Minecraft: Wither Skeleton Farming Tips

Minecraft wither skeleton farming tips / guide on improving spawn rates.

Wither skeletons are the key to creating withers and ultimately beacons ... plus their skulls make excellent headwear. In this video I highlight the key info you need to know to find them and kill them.

KaboPC's mob spawner mod details:

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Author Jesse Gabel Studios ( ago)
With Looting 3 you got 1 skull out of like 12 kills? I used insta health on
10 wither skeletons in a holding chamber I had built in creative, minecraft
1.8.8. Out of every 10 that I killed, one dropped a skull. No looting.

Author BrandonTheGamer ( ago)
this video should have 100k likes best farming ever

Author Chom ( ago)
In 2015 minecraft 1.8.8 still works!!!! thank you so much

Author Lucrezia Ferguson ( ago)
Thank you! Awesome tips!

Author Milly Rogers ( ago)
cool music will you marry me

Author Bryan Asen ( ago)
this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000000000000000

Author Mitchell Martick ( ago)
Would it be worthwhile to remove the ceilings of the nether fortress? Or
just build a way to get up on top of it, because quite often for me they
will spawn on the roof.

Author Ruth Brunt ( ago)

Author Dark Dragon524 ( ago)
2015 and this taught me so much. Thanks stormfrenzy!

Author Hamood McSab ( ago)
fuck your intro

Author awesomegamer9000 ( ago)
I saw a cake in the corner of the nether wart farm! Lol

Author theopeegamer ! (opeegamer) ( ago)

Author Scrub Wrecker ( ago)
Knockback can be useful when fighting wither skeles so that they dont put
wither on you and I use an iron sword to soften the skeleton so my diamond
sword breaks slower. :)

Author BRICK SKULL ( ago)
NICE to see someone playing Survival on Hard and getting the skulls the
correct way ...

Author Junior Lealie ( ago)
Food 2014-2015 hahaha

Author Junior Lealie ( ago)
Doing this so could be really hard but it's better than running around the
entire map on Minecraft another trying to find a skeleton skull let me tell
you the best way to do this after you enter in the nether portal you are
going to find 6-4 Skeleton lined up in a row after you find those once
again to make sure u don't take a lot of damaged so I decided to eat a
golden apple that give me a lot more health and if I fell in the lava I can
come back back right after your rent around getting. Scale in tune up in
our our going to use to Copperstone the Skellington together in a row make
sure that they are staring at you. If they not staring at you it will be
more complicated for you to get the skull here is another important thing
you should never do in the nether finding a skeleton you should never put
torches down if you put the torches down the Skellington well not spawn
which mean if you already placed torches down you will have to pick up all
of the torches u have place down if u already have a lot of torches In the
nether go to your Xbox caption and reset the nether that mean all of the
torches will no longer be their or what ever u have the best way to fine
Skellington is to make a night potion and drink it it will allow u to see
in the dark. If you do not know how to make a potion go on YouTube and I'll
hook it up you will also need to kill a blaze which is located in the
nether and are really a where to find if need help on your own with this
nether add me get my tag is fusion ninja 2 only on xbox 360. I spend 30
minutes writing this message to know if you need help if you find this
helpful please me on xbox 360 thank you and have a food 2014-2015 an a
happy new year to all of you. Tag fusion ninja 2 leave a message to get
help on your world in the nether portal

Author whit sikes ( ago)
Why does it have to be over lava?

Author MinecraftlerNoah MC ( ago)
It is soooo weird : I killed like 200 Wither skeketons before i watched
this video and right after i watched it, the first kill got me 1 skull, and
the following two each gave me 1 too.
No i have the beacon block 10 minutes after eatching this video xD
Thanks man !

Author Hybrid Downfall ( ago)
Thank you

Author Kyle Real ( ago)
Just another tip, the chunks the fortresses have spawned in are all capable
of spawning Nether Fortress Mobs. One question though, do Wither Skeletons
still spawn in two and a half blocks(2 1/2) ?

Author Timo Heijnemans ( ago)
Since i installed Minecraft, i have killed about 500 wither skelletons. I
got many stacks of bones/coal, a chest of swords, AND NO SKULLS! NOT ONE!

