"I'm a Noob" - Minecraft Parody (Music Video)

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Most nights, I stay up building awful structures.
Most people laugh as they see.
Most nights, I try to build an awesome castle.
Even creepers take pity.

But I try my best, I still build these awfully
I'm easily a professional noob.
I tried to bake a cake. It killed my girlfriend.
Sulfur doesn't go, in A cake.

This is it now, it is time. Time to fix this crime.
Why don't I break this down already?
I can't even build myself a house.
My girlfriends a zombie spouse.
I'm almost ready to just give in.

And there I see. A builder whose got years on me. He's making things out of redstone in seconds.

I aim to be. Like this guy whose a mystery. I gotta a train so I can be.. Be.. be..
Most nights, Ironically a pig will punch me.
Only to try steal my bacon
Most nights I'll stay up fixing all my structures.
So maybe the creepers will target me.

Then I see him coming, over the mountains.
I swear I could hear the angels, sing.
He brings a pickaxe, its made of diamonds.
Puts out his hand, and gives its to me.

I can see your having problems with your house.
Take some tips from me, and

Hey man, take this pick.
I can see your having your problems with all of this.
well the secret lies in more of this. (Diamonds)
Its shiny and it helps, how could it be better?
So head into the mines and be ready to hack.
Through all of the caves and mine shafts.
Cause from now on, I decree you hense be known.
As a minecraft pro so go and pawn.

And so now I'm running with diamond swords,
slashing at all the hordes.
I sit on my throne made of villagers.
I rule this world with all my might.
The creepers attack at night.
Right now, I know. I'm not a noob.

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Author Sedat Çelik ( ago)
lol noob is not noob. noob's have emerald ore. LOL

Author Mark Avery ( ago)

Author Twinkiegaming (1093 years ago)

Author flamingheart 1087 (1822 years ago)
yeah calling ppl a noob is just rude cause ya its true everyone in
minecraft was once a noob if any. and think of how you would feel if
someone kept calling you a noob.

Author Tori Pfister (368 years ago)
how did he get enchantment table when he is a noob THAT COSTS A DIMAND
PICKAXE if noobs had dimands he would not be a noob

Author Hermann Fegelein ( ago)
Meanwhile in roblox:
<,︻╦╤─ ҉ -

Author Wesley Escobar ( ago)
when i was a noob... there was so many things i did wrong in minecraft...

Author Evie White ( ago)
noobs don't bum the game

Author Jody Vorfeld ( ago)
I love the song but noob dose sound rude

Author Diandra Rayya ( ago)
This is very offensive to me, I played minecraft over a year now and i know
i can craft. but this just killed me inside that those people somewhere,
are struggling to be a pro. pros are just dumb. they dont know how it means
to people who cant play, to build a house, to craft, to just achive
something. and they just stomp all over you.

Author Minecraft Pro Guy Awsome ( ago)

Author Minecraft Pro Guy Awsome ( ago)
i watched this when i was 5

Author DiamondTurtleGamer ( ago)
$300 made $150 youtube taxes then making it $30 you made $120

Author Rubina Nando ( ago)

Author Rubina Nando ( ago)

Author Elizabeth Potts ( ago)
i love it

Author Valery Lemus ( ago)
Lol ▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂★

Author Matt Volpe ( ago)
A noob wouldn't have thought of having the crafting table in the floor,
though. That's a space saving option that not even all pros think of. Lol.

Author Matt Volpe ( ago)
I find it offensive that Youtube had this highlighted for "My Mix -
Designed just for you" on the first page.

Author xxLILYxxMC ( ago)
Me like a year ago XD

Author Estefania Garcia ( ago)
Best song ever I allways watch this song so many times

Author FireHead Fred ( ago)
So funny! :D

Author Tyler Hall ( ago)
lets do a word chain
Most nights, I stay up building awful structures.
Most people laugh as they see.

Author Mona Hefner ( ago)
I know a lot of commands so I can get

Author Good Job (1161 year ago)
You build very good - Good Job

Author yusuf haintini ( ago)
no noob bitchis he i good builder

Author Damon Myers Jr ( ago)
Noobs are pros using workig with worthless blocks

Author Xepic_piggehX ( ago)
How the fuck is he a noob if he found EMERALD-ORE, yes ORE, in his house??

Author Emily Sitter (483 years ago)
I am the biggest noon in survival but I am a pro in creative and I am
scared without anyone in the the game

Author Emily Sitter (1084 years ago)
Storm rider mc this is how I became a good player lots of
practice,minecraft hand books,lots of how to build in minecraft
videos,friends teaching me,also just believe in yourself.

Author Regular Bystander (1428 years ago)
what the song it came from

Author Winged Winter Wolf ( ago)
I think I saw Herobrine at :47

Author Winged Winter Wolf ( ago)
What's the real song?

Author Ivan Gamer_44 ( ago)
The noobs are awesome, he's found sponge! :D

Author Ivan Gamer_44 ( ago)
2k pros that don't help noobs disliked this video

Author Lynn Crawford ( ago)
This vedieo is awesome

Author LPSShinyCrystals ( ago)

Author liam gillingham ( ago)

Author huss2508 ( ago)
Wich apps you use 

Author Rockin' Fox AJ (NicoleTheFox) ( ago)
This is so my theme song XDDDD

Author SonicPlayer1225 ( ago)
"Sulphur doesn't go in a cake" and "Most nights, ironically, a pig will
punch me" are too funny to be in an MC song.

