Minecraft: Wither Skeleton Farming Tips

Minecraft wither skeleton farming tips / guide on improving spawn rates.

Wither skeletons are the key to creating withers and ultimately beacons ... plus their skulls make excellent headwear. In this video I highlight the key info you need to know to find them and kill them.

KaboPC's mob spawner mod details:

Music by Approaching Nirvana:
Song used: Super Happy Fun Time - Buy it on iTunes:

Music used with permission:

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Author Jesse xander (8 months)
there is a lot a false info in the comments here , i have done some tests
in 1.7.2 and wither skeletons can spawn anywhere in a nether fortress not
just the walkways , also the myth that cobblestone as a spawning base has
a higher chance of spawning normal skeletons is false , i have done some
tests and it seems that 1 out of every 5 skeletons is a normal skeleton
regardless of the base and to make sure i am not giving false info i even
looked into the code and there is nothing about cobblestone spawning less
wither skeletons ,hoped this helped ,if you even read the whole thing

Author gopro2027 (5 months)
anyone else thinking that the nether fortress would be a cool house? if it
were like over lava for a good view and lit up and stuff....

Author huldu (8 months)
10 hours later, 3 skulls. This is pretty old but anyways, I prefer just to
build a straight line that you just run back and forth in. Much easier than
this. Mobs despawn and respawn on the bridge as you run, just "extend" the
nether fortress, works great for me.

Author Koskeo (6 months)

Author MySlashGamer (6 months)
does it works on Multiplayer?

Author Hans Wang (5 months)
does looting work on farming skulls?does looting increase the chance of
droping or does it increase the amount that drop?i know u get more loot
with looting but does it work on rare items like the wither skulls?

Author Moon Fury (3 months)
just thought i point out without looting its a
1% chance of dropping skull
nut with looting 3 its 4% meaning every 25 kills

Author boertje1998 (4 months)
What is the music?

Author RUBEN DELA PEÑA (3 months)
where can I find a nether fortress on a lava sea???????????????

Author Deeelon9 (3 months)
Ive killed probably 150 and have gotten 1 skull :'(

Author Blatz430 (18 days)
Fkin hate the intro, I always get surprised 

Author SonGoku265 - *Both PC and console gamer* (11 days)
*56 years later* Still can't find a wither skeleton head....

Author Ken Masaudling (8 days)
thnkz..for the tip I will try this 'coz there are fortress near me and
surrounded of lava.

Author Plat Crab (1 month)
Just so you guys know, projectile protection protects from ghasts and
blazes as well as blast protection which reduces knock back from blaze and
ghast hits.

Author kacper nowicki (2 months)
Lol lucky number 13 for skeletons killed

Author Gabe Garcia (20 days)
Is it me or did it feel like he was playing DOOM.

Author Scott McCullough (11 days)
Useful Tips:

1: Splash Potions Of Healing Will Be Useful Not Only To Heal Yourself, But
Use As A Grenade For Wither Skeletons.

2:Wither Skeletons Are 3 Blocks High, Like Fighting Endermen, Make A Base
That Is 2-2.5 Blocks High So They Can't Hit You (Or Pass Through).

3: Get Thorns On Your Armor. This Will Help With Killing Them.

4: Expand The Area As Much As You Can. This Will Help With Mobility And
Possible Spawn Rates.

5: Make As Many Floors As Possible. this Will Help With Spawn Rates.

Author Robbie Liccione (6 months)
whats the song?

Author PlaneGangFilms (7 months)

Author André Vilcini (28 days)
The first wither skeleton I killed on my minecraft world right after the
update I got a wither skull!! I later found out that they are very rare..
Soo lucky 

Author Espurr Purrs too (7 months)

Author jose arzola (2 months)
Potions of instant healing help aton

Author Martin Borisov (8 months)
good job

Author JDiiduhDee (7 months)
i have a question, can wither skeleton spawning areas matter with the y
coordinate? Like if i go to the top of the nether, but if u go down like
100 blocks there a nether fortess, can a wither skeleton spawn on the top
of the nether? I'm wonder to see if i should keep the stairs or just flat
everything out because theres a fortress below

Author Espurr Purrs too (7 months)

Author Nick L (11 days)
thx man

Author Chris Sim (26 days)
thanks 2 wither skellies spawned after 1 minute

Author Francisco Antonio (8 months)
the whither skeleton can spawn under the fortres in the netherrack

Author KingOfAllChunks (8 months)
You got so damn lucky on your 12 kill!

Author 69Jerrinho (8 months)
To me this is pretty much common sense..thanks for the effort, but this
hasn't taught me anything. Also I suggest containing blaze spawners for
much more relaxed and resource friendly hunting. I built very simple
XP-farms around the blaze spawners to do so.

Author NotSoNoob19 (7 months)
Well presented

Author bas248331 (3 months)
outro music name??

Author phantomcreeperify (7 months)
A few more things that could have been done to improve spawn rates further
would have been to slab the areas that you couldn't get to, also if you
feel confident about your gear you should kill the pigmen that spawn there
because they can take up a large part of the mob cap if they are not taken
care of( I only suggest doing this if you have a resistance and regen
beacon covering the area that you are fighting)

Author XxRosieGrlx (4 months)
Also bring snowballs to avoid unwanted blazes 

Author Austin Hayducky (7 months)
Don't wither skeletons mostly spawn in the intersections between fortress

Author XxRosieGrlx (4 months)
Once I got their sword. I killed it with stone sword.

Author stjaniblai3 (10 months)
it is 3% change that you will get a skull with a looting III

Author xCHUBBYxCHAZERx (1 year)

Author davemoosehead (1 year)

Author dantheman3061 (1 year)
Great video!

Author The Evenger (1 year)

Author EnellGmz (1 year)
ON AVERAGE how many skeletons it requires to get a skull?

Author Alan Izquierdo (1 year)
yo is this all legit? please put your wolrd up for download xD

Author EpikBroKiller (1 year)

Author ImThatGuyFromWork (1 year)
If he did spawn mobs then why would he spawn a normal skeleton.

Author TheMountainWulf (1 year)
I been searching for several hours a day. Three days later, I still only
have the one skull. I must be very unlucky.. I do have several stacks of
bones and coal though I guess..

Author Puffy12345 (1 year)
use milk

Author Tommy Sk (1 year)
Your great!

Author NurezStudios (11 months)
Nice video m8.

Author Scorpiongameshocker1 (1 year)
lol i just made the wither and i got on my horse and hes chasing me

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