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Author Andy Vu (2 months)
How is he a noob when he has emerald ore and end portal frames?

Author ωєвкιηzℓυνєяѕ333♡ (1 month)
what is this a parody of?

Author CutiePie2001 PlayzGamez (5 months)
This is sad, I don't make fun of noobs, I help them. I don't really like
this video, no ones a noob. They just are not as good as other players, I
don't make fun of noobs, and you guys shouldn't either....who agrees with
me? Well, there has to be someone that cares about people and noobs. At
least 1 person.

Author Useless info channel (1 month)
"Most people laugh as they see"
Thats me watching this vid XDDD

Author Mgs2010Bloodknight (3 months)
been playing since alpha suck it skrubs >:3

Author SuperAwesomeMan (1 month)
what is the name of the original song? I used to love the original song but
can't remember the name

Author Legogician Brian (1 day)
I think noob are AWESOME!!! They get sponges and enchanting tables and end
frames! But they are too stupid to even cheat!

Author Deven West (12 days)
What song is this song

Author tony 2015 (8 days)
OMG same happend with me I was mining I don't know how to find diamonds but
I always find it by luck but on a survival server I mined many days but
nothing :( . one day a girl called me and gave me 11 diamonds I was sooo
happy I can't explain :) as return gift I gave her 64 redstone and that day
made me a pro I can now find diamonds easily without luck : ) I want to
thank her really 

Author David Meechan (2 months)
How did he get a girlfriend if he is a noob

Author MakeMyCakeSteak (1 month)
HES NOT A NOOB! He has ender portal frames and emerald ores. Thats not

Author Zoey Collito (8 days)
I do to🙆🙆

Author khaw kung (1 month)
what is actual song no parody

Author fadi jarrar (9 days)
Guys did you see herobrine in 56

Author Gerardo Castillo (1 month)
Oh the old days of being a noob I miss them I just want to go back to those

Author Kayla Lerietta (9 days)
I WAS LISTENING TO IM AN ALBATROAZ (dunno how to spell D:) and I saw this

Author Ellie Bullock (10 days)
Like the song dude 

Author devon klotz (3 months)
It was sad. I like it. But I don't make fun of noods. No one is a nood.

Author محمد سعد (3 months)
شايع لازم تشوف ذي

Author Eldon Phelps (7 days)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Author dalmation black (6 months)
That guy isn't a noob. He has an enchantment table, and managed to get
himself a silk touch pick because his house has emerald and lapis ore.

Author Dadang Karmani (3 days)
This show when were noob,we can be rich by trying not to give up =)

Author Altheo Concepcion (5 days)
did you see herobrine there

Author Jadkinsa1 (1 month)
Original song?

Author Indi Roberts (24 days)
Thanks for giving me some convince I feel alot better know

I m a noob

Author christine grabowski (8 days)

Author Harna Ras (28 days)
I watch in 2015

Author Josie Catlover (7 days)
No ones a noob we all play differently and that fine =D

Author The Cool One Guy (4 months)
(LISTIN) Noobs Aren't Great But they're Awesome I Love This Video But I
Don't Make Fun Of Noobs I Love Noobs And They Rule At Playing Minecraft (

Author Dan Sho (28 days)
the problem with this is a lot of excellent stuff at his dispense, or maybe
hes a noob cause he doesn't know what to do with it? diamonds don't mean
your pro

Author KK Kaopua (1 month)
Why Captainsparklez?

Author jenny navarro (2 days)
On minecraft server they though i was a noob and they were'nt talking to me
at all.

Author Hriday Bhojani (12 days)
Who ever made the amazing Yelps or whatever it is........ I want a toilet
paper with ur name on it !!!!!! UR AMAZINGGGGGG

Author Rodrigo Garcia (3 days)
YAY he killed his girlfriend

Author minecraftketin (2 days)
This song mad me cry because of how bad I have been treating noobs. NOOBS

Author Maria Cristina Aquino (16 days)
Noobs are awsome who they are they are special and thats mesn if you hate
them i actuly like noobs sometimes i agree cutie

Author Diamond channel (6 days)
0:48 did anyone see the player on the ice?

Author Krzys Zawadka (12 days)
nobbbbbb to ty XD nawet gma nie możecie wyłączyć ;p

Author Joe Wallen (20 days)
Its just a song Andy Vu

Author Minecraft Beast (8 days)
T.T I've been playing so long I'm such a pro no offense to newbies I'm
sorry i can't hold it in. Sometimes when I play online with my friend
we're done with our house in like 5 mins.We work so good with each other
and I bet I can get diamonds in like 1 hour.So mostly I'm a professional
Pro :3.You guys might wanna friend me on minecraft. Depends on the console,
so I got an Xbox One Xbox 360 my brother has an Xbox and a pc so pm me if u
wanna friend me i'll give you my n and I bet this gout isn't a noob he just
wanted to make a vid or he just started off mine craft and made a vid plz
pm me if you want a tip on how to build houses.Hint Hint: Plan the house
before you make it make the floor and walls 1 block high to see how big or
wide it'll be then you have to try to build the roof and what that's gonna
be made of and how it'll look so plz keep this in mind if you have or get
mine craft and you have trouble building stuff and farms.

Author lawrence williams (11 days)
If your a pro don't make fon of noons you were a noon at dome pout

Author Ugnius Zukas (1 month)
I like this video but i not like noob i am pro in minecraft and my nickname
is SuperMobsLT 

Author NoobPlaysYT (1 month)
I am a noob i dont care what people say im still a noob

Author jasmine wilson (12 days)
What is the original song

Author Theminecraftcat (3 months)
wait creepers are supust to atake you {joke}

Author Jeff Plays (1 month)
Man this song reminds me back when I was a nOob :,) them good times

Author Allison Hodge (16 days)
That's just sad and I use to be a noob myself 😒

Author Janina Flambouras (1 month)
Sorry it's so sad

Author sandra lopez (19 days)

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