Transformers 4 New Characters

I made this video for what I think should be in the 4th transformers film. I do not care what was in any other transformers made, these came from my mind, if you don't like the video then do not comment anything and go on with your lives.

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Author Gabriel Pullen (15 days)
rollbar is in the 2 movie and hes not a car hes a humer

Author Nikki D (1 month)
hot shot is rodimus prime

Author Gabriel Pullen (15 days)
um you do know that nemisis prime is in tf5

Author JA Chrystak (2 months)
all of the characters aren't in the tf4 movie cause ive actually seen tf4.
dude next time, don't post another tf character list until you see the
movie idiot

Author C0MBAT4LIFE (3 months)
Tidawave Will be a Huge Problem if i see him In robot mode...

Author cameran whitehead (16 days)
Where the hell is bumblebee and optimous and drift and crosshairs dude what
the fuck man and hound is a big ass truck next time make sure everything is
correct because ultra magnus isn't even said in the movie

Author Tuan Tran (29 days)
That dos not look like nemins prime at all a blak peter built truck

Author Riley Noon (5 months)
i thot it was good

Author Michael Destin (1 month)
well guess what your wrong, the autobots barely had a team, i saw the movie
two days ago, the humans turned megatron into this whole new transformer
which was supposed to be the upgraded optimus, also optimus is on the hunt
by an old mercenary named lockdown, the reason for why optimis is on the
hunt is because his creators want him back, he is saving earth however he
was not made to do that anyways as always even though the humans are
hunting him optimus will still be willing to save earth with bubble bee and
th eltille number of autobots they have, see if optimus defeats the new
reborn megatron or the old mercenary fromt he past, lockdown by going to
the closest movie theather near you! AUTOBOTS ROLLOUT

Author Michaella Marie (1 month)
Half of the transformers you put in there wen't in the movie!

Author edward ramirez (4 months)
dude get your info right. hotshot and rodimus prime r the same dude . once
hotshot get the Matrix of Leadership n opens it he becomes Rodimus Prime.
look up some of the transformers put r on the right side dude.

Author JD Melhorn (5 months)
Those are really great ideas 

Author benjaminhodge (2 months)
The Air Raid Team should combine into one giant bot.

Author Vincent Huynh (2 months)
Nemisus prime is the clone of Optimus prime and ultra magnus became the new

Author Mricriz adriano (3 months)

Author Fan N Del (3 months)

Author Eddel Ballesteros (7 months)
All the characters are not right Transformers Age Of Extinction is coming
no dino bots no new characters but some of them but some of them are flying
robots so look it up!

Author 850smoke (4 months)

Author Elvis Cruz (4 months)
Not 4

Author Reizel Monica Organo (4 months)
the street action team would be Assult 

Author S.P. Osh (4 months)
why stray from the Hasbro universe... why not keep them as close to the
original looks as we can... the war for cybertron games did great with the
fans cuz of they stayed true to the look with their own twist. the movies
are oddly done "casting" wise

Author Marlo Payne (9 months)
the arielbots are not cons,,plus the blue angels are a bad choice,i can see
dirge,but the rest is not right...go back & learn the difference between
cons & bots

Author Joey Weaver (4 months)
these better be in the movie :)

Author Nudrat Nauman (4 months)
In the trailer grimlock is there

Author Chase Medley (4 months)
not trying to be mean but u said "Slag" wrong its actually "Slug" i have
the game Transformers Fall Of Cybertron and it said its Slug

Author Oswaldo Flores (5 months)
Bbuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?????!!!!::::: 0"(':((:(;(:(:+:-:/:*:&:%;

Author rick ankin (5 months)
the seekers were neither autobots or decepticons they were scientists
corrupted by megatron so were neutral at first 

Author Roblox Brothers (5 months)
Six shot transform into 6 items

Author Ernel Carillo (5 months)
Optimus,Bumblebee,Cross hairs, drift, hound , grim lock, swoop and the
tricetops should be there even the others that survived in the Dark of the
moon like sideswipe, dino, the wreckers and ratchet. But I think ratchet
died too in the trailer

Author Joey Weaver (4 months)
there is alot of U.S NAVY jets

Author Nudrat Nauman (4 months)
Unicron and cliffjumper

Author Budder Tackitt (5 months)
5:31 oh my god not a suprise wrong again

Author TIM LE (5 months)
i thought hot shot was bumblebee

Author LamboVeneno117 (5 months)

Author Gio Bluethunder (9 months)
Dem fake were is sideswipe mirage and jet storm is a autobot and tospin
road rustler an leadfoot weres ratchet an iron hide dem fake

Author Mayor Quimby (6 months)
wow im sure that theyed have dinosaurs in a movie for transforming cars...
also where would they scan the dions from?

Author Dylan Zwart (6 months)
I wish it was

Author Budder Tackitt (5 months)
Go to 5:27 and pause

Author Taj McKnight (6 months)
Sludge is not an underwater dino. Slag is a plateasaraus

Author Brodie Johnstone (6 months)
I am guessing you like transformors G1?

Author The Diamond Craft (7 months)
But very creative. I like the Inferno name

Author srivatsa bolisetty (7 months)
there are dinobots not decepticons.

Author Blake Jones (7 months)
U name some that already exist

Author Budder Tackitt (5 months)
And yet again you've proven to be even dumber snarl was a stegosaurus and
and sludge was a brachiosaurus yet again get you're facts straight 

Author Smily Bat (7 months)
@vinny didd He only was a helicopter in Transformers Energon

Author patrick koning (7 months)
fucking idiot first learn more about transformers

Author Toa Blizzard (7 months)
Most of these guys aren't even real transformers. And I really didn't see
anything to do with different types of jets. Blue angels works with dirge,
but not the others. Try a little g1. It'll make it a bit better.

Author The Diamond Craft (7 months)
Breakaway and Smokescreen were already made

Author Christofer Chasse (8 months)
one thing i've learned — when the "thumbs dwn" are greater than the "ups" —
irregardless of how many ppl have watched it, that's a really good
indicator that it wasn't very good. Choos'g US weapons & American cars as
characters for the bad guys — not good. use our enemies equip for the bad
guys & our stuff for the good guys. Or better yet — let the fans decide &
vote on it. That would be a much better idea.

Author darkwave400 (8 months)
Good vehicles the problem is 1. The Ariel bots are Autobots not decepticons
2. Maybe you could change the plane types for them I mean there all the
same the only thing different is that the the numbers on them go up. So
change that because if you watch the old tv shows there all different 2 of
them have big turbines on each side the the other three turn into F-22
raptors so think about it. But besides that it was AWESOME! Thumbs up! 😄👍

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