Author Tommy & Tonya White ( ago)
Wow intense why what pro gives a noob a diamond pick and how did the noob
get a end portal frame and a enchantment table like HOW

Author Elianna Eviris ( ago)
Mah bro says I'm a noob :C

I quitted MC 2 years ago...and still calls me a noob

Author kubamax9 Kubowski ( ago)
Im getting so much nostalgia when i listen to it :) Man,it reminds me of
old times ;.; Great song i love it!

Author Dragonsfart99 ( ago)
i like it

Author Jade Tuazon ( ago)
How is he a noob he has end frames you can't get that in survival! !

Author Paul Pacoutas ( ago)
For now on because of this song I will be nice to noobs because I know I
would not like to be a noob 

Author chiken ( ago)
is this csgo?

Author Wolfey Cheetah ( ago)

Author Began Gurung ( ago)
Cool man 

Author EpicCreeper ( ago)
There is no noob like someone who laughs at outer people. 

Author -_- Adeel -_- (758 years ago)
This song is sick

Author Orange Smoke ( ago)
Everyone noobs and pro are samething. Its minecraft you can do what u want
to and people play different ways 

Author SkypigXnite ( ago)
Hes a pro at the start because he made an enchantment table that requires
obsidian that u need a diamond pick to mine plus 2diamonds???

Author John Myers ( ago)
Vary BAD

Author Noob Killer ( ago)
Sucks like every other minecraft song.

*Grabs popcorn and waits for 3 year old retards to complain*

Author Evie White ( ago)
The first house had a gold block and some other things like redstone lamp u
need a iron PIC to mine that so he is not a noob

Author Alec Hernandez (373 years ago)

Author Alec Hernandez (419 years ago)
Your a mega noob

Author Themalleobros ( ago)
0:03 how did he get the end portal?

Author DatGamingPotato ( ago)
Why is he gone?

Author The Diamond Boat ( ago)
TheBlueSword is a NOOB so thanks for the song it was for him!!! xD

Author The Red Iron ( ago)

Author DeadWarrior58McChannel ( ago)
this is the song for all my friends :P

Author patrick broderick ( ago)
The autism is real.

Author pinkamena Murder ( ago)
worst minecraft song EVER!

Author Guillermo Salgado ( ago)
His old house is actually pretty cool

Author MLG Foxy Plays ( ago)
aww i was like this noob when i frist joined now im a pro i have
1000000000000000000 diamonds in 1000000000000000000000000000000000 chests

Author Michiche Charlo ( ago)
Soooooosssooo cuttteeeee

Author Jed Bradford ( ago)
This video actually made me feel really sad. I almost cried. Guys out your
self in there shoes and see how they feel

Author Jed Bradford ( ago)
On servers if someone does one tiny thing wrong you see the chat being
spammed with NOOB! I mean we were all once a noob we tried out best and
everyone just called you a noob don't call people noobs put your self in
there shoes and see how they feel being called a noob all the time. All you
haters stop calling people noobs you were a noob before how would you feel
if you made a house and you thought it was awesome then got called a noob

Author Taht Destiny KidHD ( ago)
Ex: You have a gold block, And you exchange it to butter for 3 emeralds.

Author FrozenTundra332 ( ago)
thats me 2:30

Author KingofPros21 ( ago)
The mining scene bothered me because they were in creative

Author Darkassassin 408 ( ago)
i'm like the guy who the "noob" in the video aims to be like when he see's
he's having problems and goes over to help him

Author Maksym Miłosz ( ago)
daj lajka

Author Veronica Diaz ( ago)
Did any one know that steve is the BIGGEST noob in Minecraft !!!!!!!!! Lol
its true 

Author RobloxDumo ( ago)

Author peerieivan ( ago)

Author BlueStar ellie0821 (843 years ago)
I feel you steve. ik how it feels When people just say
''no 1 likes you''
and ''ew look a noob''
but that was when i had a Steve skin

Author Cass B ( ago)

Author Xmoonsheep ( ago)
If a noob can make a TNT cake, I am a noob+++++++++++

Author DinocrocLGC Cook ( ago)
great job I think this video gets a 7 out of 5 star rating

Author Hayley Thomson ( ago)
This song is beautiful 

Author DatGamingPotato ( ago)
I made a song like this about builders! How can I send it to you?

Author zendaya ( ago)
That's better than sky does Minecraft 😃😃

Author BobTheBobCatt ( ago)
What's the original version of this song?

Author Ivan Cavizo ( ago)

Author Animation Nation ( ago)
Just a noob with emeralds and other really rare stuff

Author Darrin Rogers ( ago)
Same thing happened to me my friend introduced it to me and now I'm hooked
to it funny thing though that particular friend is fed up with minecraft

Author Aracely Bautista ( ago)
Nice song it's awsome

Author actiondude 178450 ( ago)
so what if he's a noob atleast he tries to build a house but he's in
creative so.

Author Hazel Gaming ( ago)
I feel like i was never a noob but i was i got mc for my birthday i believe
but i knew what i was doing because waaaaay before i got mc i watch
minecraft videos and i learned EVERY minecraft recipe and i knew every
single thing 

Author Noegmad ( ago)
He's not a nood his house is built of stuff that's hard to get

Author Martin Heon ( ago)
Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :
O aetgg

Author lfcbam ( ago)
I mean :D not :d

Author lfcbam ( ago)
What does :d mean 

Author lfcbam ( ago)
I'm a noob at everything 😥I want to be a pro 😎🎮🇬🇧😃

Author Brittny Allen ( ago)

Author SneakyVonPotato ( ago)
So beautiful.

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