Author Das Blatt ( ago)
I recommend killing every mob as it uses spawning places :)

Author A0MIN ( ago)
He did kill 13 before getting a single skull. It's very rare, with good
reason, beacons shouldn't be easy to get.

Author Roland Wongwai ( ago)
u r really unlucky

Author starshipsfilms ( ago)

Author shad0wblade123 ( ago)
Skeletons spawned in the nether (nether fortress) have a 70% chance of
being a wither skeleton and 30% of being normal

Author liam839rshelper ( ago)
40 without looting 20 with looting 3

Author liam839rshelper ( ago)
the looting 3 enchantment raises the chance of getting a skull from 2.5% to
4% meaning you'd get a skull every 20 kills or so

Author minioekaki ( ago)
they can spawn in the nether that was an update when the wither skeletons
came out

Author Devean Atkinson ( ago)
Dude, theyre rare, be patient

Author Caleb Carolus ( ago)
I have just tested your theory as to not believing you. Now don't take me
rudely here, but hear what I have observed. Out of every 10 skeletons, it
seemed to me that around 2 of them were average bow skeletons, while the
rest were wither skeletons, this brings me to a conclusion that despite bow
skeletons spawning more frequently on the cobblestone than on the walkways,
you will still get mostly wither skeletons and more than you would have
gotten. I would say try the test again.

Author stormfrenzy ( ago)
This is not always true. While walkways are the most common place where
wither skeletons spawn the fortress generation doesn't always register the
walkway where you see it. Where there is a gap between walkways there may
be a registered spawn area for wither skeletons (the mod mentioned in the
video will tell you for certain). The cobblestone area you are referring to
wasn't just created for a spawning area but also to improve visibility and

Author ilikeover9000pies ( ago)
Oh and btw, you should only post tutorials if you know what you're doing.
Wither skeletons only spawn on the walkways. Don't believe me? Get a
skeleton spawn egg and start spawning wither skeletons on the walkway. Now
do it on the cobblestone you placed. You'll notice that mostly wither
skeletons will spawn on the walkways, and none will spawn on the

Author ilikeover9000pies ( ago)
Why did you use ear rape music?

Author ButterNCreamz ( ago)
Dude try it first before you capitalized all of ur crap.Sometimes skeletons
do spawn naturally spawn like that!

Author Sningsardy ( ago)
1/5 withers will spawn as normal skeletons.

Author turbotonic27 ( ago)
this video was very informative thanks !

Author HeroicHeracrossII ( ago)
Oh please, if he had the time to press the Shift key for every letter he
must know what hes talking about.

Author Daniel M ( ago)
No I haven't I will try in a min. Thanks man

Author CakeProduct MC ( ago)
great video! i'll leave a like

Author MrMckid99 ( ago)
Have you try hiting the head of the skeleton's? It help...

Author Daniel M ( ago)
I know that. I'm just saying that the drop rate for wither skeleton heads
is too low

Author Fields_Of_Cookies ( ago)
It said hallways

Author Adam Terifaj ( ago)
like this

Author Swegletronius bobbatron ( ago)
I've killed plenty and still got nothing lol

Author Minecraft Team ( ago)
You just do the best Video about a Wither Skeleton Farm!We enjoy this video
very much and Thanks for your progress! Minecraft Team - Parteneriate with

Author stjaniblai3 ( ago)
it is 3% change that you will get a skull with a looting III

Author eternalwarriorx ( ago)
I just want this tip so can wear the skull on my head

Author Noah Kelly ( ago)
One time I killed like 15-25 wither skeletons with a looting III sword and
got 3 skulls

Author SredueMC ( ago)
Normal Skeletons spawn in the nether dungeons dumbass

Author Áron Óvári ( ago)
The skeletons can spawn in the nether, bitch

Author Cobbleblox ( ago)
Wither Skeleton Skulls are a rare drop, so even with Looting III, it can
take many kills to obtain one. Just keep trying and you'll get one
eventually :)

Author Seankneeland ( ago)

Author Christian Cambizaca ( ago)
Good video

Author starshipsfilms ( ago)
To be honest he said that you would improve spawning, he never said that
you would get a skull

Author PokemonTCGdatabase ( ago)
Are you stupid? Skeletons can spawn in nether fortresses, why the hell
would he spawn a normal skeleton anyway?

