 days)
Herobrine a 5:00

Author Sadeem Albir (7 days)
Amazing song 🏆🏆👍👍👍☑️

Author rei Zel (1 month)
He Said He Tried His Best His A Believer

Author Mania Scope (1 month)
LPS nightskies i agree with you soooo much

Author Josh Radler (6 days)
I am good at Minecraft but so are noods

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