Author PokemonTCGdatabase ( ago)
Thank you! I did not know that :) I will edit my comment

Author Daniel M ( ago)
Me too dude, its some bullshit isn't it :(

Author He4dshotM4chine ( ago)
actually, if you use a skele spawn egg in a nether fortress, there is a
chance that you can get a wither skele. try it for yourself

Author PokemonTCGdatabase ( ago)
What mod did you use to tell what mobs can spawn? Or if its not a mod, what
is the button to toggle that?

Author SwAe Edge ( ago)

Author NurezStudios ( ago)
Nice video m8.

Author Syrian_survivor ( ago)
dude u can find normal skeletons in the nether too

Author Jellybeangu 2 ( ago)
This seems like alot just to get some head.

Author TheMountainWulf ( ago)
I do, I'm just unlucky.

Author starshipsfilms ( ago)
only so many mobs can be in an area at once

Author starshipsfilms ( ago)
do you have looting on your sword

Author starshipsfilms ( ago)
a skull is a 2.5% drop rate so basically for every 100 you kill, 2-3 heads
will drop (it can be more or less depending on your luck and if you have

Author starshipsfilms ( ago)
skeletons can spawn in the nether

Author Mason Allen ( ago)
Skeletons spawn occasionally in Nether Fortresses.

Author ExplodingTacodoesMC ( ago)
here are 5 reasons why it is real 1. YOU ARE A DUMBASS 2. YOU ARE A DUMBASS
3. you use all caps 4.skeletons can naturally spawn in the nether 5. you
cant spawn wither skeletons *cough* DUMBASS *cough*

Author MinecrafterIreland ( ago)

Author MinecrafterIreland ( ago)
hey 5 year old retard normal skeletons spawn in the nether do you even play

Author EnellGmz ( ago)
ON AVERAGE how many skeletons it requires to get a skull?

Author Brian Denham ( ago)
Did you no that if you spawn eny skeleton in the nether it turns into a
wither skelton

Author kab hes ( ago)
skeletons spawn also in nether fortheres

Author The Evenger ( ago)
thanks for the tips!

Author The Evenger ( ago)

Author I-videos ( ago)
Thanks a lot!!! :-)

Author ImThatGuyFromWork ( ago)
If he did spawn mobs then why would he spawn a normal skeleton.

Author idkwillibeforeveralone ( ago)
thanks :)

Author Thomas Miz ( ago)
And you got 1 skeleton per hour

Author Thomas Miz ( ago)
Remove walls: 1 YEAR

Author Fayti1703 ( ago)
Can I have the bones and the coal? Could use them in my (German) Modded
Let's Play Series.

Author Walrus Arfarf ( ago)
It's trying to communicate!

Author dantheman3061 ( ago)
Great video!

Author XxlukinatorxX ( ago)
we don't reduce spawning, we reduce spawning area...

Author albert pun ( ago)
We are farming wither skulls why would we try to reduce spawning...

Author XxlukinatorxX ( ago)
Would it not be more useful to place some slabs to minimize the spawn area?

Author Aual98 ( ago)
If you kill all mobs in the fortress (pigmens, blazes, magma cubes) the
probably of spawning the wither skeletons will be grow up (sorry my wrong
english, i'm spanish :P)

Author SneakyNinyaMan ( ago)
Then turn of peaceful because what hes doing only increases rates if they
don't spawn at all you have a problem with your nether fort

Author MagnumMasterx ( ago)

Author goldtigrera ( ago)
what if they dont spawn ?

Author Wannahokaloogy Greg ( ago)
Does head shots increase the scull drop rate?

Author Nathan Hirtle ( ago)
no, in the nether there is a 20% chance that regular skeletons spawn over
wither skeletons.

Author Elijah Griffin ( ago)

Author TheMountainWulf ( ago)
I been searching for several hours a day. Three days later, I still only
have the one skull. I must be very unlucky.. I do have several stacks of
bones and coal though I guess..

Author John's TTT ( ago)
it's so hard to get a wither skeleton head, but getting 3 of them just
takes forever!

Author NYCROCKS1000 ( ago)
I hope this helps me in my youtube lets play. :D

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